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Profile Building For an MBA Admission

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

What makes a great profile for ISB MBA application? How do you get to the coveted Executive MBA from IIIMs. The quest for an MBA admission brings us to this question!

An applicant to the Executive MBA from IIM and ISB PGP / ISB PGP PRO has focus on the profile he presents to the school. Profile is actually the persona of the applicant, which many a times is not even clear to the applicant himself. There is no formula for success in this endeavour to build a profile for ISB PGP or Executive MBA from IIM. The crux lies in the experience of the guide in the process to be able to judge the capabilities of the applicant which add the spike to his personality.

The next step to a successful ISB application or application to Exectuive MBA from IIMs is just to build the vision that the applicant has for the future. The journey outward begins with a very good attention to the journey within. Cooking up unreal stuff that the candidate cannot carry across the interview table is the biggest blunder possible. Not only does it mar the applicant’s attempt at an admission, adds a reapplication status the next year, but it also plants seeds of self doubt in his mind.

Instead of make believe, the best ISB MBA candidates should realise their true potential and passions before they start building their ISB application for ISB PGP MBA admission. Aspiring to be business leaders they should have a strong core within. The ISB profile building activity when done by a person who has a knack to locate the best in individuals gives exceptional results.

Coming back to the question of what’s a good profile for an ISB admission lets evaluate what the ISB admission team seeks. Our MBA admission consultants always ask the applicants who approach us for ISB admissions consulting to first go within and reach out for their spark.

Rest is all paperwork. As far as the standard process, you first get the desired GMAT score for ISB, compile your academic records, professional accomplishments, career growth and start with the essays. You would need a reference, a strong and a sound reason why ISB PGP MBA, Why the ISB PGP now, and why ISB.

You can take on new initiatives on campus, stretch yourself beyond the curriculum for Experiential Learning, explore areas of your personality by just being around the largest pool of genius. ​Applications to Indian School of Business and other Ivy league schools do not depend on only the GMAT scores. There are many cases where even a high GMAT score has not resulted in a clear admit. A well groomed personality with awareness on all accounts and a balanced inner core empathetic towards the world is what makes a great MBA profile for a successful ISB admission.

An ISB interview is usually a 20-30 minute discussion to understand the person who is applying. The panel consists of 2-3 members. My ISB interview steered around my experiences and the attached learning that have influenced me. There was an inquiry into the way I take decisions and make choices. Further on, the panel was also keen to understand my aspirations and plans for the future.

The most important point of the iSB interview process was that it was not a question answer system but a meeting to understand the case in point – i.e. whether I ( the interviewee) had enough mettle and clarity at that point in time in my life to become an ISB PGP graduate.

The learning environment at ISB is very rigorous and anyone with a lack of focus on academics will suffer. An ISB PGP MBA education has a huge cost so an applicant getting into this experience should have the skills to justify the ROI it demands. Such an ROI also requires leadership, self awareness, concrete goals and vision to make it possible.

Thus an individual who himself is convinced of what he wants and how he will get it is the right profile for ISB PGP or the ISB PGP PRO.

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