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GMAT Updates For 2024

  • Nomenclature Change:

    • The GMAT Focus Edition is now called the GMAT exam from 1st July 2024.

    • The earlier version of the GMAT exam is now referred to as the 10th edition.

  • Exam Structure:

    • The GMAT exam has been streamlined to make it shorter and more candidate-friendly.

    • The primary aim is to test essential skills required to perform well in business school and future job roles.

  • Scoring System:

    • The score range for the new GMAT exam is 205 to 805.

    • The earlier GMAT exam had a score range of 200 to 800.

    • The new exam has three sections contributing to the total score, unlike the earlier version with two sections.

    • Percentile rankings are emphasized over raw scores for a better indicator of performance.

  • Question Review and Edit Feature:

    • This feature allows candidates to make educated guesses and move on, ensuring they complete all questions.

  • Algorithm Improvements:

    • The algorithm has been improved to be more fair and unbiased.

    • The exam remains question-adaptive, but with enhancements to the algorithm.

  • Removal of Content:

    • Certain content has been removed to make the exam less stressful.

  • Data Insights Section:

    • This section now includes data sufficiency, multisource reasoning, table analysis, and graphics interpretation.

    • It tests a combination of math, verbal, and data skills, reflecting real-world business scenarios.

  • Practice Exams:

    • Official practice exams use the same algorithm as the actual GMAT exam.

    • There are free practice exams (Practice Exam 1 and 2) and paid ones (Practice Exams 3, 4, 5, and 6).

    • An official starter kit is available with 70 practice questions and videos.

  • Business Writing Assessment:

    • Required by HBS for students submitting GMAT focus scores.

    • It is part of the interview process, not the application or admission.

  • Official Materials:

    • The official guide and its supplements provide ample preparation material.

    • It is recommended to stick to official materials for the best representation of exam questions.

  • Focus on Percentiles:

    • Business schools are now focusing more on percentile rankings rather than raw scores.

    • The concordance table on helps in comparing scores between the old and new versions.

  • Booking the Exam:

    • Candidates are advised to register for the exam well in advance to secure preferred locations and times.

GMAT and GRE Code of Some Top Universities for MBA ranked by FT

University of Pennsylvania: Wharton

  • GMAT Code: G56-97-73

  • GRE Code: 6802

Columbia Business School

  • GMAT Code: QF8-N6-52

  • GRE Code: 6442

Insead MBA

  • GMAT Code: DL3-S8-89

  • GRE Code: 0970

Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management

  • GMAT Code: 6WZ-3J-89

  • GRE Code: 7921

Stanford Graduate School of Business

  • GMAT Code: L9R-KW-09

  • GRE Code: 4704

London Business School

  • GMAT Code: Z11-J7-50

  • GRE Code: 7832

Yale School of Management

  • GMAT Code: 3TJ-BX-75

  • GRE Code: 5624

IESE Business School

  • GMAT Code: S21-BK-12

  • GRE Code: 6951

HEC Paris

  • GMAT Code: 0TL-6C-28

  • GRE Code: 0649

MIT: Sloan

  • GMAT Code: X5X-QS-41

  • GRE Code: 3791

SDA Bocconi School of Management

  • GMAT Code: 3WJ-L8-42

  • GRE Code: 3710

New York University: Stern

  • GMAT Code: 5TF-HW-35

  • GRE Code: 4455

University of California at Berkeley: Haas

  • GMAT Code: N2VPT47

  • GRE Code: 0574

Cornell University: Johnson

  • GMAT Code: 5JW-BM-96

  • GRE Code: 8296

Dartmouth College: Tuck

  • GMAT Code: Z04-NH-64

  • GRE Code: 4887

Duke University's Fuqua School of Business

  • GMAT Code: Q13-N5-32

  • GRE Code: Duke Program code 5156, and the 4201 Business Administration and Management Department name on your GRE exam

University of Virginia: Darden

  • GMAT Code: 9X4-6J-59

  • GRE Code: 0483

National University of Singapore Business School

  • GMAT Code: DRT-MK-35

  • GRE Code: 7539

University of Cambridge: Judge

  • GMAT Code: WF1-T3-68

  • GRE Code: 0832

Carnegie Mellon: Tepper

  • GMAT Code: Full-Time MBA: 69H-XH-99

  • GRE Code: 4883

University of Southern California: Marshall

  • GMAT Code: 389-9C-23

  • GRE Code: 4852

UCLA Anderson School of Management

  • GMAT Code: 2NZ-2F-24

  • GRE Code: 0771

Georgetown University: McDonough

  • GMAT Code: JT7-G0-20

  • GRE Code: 7821

Washington University: Olin

  • GMAT Code: R4T-WG-61

  • GRE Code: 4961

University of Washington: Foster

  • GMAT Code: 459-75-20

  • GRE Code: 4854

University of Oxford: Saïd

  • GMAT Code: Q0G-4B-59

  • GRE Code: 0807

Imperial College Business School

  • GMAT Code: S22-7S-53

  • GRE Code: 0121

Esade Business School

  • GMAT Code: 93M-3K-60

  • GRE Code: 5761

HKUST Business School

  • GMAT Code: PRW-WT-99

  • GRE Code: 3834

Ohio State University: Fisher

  • GMAT Code: ZLJ-9D-98

  • GRE Code: 1592

University of North Carolina: Kenan-Flagler

  • GMAT Code: D40-HL-72

  • GRE Code: GRE: 5046

Nanyang Business School, NTU Singapore

  • GMAT Code: V24-ZV-13

  • GRE Code: 3802

Emory University: Goizueta

  • GMAT Code: C3Q-71-17

  • GRE Code: 3984

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