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Top Rated ISB Admission Consultants with Proven Success

Craft Your Winning ISB Story: Expert Mentorship for Your Dream Admit

Are you ready to take the next step in your career and join the elite ranks of Indian School of Business - ISB alumni?

GOALisB, your trusted partner in MBA admissions, is here to guide you through every step of the challenging yet rewarding ISB application process.

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ISB Admission Deadlines 2025

ISB PGP 2025-26: September 2024

ISB EEO 2025-26: September 2024

ISB PGPpro: 18 August 2024

ISB YLP: 31 August 2024

ISB PGPMAX: 1 September 2024

ISB Admission Consulting Services


Comprehensive ISB Application Assistance

A complete package that guides you through the entire ISB application process, from start to finish for application to ISB PGP, ISB YLP, ISB EEO, ISB PGPpro, ISB PGPMAX, ISB MFAB and other ISB programs.


ISB Essays Help

Expert feedback and editing to ensure your ISB essays are compelling, polished, and reflective of your unique story for application process for ISB Executive MBA, ISB PGP, ISB YLP and other ISB MBA programs.


ISB Interview Preparation Services

Mock interviews, personalized feedback, and proven strategies to help you confidently navigate the ISB interview for ISB PGP, ISB YLP, ISB EEO, ISB PGPpro, ISB PGPMAX and ISB MFAB.

Meet Your ISB Alumni Consultant

Shruti P

Shruti P's track record of success in helping clients secure ISB admits speaks for itself. As an ISB alumna, she possesses the insights and expertise needed to navigate the competitive admissions landscape. Shruti's dedication to her clients and her ability to craft compelling application narratives have made her a sought-after consultant for those aspiring to join the ISB community. She has received reviews for ISB admission consulting at Poets&Quants, Quora, LinkedIn and GMATclub.

  • LinkedIn
ISB Admission Consultant at GOALisB
ISB admission consultant at GOALisB is Linkedin top Admissions Voice
ISB admission consultant at GOALisB is Stanford Alumnus
ISB admission consultant at GOALisB is ISB Alumnus
For a person with an MBA within the past 3 years, applying again for a top-tier MBA would be hard to explain, and thinking about ISB was already an impossible challenge to deal with. And that is when I reached out to some people to help me deal with this challenge and that is how I reached Shruti Ma’am at GOALisB. Her first words when I explained my case were “Yes, very much possible”!
The thorough understanding of my profile that she tries to attain throughout the application process was something truly remarkable I must say. Because that is what makes you give your best shot.
Her research methods, innovative thought process, and constant guidance helped me perfectly align my application with what the school wants. One unique quality about Shruti Ma’am is her patience. That really stands out as every student will be already stressed about his candidacy. She was always just a ping away in getting my doubts clarified.
Most importantly, the honest feedback that I received made me see the loopholes that I was missing out on while writing the essays and I cannot explain how many times I had to re-edit the essays to get the final version ready. Also, during the mock interviews, she made me ready to face the hardest question “Why Second MBA”, which truly makes or breaks your case.
I just cannot thank Shruti Ma’am enough for her constant and immediate support. I wish to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards her, who has been my great mentor and friend since day one and has been instrumental in not only my application but also my overall career development.
With the attention that I received, I felt that I was interacting with my elder sister rather than with a consultant. I think that’s what mattered in the last and I successfully made it into the ISB PGP Co’25 batch and I highly recommend Shruti Ma’am and GOALisB for someone who wants to make the cut into top B-Schools. For someone looking to crack ISB by taking help of a Consultant, Shruti Ma'am is definitely one of the best ISB Admission Consultants out there.
Reflecting on my ISB application journey, I had the aspiration to pursue my studies at ISB but wasn't certain how to make it a reality. Thankfully, I found a guiding light in Shruti Ma'am from the GOALisB team. Shruti Ma'am's approach was upfront and crisp, fostering an environment where I felt comfortable discussing my goals and aspirations.

Throughout our interactions, Shruti Ma'am demonstrated an unwavering commitment to my success. She provided an extensive set of brainstorming questions that delved deep into every aspect of my life, helping me gain clarity and perspective on my motivations and skills.
One of the most valuable aspects of working with Shruti Ma'am was her accessibility. She was always available to respond to my queries, providing timely and insightful feedback that guided me through the application process. Her expertise in highlighting the transferable skills from my tech background to an MBA setting was instrumental in shaping my essays and interview pitches.
Furthermore, Shruti Ma'am's support extended beyond mere guidance. She conducted mock interviews that simulated the real interview experience, helping me refine my communication skills and boost my confidence.
Thanks to Shruti Ma'am's expertise, dedication, and availability, I am now an admit to the ISB PGP CO'25 batch, fulfilling my dream of pursuing an MBA at one of world's top institutions. I am immensely grateful for her mentorship and guidance, and I have no doubt that she will continue to positively impact the lives of aspiring MBA candidates.
I got to know about GOALisB and Shruti ma'am through a friend of mine, so I decided to get in touch with her. I belong to Merchant Navy, so I did not have a lot of knowledge about the application process and since my GMAT was not the very good, I was reluctant to try for ISB. Shruti ma'am gave me confidence in the first call itself, saying GMAT is now done and we need to focus on the application, also mentioning that there is never a guarantee for admissions. Her honesty gave me confidence to go ahead with her and it was the best decision I could have made.
My application prep started with our questionnaires and brain storming sessions, where she took the pain to know my profile and understand me and my goals. It was always very comfortable to talk to her as she always responded very quickly to all queries and was direct in her approach, even though I had poor internet connection and was in different time zones regularly. During my introspection and our conversations, she helped me identify the weaknesses and aspects of myself I did not fully realise before, and eventually we started working on the essays.
She reviewed my essays thoroughly multiple times and suggested the areas which I was lacking in. She guided me to write the essay to potray my actual story. A story which was true to myself, but one which I could have never conveyed.
After shortlist for the interview, we had multiple mock interviews where she gave proper feedbacks on my answers and made me rethink and polish them. She never said no to the amount of interviews we could have and finally I got my admit to ISB Co'25. I would happily recommend GOALisB and Shruti ma'am to anyone trying for an ISB admission because of her professionalism and her direct approach.

Meet some ISB success stories

Sharing some success stories for ISB PGP, ISB YLP, ISB EEO, ISB PGPpro

ISB Admissions: Your Questions Answered – Expert Guidance from GOALisB

Are you aiming for an MBA from the Indian School of Business (ISB)? The application process can feel overwhelming, but GOALisB is here to help you navigate every step. Our team of expert ISB admission consultants understands the unique challenges and opportunities that Indian and international applicants face.

Below, we answer some of the most common questions we hear from aspiring ISB students, along with how our tailored ISB admission consulting services can help you achieve your MBA dreams.

Which is the best consultant for ISB application?

With 150+ reviews on platforms like Poets&Quants, GMATClub, LinkedIn, and Google, GOALisB consistently ranks as a top choice for ISB MBA application consulting. Our team of Stanford, ISB, and IIM Ahmedabad alumni possess the insider knowledge and experience to guide you through the entire application process. GOALisB has achieved a success rate of 95% and an interview call rate of 99% for its comprehensive services.

Which consulting is best for ISB?

GOALisB is your go-to firm for expert ISB PGP application consulting, ISB YLP application consulting, and guidance on all other ISB programs. Our consultants have not only attended top-tier MBA programs but also have a deep understanding of what the ISB admissions committee looks for.

What is the reputation of ISB Hyderabad?

ISB Hyderabad is highly regarded as one of India's premier business schools. ISB ranks first in India, 31st globally in the FT MBA Ranking 2024. It boasts world-class faculty members, ranks first in India in research in the FT MBA ranking 2024, a demanding curriculum and strong industry liaison. The school’s campus features modern facilities as well as a dynamic academic atmosphere. Upon graduation from ISB Hyderabad campuses, students easily achieve career growth in leading companies in different industries. Read more about is ISB worth it?

What is the fees of ISB Hyderabad?

The tuition fees may vary for the ISB Hyderabad depending upon factors such as academic year, type of accommodation, the exact program etc. The ISB MBA fees are different for ISB PGP, ISB PGPpro or ISB PGPMAX. However, the most up-to-date information about scholarships and fees can be found on the official website of ISB or by contacting its admissions department directly. You can get assistance for ISB scholarships by GOALisB as we have had numerous applicants achieving scholarships from 5 lacs INR to 100% tuition waiver in the recent years. In 2024 ISB has launched an initiative "25 for 25" where it aims to award scholarships upto 25% of the tuition fee to 25% of the approximately 1500 admits to its flagship programs.

Which consulting firm is best for ISB admission?

GOALisB is a highly recommended consulting firm for ISB admissions with a 95% admit rate for applicants opting for comprehensive package and a 99% interview call rate for those opting for comprehensive services. We have a proven track record of success with an experienced ISB alumni consultants who provide personalized guidance throughout the application process. However, it's advisable to research and compare different consulting firms to find the best fit for your profile and goals. Consider factors like consultant experience, success rates, services offered, and cost.

What is the acceptance rate for ISB?

This selective admission process considers applicants to an extremely competitive program – hence they don’t accept everyone that applies (it ranges from 20-30%). This means that only a few people who apply get accepted therefore it is vital to present yourself in a much stronger way when applying to ISB.

How do I contact ISB admission team?

You can reach out to their official channels directly. Nevertheless, if you work with GOALisB, we’ll guide you through the whole process and answer your questions.

Is ISB good for consulting?

Absolutely! This is the truth as ISB placements in consulting have proven to be strong. In the year 2012 the placements for consulting at ISB were 30% of the class, and now in 2023 also close to 31% of the ISB class has been placed in consulting. This institution offers numerous advantages to those who wish to become management consultants; it has a tough course curriculum, focuses on developing leaders and enjoys a vast network of its former students who are now employed in this field. We’ve worked with many clients who have transitioned to premier consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG or Bain post ISB. Read more about ISB placements.

How do I get admitted to ISB?

The ISB admission process involves:


  • Essays: Our experts will write essays that promote your potential and show your story.

  • Recommendations: Our goal is to help you choose referees that will positively highlight your abilities.

  • Interviews: When you work with GOALisB you get personalized feedback on mock interviews as well as expert advice on how to succeed during an ISB interview.

What is the success rate of ISB interview?

ISB interviews are very competitive but thorough preparation and proper direction can significantly improve chances of getting admitted. With our consultants’ support, you’ll be able impress the ISB admission committee.

Can freshers join ISB Hyderabad?

Yes indeed! Even though the main ISB PGP program does require 24 months of work history, there’s also another offering called Young Leaders Programme (YLP) meant specifically for college seniors and the ISB Early Entry Option for freshers. GOALisB can determine whether you qualify for the ISB YLP process or ISB EEO and help you with ISB YLP Applications.

Why Choose GOALisB?

  • 15+ Years of Expertise: We are very experienced in ISB admissions consulting.

  • Proven Success: Our students consistently get admission to ISB and other top programs.

  • No Outsourcing: You work exclusively with a senior ISB admission consultant and now different mentors are assigned.

  • Personalized Approach: We customize our plans with your individual profile and goals in mind.

  • Comprehensive Support: All the important aspects of the application including application strategy, ISB profile building, ISB essay help, ISB interview preparation are fully covered.

  • Passion for Your Success: Your success is what we aim for.

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