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ISB Rankings: An Analysis in 2023

Updated: Feb 7

Let's take a closer look at the latest rankings of ISB Hyderabad MBA in three major MBA rankings - Financial Times (FT) MBA Ranking, QS Leap MBA Rankings Asia 2023, and Bloomberg Best B-Schools 2022-23. We will analyze the ISB rankings and the key factors that have contributed to the success of ISB Hyderabad MBA in these rankings. Let's dive into the world of MBA rankings and see where ISB Hyderabad MBA stands.

ISB Ranking on FT MBA Rankings 2023: An Analysis

The Indian School of Business (ISB), located in Hyderabad, has maintained its position as one of the top B-schools in the world. In the latest FT MBA rankings for 2023, ISB has been ranked 39th.

1. Alumni network rank: ISB has a strong alumni network and has been ranked 12th for this parameter, which indicates the effectiveness of the school's networking opportunities and the strength of its alumni.

2. Aims achieved: The percentage of aims achieved by ISB alumni is an impressive 86%, which highlights the effectiveness of the program in helping students achieve their goals.

Sector diversity rank: ISB has been ranked 51st for sector diversity, which indicates the range of industries and sectors from which the school attracts students. Read about ISB admit stories.

3. Career progress rank: ISB has been ranked 28th for career progress, indicating the effectiveness of the program in helping students progress in their careers.

4. Carbon footprint rank: ISB has been ranked 89th for carbon footprint, which highlights the school's commitment to sustainability.

5. Salary today: The average salary today for ISB graduates is US$163,022, which is an impressive figure and is a significant contributor to the school's ranking at 37th for this parameter.

6. Female students: ISB has 37% female students, which is a positive indicator of the school's efforts towards gender diversity. Check the ISB Application process for 2023.

7. Location, by primary campus: ISB is located in India and has been ranked 84th for international mobility, indicating the opportunities that the school provides to students for global exposure.

8. FT research rank: ISB has been ranked 61st for FT research, which reflects the quality and impact of the research produced by the school's faculty.

9. International faculty: ISB has been ranked 14th for the percentage of international faculty, indicating the global perspective that the school's faculty brings to the classroom.

10. Value for money rank: ISB has been ranked 65th for value for money, indicating the school's commitment to providing quality education at a reasonable cost.

11. Overall satisfaction: ISB has been ranked 32nd for overall satisfaction, indicating the positive feedback from students regarding their experience at the school. This is the highest among the one year MBA in India.

12. International course experience rank: ISB has been ranked 9th for international course experience, highlighting the international exposure that the school provides to its students.

13. Employed at three months: 100% of ISB graduates are employed within three months of graduation, which is an impressive figure and is a significant contributor to the school's 100th ranking for this parameter. ISB Hyderabad placements have a strong story to tell.

14. Faculty with doctorates: ISB has been ranked 72th for the percentage of faculty with doctorates, indicating the academic strength of the school's faculty.

15. Weighted salary: ISB has a weighted salary of US$161,331, which is a positive indicator of the earning potential of the school's graduates.

16. Careers service rank: ISB rankings is 29th for careers service, indicating the effectiveness of the school's career services in helping students find jobs.

17. Three-year average rank: ISB has maintained its position in the rankings, with a three-year average rank of 31st. ISB offers a range of MBA programs to choose from depending on the applicant's experience.

ISB Hyderabad MBA has been ranked 39th in the FT MBA rankings 2023. The school has performed well in several parameters, including alumni network, career progress, and international students. With its commitment to sustainability, diversity, and value for money, ISB Hyderabad MBA continues to be one of the top B-schools in the world.

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ISB Ranking on QS Leap MBA Rankings Asia 2023: An Analysis

The Indian School of Business (ISB) has secured an overall score of 58.9 in the QS Leap MBA Rankings Asia 2023, reinforcing its position as one of the premier business schools in the region.

1. Thought Leadership: ISB scored 57 in the category of Thought Leadership, which focuses on the research output and academic contributions of the institution. With its renowned faculty members and cutting-edge research centers, ISB has always been at the forefront of thought leadership in the business world. How is ISB vs IIM?

2. Return on Investment: The score of 78.7 in Return on Investment (ROI) is a strong indicator of the value proposition that ISB offers to its students. The ROI score takes into account factors such as post-MBA salaries, job placements, and tuition fees. The score showcases the high returns that students can expect from their investment in an ISB MBA.

3. Entrepreneurship & Alumni Outcomes: ISB scored 55.1 in the category of Entrepreneurship & Alumni Outcomes, which measures the success of alumni in starting and growing businesses. While the score indicates a decent performance, there is a scope for improvement in this area as ISB has always been known for its focus on entrepreneurship.

4. Employability: The score of 55.8 in Employability is a reflection of the success of ISB graduates in securing employment after graduation. It takes into account factors such as the number of graduates employed after graduation, the quality of employment opportunities, and the level of employer engagement with the school.

5. Diversity: With a score of 40.2 in Diversity, ISB has an opportunity to improve in this area. The score measures the level of diversity in the student body and faculty, including gender balance, international representation, and inclusivity. While ISB has taken measures to promote diversity and inclusion, there is still scope for improvement in this area.

The QS Leap MBA Rankings Asia 2023 showcase ISB's strengths in areas such as ROI and employability, but also highlight areas of improvement in diversity and thought leadership. As ISB continues to evolve and innovate, it is well-positioned to maintain its standing as a premier business school in the region.

ISB Ranking as per Bloomberg Best B-Schools 2022–23:

The Indian School of Business (ISB) has been making waves in the business education scene, ranking 6th in the Asia-Pacific region according to the latest rankings. With a class size of 686 and a tuition fee of ₹3,034,000, the school has been recognized for its exceptional learning experience, networking opportunities, and entrepreneurship programs. The ISB ranking is definitely worth a justification for the ISB MBA fees.

In terms of overall ranking, ISB has consistently performed well, securing the 6th spot in the Asia-Pacific region. Its compensation rankings are equally impressive, also ranking 6th in the region. This indicates that ISB graduates are receiving competitive compensation packages after graduation, which is a crucial factor for many MBA candidates. ISB MBA Placements are also stellar year on year.

The school's learning experience is also top-notch, with a 3rd ranking in the Asia-Pacific region. This is attributed to the school's case-based teaching methodology, which exposes students to real-world business problems and prepares them for leadership roles. Furthermore, the networking opportunities offered by the school are second to none, earning ISB a 2nd ranking in the region. This is largely due to the school's alumni network, which is extensive and well-connected.

Another area where ISB excels is in entrepreneurship. With a 3rd ranking in the Asia-Pacific region, the school has been successful in nurturing and supporting entrepreneurial ventures. The school's startup incubation center, the ISB DLabs, provides a supportive environment for students to launch their own businesses.

In conclusion, ISB's impressive rankings in various categories demonstrate its commitment to providing a world-class business education. With a focus on learning, networking, and entrepreneurship, ISB is poised to continue its upward trajectory and solidify its position as a top business school in the region.

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