IIM 1 Year MBA Programs

IIM delivers 1 year MBA programs for experienced professionals from various streams. The admission to 1 year MBA program at IIM is conducted in two rounds by most of the IIMs. The score required for PGPX IIMA eligibility to the IIM 1 year MBA program is the GMAT score and a work experience of 4 years plus for IIM A and 5 years plus for IIM B, C, K, L. Quality of work experience is very important in the PGPX IIMA eligibility. 

The 1 year MBA program is specially designed for industry professionals looking for a career shift or upgradation with a minimum time off work, so instead of a regular two year MBA at IIM , they can go for the 1 year MBA program at the IIM. 

PGPX IIMA eligibility includes the International exposure and the experience that the applicant has in managerial roles. The PGPX team at IIMA checks the eligibility and then releases the option for the shortlisted applicants to submit their essays and recommendations in the second stage of the admissions process for the IIMA PGPX.

Check your PGPX IIMA eligibility here .

PGPX IIMA eligibility involves submitting a GMAT score, relevant work experience, International exposure, increase in work responsibilities in different roles one has executed over the professional experience, extra curricular activities, hobbies and other interests of the applicants. All in all it is the comprehensive profile of the applicant which enables him to comply to the PGPX IIMA eligibility.