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IIM Bangalore Executive MBA one year MBA program admissions 2021

The year 2021 has seen the admission processes transform throughout the world. IIM Bangalore Executive MBA admission to the one year MBA program has also seen some changes this year. Here's what's different:

1. WAT 2019 was in person paper written response, however the WAT 2020 at IIM Bangalore has shifted online through an external platform by Mercr Mettl.

2. The interview process this year has shifted from in person faculty interviews to the zoom based online faculty interviews.

3. There was no set interview pattern that was followed, the underlying theme being very focused on the applicant's past experiences and the fit with the program content and objectives.

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IIM executive MBA Kolkata one year MBA program admissions 2021

IIM executive MBA Kolkata admissions to the one year MBA program have altered the WAT process as compared to their WAT 2019 in the form that this year we did not see any separate WAT process incorporated in the selection procedure.

The interviews were led by faculty through the online Zoom portal. IIM executive MBA Kolkata conducted mock sessions to clarify the students' doubts regarding the interview process.

I am waitlisted in IIM Calcutta MBAEX final results What is my chances of getting Call for admission?

The chances of admission are dependent on the availability of seats post Round 3 selections of the IIM Calcutta MBAEX admission cycle. On the whole you can assume that there is a fifty percent chance to get an admit call.

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IIM Ahmedabad Executive MBA one year MBA program admissions 2021

IIM Ahmedabad just like IIM Bangalore retained the WAT ( written ability test ) in the interview process for 2021 admissions cycle. The WAT at IIM Ahmedabad faculty interview is a spoken extempore discussion followed by the interview. IIM Ahmedabad in 2021 interviews has been creative in structuring the questions and the interview making the process very interesting for the applicants.

Stage 2 shortlisting questions for IIM Ahmedabad Executive MBA R1 2020:

Essay 1: Why do you want to do an MBA during these uncertain times? How does that align with your future career goals? Please speculate on your five and ten-year post MBA career trajectory? (1000)

Essay 2: What is so special about you that professors and peers would like to have you in the class? (500)

Essay 3: Do you have anything special that you would want the Admissions Committee to know? (500)


Stage 2 shortlisting questions for IIM Ahmedabad Executive MBA R2 2020:

Essay 1 : Can you narrate a few incidents from your professional life that would illustrate your ability to handle volatile situations? (1000 words)

Essay 2 : What is so special about you that professors and peers would like to have you in the class? (500 words)

Essay 3 : Do you have anything special that you would want the Admissions Committee to know? (500 words)

New here? Let's begin from scratch.What are the IIM Executive MBA Programs?

IIM delivers one year Executive MBA programs for experienced professionals from various streams. The admission to any of the one year IIM Executive MBA Programs is conducted in two rounds.

The application process for Executive MBA from IIM A , Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore and Executive MBA from IIM C is discussed here elaborately.

To know the latest deadlines for IIM Executive MBA Programs check here.

What is the IIM Ahmedabad Executive MBA?

The IIM Ahmedabad Executive MBA is one of the best one-year, full-time programs for working professionals. Carefully planned by the IIMA (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad) for brilliant, passionate, and exceptional executives with substantial professional exposure, the IIM Ahmedabad PGPX program attracts top talent from varied industries and backgrounds. Every year, the IIM Ahmedabad Executive MBA program applicants are specially selected by the faculty of IIM Ahmedabad to make sure a rich, varied, and proportionate in-class learning experience for all applicants.

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What are the eligibility requirements for Executive MBA from IIM?

The requirement for eligibility to the Executive MBA from IIM one year MBA program is:

1. A GMAT score and

2. The work experience criteria for different IIM Executive MBA Programs are as below:

  •   Minimum 4 years plus for IIM Ahmedabad Executive MBA and

  •   Minimum 5 years plus for Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore, IIM executive MBA Kolkata, and executive MBA from IIM Lucknow.

3. Quality of work experience is very important for applying to the IIM Executive MBA Programs.

Submit your profile for a review for your target IIM Executive MBA Programs.

What is the application process for Executive MBA from IIM?

The application process for the Executive MBA from IIM is specific for each of the programs. We will discuss the specific features and requirements of the main programs in the next few paragraphs.

Is PGPX Executive MBA worth doing?

The PGPX Executive MBA course is without doubt worth joining up for. The Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad is intended to assist the working professionals to make better their careers. The program prepares the candidates for higher-ranking managerial positions. It is a 15 months full-time executive PGDM management program that assists working professionals in securing jobs at senior management positions in a business or company. If you are looking ahead to providing a boost to your profession and achieve a higher level position, then this course can without doubt be very valuable for you.

Why should one pursue an IIM Executive MBA Programs?

1. Over the years IIMA, IIM Bangalore, IIMC and many other top ranking MBA schools have offered the Executive MBA curriculum. The idea of an Executive MBA for working professionals is to help them transition to top management roles.

2. IIM Executive MBA Programs have transformed over the past few years and is becoming aggressively contemporary in their course content and format.

Get in touch to discuss your work experience and motivations to do a one year Executive MBA program to get the right fit.

3. Considering the Global FT rankings for Executive MBA programs, the Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad ranks 49th globally in 2019, 57th globally in 2018 and 63rd globally in 2017.

4. Executive MBA in India from IIM Bangalore ranks 57th globally in 2019, 59th globally in 2018 and 56th globally in 2017, according to the FT world rankings.

Difference between Full-time Executive MBA and  Flexi Schedule Executive MBA

  • The flexible schedule executive MBA (EMBA) is intended for working professionals who wish to carry on with their professional commitments at the same time as following the MBA. Time management is very important at the same time as doing an EMBA, seeing that you’d be balancing job life along with managing the thoroughness of an MBA.

  • The main objective of those opting for it is to sharpen management and leadership qualities, get hold of innovative skill sets and achieve fresh business standpoints. The sessions are held all through a particular period or some days in a month stretching across the whole period of the program or on Fridays/ weekends.

  • An Executive MBA must act in response to the greater than ever levels of demands that managers and capitalists face day by day. Aspects such as planned vision, assessment addition, global perspective, business culture, social responsible performance, and more force us into all-time learning if we are to be successful and well organised in discharging our responsibilities. These are things that one can gain in either format of the executive MBA program. Click here to read about SP Jain Executive MBA program.

How much GMAT score is required for IIM Executive MBA?

The question of how much GMAT score is required for IIM Executive MBA cannot be answered in isolation. The profile and the quality of experience plays a very important role here. For IIM executive MBA Bangalore  in 2019 and 2020, we had interview shortlists at a lowest GMAT of 690 onwards. Though the average gmat at IIM executive MBA Bangalore

 the average GMAT score is around 709.  For IIM executive MBA Kolkata however there was an interview shortlist at even 640, similarly for Executive MBA IIM Lucknow Noida campus. In the case of IIM Ahmedabad Executive MBA the GMAT scores called for interviews were the highest. These are just indicative statistics, however eligibility for IIM executive MBA goes much beyond the GMAT score.

A high GMAT may result in a shortlist for most cases, however rest assured that the interview plays a very important role in the selection process for an MBA program. A lot of professionals with GMAT scores as high as 760 have been rejected by top schools as they were found lacking at some aspects.

Which IIM is best for Executive MBA?

Eligibility for IIM executive MBA is an important criteria when one suggests which IIM is best for executive MBA. Once you have confirmed that, it is safe to assume that IIM Executive MBA programs are definitely equipped to address the demands of the Indian Industry. As far as the career growth you can expect a hike in the roles and responsibilities and the opportunities once you have qualified the IIM Executive MBA. There are popular ranking platforms like the QS, FT ranking etc which issue annual reports on the world ranking of the Executive MBA courses which one can definitely refer to.

To answer which IIM is best for Executive MBA we would also like to discuss your goals and aspirations, so that the expectations can be met accordingly. You can look at the IIM executive MBA placement data to check the sectors and employers for every IIM Executive MBA. This would also provide you effective pointers.

Which IIM offers Executive MBA?

Most IIM offers Executive MBA ,  a few leading options are - IIM Ahmedabad executive MBA, IIM executive MBA Bangalore, IIM executive MBA Kolkata, executive MBA IIM Lucknow Noida campus, IIM Trichy executive MBA, IIM Udaipur executive MBA, IIM Kashipur executive MBA. 

How good is IIM Executive MBA?

It is definitely a great program. If you want to know how good is IIM Executive MBA read more below to check individual program details and placement information.

What is the executive MBA in IIM Ahmedabad?

The Post Graduate Program in Management for Executives (MBA-PGPX) is one of the best one-year, full-time programs all across the world. Carefully planned by the IIMA (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad) for brilliant, passionate, and inspirational executives with substantial professional familiarity, the executive MBA in IIM Ahmedabad, the PGPX program attracts top talents from varied industries and backgrounds. Every year, the PGPX program applicants are specially selected by the faculty of IIM Ahmedabad to make sure a rich, varied, and proportionate in-class learning experience for all applicants.

IIMA PGPX Executive MBA Eligibility 

To apply to the the executive MBA in IIM Ahmedabad one must meet the following criteria:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in any course (at least 15 years of study as per the Indian education system )

  • At least 25 years of age (31st March of the year) in which the PGPX program starts. There is no higher age limit.

  • An applicable GMAT/GRE score (GMAT/GRE scores are applicable for five years from the date to the application closing date) must be submitted for the executive MBA in IIM Ahmedabad application.

  • At least 4 years of full-time work experience, later than completion of graduation as on 31st March of the year.

  • The short-listed candidates are anticipated to put forward essays on particular topics, within the predetermined time period.

Fee Structure

The Program fee for PGPX Executive MBA is something like INR 25,00,000, plus the expenditure involving International Immersion Program. PGPX Executive MBA fee is by and large takes into account the tuition fees, books and study materials, lodging and boarding charges and other facilities like library, network, computing changes, and so on. On the other hand, this does not include the expenditure of the International Immersion Program. 

What is the Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore?

The full time one year Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore - EPGP has been created particularly for professionals with outstanding track records, in addition to 5-12 years of work experience in a broad range of industries. The EPGP Executive MBA makes available students with the equivalent solid establishment in major administration concepts and disciplines seeing that a two-year MBA, by way of similar array of electives, and grading standards. The main benefit of the EPGP is that the curriculum work builds on the varied and wide-ranging work experience of the students.

The Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore includes all the essential requirements for any commanding position in a business. The overall ambition of any Executive MBA is to push the planned vision, enhance the precision of the decision making, provide the access to the business network and sensitise graduates to global perspectives.

Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore Eligibility

The eligibility conditions and other prerequisites are as follows:

  • You need to be a Graduate in any course with at least 50% marks or equal CGPA

  • You need to have at least 5 years (and if at all possible below 12 years) of work experience later than the completion of graduation

  • You need to submit an applicable GMAT / GRE score in conjunction with a Statement of Purpose (SOP) and two References. 

  • Shortlisted candidates for Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore will undertake a Written Ability Test, followed by an Interview.

Duration of Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore

One Year (Full Time - Residential, IIM Bangalore campus, India)

Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore Fee Structure ( Tentative estimates)

The Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore Course Fee approximately includes: Tuition Fee INR 21,19,000, Accommodation INR 1,50,000 (shared) - INR 2,85,500 (family, International Immersion INR 3,00,000, Refundable deposit Rs 20,000). The sum total is INR 25, 89,000 (shared accommodation) and INR 27, 24,500 (family accommodation).

IIMB EPGP Executive MBA Course Structure

  • The major core courses at the Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore include the likes of Financial Reporting and Analysis, Competition and Strategy Designing Organisations, Decision Sciences, Managerial Economics, Macroeconomics, Marketing Management, Corporate Governance & Ethics, Operations Management, Corporate Finance, Managing People & Performance in Organisations, Business Law, and Entrepreneurial Management.

  • The electives at Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore are uniquely designed to include Corporate Strategy and Policy, Decision Sciences and Information systems, Entrepreneurial Learning, Economics and Social Sciences, Marketing, Production and Operations Management, Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources Management, and Finance and Accounting. 

  • The International Immersion module by the Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore is intended to offer students an opportunity to make wider learning and expand knowledge about an ever more globalised economic surroundings. All through the international immersion (2-week), the course group is hosted by one of the best local business schools. They focus on lectures on the country’s financial system and society by way of specific highlighting on problems affecting business and industry; visit business offices; meet company and government leaders; focus on educational events and visit historical sites to aid them know the ins and outs of the country.

IIMB EPGP Executive MBA Placement 

The placement procedure for the Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore - EPGP class is stated to be completed within 3 months from graduation. In 2019, over 30 recruiters made booming offers to the EPGP class. This incorporated open EPGP recruiters like Amazon, Axis Bank, Accenture, Genpact, Ford, Coca Cola, Microsoft, in addition to new recruiters like Airbus, Bridgestone, Manipal Group, KRYFS, McKinsey & Co, and more.


  • Average yearly salary (in INR) : INR 23.46 Lakh Per Annum

  • Median annual Salary: Ink 22.00 Lakh Per Annum

Employers, most recently, are eager to recruit individuals with EMBA degrees more willingly than fresh MBAs, seeing that they are a talent pool with the right combination of management experience and education. That's why the companies are also geared up to pay higher packages to candidates  of an Executive MBA degree. 


Benefits of an IIMB EPGP Executive MBA

The IIMB EPGP Executive MBA is intended to perk up and enhance the management skills of the participating professionals, to take up positions of responsibility in top companies and organisations. All through this master’s degree, the participant develops essential decision-making competencies towards developing competitive work environments that are sustainable in the long run. 

What is the Executive MBA from IIM Calcutta? 

MBAEX (Master of Business Administration for Executives) is a one year program offered by IIM Calcutta. This is a full time and residential program intended for working professionals possessing over five years of work experience. The executive MBA from IIM Calcutta makes available the just right platform to the managers, to build up & improve their on hand skill sets at the same time as they aim towards higher-ranking management roles.

The executive MBA from IIM Calcutta batch contains the just right combination of experience and network. 

Why should one pursue an executive MBA from IIM Calcutta?

According to IIM Calcutta, what places them distinctly from all other management establishments in India is its logical pedagogy. It is a special combination of academics and application, facilitating future managers to extend practical skills and their purpose. Discussions and interactive debates are an important component of IIMC’s pedagogy.

Participants of the executive MBA from IIM Calcutta course make it a different program in also terms of its focus on shifting to special business functions or roles that they aimed for. 

Executive MBA from IIM Calcutta Eligibility Criteria:

Any applicant to the executive MBA from IIM Calcutta must fulfil the following criteria:

  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any course with at least 10+2+3 (or 4) years of recognized education

  • At least 5 years of management/professional experience later than finishing your educational qualification

  • An applicable GMAT Score, not more than 36 months of the date of application  

An overall evaluation of the applicants  to the executive MBA from IIM Calcutta is done on the basis of the following:

1. Educational Background,  

2. Professional Work Experience,

3. GMAT Score, and

4. Personal Interview. 

IIM executive MBA Kolkata Fee Structure (Tentative estimates)

The fees for IIM executive MBA Kolkata is approximately INR 27 Lakhs (Non-refundable) payable in 4 instalments

  • Instalment 1: Payment of INR 2 Lakhs for round 1 and round 2 admissions, in conjunction with letter of acceptance of the admission offer.

  • Instalment 2: Payment of INR 8 Lakhs, along with INR 20,000 to be deposited as a security caution amount by Demand Draft. This caution money will be refunded on the finishing point of the program following the adjustment of outstanding dues. 

  • Instalment 3: Payment of INR 8 Lakhs 

  • Instalment 4: Payment of INR 9 Lakhs 

IIMC MBAEX Executive MBA Course Structure

The IIMC MBAEX Executive MBA Course is a one-year program for working professionals offered by the IIM Calcutta that provides them with new age skills to aim for senior and top management roles in the business.

At IIM executive MBA Kolkata education is at the forefront of the classroom focus. At the same time case studies add to the pragmatic knowledge of simplifying real-life business ambiguity, informal discussions on varied topics from the business world widen individual perspectives.

Compulsory Courses at IIM executive MBA Kolkata

In the MBAEX Executive MBA curriculum, there are 25 compulsory courses delivered across 6 terms, which are mandatory for students to take.

IIM executive MBA Kolkata Elective Courses

IIMC MBAEX Executive MBA course offers a broad range of elective courses extended 3 terms namely the 4th, 5th & 6th terms, from which students are required to take 15 lines.  Some courses offered are: Finance & Control, Operations Management, Strategic Management, Management Information Systems, Public Policy and Management, Business Ethics and Communication, Marketing,     Economics, HR Management,    Management Centre for Human Values, and Behavioural Sciences.

IIMC MBAEX Executive MBA Placements 

The hard work of the staff, students and the establishment has resulted in a better result for the MBAEX graduates. IIM Calcutta had a supporting placement season with a standard salary offer of INR Rs.26.98 Lakhs. The top salary offer is INR 124.90 Lakhs, and the median salary offer of INR 23 Lakhs.  The institute witnesses a huge rise every year, and so on. 

Last year, the students got different offers from the sectors lie Telecom, Banking, Consulting, Product Management and Operations. The leading positions included Lead Strategist – Wipro (BPO), Nice President – iNautix Technologies Ltd., Executive Assistant to MD, Senior Business Manager – HCL Technologies Ltd.and many more. 

Benefits of IIMC MBAEX Executive MBA

IIMC MBAEX is a one year MBA which has been ranked amongst the most excellent MBA programs all across the world. This is a just right program for middle managers with at least 5 years of experience to make over themselves to business leaders. Carrying the credibility of one of the most excellent MBA programs of the country, the program not only adds managerial skills, but in addition makes you a dependable leader. 

High GMAT in the midst of remarkable academics and established career track is a necessity to get selected. In MBAEX class you will find a lot of individuals having worked in diverse parts of the world in special domains. In your group of student’s project team, you can have a team member consisting of a doctor of medicine, army team leader, capitalist and administrator.

  • Strong focus on methodical and analytical pedagogy

  • Stress on management and leadership skills

  • International Immersion modules in Europe/USA

  • Unique combination of theory and research

  • Appropriate combination of classroom lectures, case studies and assignments

  • Programme delivered by IIMC staff along with visiting staff from out of the country

  • Engagement with community and business champions

  • Attractive campus with brilliant class rooms, library, etc. 

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