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Application Deadlines for R1 due in End August.

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What are the IIM Executive MBA Programs?

IIM delivers one year Executive MBA programs for experienced professionals from various streams. The admission to any of the one year IIM Executive MBA Programs is conducted in two rounds.

The application process for Executive MBA from IIM A , Executive MBA from IIM B and  Executive MBA from IIM C is discussed here elaborately.

To know the latest deadlines for IIM Executive MBA Programs check here.

What are the eligibility requirements for Executive MBA from IIM?

The requirement for eligibility to the Executive MBA from IIM one year MBA program is:

1. A GMAT score and

2. The work experience criteria for different IIM Executive MBA Programs are as below:

    a. 4 years plus for IIM A and

    b. 5 years plus for IIM B, C, K, L.

3. Quality of work experience is very important for applying to the IIM Executive MBA Programs.

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What is the application process for Executive MBA from IIM?

The application process for the Executive MBA from IIM is specific for each of the programs.


Why should one pursue an IIM Executive MBA Programs?

1.  Executive MBA in India is not a new course offering.

2. Over the years IIMA, IIMB, IIMC and many other top ranking MBA schools have offered the Executive MBA curriculum. The idea of an Executive MBA for working professionals is to help them transition to top management roles. 

3. IIM Executive MBA Programs have transformed over the past few years and is becoming aggressively contemporary in their course content and format.

4. One year MBA in India today has many formats like online courses, full-time residential courses and flexible schedule mixed format MBA courses. 

5. Anyone who aspires to invest in an Executive MBA from India has the choice to evaluate all the available formats available for IIM Executive MBA Programs.

Get in touch to discuss your work experience and motivations to do a one year Executive MBA program to get the right fit.

6. Considering the Global FT rankings for Executive MBA programs, the Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad ranks 49th globally in 2019, 57th globally in 2018 and 63rd globally in 2017.

7. Next, the Executive MBA in India from IIM Bangalore ranks 57th globally in 2019, 59th globally in 2018 and 56th globally in 2017, according to the FT world rankings.

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