Executive MBA from IIM

Executive MBA from IIM programs are highly rated amongst one year MBA programs in India. GOALisB through its vertical IIMadmitmentors focuses on mentoring applicants to the IIM executive MBA programs.


Our Results for Round 1 IIM Executive MBA 2022 - 23 : 100% Interview invites

The IIM Executive MBA programs are unique as they provide the opportunity to the students to:
1. Become a part of a close knit hand picked cohort
2. Instead of competing amongst each other in a large batch the students have the opportunity to focus on the learning experience.
3. The Executive MBA from IIM students work closely with the 2 year PGP students at IIM and build a wide enough network to achieve their career goals.

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Executive MBA from IIM Eligibility, Fees and Ranking

IIMA PGPX Application Deadlines 2023-24:

Round 2: 28 October 2022

Round 3: 12 December 2022


  1. FT MBA 2022 Rank: 62

  2. NIRF rank: 1

  3. Eligibility: minimum 4 years

  4. of work experience.

  5. Tests Accepted: GMAT/ GRE

  6. Class Size at Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad: 140

  7. Average GMAT score: 701

  8. Average GRE score: 323

  9. Average Work Ex: 8 Years 3 months

IIMC MBAEX Application Deadlines 2023-24:

Round 2: 16 October 2022

Round 3: 30 November 2022

  1. FT MBA 2022 Rank: 68

  2. NIRF rank: 3

  3. Eligibility: Minimum 5 years work experience

  4. Tests Accepted: GMAT Only

  5. Class Size at Executive MBA from IIM Calcutta: 79​

  6. Average GMAT Score: 685

  7. Average Age: 30.6 years

  8. Average Work Experience: 8.1 years 

IIMB EPGP Application Deadlines 2023-24:

Round 2: 10 October 2022

Round 3: 2 December 2022

  1. FT MBA 2022 Rank: 53

  2. NIRF rank: 2

  3. Eligibility: Minimum 5 Years Work experience

  4. Tests accepted: GMAT/ GRE

  5. Class size at Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore: 75

  6. Average GMAT Score: 690

  7. Average Age: 30 years

  8. Average Work ex: 7.42 years

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With applicants getting multiple admits every year i.e. ISB PGP,  Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, Calcutta or Bangalore, our MBA admission consultants work with diverse applicants year on year. 

More Executive MBA from IIM programs which add value to your career in the same category are:

  1. Executive MBA from IIM Lucknow: IPMX

  2. Executive MBA from IIM Kozhikode: PGP-BL

We understand your professional journey, discuss your core values, your career goals and how you will benefit the most from an MBA program.

Get started on this journey with a Profile evaluation with an experienced MBA admission consultant at GOALisB.


I would like to give the credit for securing ISB PGP AND IIM-A PGPX admits to Shruti. I worked with her extensively to brainstorm on Career Goals, finalize my career stories, etc. She was very patient throughout the process and always ready to give suggestions about all the career options I could choose from. She knew exactly what the ISB or IIM admissions team is looking for and helped me make appropriate

Rahulkumar Marwal IIMC

A mentor and a friend, Shruti helped me not just prepare for GMAT but also helped me put my best footforward with my B school applications. She was always just a call away and ready to help. Her guidanceplayed a very important role in helping me convert my dream school IIM Calcutta.

Anamitra Ghosh IIMB, IIMC

Goalisb will not write your essay/SOP on your behalf, rather they will guide you to research & figure out the highlights of your past experience, strengths, post MBA target roles. The process certainly helps to present the best story of yourself in the final applications, also it will prepare you for the interviews. I got interview shortlist from all the top IIMs I applied, converted IIM B & C.


FAQ Executive MBA from IIM

What is the eligibility for Executive MBA from IIM?

Do IIMs offer Executive MBA?

IIMs offer Executive MBA in the full time and the part time or the online mode, all.

The full time MBA at IIM is a one year program which has different pre requisites for different IIMs.  PGPx is the full time executive MBA by IIM Ahmedabad, EPGP is offered by IIM Bangalore and MBAeX is offered by IIM Calcutta. The admission to these programs takes place in three application rounds every year and students have to submit their GMAT or GRE scores. The IIM Calcutta executive MBA accepts only the GMAT score and not the GRE scores.

What is the cutoff of IIM Ahmedabad for Executive MBA?

There is no cutoff of IIM Ahmedabad for Executive MBA however, the minimum age limit to apply is 25 years, a bachelors degree or equivalent and a minimum of 4 years of work experience. The average GMAT score at IIM Ahmedabad Executive MBA was 701.

Is GMAT required for Executive MBA in IIM?

Yes, the admissions to the executive MBA in IIM takes place through the submission of the GMAT or the GRE score. At IIM Calcutta Executive MBA however the GRE score is not acceptable. It accepts only the GMAT score for admissions process.

Does Executive MBA have placements?

Yes Executive MBA which are conducted in the full time mode do offer placements . The part time/ weekend/ online executive MBA programs do not offer placements however.

What is the rank of IIM in the world?

The IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore and IIM Calcutta are autonomous institutions and are world ranked in their individual capacity.

How can I do Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore?

Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore admissions are conducted in three rounds every year. The professionals who have a minimum experience of 5 years are eligible to apply. The applicants have to submit an online application with an SOP, academic and work experience details, a GMAT or GRE score and two reference letters for the application process. Further the shortlists for interview and WAT are released as a final step. The details of the Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore has been discussed separately.

Which is better MBA or EMBA?

To decide whether the MBA or EMBA is better it is very important to understand the goals of the individual professional first. Both the MBA and the EMBA extend their own merit to the professional profile of the individual. 

Feel free to reach out to our team to discuss your professional profile and goals to discuss which is the best suited for you - MBA or EMBA.