Rotman School of Management


Susan Christofferson appointed Dean of Rotman Canada

Professor Susan Christofferson's appointment as Dean of Rotman Canada has been approved by the Agenda Committee of the Academic Board. She is destined as Dean of the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management for a period of five year from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2026.  Professor Christofferson is the former Vice-Dean, Undergraduate and Specialised Programs of Rotman Canada.  Professor's vision and diligence during her period as Vice dean contributed a lot in graduate offerings and undergraduate Commerce program.

Rotman MBA Deadlines

Rotman MBA deadlines have changed this year due to the new portal being launched by the school. As per the new Rotman MBA deadlines applications for the MBA Class of 2024 which will start in September 2022 shall be accepted starting 9th August 2021.

Rotman MBA Class Profile

Rotman MBA class profile for the 2022 was 296 students divided into four sections and working in teams of 5. Amongst a total of 292 students the class has a 45% female proportion accounting to around 130 students and a 55% of male students accounting to around 162 men.

The average age of the students is 27 years within a range of 22 to 36 years. The Rotman MBA class profile has an average work experience of 4 years with a range of 0 to 13 years of work experience.


The average undergraduate GPA to be accepted Rotman MBA class profile is 3.5 and the average GMAT in the class of 2022 is 670. The Rotman MBA class profile comprises 52% International students representing 35 passports and 33 languages.

The core term comprises 7 weeks with courses like Decision making with data and models, leading people, managerial economics and financial accounting. The second term also stretching over 7 weeks covers subjects like managing customer value, fundamentals in strategic management, capital markets and evaluation and statistics.

The third core term stretches over 7 weeks covering Microeconomics, operations management, corporate finance and global economy. The fourth core term is 7 weeks in duration with subjects like managerial accounting and  three core electives. 

Rotman MBA Requirements:

1. An important component amongst the Rotman MBA requirements is the GMAT or GRE score.

2. Academic background and GPA/ grades

3. English Proficiency Test like IELTS or TOEFL or undergrad degree from recognised English language university 

4. Written Essay

5. Resume / CV in the Rotman one page resume template

6. An important Rotman MBA requirements is the submission of timed responses which includes one ten minute written response and 2 video responses which are 1.5 minutes in duration.

7. Professional recommendations

8. The final in the list of Rotman MBA requirements is the admission interview

Why Rotman School of Management?

1. Location advantage:

The best thing about Rotman School of Management is its proximity to Canada’s business Centre in Bay Street.


The school’s location in downtown Toronto provides a lot of beneficial exposure for students to connect with surrounding businesses. These businesses can prove as an effective means for students to gather hands-on experience in the industry through part-time jobs and internships.

2. Financing assistance:


Financing your education at the Rotman School of Management is facilitated by the school. The school offers many options for scholarship. Additionally, there are many options of loans from leading Indian institutions for the admits to the Rotman School of Management.

3. Work Permit Options:


An MBA from the Rotman School of Management offers a unique advantage over other one year programs.  Graduates are eligible for a three year work permit in Canada as compared to other one year programs in Canada.

4. Ranking as the best college for MBA in Canada:


Canadian universities have become a preferable option for MBA aspirants. Many students pursue MBA degree programs with the best college in Canada. Among these internationally recognised business schools Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto was ranked as the best college for MBA in Canada in the QS Global MBA Ranking of the year 2020. It is at par with some of the world-leading colleges in its MBA program curriculum, features, and faculties.

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