Rotman MBA

Rotman MBA Ranking:

  1. Number 1 University in Canada

  2. Number 5 University Outside of the US

  3. Number 18 of the Top Universities in the World

Why Rotman MBA?

  1. 3 year Canadian work permit available to all graduates

  2. 89% employment rate within 6 months of graduation

  3. Rotman MBA class of 2020 reported an mean annual salary of $112,897 including bonus etc

Rotman MBA requirements

Rotman MBA Requirements

1. GMAT or GRE score.

2. Academic background and GPA/ grades

3. English Proficiency Test like IELTS or TOEFL or undergrad degree from recognised English language university. 

4. Written Essay

5. Resume / CV in the Rotman one page resume template

6. Submission of timed responses which includes one ten minute written response and 2 video responses which are 1.5 minutes in duration.

7. 2 Professional recommendations

8. Admission interview

Rotman MBA eligibility

GPA requirements for Rotman MBA 2022 application:

Bachelor's degree, or equivalent, with a final year GPA of at least mid-B.

Institution Codes for submission of GMAT or GRE scores to Rotman MBA:

  1. GMAT: BTDKS98

  2. GRE: 0853

Work experience related Rotman MBA Requirements for 2022 application:

Full-time work experience of  2 years minimum.

English Language Requirements for Rotman MBA 2022 application:

Students in India do not require to submit proof of English language proficiency if they have graduated from an English-language university.

Rotman MBA Deadlines

Rotman MBA deadlines for application submission 2022:

  1. Early Round: 2 September 2022

  2. Round 1: 3 October 2022

  3. Round 2: 13 January 2023

  4. Round 3: 6 March 2023

  5. Round 4: 28 April 2023

Rotman MBA deadlines for decisions in 2022:

  1. Early Round: 14 October 2022

  2. Round 1: 16 December 2022

  3. Round 2: 17 March 2023

  4. Round 3: 5 May 2023

  5. Round 4: 31 May 2023

Rotman MBA Class Profile: Class of 2023

Genders Represented in Rotman MBA Class Profile:

  1. Total students: 278

  2. Women: 45% - 124

  3. Men: 55% - 154

Age Groups Represented in Rotman MBA Class Profile:

  1. Average Age: 28

  2. Range of Age: 23-36

Work Experience Represented in Rotman MBA Class Profile:

  1. Average work experience: 5.0

  2. Range of work experience in class: 0 - 13

GPA Represented in Rotman MBA Class Profile:

Average undergrad GPA: 3.6

GMAT scores Represented in Rotman MBA Class Profile:

  1. Average GMAT: 678

  2. 510 - 600 GMAT: 10%

  3. 610 - 720 GMAT: 80%

  4. 730 - 750 GMAT: 10%

Demographics Represented in Rotman MBA Class Profile:

  1. International students: 58%

  2. Domestic students: 42%

  3. Born outside Canada: 73%

  4. Nationalities in Class: 39

  5. First spoken languages: 27

  6. Speak two languages: 78%

  7. Speak three languages: 31%

Academic Background Represented in Rotman MBA Class Profile:

  1. Business/ Commerce: 28%

  2. Engineering: 27%

  3. Economics: 15%

  4. Life Sciences: 8%

  5. Social Sciences: 8%

  6. Other: 6%

  7. Maths/ Computer Science: 3%

  8. Physical Sciences: 3%

  9. Law: 1%

  10. Humanities: 1%

Industry Background Represented in Rotman MBA Class Profile:

  1. Financial Services: 26%

  2. Consulting: 13%

  3. Technology: 10%

  4. Healthcare: 8%

  5. Manufacturing: 7%

  6. Consumer Goods: 6%

  7. Energy: 6%

  8. Other: 5%

  9. Professional Services: 4%

  10. Not for Profit: 3%

  11. Real Estate: 3%

  12. Education: 2%

  13. Hospitality: 1%

  14. Media Entertainment: 1%

  15. Legal: 1%

  16. Government: 1%

  17. Telecommunications: 1%

  18. Logistics: 1%

Rotman MBA Placements:

  1. 89% placements within 6 months of graduation

  2. 72% placements within 3 months of graduation

  3. Mean Total Salary: $112,897 (CAD)

  4. Median Base Salary: $87,000 (CAD)

  5. Mean Base Salary: $99,201 (CAD)

Rotman MBA placements by Industry:

  1. Financial Services industry hired 35.2% of the class with a mean salary of CAD 93,784

  2. Consulting sector hired 16.9% with a mean salary of CAD 124,556

  3. Technology sector hiring was 10.1% with a mean salary of CAD 92,731

  4. CPG & Retail sector hiring was 8.6% with a mean salary of CAD 80,105

  5. Other industries hired around 7.5% with a mean salary of CAD 96,182

  6. Legal Services sector hiring was 6.4% with a mean salary of CAD 144,092

  7. Healthcare sector hiring was 5.6% with a mean salary of CAD 87,455

  8. Real Estate sector hiring was 3.4% with a mean salary of CAD 72,143

  9. Energy & Natural Resources sector hired 2.6% with a mean salary of CAD 91,959

  10. Entrepreneurship sector hired 1.9% with a mean salary of CAD 87,400

  11. Manufacturing sector hiring was 1.5% with a mean salary of CAD 65,000

  12. Government sector hiring was 0.4%

Rotman MBA placements by function:

  1. Accounting/ Finance function hired 31.1% with a mean salary of CAD 92,872

  2. Strategy function hired 25.8% with a mean salary of CAD 25.8%

  3. Marketing/ Sales hired 13.9% with a mean salary of CAD 84,471

  4. Other functions hired 11.2% with a mean salary of CAD 90,577

  5. General Management function hired 7.9% with a mean salary of CAD 89,016

  6. Legal Services function hired 6.0% with a mean salary of CAD 148,848

  7. Operations function hired 3.0% with a mean salary of CAD 100,182

  8. Business Design function hired 1.1% with a mean salary of CAD 84,667


What are the different programs offered at Rotman MBA?

Rotman School of Management is a division of the University of Toronto and is very much recognized across the world for its MBA courses. There are a number of programs for working professionals to select aside from the Full-Time MBA program, the Morning and Evening MBA, Global Executive MBA, Master of Finance, One-Year Executive MBA, Master of Financial Risk Management, and the Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting.

Is Rotman MBA good?

Top 10 reasons which make the Rotman MBA standout as a leading program in Canada:

  1. Learning at Rotman MBA goes profounder: into a meticulous, model-based analytical approach that shapes efficient decision makers and extends into personal growth, with programs intended to help students accomplish their potential as leaders, capitalists or representatives of change.

  2. Diversity: Coming to the School with varied backgrounds, culture and experience, Rotman MBA students walk off on to well-established companies, ground-breaking startups, not-for-profits and the open sector. After graduation, Rotman School of Management  alumni stay dynamically mixed up in the school, joining a lively worldwide alumni society of over 17,000 graduates in 90 countries.

  3. Leading Faculty: Ajay Agrawal, a professor at Rotman, and Jamie Anderson, a member of the Dean's Advisory Board at Rotman. They received the honour of being inducted into the Order of Canada for their achievements to the nation.

  4. Competitions at Rotman: The Zayed University team won the best performing team prize in the RITC@HSBC 2022 - Rotman Portfolio Management competition, and Cairo University won the best ESG portfolio manager prize.

  5. Case Competitions at Rotman: The Kuwait University team won the ESG Decision case best performer award team and the overall best performing team award in the RPMC@HSBC 2022 - Rotman International Trading competition. The Al Qasimia University team from the UAE won the prize for outstanding performance in the liquidity risk case.

  6. ESG Focus: The ESG Trading Initiative 2022's ultimate winner is a team from Kuwait University! HSBC and the Rotman School of Management provided assistance for this groundbreaking educational opportunity, which came to an end last month. The four-month training program's main goal was to encourage Middle Eastern university students to acquire sustainable finance abilities. More than 140 people from 15 institutions in the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, and Algeria, participated in the effort, including student traders, analysts, and risk managers.

  7. ​​Location advantage: ​The best thing about Rotman School of Management is its proximity to Canada’s business Centre in Bay Street. The school’s location in downtown Toronto provides a lot of beneficial exposure for students to connect with surrounding businesses. These businesses can prove as an effective means for students to gather hands-on experience in the industry through part-time jobs and internships.

  8. Financing assistance: Financing your education at the Rotman School of Management is facilitated by the school. The school offers many options for scholarship. Additionally, there are many options of loans from leading Indian institutions for the admits to the Rotman School of Management.

  9. Work Permit Options: An MBA from the Rotman School of Management offers a unique advantage over other one year programs.  Graduates are eligible for a three year work permit in Canada as compared to other one year programs in Canada.

  10. Rotman Ranks as the best college for MBA in Canada: Canadian universities have become a preferable option for MBA aspirants. Many students pursue MBA degree programs with the best college in Canada. Among these internationally recognised business schools Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto was ranked as the best college for MBA in Canada in the QS Global MBA Ranking of the year 2020. It is at par with some of the world-leading colleges in its MBA program curriculum, features, and faculties.


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