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ISB Executive MBA 2024

ISB PGPpro Application Deadlines: 19 May 2024 (Delhi, Hyderabad)
ISB PGPpro Application Deadlines: 19 May 2024 ( Mumbai, Bangalore)
ISB PGPMAX Application Deadlines: 17 March 2024

With increasing competition in the workplace, having an Executive MBA can be the thing that sets you apart from the workforce. 

And where better to pursue an EMBA than the Indian School of Business (ISB)?

When it comes to choosing an executive MBA at ISB, you have two options: ISB PGPMAX and ISB PGPpro. Let's get you started on choosing your ISB Executive MBA. 

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What are the common features of the ISB Executive MBA - ISB PGPMAX Vs. ISB PGPpro:

  1. ISB Executive MBA programs do not require the the GMAT or the GRE score for the application process.

  2. ISB Executive MBA programs do not offer placement process.

  3. ISB Executive MBA programs are both modular in nature.

  4. Both offer International immersion components.

  5. ISB Executive MBA programs do not require admits to leave their jobs to pursue the programs.

  6. ISB Executive MBA graduates receive the full ISB alumni status.

ISB PGPMAX is an EMBA equivalent program offered by ISB that is meant for senior executives who have fifteen to twenty-five years of experience working in the corporate field. If you have more than eight years of experience, then the ISB PGPpro program is excellent!

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Comparing the ISB Executive MBA program ie. ISB PGPpro vs ISB PGPMAX there are 3 main differences

1. Minimum years of eligibility for the ISB Executive MBA: ISB PGPMAX application requires 15 years of work experience, while ISB PGPpro requires minimum 8 years of work experience.

2. Time out of office for the ISB Executive MBA: ISB PGPpro classes are conducted at alternate weekends while for ISB PGPMAX you need to take seven continuous days off from work for 10 months in a year.

3. Nature of the Cohort:  The average work experience in the ISB PGPpro class is around 10 years while that in ISB PGPMAX is around 16 years. Based on the cohort where you can learn the best you can choose the ISB Executive MBA program.

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Is GMAT required for Executive MBA in ISB?

No, for the Executive MBA at ISB, candidates are not required to submit GMAT or GRE scores as part of the application process. Standardized test scores help the admissions committee assess candidates' quantitative and analytical abilities, which are crucial for success in an MBA program.

Is PGPMAX from ISB worth it?

Yes, the Pgpmax program from ISB is designed for seasoned executives seeking to take their careers to new heights. It offers an immersive and transformative learning experience, exposure to real-world business challenges, and networking opportunities with fellow senior executives. For professionals looking to enhance their leadership capabilities and broaden their horizons, the Pgpmax program is indeed worth the investment.

Is Xlri better or ISB?

Both XLRI and ISB are renowned B-schools, each with its unique strengths. XLRI is well-known for its human resources management program and has a rich legacy in management education. On the other hand, ISB is acclaimed for its globally-relevant curriculum, diverse faculty, and strong industry connections. The decision between the two depends on individual preferences, career goals, and program fit. It's recommended to research both institutions thoroughly and choose the one that aligns best with your aspirations.

Is it worth doing an Executive MBA from ISB?

An Executive MBA from ISB can be a game-changer for experienced professionals seeking career advancement and leadership opportunities. The program's focus on practical learning, interaction with industry experts, and networking with a diverse cohort make it a valuable investment in one's professional growth.

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If you are someone who has been working in the industry for a five years now and wants to expand your expertise and skill set to better prepare you for an international market, then the ISB PGPpro program is for you.

An executive MBA in ISB like the PGPpro is unlike any other program. This program is unique in its modular teaching approach and immersive learning system that allows you to implement your learning immediately as you work in between classes. You will start the program off with a week-long residency at either the Hyderabad campus or the Mohali campus.

After that, you will have classes every other weekend, mixed with online components on the intervening weekends. Thus, you have a lot of time to go to work and put all your skills to use. There is also another residency week that will be held in other countries in Asia! This way, you even get a taste of international residency.


Finally, the program ends with a week of classes on campus at ISB. This program attracts people from large private organizations, public sector undertakings, NGOs, SMEs, companies, and even family businesses. So this can be the next step in making yourself a fantastic candidate for growth and success.

  1. Duration: 18 months

  2. Location: Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru

  3. Courses: 24

  4. In-Campus Residency Weeks: 2

  5. Contact Hours: 432


ISB PGPMAX is an excellent option for those of you who feel stuck at work, even after working for more than ten years. Especially if you want an executive MBA in ISB Hyderabad, this is for you. This can be the push you need to climb further up the corporate ladder. It is the only EMBA equivalent program in India that has been ranked in The Economist's Executive MBA Ranking.

With this program, you can broaden your horizons and sharpen your existing skills. You get to learn state-of-the-art industry standards and practices and get more exposure to the latest developments in your field. Thus allowing you to be better prepared for more advanced roles in your workplace.


It is a 15-month program with classes that are held for a week after every five weeks on campus. This means you can work while you study.


The ISB PGPMAX program attracts students from diverse fields such as sales, marketing, finance, accounting, manufacturing, operations, project management, and research and development. So no matter what kind of field you are a part of, this can be a great program to help you propagate your career or even steer it in a new direction.

  1. Duration: 15 months

  2. Location: On campus, Hyderabad, Mohali

  3. Credits: 24

  4. In-Campus Residency Weeks: 12

  5. Contact Hours: 500

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What are other options where an applicant can apply for Executive MBA in India?

Some Programs to Evaluate are:


1.  IIT Bombay - Wash U EMBA

2. Full time IIM Executive MBA

3. Executive MBA without GMAT

4. Kellogg EMBA

5. Executive MBA in Asia



8. Columbia EMBA

9. Cornell EMBA

10. HEC Paris EMBA

11.  UCLA PGPpro


13. IIM Bangalore PGPEM

14. ISB PGPpro


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ISB Executive MBA FAQ

1. How much does Executive MBA from ISB cost?

The cost of the Executive MBA program at ISB may vary each year and is subject to change. As of 2023, the total program fees for the Executive MBA at ISB is approximately INR 35 lacs. However, it's essential to check the official ISB website or contact the admissions office for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding fees and any additional costs.

2. Does ISB have Executive MBA?

Yes, ISB offers an Executive MBA program specially designed for working professionals with significant work experience. The Executive MBA at ISB is an intense, transformative program that enables executives to develop advanced leadership skills, gain global exposure, and make a significant impact in their respective industries. This program is delivered in a modular format, allowing participants to balance their professional commitments while pursuing their MBA.

3. Is ISB better than IIM?

Comparing ISB and IIMs is like comparing apples to oranges, as both institutions have their unique strengths and value propositions. ISB is renowned for its rigorous curriculum, exceptional faculty, and close industry connections. On the other hand, IIMs are esteemed for their academic excellence, diverse faculty, and vast alumni base. Ultimately, the choice between ISB and IIMs depends on your individual preferences, career goals, and fit with the program.


4. Is ISB overhyped?

ISB's reputation and standing in the business education landscape are well-deserved due to its consistent academic excellence and the success stories of its alumni. While ISB is highly regarded, it's essential to conduct thorough research and consider personal preferences and career objectives before making a decision.

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Is An Executive MBA Worth It?

Yes, EMBAs are a great way to enhance your skills and knowledge and move forward in the workplace. Once you reach an executive level, it can often become hard to get a promotion. A lot of people feel stagnant in their careers and get bored. An EMBA can help you close the gap in your skills and advance your career while you are still working.

EMBAs can also be great for those of you who are bored with your career path and are looking for a change. Switching career paths after spending years in one field can be daunting. But having an EMBA opens up plenty of doors for you to explore.

Since EMBAs are designed for working professionals, you can learn while you work, and the schedule is very flexible. You also get to utilize what you know immediately, so the process is gratifying. This can mean not only a rise in the paycheck but also promotions or overall growth. Therefore, EMBAs are definitely worth it!

ISB Executive MBA Eligibility

Yes, EMBAs are a great way to enhance your skills and knowledge and move forward in the workplace. Once you reach an executive level, it can often become hard to get a promotion. A lot of people feel stagnant in their careers and get bored. An EMBA can help you close the gap in your skills and advance your career while you are still working.

EMBAs can also be great for those of you who are bored with your career path and are looking for a change. Switching career paths after spending years in one field can be daunting. But having an EMBA opens up plenty of doors for you to explore.

Since EMBAs are designed for working professionals, you can learn while you work, and the schedule is very flexible. You also get to utilize what you know immediately, so the process is gratifying. This can mean not only a rise in the paycheck but also promotions or overall growth. Therefore, EMBAs are definitely worth it!

ISB Executive MBA Fees

The program fee for PGPpro is 30,46,000 INR (plus 18% GST), while the program fee for the PGPMAX program is 41,63,000 INR. These values are subject to change with each academic year, so be sure to double-check. If you want to learn more about the fee structure and the ROI, you can contact the admissions team or attend an info session.

ISB offers substantial scholarships to eligible students for both of these programs. However, competition for scholarships is very high, and only the top students get awarded the scholarships. For the PGMAX program, students get an average of 25% of the tuition fees as a scholarship. As for the PGPpro program, you can get up to 50% waived on your tuition fees.


You can also find other ways to fund your EMBA. Many companies can help you finance your EMBA in the form of corporate sponsorships. Check out your company policy on such opportunities. These are great because they also allow you to manage your schedule better between classes and work. You can also get bank loans as well to fund these programs.

ISB Executive MBA Placements

Since most, if not all, students in an EMBA program have already been working for a while now, there is no separate placement process included in the program for EMBA students. This isn't much of an issue because most people get into these programs to get a promotion and grow in the job they are already in.

However, if you are searching for a new job or want to leave your existing position, then after completing either ISB PGPpro or ISB PGPMAX, you can make use of your ISB Alumni status to connect to potential employers. There is an exclusive ISB Alumni job portal that helps you network with other experts in similar fields, thus making it easier for you to change jobs if you want to.

Even though choosing your ISB Executive MBA can be confusing, with all this information, you can now make a better decision. Each person is different, and therefore, what you will benefit from depends on your specific career trajectory. We hope this helped you decide!


Does ISB provide executive MBA?

ISB provides two executive MBA courses - ISB PGPpro and ISB PGPMAX. ISB Executive MBA does not require the submission of GMAT or GRE scores. The  two courses differ in their eligibility and target audience. ISB PGPpro is apt for mid career professionals with minimum 5 years  of work experience. ISB PGPMAX is the ISB Executive MBA for senior professionals with a minimum of 10 years of work experience.

You can also check the leading Global Executive MBA programs and get in touch with our MBA admission consultant for the further process or a profile evaluation.​

How much does Executive MBA from ISB cost?

The ISB Executive MBA programs are ISB PGPpro and ISB PGPMAX. ISB PGPMAX cost INR 39,63,000 plus taxes 2022-23 and the ISB PGPpro cost INR 30,46,000 plus applicable taxes.

How good is executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad?

Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad is good for professionals who want to pursue a world class education while continuing with their jobs. They get the alumni status, the education, International immersion and the ISB network to grow their career further through the executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad. While pursuing the Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad they have the benefit of  not bearing the opportunity cost of foregoing one year of salary as well. 

Is Indian School of Business good?

Indian School of Business is a world ranked MBA school. There are many benchmarks which prove that Indian School of Business is good:

1. The ISB MBA ranks 32 in the world FT ranking,

2. A network of more than 50 exchange schools

3. An Alumni network of more than 12500 professionals

4. A placement record of average placement of INR34 lacs in 2022

5. ISB ranks 4th in Asia FT ranking.

Check the best executive MBA programs for full time Executive MBA and Weekend Executive MBA in India. 

Is an ISB MBA worth it?

Yes, an ISB MBA is worth it for the following 5 reasons:

1. Career Advancement - ISB graduates have received  2066 placement offers with an average of 2.32 offer per graduate in 2022. In addition the average salary at ISB MBA placements 2022 was INR 34.07 lacs. This is definitely a good number to target for achieving post MBA placements.

2. Alumni and peer network - With 12500 alumni at different leadership positions across diverse industries the best network is always just a phone call away. This definitely makes an ISB MBA worth it.

3. Leadership experience - It is well known that ISB MBA is a jam packed year full of curriculum, career activities, social activities and industry networking. Managing these is a great leadership experience for professionals.

4. Career Shift - The MBA program at ISB has enabled many professionals to achieve the functional role shift or the sector shift as per their desire.

5. Lifelong learning and career support - Through SIG (special interest groups) , alumni connect, access to curriculum for alumni ISB ensures lifelong learning. Its not a one time investment so its definitely worth it.

What is salary after ISB?

ISB ranks at the first position in the FT ranking in terms of salary increase. For the class of 2021 the mean CTC awarded to ISB graduates was close to INR 27,00,00 while for the class of 2022 the average CTC has risen to INR 34.07 lacs.​

How is ISB PGPpro different from ISB PGP?

10 key differences between ISB PGPpro and ISB PGP:

1. Batch Size: ISB PGPpro intake is 50 - 80 per cohort usually while ISB PGP cohort size is around 900.

2. Program Eligibility: ISB PGPpro minimum eligible work experience is 5 years whereas for ISB PGP it is 2 years

3. Average Class Work Experience: ISB PGPpro average work experience is around 10 years in the class while it is 4.5 years roughly at ISB PGP.

4. Curriculum: ISB PGPpro comprises 24 courses while ISB PGP comprises 32 courses

5. Duration:  ISB PGPpro program duration is 18 months weekend schedule while ISB PGP has a duration of 12 months full time program.

6. Program Focus: ISB PGPpro orients towards Strategy and Leadership while ISB PGP is a general management program.

7. Placements: ISB PGPpro does not offer placements while ISB PGP offers placements to the graduates.

8. Test Requirement: ISB PGPpro does not require a GMAT or GRE test score while ISB PGP requires the test score.

9. Location: ISB PGPpro is offered at 4 locations across India while ISB PGP is offered at 2 locations, Hyderabad and Mohali.

10.  Flexibility: ISB PGPpro offers asynchronous and synchronous classes while ISB PGP offers synchronous classes.

What are the electives provided during the ISB PGPpro curriculum?


ISB PGPpro is intended to assist business leaders with a certain standing to transition to senior roles. As a general management program 20 management oriented subjects and the remaining 4 modules offering the specialisation either in Finance an or Marketing. At the time of application students do choose their specialisation, however once the program starts students do have the choice to review the specialisation they want to choose.

How are ISB PGPpro placements?


Campus placement is not a part of ISB executive MBA. ISB PGPpro placements are not offered because it is an Executive MBA from ISB designed for working professionals largely the senior level professionals. The ISB PGPpro placements are not  a part of the conceptual framework as these professionals are already well established in their career. As a part of the ISB PGPpro alumni network they would already get a great network for transitioning to any roles of their choice that is why the ISB PGPpro placements are replaced by a very strong career services  assistance.

Get application assistance from an ISB admission consultant at GOALisB.

​Should a person who already has an MBA pursue the ISB PGPpro?

ISB PGP Pro is an executive MBA program suited for professionals who are looking to shift from mid level management positions to senior level positions.

The fact that a previous MBA gave you a career which helped you gain the experience till date is appreciable. However, I would look at ISB from a perspective other than immediate ROI. When we ask most of the graduates about what they value from their education at ISB, the most common response is the peer group and the alumni network.

If you have goals to get into impactful roles in the industry, it makes sense to look at ISB PGP pro which is appropriately structured for working professionals. Even if you look at it from the ROI perspective, if you use the knowledge and the tools that the school equips you with, you can definitely charge your career with growth steroids. It quite depends on what you make of it. To sum it up enrolling for ISB PGPpro while already holding an MBA is definitely worthwhile if you are someone who is looking at setting foot into the global landscape for senior management roles.

A close look at your work responsibilities till date, the work experience you have gained so far and your expectations from the program can also help to ascertain whether you are a fit for the program.

You can in this case discuss these in detail with professional counsellors to see whether it all fits at this stage in your career because there is a substantial cost and energy investment in this process.

What is the Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad eligibility?


The eligibility for ISB PGPpro is a minimum 5 years of professional experience and for ISB PGPMAX it is 10 years plus experience.


Is executive MBA from ISB worth it?


Yes Executive MBA from ISB gives an opportunity to working professionals to gain management skills, the network and credentials of an ISB MBA.


How to do executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad?


If you are wondering how to do executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad, then the first step to address this query is to share your profile with us here. Once it is confirmed that you have the desired profile for an executive MBA in ISB, the application process for ISB PGPpro follows.


Is there an executive MBA from ISB Mohali?


PGPMAX is an executive MBA from Mohali, however the ISB PGPpro is not one of the executive MBA from ISB Mohali. The ISB PGPpro is conducted at Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad only.


Is the executive MBA ISB distance learning or classroom learning?


Due to COVID the executive MBA ISB is completely distance learning, in fact it is online. However in normal times the executive MBA ISB mixes distance learning and classroom learning in a hybrid format. Some part of the executive MBA in ISB program is in the form of on demand lectures while some is classroom interaction based lectures.

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