ISB Executive MBA

With increasing competition in the workplace, having an Executive MBA can be the thing that sets you apart from the workforce. Since an EMBA prepares you for the next step, a lot of people get a promotion after completing their EMBA. And where better to pursue an EMBA than the Indian School of Business (ISB)?

When it comes to choosing an executive MBA at ISB, you have two options: PGPMax and PGPpro. It can be confusing, at first, to understand the difference between the two curricula, but fret not. You can find out all you need to know here! Let's get you started on choosing your ISB Executive MBA.

PGPMAX Vs. PGPpro: Which One Should You Choose?


PGPMAX is an EMBA equivalent program offered by ISB that is meant for senior executives who have ten to twenty-five years of experience working in the corporate field. If you are a business owner, senior executive, or an experienced professional, then PGPMAX is for you. Otherwise, if you have more than five years of experience, then the PGPpro program is excellent!


There are a few differences between how these programs are designed to meet specific criteria. Let's learn a little bit about both of them, so that you can decide for yourself which executive MBA from ISB you would benefit from.

If you are someone who has been working in the industry for a few years now and wants to expand your expertise and skill set to better prepare you for an international market, then the ISB PGPpro program is for you. This program is designed to cater to working professionals and business owners who have at least five years of experience.


An executive MBA in ISB like the PGPpro is unlike any other program. This program is unique in its modular teaching approach and immersive learning system that allows you to implement your learning immediately as you work in between classes. You will start the program off with a week-long residency at either the Hyderabad campus or the Mohali campus.


After that, you will have classes every other weekend, mixed with online components on the intervening weekends. Thus, you have a lot of time to go to work and put all your skills to use. There is also another residency week that will be held in other countries in Asia! This way, you even get a taste of international residency.


Finally, the program ends with a week of classes on campus at ISB. This program attracts people from large private organizations, public sector undertakings, NGOs, SMEs, companies, and even family businesses. So this can be the next step in making yourself a fantastic candidate for growth and success.


  1. Duration: 18 months

  2. Location: Hybrid, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru

  3. Courses: 24

  4. In-Campus Residency Weeks: 2

  5. Contact Hours: 432

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ISB PGPMAX is an excellent option for those of you who feel stuck at work, even after working for more than ten years. Especially if you want an executive MBA in ISB Hyderabad, this is for you. This can be the push you need to climb further up the corporate ladder. It is the only EMBA equivalent program in India that has been ranked in The Economist's Executive MBA Ranking.

With this program, you can broaden your horizons and sharpen your existing skills. You get to learn state-of-the-art industry standards and practices and get more exposure to the latest developments in your field. Thus allowing you to be better prepared for more advanced roles in your workplace.


It is a 15-month program with classes that are held for a week after every five weeks on campus. This means you can work while you study.


The ISB PGPMAX program attracts students from diverse fields such as sales, marketing, finance, accounting, manufacturing, operations, project management, and research and development. So no matter what kind of field you are a part of, this can be a great program to help you propagate your career or even steer it in a new direction.

  1. Duration: 15 months

  2. Location: On campus, Hyderabad, Mohali

  3. Credits: 24

  4. In-Campus Residency Weeks: 12

  5. Contact Hours: 500

Is An Executive MBA Worth It?

Yes, EMBAs are a great way to enhance your skills and knowledge and move forward in the workplace. Once you reach an executive level, it can often become hard to get a promotion. A lot of people feel stagnant in their careers and get bored. An EMBA can help you close the gap in your skills and advance your career while you are still working.

EMBAs can also be great for those of you who are bored with your career path and are looking for a change. Switching career paths after spending years in one field can be daunting. But having an EMBA opens up plenty of doors for you to explore.

Since EMBAs are designed for working professionals, you can learn while you work, and the schedule is very flexible. You also get to utilize what you know immediately, so the process is gratifying. This can mean not only a rise in the paycheck but also promotions or overall growth. Therefore, EMBAs are definitely worth it!


ISB Executive MBA Eligibility

Both of the EMBAs offered at ISB have slightly different entry requirements. While the PGPpro program is meant for working professionals with more than five years of experience, the PGPMAX program is suitable for executives with an experience of about 10-25 years. The field in which you work is less important, as both programs host a diverse range of students.


There are students who are business owners, corporate job holders, senior executives, NGO employees, people who work in marketing or finance, accountants, etc. If you are concerned about your eligibility, you can contact the help desk to ask for more information.

ISB Executive MBA Fees

The program fee for PGPpro is 30 46 000 INR (plus taxes), while the program fee for the PGPMAX program is 41 63 0000 IND (plus taxes). These values are subject to change with each academic year, so be sure to double-check. If you want to learn more about the fee structure and the ROI, you can contact the admissions team or attend an info session.

ISB offers substantial scholarships to eligible students for both of these programs. However, competition for scholarships is very high, and only the top students get awarded the scholarships. For the PGMAX program, students get an average of 25% of the tuition fees as a scholarship. As for the PGPpro program, you can get up to 50% waived on your tuition fees.


You can also find other ways to fund your EMBA. Many companies can help you finance your EMBA in the form of corporate sponsorships. Check out your company policy on such opportunities. These are great because they also allow you to manage your schedule better between classes and work. You can also get bank loans as well to fund these programs.

ISB Executive MBA Placements

Since most, if not all, students in an EMBA program have already been working for a while now, there is no separate placement process included in the program for EMBA students. This isn't much of an issue because most people get into these programs to get a promotion and grow in the job they are already in.


However, if you are searching for a new job or want to leave your existing position, then after completing either PGPpro or PGPMAX, you can make use of your ISB Alumni status to connect to potential employers. There is an exclusive ISB Alumni job portal that helps you network with other experts in similar fields, thus making it easier for you to change jobs if you want to.




Even though choosing your ISB Executive MBA can be confusing, with all this information, you can now make a better decision. Each person is different, and therefore, what you will benefit from depends on your specific career trajectory. We hope this helped you decide!  Contact us for a profile review and application assistance at or call us at + 91 7719497187.