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MBA Essay Editing

MBA Essay Editing Packages:

Unlimited Essay Editing, Guidance for all application sections.

All IIM SOPs, BITSOM, Masters Union, XLRI, SPJIMR - INR 23K

ISB Essays - INR 25K ( ISB YLP, ISB PGP, ISB PGPpro etc)

International MBA essays - INR 35K

MBA essay editing involves a review and refinement of your MBA essays by experienced professionals who specialize in the business school application process. MBA essay editing packages typically offer various levels of support and services to help applicants improve the quality, clarity, and effectiveness of their essays.

Here are the components of MBA essay editing packages:

  1. Initial Assessment: The editing process begins with an initial assessment of your essays. The editor will evaluate the content, structure, and overall quality of your essays to identify areas that need improvement.

  2. Content and Structure Review: Editors will carefully analyze the content of your essays to ensure that they address the essay prompts. They will provide feedback on the logical flow, organization, and coherence of your ideas.

  3. Grammar and Language Editing: Editors will review your essays for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and punctuation issues. They will also focus on improving sentence structure, word choice, and overall language usage to enhance clarity and conciseness.

  4. Storytelling and Narrative Enhancement: Editors will work on enhancing the storytelling elements of your essays. They may suggest changes to your anecdotes, examples, or narratives to make them more engaging, compelling, and memorable. They will help you develop a strong narrative arc that effectively communicates your motivations, goals, and experiences.

  5. Feedback and Recommendations: Editors will provide detailed feedback and recommendations for improving your essays. They may suggest revisions, additions, or deletions to strengthen your arguments, emphasize key points, and make your essays more persuasive. 

  6. Word Limit and Formatting Adjustments: Editors will ensure that your essays adhere to the specified word limits and formatting guidelines. They will help you trim excessive content, rephrase sentences, and optimize the use of space without compromising the clarity and impact of your message.

  7. Multiple Rounds of Revisions: MBA essay editing packages often include multiple rounds of revisions. After receiving initial feedback, you can make revisions to your essays and resubmit them for further review and refinement. This iterative process allows for continuous improvement until you achieve a polished final version.

  8. Personalized Support and Guidance: Throughout the editing process, editors provide personalized support and guidance. 

  9. Final Proofreading: Before the submission deadline, editors will conduct a final proofreading of your essays to ensure that all corrections have been made and that the essays are error-free and ready for submission.

MBA essay editing packages aim to elevate the quality of your essays, maximize your chances of success, and present a compelling application to business schools. The level of involvement and specific services offered may vary depending on the editing service provider and the package you choose.

This package includes only essay assistance. It does not include comprehensive MBA admissions assistance or interview preparation. Feel free to whatsapp on +91 7719497187

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