UBC Sauder MBA

Application Deadlines for UBC Sauder MBA 2022 - 23

UBC Sauder MBA 2022 - 23 1st round: September 27, 2022

UBC Sauder MBA 2022 - 23 2nd round: January 10, 2023

UBC Sauder MBA 2022 - 23 Final round: April 4, 2023

Next Intake: August 2023

UBC Sauder MBA  is a 16-month program that starts in August every year in the beautiful city of Vancouver. Vancouver is located on the west coast of North America. Located two hours north of Seattle and it's always been voted as one of the most livable cities in the world and has Canada's fastest growing Metropolitan economy. 

University of British Columbia is always among the top 40 universities of the world or MBA program is ranked within the top forty five global elite programs.

UBC Sauder School of Business ranking stands at number one in Canada for business and economics and we have 40,000 alumni and 80 countries around the world.


UBC Sauder MBA fees, eligibility & application


  1. 3 or 4year Bachelor's degree in the midst of a B+ average, or recognised equivalent from a recognised institution

  2. Mail transcripts, translations, and degree certificates


  4. English proficiency is a must to apply to the UBC Sauder Business School

  5. An English proficiency exam is requisite for all candidates whose degrees are from a school outside Canada.

  6. Minimum two years of permanent work experience gained later than graduation from your Bachelor’s degree.

  7. Professional references are favoured, and ought to fill out the reference form online.


  1. UBC Sauder MBA fees for Canadian students is approximately $49,419 CAD

  2. UBC Sauder MBA fees for International students is approximately $83,263 CAD​

Dates & Deadlines

UBC MBA round 1 application closes on : October 5, 2021

UBC MBA round 2 application ends on: January 6, 2022

UBC MBA round 3 application deadline: April 5, 2022

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UBC Sauder FAQ

Is UBC Sauder MBA worth?

UBC Sauder School of Business is Canada's top academic business school and maintains a global reputation for brilliance in research. The Bachelor's, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs are devoted to the foundation of knowledge and improvement in professional careers. Sauder School of Business is the only Canadian affiliate of the Global Network for Advanced Management, a joint venture of 29 business graduate schools from all over the world.

We have compiled the updates in 2022 to understand what makes UBC Sauder MBA worth it. Here are 15 reasons why UBC Sauder MBA is worth it:

1. For a five-year tenure beginning on August 1, 2022, UBC Sauder School of Business has announced the appointment of Professor Darren Dahl as its new dean. UBC Sauder’s Karl Aquino awarded as one of UBC’s great researchers. UBC Sauder Professor Karl Aquino has been acknowledged as one of the best researchers at the University of British Columbia He got a 2021 UBC Killam Research Prize(Senior Category, Arts & Humanities). Professor Karl Aquino is serving as a Professor at UBC Sauder in the Marketing and Behavioural Science Division. 

2. Early-stage graduate research that studies how business may be a force for social good is supported by the Peter P. Dhillon Centre's "Research into Business for Social Good Grant." Up to July 15, applications are being accepted.

3. The SSHRC Insight Grants, which encourage outstanding research in the social sciences and humanities, were announced by UBC Sauder researchers Thomas Davidoff, Kai Li, Guillermo Marshall, Daniel Skarlicki, and Xin Zheng.

4. The UBC Sauder students Taeyeon, Ben, Amrit, and Habib won the ICSC Retail Real Estate Case Competition 2022 in Las Vegas under the name Hexon Properties.

5. Students from the UBC Master of Business Analytics (MBAN) programme had the opportunity to take part in a 4-day Hackathon organised by Google. They learned new abilities while coming up with useful, practical solutions.

6. Naomi Klein, Carol Liao, Tamara Vrooman, Kate White, CBC's Lien Yeung, and UBC Sauder Dean Robert Helsley participated in the climate action panel Getting serious about climate change: How business must step up, which was organised by UBC Sauder.

7. You can get helpful and anonymous information to guide you through your post-graduation path from the Sauder Employment Analytics Tool (SEAT). To assist us better understand how we can serve upcoming BCom graduates, please share your post-graduation plans.

8. Five UBC MBA students gave the Armed Services YMCA San Diego valuable input and contributions as part of the Global Immersion Experience (ASYMCA). The ASYMCA team has been able to reach out to American military families with even more mental health support because of their efforts.

9. Dr. Carol Liao, a distinguished scholar at UBC Sauder's Dhillon Centre for Business Ethics, has been named the 2022 BCBusiness Women of the Year Award winner in the area of Equity and Inclusion Champion, according to BCBusiness Magazine.

10. Being one of the top business research institutions of Canada, UBC Sauder is greatly popular among the young applicants. Together with the brilliant faculty and research infrastructure, the massive amount of scholarship opportunities offered by the institute startles the potential candidates. UBC Sauder MBA is beyond doubt one of the most excellent places to study in Canada.

11. The currency in Canada is about 25 to 30 percent weaker than the US dollar so study in Canada means that your money does go further and also because of that companies both large and small have seen Vancouver as a great opportunity. 

12. The UBC  Sauder MBA is a very experiential program that's really rooted in experiential learning such as Global immersion. 

13. The UBC Sauder  MBA incorporates a personalised Career Development . This program is very career-oriented. 

14. The UBC Sauder MBA program starts in August of every year and the program starts off with foundational courses in general management with integrated case studies.  The UBC Sauder School of Business MBA ends the foundational period with a local Consulting project. 

15. Four different career tracks in this program one in finance one is product and service management and other one in Innovation entrepreneurship and a fourth is technology and analytics. At UBC Business school students are provided an option for a trip abroad GIE - GIE stands for Global Immersion Experience. So that is an International Consulting Projects that all of our students undertake in the MBA program. During your UBC Sauder MBA build your resume as you go through the MBA program with a local Consulting project, but also build your International experience with a global Consulting project for about six weeks. 

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What are the programs for Executive MBA from ISB?

ISB offers two programs for Executive MBA. The ISB PGPpro and the ISB PGPMAX. Both these programs are designed for senior professionals. The difference lies in the cohort in the class of ISB PGPpro and the ISB PGPMAX. The ISB PGPpro is an executive MBA at ISB for professionals from 5 - 12 years of work experience. On the other hand the ISB PGPMAX is the executive MBA at ISB for professionals with 12 years plus of work experience and those who are essentially looking at senior level C Suite top management roles in organizations.