application consulting package

We start from an application strategy, comprehensive assistance to begin writing essays. Unlimited brainstorming and unlimited edits. End to end consulting for all aspects of the application. Does not include interview preparation.

Editing & Review Assistance Package

If you need an expert review and edit on your application packet - includes every aspect of the application. Revamping the style and language submit the material you have prepared and we shall help you finalise them. 

Proofreading Assistance Package

Almost done with your essays? Need assistance on proofreading and structure as a final check. Get in touch.

MBA Interview Preparation Assistance Package

Get assistance with getting your thoughts together to present it in the best possible way to the admissions interview panels. Book a mock interview with professional interview and career coaches to evaluate where you stand. Are you communicating your ideas well. Includes mock interviews for personal interview, behavioural interview and KIRA interviews for MBA admissions process. 

Multiple School Package

Applying to multiple schools? Get in touch for the best suitable pricing for you. Share your resume, grades and GMAT/ GRE score with us in our school recommendation form to book a detailed discussion with our MBA admission consultant.

ISB Admission Consultants

Contact Goalisb ISB admission consultants to leverage thier expertise for applying to ISB PGP, Executive MBA from ISB  PGPpro, ISB YLP, ISB MFAB, ISB AMPBA and ISB Interview preparation. Goalisb ISB admission consultants mentor the students with the application strategy throughout the ISB application process and prepping for the crucial ISB interview.

Executive MBA from IIM

Contact Goalisb MBA admission consultant to assist you bring out  your story impressively to apply to the Executive MBA from IIM - one year MBA programs in India.

Having mentored applicants to  the executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, Executive MBA  in IIM Bangalore, Executive MBA in IIM Calcutta and IIM Lucknow get the best support for the comprehensive application process.

MBA Admissions Abroad

We assist students to apply to MBA in Canada, US, EU and Singapore, or admission consultants assist with profile building and successfully navigating through the admissions process including essay support, video essays, in person interviews.

Programs that we assist applications for are MBA, Masters in Data Analytics, Masters in Finance, MiM, and College admissions.

Undergraduate Admissions Abroad

Admissions to colleges abroad is highly competitive now. With a reduced focus on the SAT scores alone the schools are evaluating holistic profiles of applicants. AP courses, scholarships, research assignments and pursuing your passion are all equally important.​ As associate members of the IECA we bring together the best resources and programs for aspirants to strengthen their prospects to enter top schools in India and abroad.

Interview Preparation

Interview process and video essays are extremely important and gaining traction every year.


Our expertise in mentoring for

KIRA interviews,

video essays,

behavioural interviews,

MBA interviews,

ISB interview preparation and

WAT or on the spot essays


brings us to add a winning streak to our applicants.

Career Counselling

A certified career transition coach, we bring together our expertise in career mapping from high school to senior professionals. The structured process followed for career counselling ingrains a higher confidence in the steps you take to build your career.

Instead of pursuing course after course, our aim is to map a path which gets you the end goal of achieving success in things you are passionate about.

Graduate admissions abroad

Contact Goalisb to know how we can assist you to choose the best schools for post graduate programs like MS programs. Get admission counselling for the best application to leading masters programs abroad. Growing trends in MS Finance, MS Data analytics, MiM ( Masters in Management) programs has been observed over the years, where we have assisted applicants to study abroad in the best IVY league programs.

Profile Building

Contact a Goalisb Admissions Consultant for profile building assistance. A step by step process followed by Goalisb admissions counsellor would help you leverage their expertise to aim for the best universities abroad for higher education. 

Profile building engagement starts at 6 months to 1 year in duration with structured engagement to assist aspirants to gain the essential skills for career growth.

Liberals Arts Education in India

Contact Goalisb admissions consultant to assist you with Ashoka University admission, KREA University admission, FLAME University admission, Ahmedabad University admission. Whether it is writing admissions essays or interview preparation, get the best assistance on a one to one basis for admissions to the best liberal arts colleges in India or the Young India Fellowship program.

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School Shortlisting

Need help with shortlisting the right list of schools for you? Worried about the International acceptance scenario? Masters or MBA? What connects with your goals and profile? Connect with our MBA admissions consultant to discuss the best options for you.

Profile Building and Evaluation

Avenues for profile building are many - which one do you choose from? Connect with a mentor who can guide the way and hand hold you to build a profile that prepares you for future success. Get the unknown out of the profile building process and reach out for options that can help you approach your goals step by step.

ISB Application Assistance

ISB being the dream destination for every applicant is the school that we do maximum applications for. Count on us for profile evaluation, application essays, recommendation review, application review, and interview preparation.

The success of ISB admission consulting by Goalisb shows in the relationships we have built over the years.   

ISB PGPISB PGPproISB MFAB / ISB YLP / ISB AMPBA / ISB interview are the major programs covered by our team.

Executive MBA from IIM Application Assistance

Executive MBA from IIM is a niche course offering by the premier institutes in the country which are world ranked. The IIM Executive MBA is competitively positioned for preparing middle management professionals for senior management roles. Share your profile with us to evaluate which Executive MBA from IIM suits your work experience and goals.

International MBA and Masters Application Assistance

The opportunities that an International MBA or Masters opens up are unique. We assist in course and school selection for pursuing higher education in Canada, US, Singapore, EU or he UK.

In addition, connect with us for Masters in Management admission assistancedeferred MBA programs application assistance, executive MBA in India and abroad application assistance.

Our Admission Consulting Process

You will work with the best in our team of MBA admission consultants who put in an assiduous effort to make sure you get accepted at one of the most coveted schools in India.

Our mentors understand the inherent dilemma that surrounds an MBA applicant with respect to the expectations of the program they are applying for.

Our streak of success comes from the in depth analysis of an individual's strengths and weaknesses with respect to the profile of the applicant.

Our Comprehensive MBA Admission Assistance Process Includes:

1. The applicant submits the profile and discusses his aspirations with our ISB Admission consultant. We evaluate if the profile fits our criteria and the applicant furnishes our questionnaire.

2. Once the application assistance process starts, we look into various aspects of the profile of the applicant and work our rubric for him. This also assists us in choosing the right recommenders for the applicant.

3. The applicant then submits the draft essays after discussing a line of action for the essays. We expect the applicants to write their own essays which our team puts into context for the final application. 

4. We then work on the application aspects like the resume and the optional essays towards the final submission.