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MBA Admissions Consulting Packages

Our Services

Comprehensive MBA admission consulting

  • Profile Analysis

  • School Selection

  • Essay & Application Assistance

  • Interview Preparation

At GOALisB, we know that a business school application is not a race to the finish! Simply checking boxes and fulfilling application components is not enough. That is why we encourage our prospective clients to ask themselves two basic questions-

Where do I stand as compared to this year’s competition?
Where does my profile stand vis-a-vis my targeted business schools expectations?

Once you have your foundational objectives clear in your mind, we will help evaluate you and build your profile to cover -

  • Leadership capability

  • Ability to be a team player

  • Professional experience

  • Innovation and creative thinking

  • Community service 

  • Test scores on GMAT/GRE

  • Extracurricular activities 

  • International exposure

  • GPA and academic records

Get in touch with our MBA admission consultant for a profile analysis.

SOP/ Essay Editing & Review

It’s the Admissions Essays!

Admissions officers keenly go through essays and consider it as a foundation on which other aspects of the application are built. At GOALisB, we allocate a lot of time to helping our clients craft compelling and persuasive essays in a format that schools prefer. It’s no mean feat to compress your professional achievements, goals, and motivations into 500 or so words that are typically allocated for essays. This is where we harness the power of storytelling.

In our initial consultations, we will provide suggestions to help you frame an essay that enhances your strengths as well as anticipates your weaknesses. Our expertise lies in helping you communicate your unique story as a candidate, demonstrate fit with the school, and confidently articulate your long-term career aspirations. We will edit your essays multiple times to ensure that it becomes one of the strongest components of your application.

Connect with an expert to discuss how we can help you with your application essays.

Interview Preparation & Mock Interviews

Business schools have an interesting problem…
They have hundreds of applicants with high GMAT scores, extracurriculars, great recommendations, and professional experience. It’s become tough for them to distinguish between these candidates and decide on who should get a seat.

That’s where the interview comes in. Admissions officers want to sit across a table from an applicant and dive deep into why they want to get an MBA. But most importantly, they want to answer a few basic questions.

Are you good at communicating ideas?
Will you add to the classroom community?
Are you prepared for the rigor of an MBA?
Have you been authentic in your essays?

The interview is a way for the admissions team to see you in person and put a face to those essays and recommendations in your application. They may probe into your work experience and allow you to resolve any weaknesses. In our experience, B-school interviews are different from interviews that you may have had for previous jobs or internships.

At GOALisB, we will help you craft responses to common interview questions and prepare you via multiple mock interviews. We will help you create a script that covers enough details about your story without getting too boring for an interviewer. Armed with our time-tested interview preparation strategies, you will be under less pressure and will come out strong in any interview.

Get started with your interview preparation.

Comprehensive Application Assistance

  • Profile Analysis

  • School Selection

  • Application Strategy

  • Brainstorming Stories

  • Essay drafts and multiple reviews

  • Resume Review

  • Application Completion

  • KIRA Interview

  • Video Essays

  • Interview Preparation

  • Mock Interview

Contact an MBA admission consultant for a profile review and take the process further.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Putting together a great application is no easy feat.
That’s why you can’t just apply to the top-5 schools as per a certain ranking.
You need a strong WHY for each choice you make.

At GOALisB, we pride ourselves on helping applicants select the best schools where they have the highest chance of getting in!


There are a lot of myths about having the right ‘PROFILE’ for business school

Some common ones we have seen are-

  • You need to have worked in a tier-1 company

  • You need to be in the top 10% of your undergrad class

  • You should not have a career break.

  • You have to score over 700 on GMAT.

But the truth is, no one thing can make or break your application. 

In our experience, applicants can overcome any perceived weakness by presenting themselves authentically-

  • Be Holistic- We enable applicants to showcase themselves as an interesting person who has learned and reflected on their unique life experiences. 

  • Be Consistent- It is important to be consistent in all aspects of your application. 

  • Be Goal-oriented- We help clients formulate their post-MBA goals with clarity and confidence. Our 1-1 consultations will help you get a keen idea of how to communicate your goals to the B-school of your choice. 

We devote extra time to analysing and improving your profile so that the fundamentals are in place. Good storytelling can overcome more shortcomings than you think!

Get started with your application with an experienced MBA admission consultant at GOALisB.

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