Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad

Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad 2021-22


Round 1: June 21, 2021 to August 23, 2021

Round 2: September 3, 2021 to October 4, 2021

Round 3: October 14, 2021 to December 6, 2021

Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad PGPX (2021–22 data):


Average Age: 31 years

Average GMAT: 701

Average work experience: 8 years 3 months

What's new in Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad 2021-22?

PGPX, Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad 2021 - 22 batch brings together Xpressions 21, the annual alumni reunion for PGPX packed with panel discussions, masterclass by Professor Saral Mukherjee, speed networking and more.

The energy club of IIM Ahmedabad EnergyX and The Red Brick Summit organised a panel discussion on "Energy Security in precarious times" with imminent speakers from GAIL India Ltd and Niti Aayog in October 2021.

What is the eligibility and process of admission to Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad?

The process and eligibility for admission to Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad is very different from that of other one year MBA in India.

The Admission Process For Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad differs in the following 5 ways:

The eligibility work experience limit is 4 years and not 5 years as is required for the rest of the I Executive MBA from IIM.

Apart from the other requirements such as the online application form, the GMAT scores or the GRE scores, the Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad does not require you to submit any essays or statement of purpose in the first stage.


If your form is selected for the second round you get two to three days to submit three essays - one essay is around 1000 words and two essays are of 500 word length limit.


The WAT - writing assessment test is replaced by an oral extempore for applicants to the Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad.

An applicant can apply to the Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad again in another application round within the same application year - this is something that no other school allows yet.

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What is the executive MBA in IIM Ahmedabad?

The Post Graduate Program in Management for Executives (MBA-PGPX) is one of the best one-year, full-time programs all across the world. Carefully planned by the IIMA (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad) for brilliant, passionate, and inspirational executives with substantial professional familiarity, the executive MBA in IIM Ahmedabad, the PGPX program attracts top talents from varied industries and backgrounds. Every year, the PGPX program applicants are specially selected by the faculty of IIM Ahmedabad to make sure a rich, varied, and proportionate in-class learning experience for all applicants.

What is the Executive MBA in IIM Ahmedabad PGPX Eligibility ?

To apply to the the executive MBA in IIM Ahmedabad one must meet the following criteria:

A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in any course (at least 15 years of study as per the Indian education system )

At least 25 years of age (31st March of the year) in which the PGPX program starts. There is no higher age limit.

An applicable GMAT/GRE score (GMAT/GRE scores are applicable for five years from the date to the application closing date) must be submitted for the executive MBA in IIM Ahmedabad application.

At least 4 years of full-time work experience, later than completion of graduation as on 31st March of the year.

The short-listed candidates are anticipated to put forward essays on particular topics, within the predetermined time period.

What is the IIM Executive MBA fees for IIM Ahmedabad?

Fee Structure


The Program fee for PGPX Executive MBA is something like INR 25,00,000, plus the expenditure involving International Immersion Program. PGPX Executive MBA fee is by and large takes into account the tuition fees, books and study materials, lodging and boarding charges and other facilities like library, network, computing changes, and so on. On the other hand, this does not include the expenditure of the International Immersion Program.