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Advancing The Management Practices At MIT Sloan

Aspirants from different regions of the world work hard to secure admissions in top business and management schools to begin their MBA journey. MIT Sloan School of Management offers an intensive opportunity for such aspirants to study management courses amidst the most prestigious institute of information technology.

Application deadlines 2023-24, August 2024 Intake for MIT MBA admissions (August 2024 Entry)

1. Round 1 MBA application deadline - September 27, 2023 (Decision By - December 12, 2023)

2. Round 2 MBA application deadline - January 17, 2024 (Decision By - April 4, 2024)

3. Round 3 MIT MBA application deadline - April 8, 2024 (Decision By - May 14, 2024)

Application requirements for MIT MBA 2023-24 admissions:

  1. Cover letter

  2. Resume

  3. Recommendation Letter (one)

  4. Organization chart

  5. GMAT or GRE scores

  6. Academic record

  7. 60 second video essay

  8. 2 additional references

  9. Application Fee

What Makes MIT Sloan A Leader In Management Studies?

The crucial amalgamation of business and technology is deftly incorporated in every program that is offered at the MIT Sloan School of Management. The target of this institute is to strike a perfect intersection between the concepts of business and the technology to derive more adept management technologies for the future. They constantly create leaders with a diverse range of entrepreneurial drive who can tackle the real-world complexities head-on. Offering a variety of management programs and courses MIT Sloan is consistently expanding the essence of management and business studies with the strategic integration of technology.

Life On Campus Of MIT Sloan School of Management

The only commonality among the diverse range of candidates who secure admission at MIT Sloan is their problem-solving intellect for surmounting global issues. MIT Sloan looks for students who have the caliber to create pragmatic solutions for the real world with the exploitation of management concepts and application of technological advancements. Students on campus get the opportunity to undergo a holistic experience with various clubs and cultural events available for their participation.

Masters Programs At MIT Sloan

Masters at MIT Sloan School of Management is versatile and skill development-oriented with the aid of hands-on learning. There are several Masters programs in management that an aspirant can apply to at MIT Sloan.


The full-time MBA course looks for students eager to transform the future with their skills and foresight. The full-time MBA at MIT Sloan is two years long intense Masters program that takes the students through a rollercoaster of comprehension and application of concepts that help them rediscover themselves.

At MIT Sloan MBA students get the chance to craft their MBA curriculum in a way that best describes their future career path. There are three main MBA tracks that a student can choose and create a course work with various electives and core subjects.

The main MBA tracks are as follows:

  1. Finance

  2. Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  3. Enterprise Management

The application process does not require any prior work experience from a candidate to be eligible for the program. However, as per class profiles of MBA programs students have professional experience of 5 years on an average.

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What is the MIT SLOAN MBA Class profile (2024) ?

The MIT SLOAN class of 2024 has 408 students. The Average Work Experience is 5 Years. Underrepresented Minorities comprise 32% of the class. The class comprises of students from 63 nationalities. The class has 40% international students. The class has a male female ratio of 6:5. Rest of the details are as follows.


· Men: 54%

· Women: 46%


· Median GPA: 3.62

· Median GMAT: 730

· GMAT Range (Middle 80%): 690-760

· GRE Quant Range (Middle 80%): 158-169

· GRE Verbal Range (Middle 80%):157-168

Pre-MBA Industry

· Consulting: 23%

· Financial Services: 23%

· Technology: 14%

· Government, Education, Nonprofit: 14%

· Other: 7%

· Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Biotechnology: 6%

· Energy: 4%

· Consumer Products, Retail: 3%

· Manufacturing: 3%

· Automotive, Transportation: 2%

· Media, Entertainment: 0.5%

Undergraduate Majors

· Engineering: 29%

· Business: 23%

· Economics: 17%

· Science & Math: 15%

· Social Science: 10%

· Computer Science: 2%

· Humanities: 2%

· Law: 1%

· Other: 1%

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What is the salary after MIT SLOAN MBA ?

The top recruiters at the MIT SLOAN MBA program for the class of 2022 were

The Boston Consulting Group: 47

McKinsey & Company: 21

Amazon: 18

Google: 12

Bain & Company: 11

Goldman Sachs: 8

Capital One: 5

Deloitte Consulting: 5

Amgen: 4

Apple: 4

The employment figure by industry were

Consulting: 31.20%

Finance: 22.60%

Technology: 22.60%

Healthcare/Pharma/Biotech: 6.80%

Retail/CPG: 3.60%

Auto/Aerospace: 3.30%

Other: 2.10%

Energy: 2.00%

Media/Entertainment/Sports: 2.00%

Other Manufacturing Industries: 2.00%

Other Service Industries: 1.80%

Mean Salary offered by different industries were

Consulting: $175,608

Finance: $163,386

Technology: $148,851

Healthcare/ Biotech: $150,750

Retail/CPG: $140,100

Auto/Aerospace: $151,727

Other: $124,757

Energy: $142,143

Media/Entertainment/Sports: $135,000

Other Manufacturing Industries: $145,000

Other Service Industries: $130,500

Masters in Finance

With the 12 to 18 month Masters in Finance course, MIT Sloan has revolutionized the way finance and technology are fused. With this application-oriented program, the institute offers a STEM curriculum for students aiming to build a career in finance. The program follows a rigorous course structure that brings top-ranked career opportunities for its students. The course looks for students who can pursue and accomplish goals, and motivate their colleagues in the process.

The program specifications do not require any prior work experience for an applicant to be eligible for the course. On average, an admitted student can have up to 4 years of industry experience.

Masters of Business Analytics

The increased exploitation of business analytics and machine learning in the business and management environment of the world has necessitated the need for a STEM curriculum in business analytics. The Masters in Business Analytics (MBAn) courses is a hands-on experience that promotes students to dive deep into the world of data science and analytics. The program aims at developing business acumen with the exploration of business strategies under the analytics lens of technological concepts.

The class profile of enrolled MBAn students reflects a work experience of students between 2 to 3 years after completion of their undergraduate programs. However, work experience is not a necessity to become an eligible applicant for the course.

Masters of Science in Management Studies

With the Masters of Science degree program in Management studies, a student can burnish and complement their MBA degree from partner institutions like:

  • Asian School of Business

  • Fudan University

  • Lignan University

  • Lisbon MBA Program

  • Tsinghua University

  • ESMT Berlin

  • IE Business School

  • Imperial College Business School

The program lets student gain an MSc degree from MIT in nine months. The students get to study a variety of subjects like:

  • Economics, Finance and Accounting

  • Behavioral and Policy Sciences

  • Management Sciences

Available Executive Education Programs at MIT Sloan

The capricious nature of the business environment calls for programs that can make it easy for professionals and executives to accustom themselves with the changes. Executives need cutting-edge technology and interpersonal skills to lead thousands of employees towards prosperous business ventures.

This exigency for big ideas in a constantly reforming world is met by the executive education programs that MIT Sloan renders through online programs. There are several live and self-paced online programs that executives can enroll in for developing greater leadership and dexterity in management.

Some of the available online programs at MIT Sloan include:

  1. Digital Learning Strategy

  2. Machine Learning in Business

  3. Marketing Innovation

  4. Digital Marketing Analytics

  5. Leadership in an Exponentially Changing World, to name a few.

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MIT Sloan Global Programs

At MIT Sloan global exposure is regarded as an important aspect for holistic development and education of future management leaders. For this reason, the institute partners with public and private institutions in almost 53 global locations for imparting knowledge with MIT Sloan Global Programs (GP).

These programs not only render education in a global environment but also extend the opportunity for its students to experience and collaborate with faculty members and students in several regions of the world. There are two basic Global Programs that the institute offers for the students.

In the Global Reach Partnerships program, the students are offered opportunities to understand a diverse range of perspectives and comprehend the business challenges that different countries of the world face. This partnership allows visiting faculty and visiting fellowship programs for the students. Some of the most prominent elements of this partnership include:

  1. Asian School of Business Masters in Central Banking

  2. China Partner Programs

  3. EPOCH Foundation

  4. MIT Sloan and QUT Strategic Cooperation

  5. The Lisbon MBA International Program, to name a few.

The MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program (MIT REAP) aims at creating an innovation-driven entrepreneurial (IDE) ecosystem. The program allows various communities across the globe to coalesce and participate in an evidence-based approach to resolving global issues in management and business. The program targets the development of teamwork and building international perspective in the participants that would lead to the creation of astute management and business leaders in the future.

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Research Centers For Student-Faculty Collaborations at MIT Sloan

The essence of research at MIT Sloan is derived from its establishment in the most prestigious institute for information technology. Most of the research initiatives at the institute research centers revolve around the implications of modern digital technologies on the management and business operations all over the world.

These research centers also offer a chance for the students at MIT Sloan to collaborate with their faculty and work on devising solutions for real-world challenges. Some of the prominent research centers at MIT Sloan School of Management are as follows:

  1. Cyber Security at MIT Sloan (CAMS)

  2. MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy

  3. MIT Leadership Center

  4. MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, and more.

Application Deadlines For Masters Programs

Applications for the MBA program are accepted in three rounds.

The application deadline for Masters in Finance July intake is as follows:

  1. Application submission is due by January.

  2. The decisions of the admissions committee are announced by March.

  3. The admitted candidates need to accept the offer by May.

The application deadline for the Masters of Business Analytics August intake is as follows:

  1. Application submission is due by January.

  2. The decisions of the admissions committee are announced by March.

  3. The admitted candidates need to accept the offer by April.

The application deadline for the Masters of Science in Management Sciences is as follows:

The students are accepted on a rolling basis usually till June. The applicants can receive a decision by the admissions committee within two weeks of completing and submitting their application. The students who are offered an admission need to accept the offer within two weeks of receiving the decision.

Greater details about the specific program deadlines for every Masters course are available on the institute program pages. Students can also contact the admissions committee in case of any confusion.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

There are a wide number of questions that an applicant might encounter while applying for a Masters program at MIT Sloan. Some common questions are discussed below. Moreover, applicants can find answers to various FAQs on the university website.

  1. How important is the admission interview process?

Every student admitted into the MBA or other Masters program at MIT Sloan needs to appear for an admissions interview on campus or in a hub city. The interviews are taken on ‘invitation only’ basis after an initial assessment of the admission applications.

  1. Is there an international student quota in the programs?

No, there are no international student quotas. Every application, of native or international student, is assessed individually.

  1. Are admission deferrals allowed for admitted students?

The availability of deferrals is conditional to the specific student’s requests.

  1. Is GRE accepted for the MBA programs instead of GMAT scores?

Yes, a GRE or GMAT score is accepted in the application process. However, no stringent minimum score cut-off is required.

  1. How is English proficiency tested for the candidates?

The English proficiency of the applicants is assessed during their face-to-face interview. The GRE/GMAT verbal scores are also taken into consideration for the same. No separate English proficiency test scores need to be submitted.

Share your profile with us to know where you stand and how to build a profile that leads you to the top. Check the current deadlines here.


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