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Regarded as a leading Business school in the world INSEAD has become a global leader in the arena of business education. The university has created an unprecedented legacy of about 60 years of quality education. Several MBA aspirants from different parts of the globe dream to become a part of this prestigious institute. INSEAD is truly a global university with campuses spread all across the globe like:

  1. France, Europe

  2. Singapore, Asia

  3. Abu Dhabi, the Middle East

  4. San Francisco, North America

Established Year - 1957

College Type - Private Research University

Weighted Package - US$ 188432

Current Package - US$ 190680

Tuition Fees - €92,575

INSEAD MBA Global MBA FT Rank - 1

INSEAD MBA FT Research Rank - 3

Scholarships - Merit-based and need-based scholarships are available.

Qualifying Test - GMAT or GRE

Application Rounds - 4

Overall Satisfaction according to Financial Times - 9.3

Rank for Value of Money according to Financial Times - 7

Application deadlines for the INSEAD MBA Program:

For the intake of August 2022 the deadlines for application for MBA program are as below:

Round 1 ends on 7 September 2021

Round 2 ends on 3 November 2021

Round 3 ends on 6 January 2022

Round 4 ends on 22 February 2022

For the intake of January 2023 the MBA application deadlines are:

Round 1 application closes on 1 March 2022

Round 2 MBA application ends on 19 April 2022

Round 3 application deadline is 14 June 2022

Round 4 application closes on 26 July 2022

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Insights Into INSEAD MBA

INSEAD MBA aims to create a diverse culture on campus accepting applicants coming from a variety of nationalities. The students who seek admission into the masters or doctorate level programs at INSEAD are evaluated by an unbiased admissions committee. The students who receive acceptance offers from the university MBA or Management degree programs are students who portray academic excellence and unparalleled caliber and business acumen.

This Business School has the prime target to create an impact on the world economy and financial affairs. In the 60 years since its establishment, the school has created a trademark in business education. It not only actively looks for aspiring business leaders who are determined and resolute but also aims to contribute with quality professionals to the business world.

Masters Degree Programs at INSEAD

The variety of Masters degree programs available at INSEAD Business School is a clear indication of its specialisation in creating financial leaders for the world. Under the aegis of highly skilled team of faculty members, students can pursue the following Masters programs at the institute.

Masters In Management at INSEAD

The Masters In Management program at INSEAD aims to create solutions for the ever-changing global economy. The administration, faculty and students work together to resonate the mission that is deeply entrenched in every course and program that INSEAD offers. In this program, the school looks for aspirants who have profoundly insightful ideas for the future of the business world. The course is a 14 to 16 months long Masters program with an immersive learning path.

For admission into this Masters program, the applicant does not require any prior full-time professional experience. However, any part-time or minor work experience in a business environment can be a highlight point of the application.


INSEAD Business School is widely known for its renowned full-time MBA program. MBA aspirants from all over the globe hope to gain admission in their MBA program because of its dynamic course structure taught by erudite faculty members with amazing contributions in the field of business and financial research. The MBA program framework is like a rigorous academic rollercoaster. Therefore, the admissions committee looks for highly motivated and solution-oriented intellectuals who can make meaningful contributions to various school activities. The overall class profile exhibits diversity in terms of culture, nationalities, gender, and race.

The Global Executive MBA also provides a great deal of international exposure for the students. The applicants for GEMBA need to have clearly defined career path in business with relevant work experience to portray their expertise as a working professional or executive.

The program eligibility criteria do not mention any stalwart requirement for prior work experience for the applicants. However, according to the class profile for the MBA class of 2020, the average work experience of students is 5.5 years ranging between 2 to 10 years of professional experience. Therefore it is strongly recommended for the applicants to possess at least 2 years of prior work experience to improve their chances of securing an admission.

Executive Masters at INSEAD

INSEAD offers two Executive Masters degree programs:

  1. Executive Masters in Finance

  2. Executive Masters in Change

The institute is known for its Executive Masters in Finance all over the world and has built a reputation to deliver deft financial leaders. The course provides a greater profundity of financial concepts aided with the global experience with multi-campus and international faculty support. The main objective of the program is to create leaders in the financial industry with in-depth working knowledge and real-time implementation of concepts learned in the program.

The applicants need to have at least 7 to 10 years of prior industry experience in roles relating to finance and business.

Global Experiences At INSEAD

This post provides basic information about the global exposure rendered by the institute with Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA (TIEMBA) and the INSEAD-Wharton Alliance.

Greater specifications about the TIEMBA program and INSEAD-Wharton Alliance can be obtained on the university website. The website highlights the program requirements and opportunities in great detail to clarify any doubts.

TIEMBA (Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA) program

With the TIEMBA (Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA) program, the institute takes global experience in MBA programs to unmatched levels. This program is an alliance between multiple INSEAD campuses and Tsinghua University Beijing, China.

This Executive MBA program takes the students through a relishing international experience with opportunities to pursue the course in the following campuses:

  1. INSEAD, France

  2. INSEAD, Singapore

  3. INSEAD, Abu Dhabi

  4. Tsinghua University, Beijing

The objective of this program is to create a harmonious coalesce between cultural diversity exposure and mastery of financial and business concepts that transcend borders. It is a truly holistic program that enables the students to undergo a complete professional and personal growth that has life-changing ramifications on every single participant's aptitude and caliber.

The INSEAD-Wharton Alliance To Revolutionize Education

The INSEAD-Wharton alliance is an attempt to amalgamate the motivations and visions of the MBA programs of two prestigious institutes. This program brings the opportunity for students to experience world-class education across three continents under the guidance of great professors. The program has three key concepts that enable the necessary collaborations among the students and the faculty members.

  • MBA Exchange Program

  • PhD Exchange Program

  • Faculty Exchange Program

Doctorate Level Programs

Apart from the Masters programs offered by INSEAD Business School, it also offers a PhD course in Management. It allows the PhD scholars to build intimate relationships with some of the most renowned business thinkers in the world. The program takes place across two-continents at the Europe and Asia campuses. The program also provides 100% tuition fee scholarships as well as an attractive allowance for living expenses to the PhD scholars.

The program covers the following areas of specialization for the students to choose from:

  1. Accounting

  2. Decision Sciences

  3. Entrepreneurship

  4. Finance

  5. Marketing

  6. Organizational Behaviour

  7. Strategy

  8. Technology and Operational Management

Executive Education And Online Programs

INSEAD Business School understands how crucial it is to keep at par with the constantly changing business strategies and techniques. Therefore, they provide several executive education and online programs. These programs aim to offer informative courses that help executives and students remain abreast of the major reforms in the business world and new issues arising in the global business environment.

The executive education programs are available for individuals, teams, and organizations. Some of the executive programs available are as follows:

  1. General Management

  2. Top Management

  3. Corporate Governance

  4. Digital Transformation and Innovation

  5. Leadership, and many more.

Some of the famous online program courses include the following:

  1. Business Strategy and Financial Performance

  2. Strategy In the Age of Disruption

  3. INSEAD Gender Diversity Program

  4. Developing Emerging Leaders

  5. Design Thinking and Creativity for Business, to name a few.

Research Initiatives Making World Impact

Just like the progressive nature of all the programs and courses offered by INSEAD Business School their research initiatives also aim to devise world-changing solutions to some of the most pressing international issues. The faculty members at the institute have made some awe-inspiring contributions to the field of research in business and finance in the form of publication papers, books, journal, and more.

The various research centers collaborating with INSEAD Business School create thought leaders with their fabulous research activities to resolve globally challenging problems.

Some of these research centers include the following:

  1. Entrepreneurship

  2. Corporate Governance

  3. Healthcare Management

  4. Gender Initiative

  5. Randomized Controlled Trials Lab

  6. Organizational Research, to name a few.

Students in doctorate level programs can take part in one of the versatile research center projects to work on their dissertations. These help in creating a deeper contemplation regarding global business reforms.

Admission Application Process

The application process for any of the degree programs at INSEAD is an involving and exhaustive process. There is a lot of in-depth information that the applicant needs to provide to depict an impressive image of themselves as future business leaders. Get assistance from professionals to choose the global MBA program suitable for your profile and career aspirations.

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