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How is the Schulich MBA in Canada for a consulting career?

Updated: Jan 26

Equipped with state of the art campuses in Canada and India, the Schulich School of Business York University offers a number of Master Programs.

Discuss your profile to choose the right program.

Consulting career post Schulich MBA:

Salary post Schulich MBA in Strategy/ Management Consulting: CAD 95,906

Salary post Schulich MBA in Technology Consulting: CAD 95,300

Salary post Schulich MBA in Internal Consulting: CAD 89,545

York University MBA fees:

The Schulich MBA is spread into four terms of 12 weeks each. The Schulich School of MBA fees per semester for Canadian students is approximately $17,973 per semester making the complete York University for domestic students as $71,900. However the York University MBA fees for International students is $26,722 approximately per semester. This makes the total Schulich School of MBA fees for International students as tentatively $106,900.

Is Schulich MBA worth it for a consulting career?

Although not a formal elective, Schulich MBA provides a small number of students the opportunity to pursue a career in business consulting and students of York University MBA gain valuable real-world experience through the York Consulting Group.

Gain genuine advisory expertise and make useful connections in a format that analyses a client’s particular situation and offers actionable solutions to challenging real-world business problems.

Students must spend at least two terms in YCG and complete at least 100 hours in consultancy. York University MBA Students participate in a special experience course as part of their engagement in York Consulting Company.

Management Consulting Course at Schulich MBA:

The course lasts for 26 weeks and involves seminars, case studies and real-life consultations. The students learn to engage clients under the guidance of the faculty, to create consultancy suggestions, to carry out consultations, to complete proper company analysis and to draw up consultation reports. The success of students in these activities and projects they carry out to support and develop the YCG's work is measured. Only with the permission of the YCG Directors will students register for the course.

The YCG may need at least two full terms and the recruitment activities take place twice a year in October and February.

Recommended Electives at York University MBA




The York Consulting Group (YCG), founded in 1972, has evolved to become the largest business school consulting company service in Canada throughout the year. It provides a range of management consulting services to a number of companies from SMEs to multinational companies. Its consultants are currently licenced in Schulich for MBA students.

Each student at York University MBA has at least 2 years' experience in full-time working and works for the YCG for a minimum of two consecutive terms at least 20 hours a week. Besides the job experience, recommended applicants have good academic credentials in YCG roles. The students must complete a YCG case studies assignment and be consulted by a YCG representative as part of the selection process for appointment.

Students at York University MBA are able to gain experience for a wide variety of management advisory services for businesses from small business companies to multinationals. In addition, for a minimum of two consecutive periods each student shall work at least 20 hours a week for YCG. Previous initiatives have included: marketing plans, feasibility reports, advertising campaigns, industry assessments, financial predictions, business plans, research on rivals and corporate audits.

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Insights from a successful applicant

Q 1. Please discuss your profile briefly.

I am currently working as an Analyst with McKinsey and Company and have close to 4 years of total experience. I majorly work in consumer insights and pricing domain. I have served the client across the globe and have got the opportunities to be part of big transformations in the Marketing and sales domain.

I have completed my engineering in electrical from PEC University of Technology with a CGPA of 6.9. Also, I have a GMAT score of 690.

Q 2. How did you shortlist the schools to apply to? What were the key points that you were looking for? What resources did you refer to while making the decision?

Having worked with McKinsey I realized the importance of international exposure to become a successful business leader. Therefore, I thought of options outside India only. Moreover, I shortlisted schools in Canada only as it has a welcoming environment for international students, ROI is good after MBA and it's easy to get a PR.

Q 3. What do you think was the most important decision you took during your application process?

It was important to keep focus on few schools and apply in schools in bunches and not try to apply everywhere at once. It is important to research well about schools and shortlisted depending on your profile and post MBA goals.

Q 4. What was the most challenging part of submitting your application to different schools? Please discuss how you handled these? Any pointers for future applicants?

Every B-school is different in what they look for in a candidate. Therefore, your application should meet the requirements and needs of that particular b-school. With the time pressure, I felt that was the most challenging part. The only way you can attract the admission committee is being honest in your profile and showing them clearly how MBA and the schools fit in your profile.

Q 5. What was the interview experience like? Did you feel you were well prepared? What all resources did you access to prepare for the interview?

The interviews are really straight forward if you are well prepared. There are mostly general and situational questions. Practicing a couple of mocks before the final interview always helps.

Q 6. What were the key aspects that you were looking for in an MBA application consultant?

I wanted an MBA admission consultant who can help me bring out the best of my profile in front of the admission committee. I had a decent profile but still got rejection from a couple of schools. At that time I realised that something was not going right and decided to get some external help. In that process I came across Shruti and asked her guidance and support. As an applicant, I feel that having a Shruti as consultant helped me brainstorm my profile with her and she with her skills to bind everything in a story, helped me get through essays and LORs.

MBA in Canada
Schulich MBA in Canada for a Career in Consulting

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