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MBA Admission Consulting Packages


MBA Admission Consulting Packages


MBA Admission Consulting Packages


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Comprehensive Admissions Consulting

This premium offering is the culmination of our expertise, experience, and a deep understanding of the MBA admissions landscape, tailored to transform your potential into success.

Key Features:

  • Personalized Strategy Development:  Our experts craft a bespoke admissions strategy, aligning your unique strengths with the expectations of your target programs, ensuring a coherent and compelling narrative.

  • Essay Crafting & Editing: Dive deep into the art of storytelling with our essay services. From brainstorming sessions to multiple rounds of editing, we help you articulate your experiences, goals, and motivations in essays that resonate with admissions committees, showcasing your authenticity and potential.

  • Recommendation Guidance: Our consultants provide insight into selecting recommenders and ensuring your letters reinforce your overall narrative.

  • Comprehensive Interview Preparation: Prepare for success with mock interviews, personalized coaching, and actionable feedback. 

  • Enjoy direct access to your dedicated consultant throughout the application cycle. Our commitment to open communication and support ensures you have expert advice and reassurance every step of the way.

ISB Admission Consulting

IIM Admission Consulting

International MBA Admissions Consulting

ISB Executive MBA

ISB PGP Application

ISB YLP Application

ISB PGPpro Application

ISB PGPMAX Application

ISB MFAB Application

IIM One Year MBA Application

International MBA Application

International EMBA

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Profile Building

Introducing "365 Days to Success": The Ultimate MBA Mentorship Program, your premier gateway to mastering the art of profile building for MBA admissions.

At the core of this transformative journey is the unique chance to engage directly with an expert admissions mentor. With four dedicated 15-minute calls spread throughout the year, these strategic interactions provide pivotal opportunities for personalized guidance, answering your queries, and offering deep insights from a professional well-versed in the nuances of MBA admissions.

"365 Days to Success" is designed to be your steadfast companion.

With continuous access to expert advice beyond your scheduled sessions, you're equipped to confidently navigate the complexities of your MBA journey. Consider this program your reliable navigator in the dynamic terrain of MBA admissions, steering you through critical decisions, pressing deadlines, and any challenges that arise, with unwavering support and expertise.

Please Note:

Please be aware that the program does not offer refunds.

  • This package is exclusive to the original participant and cannot be transferred.

  • Should you wish to extend your mentorship hours, you have the option to repurchase this package or explore other available services tailored to your needs.

"365 Days to Success" isn't just a program; it's your blueprint for MBA admissions success, emphasizing the pivotal role of profile building in achieving your aspirations.

Comprehensive Application Assistance

"Comprehensive Application Assistance" – your all-encompassing partner in navigating the MBA application process, meticulously designed to address every component of your application with the exception of interview preparation. This service is tailored for MBA aspirants who are looking for expert guidance to craft compelling applications that resonate with admissions committees, ensuring every aspect of your application is polished to perfection.

Key Features:

  • Strategic Profile Evaluation: Our journey begins with an in-depth analysis of your profile, identifying your strengths, areas for improvement, and unique selling points. This foundational step ensures we tailor a strategy that aligns with your goals and the expectations of your target MBA programs.

  • Essay Ideation & Crafting: Unlock the power of your story with our personalized essay guidance. From brainstorming sessions that uncover your most impactful experiences to detailed reviews that refine your narrative, our experts help you create essays that truly stand out.

  • Letters of Recommendation Strategy: Get guidance on how to manage this crucial aspect of your application, ensuring your recommenders contribute positively to your narrative.

  • Application Form Review: Our meticulous review of your application forms ensures consistency, accuracy, and that your unique value proposition shines through every answer and short essay.

Comprehensive Interview Preparation

"Comprehensive Interview Preparation" service, meticulously designed to equip MBA aspirants with the confidence, strategies, and insights needed to excel in the highly competitive interview process. 

Key Features:

  • Personalized Coaching Sessions: Dive deep into personalized, one-on-one coaching sessions with our seasoned interview experts, who bring years of experience and an intimate understanding of what top MBA programs are looking for. Each session is tailored to address your unique strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring you present the best version of yourself.

  • Mock Interviews: Experience the real pressure and format of MBA interviews with our rigorous mock sessions. Designed to mirror the actual interview environment of your target programs, these simulations provide a safe space to hone your responses.

  • Feedback and Actionable Insights: Receive detailed, constructive feedback immediately following your mock interviews. Our experts dissect each response and guide you through refining your answers.

  • Customized Question Bank: Get personalised potential interview questions.

  • Unlimited Access to Prep Materials: Benefit from our comprehensive suite of preparation materials, including video tutorials, interview preparation guides, and checklists to ensure you're fully prepared for every aspect of the interview process.

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Admissions Consulting Services

Currently only offering customised packages. Standard packages will be updated soon.

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