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Getting to the interview table at ISB is no mean feat. The achievement however becomes obscure if the interview is not converted into an admit. The application process is successful when one receives the interview invite. It means that the application has been enticing enough for the school to decide to meet you to consider admitting you. However, the final toast can be raised after the ISB MBA admit opens the doors to a life after ISB. In our Individual Mock Interviews and Feedback Sessions, our mentors assist you to structure your thoughts to seal the deal as the school's future alumnus. Our applicants share their ISB interview experience and whet the strength of our process. Contact us with your Interview schedule to prep for the D-Day.

ISB Interview process is one of behavioural interview process. Once you have the ISB interview in your inbox, its time to look beyond you GRE score, GMAT score battles and get ready to face the ISB interview panel. A very important interview question is why MBA? The best answer to the why MBA interview question is an honest response of the value that the MBA shall add to the achievement of one's personal and professional goals. Why MBA interview questions should not be answered in any standard format or preparation. The ideal why MBA interview answer is one which is unique and clearly matches the goals and aspirations of the ISB MBA applicant. 


The why MBA question in interview is asked to know whether the ISB MBA applicant has a clear understanding of why he has chosen the career path of an MBA education instead of other easily available options. It is not suggested that one should refer any why MBA sample answers as the uniqueness of the answer is overshadowed by unreal responses. For a successful ISB interview experience one needs to spend a lot of time introspecting on his motivations for an MBA from ISB.

The ISB essay 2019 plays an important role in the ISB interview. The interview panel designated by ISB admission places a lot of weightage on the essays and the ISB application you have submitted. The second essay in ISB 2019 application exactly asks the applicant to address the why MBA interview question.

Be thorough with the ISB essays and practice your responses for some of the common questions that ISB refers to to know your profile and fit for the ISB PGP /  ISB YLP/ ISB MFAB program.

Resources For Interview Prep:

1. Common MBA Interview Questions from the recent ISB interview experience of applicants.

2. Latest WAT and Current Affairs Topics

3. Understand The Behavioural Interview

4. The Goals Questions

For MBA interview preparation, we like to work inwards, starting with a profile evaluation, shortlisting of schools that befit the profile, then targeting the ideal score that can be achieved in a given timeline.

Applications to Indian School of Business and other Ivy league schools do not depend on only the GMAT scores. There are many cases where even a high GMAT has not resulted in a clear admit. It is well known that MBA admissions team evaluates the candidates on a 360 degree leadership criteria not only on a high GMAT score. This evaluation at ISB is done after a multi tiered process in which the ISB Essays, GMAT scores, Goals in life,  Grades, Multifaceted Profile and finally the ISB interview are all equally important. 

A well groomed personality with awareness on all accounts and a balanced inner core empathetic towards the world is what makes a great MBA profile. What the admissions committee looks for during an ISB interview are leadership potential, teamwork, clarity of goals primarily. A strong core becomes visible only when we strive and achieve. Failure and how we deal with failure is of great value. The energy to fight back a situation and find solutions is what an MBA is and does. The business environment is ever changing and needs the inner resilience to outshine in spite of all odds.

An interview is a great opportunity to make a mark. It leaves a lasting impression on both the parties involved. As an interviewee the key objective is to use every question to assert the fact that you are the right fit for ISB. The interviewer is there to find the right guy! The questions are meant to probe the areas of your personality which fit the gap. It is a once in a lifetime chance for the interviewee to set the expectations and steer his life towards unparalleled success after ISB. 

In an MBA admissions interview typically there is no right or wrong answer. The questions are more guided to find the person within and the motivations that guide you. Therefore instead of theoretical discussions the interviewee can better demonstrate his capabilities by stating instances. To begin with an interview preparation, it’s best to first spend time to collate most of the experiences of life and career onto paper and then categorise them.

An engaging and fruitful ISB interview experience is one in which the dialog is based on experiences and instances. The longer the journey inside the better is the repository of thoughts and ideas. Clarity of goals in life after ISB is very important.

The most important point of the ISB interview experience was that it is not a closed ended question answer system but a meeting to understand the case in point – i.e. whether you ( the interviewee) have enough mettle and clarity at that point in time in life to become an MBA graduate and build the leadership personality that you envisaged in your life after ISB. 

We do not have association or representation with any business school, in India or abroad.

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