ISB Interview

ISB interview is an integral part of the admission process for the following ISB MBA programs:







What the admissions committee looks for through the ISB PGP interview questions during an ISB interview are leadership potential, teamwork, clarity of goals primarily.

ISB Interview Questions:

The ISB interview questions are largely behavioural interview questions.

The ISB interview questions are structured to delve into the personality of the applicant.

A very important out of the ISB interview questions is why MBA?

The application has been impressive enough for the school to decide to meet you to consider admitting you.

ISB Interview Preparation:

Participate in individual mock interviews and feedback sessions for a thorough ISB interview preparation.

Our ISB admission consultant will assist you with the responses to the ISB interview questions and help you to structure your thoughts.

​The ISB interview questions look for a unique answer that matches the goals and aspirations of the ISB MBA applicant. 

The why MBA question is asked to know whether the ISB MBA applicant has a clear understanding of why he has chosen the career path of an MBA education. 

When you prepare the ISB interview questions there are many why MBA sample answers. Are they enough? For a successful ISB interview experience one needs to spend time introspecting on his motivations for an MBA from ISB.  Expect ISB interview questions which are related to you. 

Know your profile and fit for the ISB PGP /  ISB YLPISB MFAB  / the ISB PGPpro and the ISB AMPBA program.​

The ISB interview is a great opportunity to make a mark. It leaves a lasting impression on both the parties involved. As an interviewee the key objective is to use every question to assert the fact that you are the right fit for ISB. The interviewer is there to find the right guy! The questions are meant to probe the areas of your personality which fit the gap. It is a once in a lifetime chance for the interviewee to set the expectations and steer his life towards unparalleled success after ISB.