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ISB Interview 2022

MBA Interview Preparation is the last step of the application process.


The MBA interview does have a substantial weightage  in the evaluation of the applicant's candidature at the top tier MBA schools. Putting across the best essays is just not enough, mock interviews and preparation is almost mandatory. We have compiled some MBA interview preparation resources for applicants.

MBA Interview Preparation.png

ISB Interview Preparation

MBA interview preparation.png

ISB Interview Preparation

ISB Interview Preparation

Tentative ISB Interview Dates for ISB PGP Round 1 2022

ISB Interview 2022 Dates - Interview City

  1. Saturday, 8 October, 2022 - Mumbai

  2. Saturday, 8 October, 2022 - Hyderabad

  3. Sunday, 9 October, 2022 - Mumbai

  4. Sunday, 9 October, 2022 - Hyderabad

  5. Saturday, 15 October, 2022 - New Delhi

  6. Sunday, 16 October, 2022 - New Delhi

  7. Saturday, 22 October, 2022 - Online - Hyderabad

  8. Sunday, 23 October, 2022 - Online - Hyderabad

  9. Saturday, 29 October, 2022 - Mohali

  10. Saturday, 29 October, 2022 - Bengaluru

  11. Sunday, 30 October, 2022 - Bengaluru

  12. Sunday, 30 October, 2022 - New Delhi

  13. Saturday, 5 November, 2022 - Chennai

  14. Saturday, 5 November, 2022 - Kolkata

  15. Sunday, 6 November, 2022 - Chennai

  16. Sunday, 6 November, 2022 - Kolkata

  17. Sunday, 6 November, 2022 - Hyderabad

Get detailed assistance for preparing for ISB or IIM MBA Interviews

What does it include:

1. A  step by step process of what's important in the ISB or IIM MBA interview at 2 levels.

2. How to answer the most important questions.

3. How much of preparation is required.

4.  Everything you need to get prepared for the mock interviews and the final interview.

ISB YLP Interview

Our interview preparation process includes the basic preparation, mock interviews as per the school format and setup. One on one coaching process includes deep dive into what the school is looking for and how your profile addresses it best.

ISB MBA Interview

The ISB interview questions are profile based questions.

The ISB interview questions are structured to delve into the personality of the applicant. From behavioural questions, situation based questions, business acumen, profile based questions to specific Why MBA, Why You, Why now,  Why this school these 30  - 45 minutes are crucial to cut across the competition.

ISB Executive MBA Interview

The MBA interview is a great opportunity to make a mark. It leaves a lasting impression on both the parties involved. It is a once in a lifetime chance for the interviewee to set the expectations and steer his life towards unparalleled success after ISB. 

ISB Interview Preparation

When you prepare the MBA interview questions there are many why MBA sample answers. Are they enough? 

As an interviewee the key objective is to use every question to assert the fact that you are the right fit for ISB. The interviewer is there to find the right guy! The questions are meant to probe the areas of your personality which fit the gap.
Our MBA admission consultant will assist you with the responses to the ISB interview questions and help you to structure your thoughts.

MB Inteview Questions
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