GMAT Resources

What are some beneficial resources for preparing for the GMAT quantitative section?

  1. For maths Tashzila Shikshak is effective for concept clarity. This course is designed for CAT preparation, so one must keep comparing with the GMAT syllabus for the topics that need to be covered.

  2. Topics like permutations, word problems, geometry, Arithmetic progression, geometric progression, number properties have been covered really well, especially from the perspectives of problem solving techniques. This is an excellent resource for some topics like number of factors and its types, difference of squares, number of integer solutions in number properties.

  3. There are some topics like inequalities and algebra which one can avoid using a CAT preparation source for, while preparing for the GMAT.

  4. Top 1 percent, Wizako and GMAT insight courses and GMAT club tests are also effective for Maths section preparation for a high GMAT score.

  5. Definitely use the official guide, the mock tests from official GMAC site. There are great tips and tricks available to solve the questions in the official guides in different ways.

  6. It always helps to see what works for you, make personalised notes to compile all tips and tricks.

  7. Target test prep has been recommended as a compact and effective course for preparation for the Quantitative section of GMAT.

  8. Jamboree online lectures for GMAT quantitative preparation are also effective.

What are some useful resources for preparing for the GMAT verbal section?

  1. For preparing for the Verbal section the Manhattan books are good for the first level of preparation. For the advanced preparation you can use Aristotle guides for SC, CR and RC. They have been found effective in guiding to the next higher level of scores.

  2. Some more effective sources of GMAT verbal preparation are :

    1. Top 1 percent document called 50 one liners

    2. GMAT Ninja videos

  3. For RC preparation one can refer the LSAT practice questions for increasing the speed, understanding the passage and improving the elimination strategies.

  4. Another strategy is to use the EGMAT verbal course for concepts followed by official guides and official mocks for questions.

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Frequently asked questions - GMAT

Recent announcement by top business schools to admit students to MBA without GMAT?

Yes, a lot of schools have waived the GMAT during the COVID Crisis like Kellogg, Schulich MBA or have delayed the date for submission of the GMAT scores during the COVID pandemic.

If m gonna come alone will there be any safety for valuables like mobile phone or cash at GMAT test centre?

Yes, you would be allotted lockers or a safe place to keep the valuables when you reach the test centre and register.

With graduation 60 720 GMAT good extracurricular activities 2-3 internships Is it possible to get into top 5-10 business schools?

To get to the top Business Schools your profile also matters a lot. Where you have worked and what are your credentials for the school in question are equally important. Another thing that matters is your goals.

I really wanna know from where can I get the GMAT online test series which has at least 30 full length mock tests?

Different coaching institutes and book publishers have their own packages for test series for GMAT. You can check Manhattan, Jamboree, Kaplan or Princeton for the test series you seek.

If a person takes the GMAT exam thrice what is considered the best marks of three or just the marks of the last exam​?

You can choose which GMAT score you want to send to the school for the application purpose. The school can see all your valid scores but they will consider the score that you choose to send to them.

AWA topics for GMAT with answers?

AWA topics are available in most practice books. For answers you can get it reviewed by experts for feedback. There are no right or wrong answers just good or badly analysed answers to the GMAT AWA.

Are schools waiving off GMAT for entrance?

A few schools like Schulich waive off the GMAT for some special courses depending on the profile of the students. However, in the COVID crisis a lot of schools waived off the GMAT for entrance as the lockdown was prevalent almost all over the world.

Rank required in GMAT to get government college in anywhere of India?

You don't need a GMAT to get government college admissions anywhere in India.

What is a preparation strategy for GMAT from the 1st year of engineering in India?

You should work hard on basics of maths till grade 10 syllabus and in English do a lot of reading, critical reasoning and study grammar in detail.

After GMAT scores what else you need to get into Harvard or Stanford?

After GMAT scores you need to prepare an application with the essays, recommendations and submit to the school for evaluation. Additionally, you would have to present yourself for an interview if your application is accepted by any of the schools.

Which countries can I apply after GMAT exam?

GMAT exam is available in most of the International locations. You can visit GMAC website for further details of international test centres.

My GMAT score is 155 Is there any chance of getting admission in Nmims?

I think you have a wrong score. NMIMS accepts the NMAT score not the GMAT. A GMAT score of 155 is quite improbable.

What GMAT marks is good for admission in top B College?

A GMAT score of 700+ is a good score for top Business schools.

Did anyone take counselling from collegedunia for GMAT and Admissions abroad?

Not yet, but Goalisb assists with GMAT preparation and admissions abroad.

How will do maths calculation in GMAT paper based test 2020?

GMAT is an online test. It is not conducted on pen and paper.

Which organisations in India sponsors their employees education in Wharton business school?

You can expect top companies like Reliance Industries to sponsor their employees education in Wharton Business School. It totally depends on the employee's relationship and performance in the organisation.

After doing graduation in one sitting in one year from a UGC recognized university can I join MBA from Pune University?

Yes, there are some qualifying exams like CAT, MAT etc that you have to qualify according to the University criteria and your choice of the course.

Can I expect a good job in USA after completing executive MBA program from MIT Sloan US?

Yes, You should definitely expect your career graph to rise after pursuing an Executive MBA program from such a prestigious university as the MIT Sloan US. Over the past years the average salary earned after this program as recorded by the FT rankings for EMBA have been USD 352,729 and a salary growth of 61%.

Does ISM Dhanbad provide placement facility to executive MBA student?If yes then what is the average package?

Many leading companies of the region recruit from the ISM Dhanbad program. The average packages are dependent on the skills and the job description of various industries.