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GMAT Resources 2023

GMAT or GRE are both important exams for MBA applicants. To decide which one you should go with, try a mock test first and then choose the test where you can score higher.

GMAT and GRE Code of Some Top Universities for MBA ranked by FT

University of Pennsylvania: Wharton

  • GMAT Code: G56-97-73

  • GRE Code: 6802

Columbia Business School

  • GMAT Code: QF8-N6-52

  • GRE Code: 6442

Insead MBA

  • GMAT Code: DL3-S8-89

  • GRE Code: 0970

Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management

  • GMAT Code: 6WZ-3J-89

  • GRE Code: 7921

Stanford Graduate School of Business

  • GMAT Code: L9R-KW-09

  • GRE Code: 4704

London Business School

  • GMAT Code: Z11-J7-50

  • GRE Code: 7832

Yale School of Management

  • GMAT Code: 3TJ-BX-75

  • GRE Code: 5624

IESE Business School

  • GMAT Code: S21-BK-12

  • GRE Code: 6951

HEC Paris

  • GMAT Code: 0TL-6C-28

  • GRE Code: 0649

MIT: Sloan

  • GMAT Code: X5X-QS-41

  • GRE Code: 3791

SDA Bocconi School of Management

  • GMAT Code: 3WJ-L8-42

  • GRE Code: 3710

New York University: Stern

  • GMAT Code: 5TF-HW-35

  • GRE Code: 4455

University of California at Berkeley: Haas

  • GMAT Code: N2VPT47

  • GRE Code: 0574

Cornell University: Johnson

  • GMAT Code: 5JW-BM-96

  • GRE Code: 8296

Dartmouth College: Tuck

  • GMAT Code: Z04-NH-64

  • GRE Code: 4887

Duke University's Fuqua School of Business

  • GMAT Code: Q13-N5-32

  • GRE Code: Duke Program code 5156, and the 4201 Business Administration and Management Department name on your GRE exam

University of Virginia: Darden

  • GMAT Code: 9X4-6J-59

  • GRE Code: 0483

National University of Singapore Business School

  • GMAT Code: DRT-MK-35

  • GRE Code: 7539

University of Cambridge: Judge

  • GMAT Code: WF1-T3-68

  • GRE Code: 0832

Carnegie Mellon: Tepper

  • GMAT Code: Full-Time MBA: 69H-XH-99

  • GRE Code: 4883

University of Southern California: Marshall

  • GMAT Code: 389-9C-23

  • GRE Code: 4852

UCLA Anderson School of Management

  • GMAT Code: 2NZ-2F-24

  • GRE Code: 0771

Georgetown University: McDonough

  • GMAT Code: JT7-G0-20

  • GRE Code: 7821

Washington University: Olin

  • GMAT Code: R4T-WG-61

  • GRE Code: 4961

University of Washington: Foster

  • GMAT Code: 459-75-20

  • GRE Code: 4854

University of Oxford: Saïd

  • GMAT Code: Q0G-4B-59

  • GRE Code: 0807

Imperial College Business School

  • GMAT Code: S22-7S-53

  • GRE Code: 0121

Esade Business School

  • GMAT Code: 93M-3K-60

  • GRE Code: 5761

HKUST Business School

  • GMAT Code: PRW-WT-99

  • GRE Code: 3834

Ohio State University: Fisher

  • GMAT Code: ZLJ-9D-98

  • GRE Code: 1592

University of North Carolina: Kenan-Flagler

  • GMAT Code: D40-HL-72

  • GRE Code: GRE: 5046

Nanyang Business School, NTU Singapore

  • GMAT Code: V24-ZV-13

  • GRE Code: 3802

Emory University: Goizueta

  • GMAT Code: C3Q-71-17

  • GRE Code: 3984

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GMAT Focus Edition 2023

  1. The GMAT Focus Edition is here, and it's designed to make test-taking a more personalized experience.

  2. With just three 45-minute sections and no essay, you can focus on what really matters.

  3. Plus, the reduced content to prep means less time studying and more time strategizing.

  4. But that's not all - the GMAT Focus Edition also comes with new features to help you optimize your test-taking strategy.

  5. Question Review & Edit allows you to bookmark and review an unlimited number of questions, and adjust up to three answers per section. This allows you to tailor your approach to each section and maximize your score.

  6. Another exciting feature is Select Section Order, which lets you choose the order in which you take the exam. Whether you want to tackle Quantitative Reasoning first or save Verbal Reasoning for last, the choice is yours. This can help reduce test-taking anxiety and ensure that you perform your best. Finally, with

  7. Improved Score Sending, you can select programs after receiving your scores - both at test centers and online. You have the power to decide which scores you share with schools because each Official Score report will only display one exam score.

  8. Plus, you can send your score to five schools for free after you receive it.

  9. Overall, the GMAT Focus Edition is designed to help you achieve your best possible score while also making the test-taking experience more personalized and stress-free.

GMAT Quant Section

What are some beneficial resources for preparing for the GMAT quantitative section?​

  • For maths Tashzila Shikshak is effective for concept clarity. This course is designed for CAT preparation, so one must keep comparing with the GMAT syllabus for the topics that need to be covered.

  • Topics like permutations, word problems, geometry, Arithmetic progression, geometric progression, number properties have been covered really well, especially from the perspectives of problem solving techniques. This is an excellent resource for some topics like number of factors and its types, difference of squares, number of integer solutions in number properties.

  • There are some topics like inequalities and algebra which one can avoid using a CAT preparation source for, while preparing for the GMAT.

  • Top 1 percent, Wizako and GMAT insight courses and GMAT club tests are also effective for Maths section preparation for a high GMAT score.

  • Definitely use the official guide, the mock tests from official GMAC site. There are great tips and tricks available to solve the questions in the official guides in different ways.

  • It always helps to see what works for you, make personalised notes to compile all tips and tricks.

  • Target test prep has been recommended as a compact and effective course for preparation for the Quantitative section of GMAT.

  • Jamboree online lectures for GMAT quantitative preparation are also effective.

  • What are some useful resources for preparing for the GMAT verbal section?

  • ​​

  • For preparing for the Verbal section the Manhattan books are good for the first level of preparation. For the advanced preparation you can use Aristotle guides for SC, CR and RC. They have been found effective in guiding to the next higher level of scores.

  • Some more effective sources of GMAT verbal preparation are :

  • Top 1 percent document called 50 one liners

  • GMAT Ninja videos

  • For RC preparation one can refer the LSAT practice questions for increasing the speed, understanding the passage and improving the elimination strategies.

  • Another strategy is to use the EGMAT verbal course for concepts followed by official guides and official mocks for questions.

The GRE Test in 2023 Gets a Makeover: Shorter, Faster, and Better!

The GRE General Test, the world's most widely used assessment for admission to graduate and professional programs, is about to undergo a significant transformation. Starting from September 22, 2023, the GRE will be shortened to less than 2 hours, almost half the time of the current test. Not only will it be shorter, but the revised test will also provide faster score reporting, enabling test-takers to submit their applications sooner. This article explores the key changes and benefits of the new GRE General Test format.

Shorter Duration, Same Skills

The most notable change is the reduction in test duration, making the GRE Test the shortest examination for admission to graduate and professional programs. Clocking in at less than 2 hours (1hr 58 min), the revised format saves valuable time for test-takers. Despite the shorter duration, the test will continue to measure the same essential skills and feature the same question types, ensuring that test-takers' preparation remains relevant.

Fewer Questions, Reduced Fatigue

To alleviate test-taking fatigue, the shorter GRE Test will feature 46 fewer Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning questions. This reduction enables test-takers to maintain focus and perform at their best throughout the examination. By trimming the number of questions, the revised test aims to provide a more manageable and less exhausting experience.


Simplified Structure

The revised ETS GRE General Test will have only one Analytical Writing essay, as opposed to the current version's two essays. This change streamlines the structure of the test while still assessing test-takers' analytical writing skills effectively. The simplified structure enhances the overall flow of the examination, allowing test-takers to showcase their abilities more efficiently.


Faster GRE Score Reporting

One of the most exciting developments is the faster GRE score reporting timeline. Within just 8–10 days of completing the GRE Test, test takers may anticipate receiving their official results. This accelerated reporting process enables applicants to submit their scores to graduate programs more promptly, eliminating unnecessary delays in the application process.


Preparation and Resources

For those preparing for the revised ETS GRE General Test, ETS has provided official test prep resources and practice tests specifically designed for the updated format. While the structure may have changed slightly, test-takers can still rely on existing Official GRE Prep materials for their preparation. The familiarity of the question types and formats ensures that prior studying efforts remain valuable.


Maintaining Validity and Comparability

The GRE Test continues to be the most accurate, secure, and trustworthy method of determining graduate preparation despite revisions to the test's format. The score scales will stay the same, enabling graduate programs to effectively compare performance across test takers who took the exam before and after September 2023.



The introduction of the shorter and faster ETS GRE General Test heralds a new era for graduate and professional school admissions. The reduced test duration, combined with streamlined sections and faster score reporting, offers significant benefits to test-takers. With the same skills measured and question types used, students can continue their preparation confidently. The GRE General Test continues to be a trusted and valuable assessment for aspiring graduate students, now in a more efficient and time-conscious format

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