GMAT Resources

What are some beneficial resources for preparing for the GMAT quantitative section?

  1. For maths Tashzila Shikshak is effective for concept clarity. This course is designed for CAT preparation, so one must keep comparing with the GMAT syllabus for the topics that need to be covered.

  2. Topics like permutations, word problems, geometry, Arithmetic progression, geometric progression, number properties have been covered really well, especially from the perspectives of problem solving techniques. This is an excellent resource for some topics like number of factors and its types, difference of squares, number of integer solutions in number properties.

  3. There are some topics like inequalities and algebra which one can avoid using a CAT preparation source for, while preparing for the GMAT.

  4. Top 1 percent, Wizako and GMAT insight courses and GMAT club tests are also effective for Maths section preparation for a high GMAT score.

  5. Definitely use the official guide, the mock tests from official GMAC site. There are great tips and tricks available to solve the questions in the official guides in different ways.

  6. It always helps to see what works for you, make personalised notes to compile all tips and tricks.

  7. Target test prep has been recommended as a compact and effective course for preparation for the Quantitative section of GMAT.

  8. Jamboree online lectures for GMAT quantitative preparation are also effective.

What are some useful resources for preparing for the GMAT verbal section?

  1. For preparing for the Verbal section the Manhattan books are good for the first level of preparation. For the advanced preparation you can use Aristotle guides for SC, CR and RC. They have been found effective in guiding to the next higher level of scores.

  2. Some more effective sources of GMAT verbal preparation are :

    1. Top 1 percent document called 50 one liners

    2. GMAT Ninja videos

  3. For RC preparation one can refer the LSAT practice questions for increasing the speed, understanding the passage and improving the elimination strategies.

  4. Another strategy is to use the EGMAT verbal course for concepts followed by official guides and official mocks for questions.