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MBA in Canada

Pursuing an MBA in Canada opens a gateway to International careers for professionals. MBA in Canada is a two year program with curriculum, events, career activities interspersed during the course of the MBA. This provides a smooth transition to International students to the culture and professional environment at Canada. Leading universities in Canada also offer Co-Op programs which are more hands on and facilitate a better transition to an International career in Canada.

MBA in Canada

One Year MBA in Canada


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Which are the top ranked options for MBA in Canada?

The top 15 ranked MBA programs in Canada are:

  1. QS Global Ranking Canada 2022 Rank 1. University of Toronto - Rotman MBA

  2. QS Global Ranking Canada 2022 Rank 2 Queen's University - Smith MBA - Intake January - Next Deadline 1 September 2022

  3. QS Global Ranking Canada 2022 Rank 3 Western University - Ivey MBA  -  Intake March - Round 3 Deadline: 11 July 2022

  4. QS Global Ranking Canada 2022 Rank 4 McGill University - Desautels MBA -  Intake September 2023 - Deadlines: TBA

  5. QS Global Ranking Canada 2022 Rank 5 York University - Schulich MBA - Intake January 2023 - Deadline : 13 July 2022

  6. QS Global Ranking Canada 2022 Rank 6 UBC Sauder MBA - Intake August 2023 - Deadlines: TBA

  7. QS Global Ranking Canada 2022 Rank 7 Alberta School of Business - Intake September 2023 - Deadlines: TBA usually October

  8. QS Global Ranking Canada 2022 Rank 8 Concordia University - John Molson MBA 

  9. QS Global Ranking Canada 2022 Rank 9 HEC Montreal MBA

  10. QS Global Ranking Canada 2022 Rank 10 Dalhousie University - Rowe MBA

  11. QS Global Ranking Canada 2022 Rank 11 McMaster University - DeGroote MBA

  12. QS Global Ranking Canada 2022 Rank 12 Brock University - Goodman MBA

  13. QS Global Ranking Canada 2022 Rank 13 Telfer School of Management MBA

  14. QS Global Ranking Canada 2022 Rank 14 Simon Fraser University - Beedie MBA

  15. QS Global Ranking Canada 2022 Rank 15 Saint Mary's University -  Sobey

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How is life in Canada for an International student?

Canada is a destination recognised for its vibrant educational history and conducive living atmosphere for international students. The prospects of pursuing higher studies in cities of Canada are alluring.

According to the statistics of Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada, over 572,000 international students held study permits in the country as of December 2018. The “land of maple trees” is known for its peaceful and amicable environment, imparting international students a sense of security, and they feel free to approach for assistance without hesitation.

Canada serves a large number of benefits for its international students, the major one being the ease of getting permanent (PR). The high quality of life and low living costs make it suitable and conducive for international students. Some options for pursuing masters in Canada are discussed here.

So, if you are aiming to pursue your Graduation or Masters in cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec, or Montreal, and wondering how life would be in Canada, this post is here to help you.

Moving on to know more what an International Student can expect from life in Canada:

1. Education System

The most prominent territories in Canada are British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. Out of the world’s top 50 universities, three belong to Canada- University of Toronto, Toronto; McGill University, Montreal; University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

Educational institutions in Canada encompass universities, community colleges, technical, and applied arts/ science schools. A unique aspect of Universities in Canada they do not possess any federal accreditation. Instead, each territory administers the universities under it.

As compared to Anglophone countries, the tuition fee in Canada is affordable. Besides, there are no language issues as most of the degrees and programs are taught in English. However, you must pass exams like TOEFL or IELTS to prove your language skills. Some programs are taught in French too.

2. Safe environment

Canada ranked sixth in the 2019 Global Peace Index of the Institute of Economics & Peace.

The top university of Canada for MBA has safe and peaceful campuses, equipped with round-the-clock security and emergency services.

However, this doesn’t mean that your throw cautions to the wind and become reckless, especially when you are an international student.

3. Learning environment

The classroom environment in any top university of Canada for MBA is cordial and helpful. Professors are accessible and friendly, and coach students to learn independently. The classes are both informative and entertaining, with prompt feedbacks given by teachers after evaluations.

However, the courses are extensive and comprise various academic works such as assignments, presentations, and lab work.

Often, international students fail to present proper references to their research papers that raise doubts about their academic integrity. Plagiarism and complex sentences in projects are discouraged.

4. Stages of transition

After you arrive in Canada, you go through many phases that help you build confidence and settle down in your new environment. Experts have categorised those phases as:

5. Initiation and discovery

This phase may last for a few months. In this phase, you are enthusiastic but also feel jittery and anticipative. Because of excitement, you do not feel “initial shock” of change which is the best part of this phase.

6. Cultural Adaptation

During this phase, because of “culture shock”, you feel uneasy in communicating with people and adapting to an entirely new atmosphere. You also have difficulty in setting up your day to day tasks and services. However, these experiences will not last long and are necessary to make a successful transition into your new environment in a top university of Canada for MBA.

7. Settling In

In this phase, you are settled mentally and accept your new culture and develop friendliness with the people and surroundings. You no longer feel frustrated and perturbed as you have passed the phase of initial adjustments.

8. Establish Yourself

Finally, you adapt to the new culture, climate, food, and living standards. You feel homely, established, and enjoy the top university of Canada for MBA you are in.

9. Cost of living in Canada

The cost of study and expenses of living in Canada differ depending on city, university, and program. On an aggregate, an international student will likely require to incur a cost of C$15,000 to C$30,000 annually for tuition, accommodation, and other living expenses.

10. Accommodation

You can easily find On-campus housing on the top university of Canada for MBA by searching through university websites. The obvious benefits of on-campus housing are that you can interact with your college mates and most of the facilities are available nearby.


Off-campus, accommodation includes private rentals and housing with families. Off-campus housing is preferred by many students who can stay together and can share the rental charges and other expenses. It is an affordable option and you feel free to roam and explore the new city.


11. Weather

The weather in Canada is diverse, although it is often known for being cloudy and snowy. During summer, daytime temperature can reach up to 35 degrees Celsius, while it can fall to -25 degrees Celsius in winter.

Layered jackets, headgear, and boots are some of the essentials for your stay here. And almost all flats, classrooms, stores and public transport have heating systems, hence, you are protected from the weather all the time.

The prerequisites of studying in Canada

The following are the mandatory prerequisites for studying in top university of Canada for MBA:

1. Acceptance letter: When you apply for a study permit, you will need Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). This serves as your “proof of acceptance”. You also need to attach your application form.

2. Government ID: Besides a passport that is mandate for international travel, while travelling to Canada as a student, you should also bring other identification proof like a driver’s license and an insurance card from your home country.

3. Finances: For studying in foreign countries, a financial proof that you can sustain yourself financially during the term of your study is mandatory. This applies to studying in Canada too. You need to produce relevant documents as proof that you can support your finances while studying in top university of Canada for MBA.

4. A suggested way to demonstrate your approved finances is a $10,000 Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC). GICs can help you with money to support your funds and meet the requirements of CIC guidelines by showing proof of finances.

5. Study permit: As you all know, to study in Canada, you need a study permit to a top university of Canada for MBA, which will serve as a student visa during your stay. To apply for a study permit, you need to demonstrate acceptance proof, identity proof, and proof of finances. You can either apply online or through a paper application that is available on the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

6. Medical records: Admission into the top university of Canada for MBA requires students to pass a medical examination from their home country. You must present those medical documents that include medical, dental, and vaccination records at the time of admission.

7. Gadgets and tech supplies: If you are planning to bring your own gadgets from home, make sure to bring those that are compatible with Canadian outlets and voltages. You may also need to buy a local SIM or data plan so that you do not incur roaming charges.

With its distinguished academic standards, globally acclaimed tech-industry, spectacular sites, and cultural diversity, Canada is a welcoming and congenial place for international students. Participate in International admission events to know more about what major programs for higher education offer. The top university of Canada for MBA has a pleasant atmosphere where students get all the opportunities to grow and flourish. Make sure you get yourself acquainted with all the details of your host school through its website. And, lastly, be optimistic, curious, open-minded, and humorous. Your attitude is one of the factors that will determine your learning process and way of living.