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Harsimran Sidhu, DeGroote School of Business CoOp MBA

How do I get admission to top MBA programs in Canada?

The process for getting admission into top MBA programs in Canada involves the following process:

​The first step is to ensure the prerequisites to study MBA in Canada as below:

Student should possess bachelors degree from a recognised institution. WES is an authorised body which evaluates the transcripts issued by various educational institutions in India for verifying their eligibility.

Student should have proof of work experience for approximately at least two years to apply to an MBA in Canada.


Evidence of any English language proficiency test is necessary. Different MBA in Canada Universities have different minimum cut off score requirements for the various tests of English language like the TOEFL, IELTS etc.


A valid GMAT score is required for most of the top MBA programs in Canada.

The next step to apply for an MBA in Canada is to ascertain the goals of the applicant. The industries and the sectors where one can work post MBA must be well defined.


As a next step we evaluate the profile of the applicant to check which pool of schools one should apply to. Once a pool of MBA in Canada Universities are decided, get down to the application process.


Start with a checklist of the MBA application requirements.


Drafts of the MBA application essays must be prepared well in advance so that there is enough time for fine tuning them.


Choose your recommenders and discuss your aspirations with them.


Prepare a well thought out one page resume for the application process. Again start this in advance so that you have enough time to brainstorm and convey your impact in the application.


Application to top MBA programs in Canada require a video essay or a KIRA interview inbuilt in the process. Prepare for behavioural interviews and the KIRA interviews with an expert MBA admission consultant.

Followed by the successful application be ready for the interview invite. Know the format of the interview with respect to the school you have applied for and prepare accordingly. Some more courses for MBA abroad are compiled for applicants.


If you are waitlisted, get back to your MBA admission consultant to guide you on the next steps. Waitlist is not a rejection. Every step of the application process is equally important.

Which university offers a 2 year MBA programme in Canada?

Canada offers a range of opportunities to pursue higher education in Canada through a course in MBA or MS. They are both two year programs. The best MBA in Canada destinations are ( in no order of preference) are

IVEY business school

Schulich School of Business

Rotman School of Management - University of Toronto,

DeGroote School of Business

UBC Sauder School of Business

Ted Rogers

Which are the best colleges for an MBA in Canada located in British Columbia?

UBC Sauder is one of the well known schools in British Columbia, Canada. It is one of the top MBA colleges in the location.

The MBA program at UBC Sauder stands apart on the pillars of peer learning and a close knit community. UBC Sauder is located in a quaint locale of Vancouver.


The University brings together a diverse group of students from across the world for its leading MBA program.

The global immersion program at the University gives the students an opportunity to build relationships for networking and unique mentoring activities.


The UBC Sauder MBA admission process is a rolling admission process and students also have an option to enrol for the dual degree programs.

The admissions process for UBC Sauder requires the applicants to submit their GMAT or GRE scores in addition to the transcripts.

In addition to a state of the art curriculum the school offers four main career tracks to its students.

A student can choose from Technology and Analytics Leadership, Finance, Product - Service Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship or a custom made option.


These electives prepare the students for a leading career with the major recruiters like Amazon, eBay, Microsoft, Proctor & Gamble, TELUS, SAP,Deloitte, PwC, Accenture, PayPal Canada etc.

Our team at Goalisb has a focused vertical for identifying potential business leaders and assist them with the application process for the best schools in Canada.

UBC Sauder admissions process requires the submission of an application with essays defining the leadership experience of the MBA applicants. The next process in the application is the interview.

Interviews are conducted on Skype by school representatives or by school designated consultants.

I have 1 year gap between 12 and graduation. So is it affect me for my MBA course in Canada?

No. It will not. Most of the applicants have a similar gap. Also there is a section in the application forms to explain such gaps. If the explanation is logically clear and understandable it will not affect your chances for an MBA course in Canada.

Is it good to do PG Diploma in supply chain management in Canada after completing MBA Marketing and Finance from India?

Yes, you can do a PG Diploma in supply chain management in Canada. Supply chain management is an upcoming field of specialisation. The career options that this offers are very good. It is a good supplement for an MBA graduate in Marketing and Finance to build further specialised skills. Also if you pursue a PG diploma in supply chain management it would give you additional time for a work VISA in Canada.

Is it worth spending 35 lakhs Indian rupees for the best MBA in Canada?

Yes, if it fits into your future goals. Canada offers a lot of opportunities for career growth. If you are considering an International career you can definitely consider applying to the best MBA in Canada. It gives you advanced International skills, a good brand shall provide a credibility for life and moreover you also qualify for work permit as per the Canadian VISA norms.

How to apply for overseas to Canada to study MBA finance?

You need to first select the university in Canada where you want to apply. There are many good MBA schools like Rotman, Schulich School of Business, Degroote School of Business, Ted Rogers Ryerson, UBC Sauder.

Next you need to budget which MBA program suits your pocket. The expenses of an MBA in Canada include the tuition costs and the living expenses.

Third, you should check the eligibility requirements and the score requirements for every school. Keep a note of the deadlines of the schools and then prepare your application accordingly.

Is there any difference between morning and evening MBA course and full time MBA program at Rotman in Canada?

These are part time MBA options at Rotman in Canada. There are students who prefer to pursue their MBA dreams while continuing their career prospects. These working professionals can choose the part-time MBA course also known as the Morning/Evening MBA. With this course, it is possible for students to continue working while completing their graduate studies.

As compared to the full time MBA which is the basic 2-year long program two year MBA program at Rotman.

​​We have successfully assisted applicants to Rotman School of Management, IVEY Business School, Schulich School of Business, UBC Sauder MBA, Ted Rogers MBA, and DeGroote School of Business. Read more about the current year deadlines for MBA in Canada Universities here.

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