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ISB MBA Co 22 Application Deadline for Round 2 : January 10, 2021

ISB admission process 2021

ISB admission process 2021 has seen the school adopting flexibility in the deadlines and dates. Round 1 for the ISB admission process allowed submission of the application till September 15th. Since a lot of applicants were unable to write the GMAT or the GRE exam which are the qualifying tests for the ISB admission process, the school had extended the date for submission of the scores till 31st October 2020. This year being an unusual year has seen the school being very cooperative with the applicants in its ISB admission process.  Except for this the ISB admission process 2021 is quite similar to the ISB Hyderabad admission 2020. The key difference between ISB admission process 2021 and ISB Hyderabad admission 2020 is that there are only two application rounds this time and the topics for the ISB essays are different.

What Are The Changes in the ISB admission dates?

ISB admission process 2021 has only two rounds with the round 1 ending on September 15 and the round 2 ending on 10th January 2021. ISB admission dates usually span over the same period every year as this year but they are spread over three rounds of submission cycles. In 2020 the ISB admission dates have been shifted slightly due to the ongoing pandemic and its effects to every sector of the economy.

For updates on the ISB admission dates watch this space. 

What are the Essay Topics For The ISB Admission Process 2021?

The applicants to ISB admission process 2021 have to write two ISB essays as follows:

ISB essay 1: Describe with examples what is the most important personal quality that you possess that significantly enhances your prospects of being successful as a leader? (400 words max)

ISB essay 2: What are your short term and long term career goals? How will the Post Graduate Program at ISB assist you in achieving your goals? (400 words max)

Reapplicant Essay: Please use this space to explain significant improvements in your profile since your last application to the ISB PGP.

What's Different in the ISB Admission Process 2021?

ISB admission process 2020 had three rounds of application. The ISB essays for the ISB admission process 2020 were as follows:

ISB essay 1: There will be 900 students in the class of 2021. Why should you be one of them?

ISB essay 2 : What will you be doing in 2025 and 2030? How will the ISB PGP programme help you to achieve these goals? 

What are the steps in ISB admission consulting?

Goalisb ™ caters to higher education, leadership mentoring and career mapping services. At Goalisb™ we deliver ISB consulting services on higher education prospects for undergraduate and graduate programs world wide. We are committed to assisting applicants with school selection, goal setting, and career mapping through higher education and mentoring prospects. 

ISB admission consulting by Goalisb ™ starts with a discussion with our mentor on your profile. Contact us today to get your profile evaluated for ISB admission consulting.

What are the selection criteria for ISB admission? How important is the ISB essay?

The ISB admission committee has a selective process. ISB admission process is thorough in selecting quality applicants. The ISB essay plays a very important role in the process.

ISB essays aim at understanding the leadership personality of the applicants. Some people like to refer to ISB essay sample for writing their essays for ISB. We would strongly  recommend them not to use any ISB essays sample. Here's five reasons why ISB essay samples are not a good idea.

For an admission to ISB you not only need excellent academic records but you also require a GMAT score or the GRE. Through the GMAT score or the GRE test the ISB admission team analyses the academic ability of the candidate.


Apart from these ISB admission requires a minimum 2 years of work experience for your admission to ISB. 

ISB takes into account your performance in GMAT or GRE examination. Future ISB candidates are evaluated on the basis of the impact they have made in their professional and personal life in past. ISB been the hub and the favourite destination for Indians and it is attracting lot many students every year.

While selecting an application ISB admission committee looks for: academics, leadership ability followed by an interview conducted by ISB. For better knowledge about ISB admissions, you can even approach the students who are already enrolled in ISB or have passed out.

What is  the ISB PGP Early Entry Option EEO?

Choice of an early entry option is basically structured for the young professionals who are keen to pursue their management education. If I talk about this thing in general it’s all about securing your admission to ISB at early stage.  But in order to join the college you should at least work experience of 2 years as mentioned above also.

To apply for admission to ISB, you need to create a login and a password by visiting the official website of Indian School of Business and then you should follow the procedure as directed. 

What is the weightage of the ISB essay and the GMAT score for getting into ISB MBA?

GMAT score is quite important for the application process for ISB. However, it is not all,  the ISB essay is very important to focus on. Most of our applicants emphasise that had the ISB essay not been so well prepared, they did not stand a chance.. There are numerous rejections every year for high GMAT scorers as they have not been able to present their credentials in an impressive manner, the contribution here is by the ISB essay. The importance of the GMAT score is credible upto a point of basic qualification, but we strongly encourage anyone with a score within the school acceptable norms to apply. But, work hard on your ISB essay.

What is the weightage of the interview process and the ISB essay for getting admission into ISB MBA?

The interview process gives a face to your application. Yes, it is important. Anyone applying to ISB should be able to proactively discuss their candidature with the interviewers on why they deserve to be a part of the ISB cohort. Essays for ISB are a very important component of the ISB interview process.

How is my profile for getting an ISB admission?

There is nothing as a perfect profile for ISB MBA. The harder you work on finding an intrinsic fit with the school the better is your application. The first part of the process is thorough brainstorming to establish. Your profile may be worth much more than what you can see. Our ISB admission consultants have a strong process to evaluate your profile.

What is the ISB Admission Process?

Every year ISB admission takes place over 2 or 3 rounds. The last date for the first round is usually in September. The ISB application process requires the submission of an online application, a GMAT/ GRE score, 2-3 ISB essays and one recommendation letter. The essays for ISB are pretty much an insight into your journey personally and professionally. Not sure, whether you should apply to ISB MBA or how to write your ISB essay? Check with our ISB admission consultants.

What Is The ISB PGP EEO?

Early Entry Option at ISB is a deferred entry program to the PGP program. ISB Hyderabad MBA admission criteria requires an applicant to have 24 months of work experience to be eligible to apply for the ISB MBA admission. Essays for ISB for the EEO application are the same as the essays for ISB for the PGP application. However, professionals with less than 24 months of work experience can apply through the Early Entry Option (EEO) to the ISB Post Graduate Programme in Management for a one year deferred entry to the ISB MBA admission. The ISB MBA application deadlines for the EEO are the same as the regular PGP ISB MBA application deadlines. Writing an ISB essay requires you to collate your past experiences till date and search for aspects that fulfil the question requirements. 

Where Can I Get An ISB Essay Sample?

ISB essays sample can be found with ISB admission consultants who assist professionals in their ISB application process. We do not recommend that you should refer to ISB essay samples to write your own ISB essays. There are some very important reasons for this: 

Why you should not refer any ISB essay sample - REASON 1

The essays for ISB are designed to get insights into your candidature as an ISB applicant. Your story professionally and personally might not be the same even with your siblings, leave alone any applicant per se.

Why an ISB essays sample will not be of any use to you - REASON 2

Your writing style cannot be the same as any other individual, even if you refer and ISB essays sample, it will not add much value. You can hardly write ISB essays as a fill in the blank attempt to a template. You must showcase your skills and value additions in your ISB essays. Therefore any ISB essays sample cannot really fill you in with any details that plausibly will assist you a lot.

Why referring to an ISB essay sample is just a waste of time - REASON 3

The ISB essays come with very constrained limits of word limits. These word limits can only be enough to write your own story precisely. Unless you are sure what you want to convey through your ISB essay, it is impossible that you can really use any ISB essay sample. How most applicants write their ISB essay is hardly something you can add to your story and still write within the word limit for essays for ISB. The word limits that the essays for ISB come with these days are 400-500 words which is quite less. You just don't have any space to be flamboyant with words here and use any ISB essay sample.

Why ISB sample essays would really not help you much - REASON 4

Why we assert that referring to ISB sample essays would not really be useful is because when you write an ISB essay you are actually introspecting for stories. If you use ISB sample essays you would miss the inputs for your interview preparation. ISB sample essays would rather divert your attention to adapting your stories to fit the template rather than investing on writing essays for ISB.

Still not convinced! One last reason why not ISB essay samples - REASON 5

Plagiarism is very rampant in MBA applications. MBA schools are questioning the quality of applicants on paper and those whom they interview for real. Using ISB essay samples means that you have not used your own voice to address the ISB essay questions. 

With the advent of AI the day is not very far that even Indian schools like ISB would like to incorporate the AI based tools like Turnitin and KIRA into their application process. ISB essay samples will definitely not be helpful in coming across as a unique honest applicant to ISB.

If you will not use an ISB essay sample then how will an ISB admission consultant help me at all?

Goalisb ISB admission consultants are members of IECA and the NAGAP. The guidelines provided by these bodies are more inclined towards transparency and a mentoring process. Goalisb ISB admission consultants do not write your ISB essays. Goalisb ISB admission consultant is like a sounding boards to brainstorm ideas, work with you to assist you as you write your essays for ISB. This is mostly why we are successful at interview invites for almost all our applicants. We work with a very limited group of applicants so that we can bring out the uniqueness in your application and ISB essays.


Sir can u explain the scopes, salaries and difficulties of a MBBS graduate to enter into institutions like ISB and IIM their placement details and type of companies in which they're being placed?

MBBS graduates who pass out from institutions like ISB and IIM look at career options in hospital management, consulting and major pharmaceutical companies. Senior management roles in operations and strategy, marketing and partnership management and even CEO roles are offered to these graduates. It also depends on what prior work experience and expertise have they joined ISB or IIM with.

Salaries are nowhere short of the best offered in the industry for sure. Combining your expertise as an MBBS doctor and an MBA from a premium institute in the country definitely positions you to achieve exponential career growth.

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