Why ISB?

Indian School of Business ( ISB ) has a penchant for developing world business leaders. The curriculum for the ISB PGP programme has at its core a strong fundamental education in management set in the Indian economy. This gives the ISB PGP Programme an edge of knowing one of the largest emerging economies. This combined with the network of 10000+ alumni, world class faculty ensures that ISB PGP delivers a rigorous, research based, contemporary, global management education programme.

What is the duration of the ISB MBA Program?

The ISB PGP programme is a fully residential one year programme delivered at both its campuses, ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali. The programme is delivered over eight terms spread over the year with each term focussing on its wide offering of core and elective subjects.

What is the application process to get an admission in ISB Hyderabad?

The application process for ISB involves submission of an online application with details about academic scores, employment details, GMAT score or the GRE score, essays, recommender information. Once you enter the recommender information, they have to submit an online form with their recommendation for you as an ISB applicant. The application process for ISB usually is conducted in three rounds. The deadlines for which are announced by the school every year. The application process starts by mid July every year.

What are the criteria that ISB looks for in the applicants?

Our ISB admission consultants have covered this question in detail here.

By when should I give the GMAT for applying to ISB Hyderabad?

Application process for ISB takes time. If not more you should at least plan 45-60 days for preparing the application. Therefore a first attempt at GMAT by mid July is good option. In this case you can take a second attempt in August if there is an expected score enhancement.

What are my chances of getting into ISB Hyderabad?

A lot of things go into a successful application process for ISB.  Your academics, work experience, goals, extracurriculars have to be knit together very cohesively to build an ISB application. To know your chances feel free to get in touch with us for a detailed discussion. ISB admissions team has also referred to this question at the ISB Mohali infosession.

What is the weightage of the GMAT score for getting into ISB Hyderabad?

GMAT score is quite important for the application process for ISB. However, it is not all. There are numerous rejections every year for high GMAT scorers as they have not been able to present their credentials in an impressive manner. The importance of the GMAT score is credible upto a point of basic qualification, but we strongly encourage anyone with a score within the school acceptable norms to apply. But, work hard on your application.

What is the weightage of the interview process for getting admission into ISB Hyderabad?

The interview process gives a face to your application. Yes, it is important. Anyone applying to ISB should be able to proactively discuss their candidature with the interviewers on why they deserve to be a part of the ISB cohort.

Is my profile ok for getting admission to ISB Hyderabad?

There is nothing as a perfect profile for ISB Hyderabad. The harder you work on finding an intrinsic fit with the school the better is your application. The first part of the process is thorough brainstorming to establish. Your profile may be worth much more than what you can see. Our ISB admission consultants have a strong process to evaluate your profile.

Is a GMAT score of 720 sufficient for me to get admission to ISB Hyderabad?

Sufficient. Yes. Assured. No. We would like to reassert the importance of your complete application for applying to ISB. There is absolutely no part of the application process for ISB that we suggest can be ignored. 

Why was my application to ISB Hyderabad rejected?

The best way to evaluate is to brainstorm. Feel free to share your information with us over a call to discuss. Our ISB admission consultants have compiled an article to help you get started. Read it here.

I was rejected at ISB last time, should I reapply?

Yes. ISB doesn't place any penalty on re application. You have to be very clear with the re applicant essay. We have had a 99% success rate with re-applicants. 

What is the Early Entry Option at ISB?

Early Entry Option is a deferred entry option to the ISB PGP MBA.  Submit your profile for evaluation to our ISB admission consultants.

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What is the best thing about ISB MBA?

One year at ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali is an exceptional peer to peer learning environment where one gets to interact with the largest pool of the smartest professionals from different walks of life. 

Is ISB better than IIM?

Our ISB admission consultants have addressed this question separately here 

Is there any more information on the application process of ISB?

You can access some more insights from applicants to ISB here

Life at ISB

Life after ISB

What Is The ISB PGP EEO?


Early Entry Option at ISB is a deferred entry program to the PGP program. Usually and applicant is eligible to apply for the ISB PGP MBA is 24 months. However, professionals with less than 24 months of work experience can apply through the Early Entry Option (EEO) to the ISB Post Graduate Programme in Management.

What is the ISB Admission Process?

ISB PGP MBA admission takes place over 3 rounds. The last date for the first round is usually in September. The ISB application process requires the submission of an online application, a GMAT/ GRE score, 2-3 essays and one recommendation letter. Not sure, whether you should apply to ISB? Check with our ISB admission consultants.

What are the ISB PGP application Essays?

ISB admission process requires submission of an application with 2 essays. There is a third mandatory essay for re applicants. 


ISB essay 2019 relevantly addresses questions about why you? and Why ISB? The ISB essay 2018 also had a topic regarding the goals of the applicants. 

Is there any help for writing ISB MBA application essays?

Our ISB admission consulting team understands how the school evaluates the applicants and what ISB looks for in an MBA applicant. As MBA admission consultants we assist the applicant to delve deeper into his profile to qualify on the criteria that ISB values. We know from our experience as ISB admissions consultants that a strong profile must be presented well. A sound strategy for the ISB admission process is a primary requirement of the ISB application process.

How to write ISB MBA application essays?

Our ISB admission consultants work with you as mentors and prepare your mind to go deeper into your profile to understand the why of the choices that you have made. At GoalISB admission consultants assist you to draft the ISB admission application that does not leave out any aspect of your personality to be presented to the ISB admission team.

What are the topics for ISB Essays 2019?


Essay 1

There will be 900 students in the class of 2021. Why should you be one of them?

Essay 2

What will you be doing in 2025 and 2030? How will the ISB PGP program help you to achieve these goals?

What are the topics for ISB Essays 2018? 


Essay 1
At ISB we value diversity as it enhances both the in-class and out of class learning experience. Tell us how would you contribute to the same?

Essay 2
Enrolling in a Business School is an important career decision. Critically look at your career to date, the choices you have made, the key influences behind those choices, your goals for the future and how do you think ISB's PGP can help you in achieving your goals?

Our leading MBA admission consultants vouch on the strength of the MBA essays as a key element of a successful ISB application.

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