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ISB Application Deadlines Approaching: Get Your Winning Application Now

Proven strategies to elevate your ISB application and increase your acceptance odds.

ISB admission 2024 Intake Round 3 Deadline:

21 January 2024​

ISB Application Support: Expert Guidance to Secure Your Admit

Why ISB Applicants Choose Us?

I just cannot thank Shruti Ma’am enough for her constant and immediate support. I wish to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards her, who has been my great mentor and friend since day one and has been instrumental in not only my application but also my overall career development. With the attention that I received, I felt that I was interacting with my elder sister rather than with a consultant. I think that’s what mattered in the last and I successfully made it into the ISB PGP Co’25 batch and for someone looking to crack ISB by taking help of a Consultant, Shruti Ma'am is definitely one of the best ISB Admission Consultants out there.

Sai Viswanath, ISB CO 2025

How do I get into ISB in 2025?

Step 1: Determine Your ISB Eligibility

Confused about ISB's different programs (YLP, EEO, PGP) and their requirements? We'll guide you through:

  • Understanding your work experience and academic qualifications.

  • Matching your profile to the most suitable ISB intake.

  • Creating a personalized application timeline.

​The ISB admission criteria are different for different programs. The different criteria are as below:

  1. ISB YLP Eligibility - Final year or pre final year applicant 

  2. ISB EEO Eligibility - Graduates with less than two years of work experience

  3. ISB PGP Eligibility - Graduates (or equivalent) with at least 2 years of work experience.

Once you have identified that you are eligible for the ISB PGP or the ISB EEO the following steps are applicable for the ISB application process.​

Step 2: Strategize Your ISB Application Journey

Once you know where you fit, we'll help you:

  • Set a GMAT/GRE target score and develop a study plan

  • Choose the optimal application round to maximize your chances

  • Craft a compelling application strategy based on your unique profile

Step 3: Master Each Stage of the Application

We'll work closely with you on:

  • Crafting powerful essays that showcase your strengths and goals

  • Securing a strong recommendation letter that highlights your potential

  • Acing the ISB interview with confidence

​ISB Application Process 2024:

  1. Based on this timeline you can choose admission round (3 rounds offered during application year for ISB EEO and PGP).

  2. Take GMAT or GRE exam as soon as possible.

  3. The next step is to prepare for the online application submission.

  4. Provide personal and identification information in application form.

  5. Submit academic credentials (undergraduate and postgraduate).

  6. Add work experience with details of duration, roles, responsibilities, and achievements.

  7. Submit valid GMAT/GRE score, TOEFL score (if applicable) using the relevant codes. ( GMAT code: N2D-J5-01, GRE code: 7892, and TOEFL code: 9047)

  8. Write two mandatory ISB essays, one optional essay and one additional essay which is mandatory for re-applicants.

  9. Provide details of one recommender for the ISB letter of recommendation.

  10. Choose if you want to apply to scholarships and submit the scholarship essays for the ISB application process.

  11. Finally, add the extracurricular activities, awards, achievements, and hobbies to application. Submit application fee and submit the ISB application.

  12. Monitor application status through ISB admission portal.

  13. Attend ISB interview if shortlisted.

  14. Complete enrolment formalities upon receiving admission offer.

What's New at ISB PGP 2025:

Key Changes at a Glance:

  • Streamlined Terms: Instead of eight 6-week terms, the ISB PGP 2025 will now feature seven 6-week terms and four intensive "block weeks."

  • Block Week Focus: During block weeks, students will benefit from 20 hours of immersive lectures taught by top industry experts, providing real-world insights and application-focused learning.

  • More Electives: The revised structure reduces mandatory core credits and significantly increases elective credits, allowing students to tailor their learning experience more deeply to their career goals.

  • Experiential Learning: While previously an elective option, the ISB PGP 2025 features various forms of experiential learning, putting theory into practice (though optional for the incoming class).

What Stays the Same:

  • Total Credits: Required credits for graduation remain at 33.

  • Overall Duration: The program still spans 51 weeks.

  • Core Foundation: Key subjects like Business Communication, Sustainability and Ethics, and Managerial Economics remain mandatory.

What are the important aspects of the 2024 ISB Application?

ISB application for 2024 has three rounds. The upcoming deadline for Round 3 is 21 January 2024 and Round 2 is 3 December 2023.


Main Changes in the ISB application portal 2024 are:

  1. New ISB Essay prompts

  2. Optional Essay

  3. Work experience Calculation

  4. Validity of the GMAT/ GRE scores

  5. New Scholarship

The ISB application for 2024 has new essay topics since last year. Before writing the essays it is important to understand the benefits of the ISB MBA.

1. Provide an honest portrayal of yourself, emphasizing your strengths and weaknesses. Highlight the key elements that have shaped your personal journey. Give relevant illustrations as needed. (400 words)

2. Contemplate two distinct situations—one where you experienced success and another where you faced failure. Delve into the personal and interpersonal lessons you learned from these instances. (400 words)​

3. Given your previous experience and future aspirations, how do you plan to use the PGP at ISB to fulfil your professional goals? Optional (250 words)

This is the first time we have seen an optional essay in the ISB application. The Goals essay is now an optional essay.

ISB has two campuses - ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali. We have compared ISB Hyderabad vs ISB Mohali for prospective MBA applicants.

ISB admission criteria:


Usually the eligible work experience was calculated upto the 31st March of the year of starting the course. But this time it's 8th April 2024. So if you have more than 24 months of experience till 8th April 2024, you can apply for ISB PGP, if it's lesser it's ISB EEO.

GMAT or GRE score should be valid as on the deadline date of the round in which you apply. GOALisB ISB admission consulting has delivered excellent results over the years.  Schedule a call with our expert ISB admission consultant for the best package for you and get a profile evaluation.

What kind of profiles get selected for ISB?

The profile which gets selected to ISB has two strong components. One is the academic profile which comprises the GPA or grades and the GMAT or the GRE score. The second important part of the profile that gets selected to ISB is the leadership profile of the applicant which includes the work experience of the applicant, the extracurriculars, the passion projects and the career plans of the applicant. 

Basically the two parts are the numbers, which can be benchmarked against the class averages in the past as given below.

ISB Class Profile 2024:

  1. Average GMAT Score: 720 (median 710)

  2. Average GRE Score: 328

  3. Range of GMAT Score accepted in the past: 600 - 770

  4. Range of GRE Scores accepted in the past: 311 - 334

  5. Average Work Experience in class: 4.3 years (2 yrs to 24 yrs)

  6. Average Age in class: 26.63 years

And the second part is your story. Every professional has a very distinct story which needs to be introspected and communicated. We specialise in the application process for ISB. Is it ok to do an MBA at 30 ? This is a question that many applicants ask, and the answer is yes. There are many programs offering one year MBA in India , one year MBA in US and one year MBA in Europe that applicants can apply to today.

You can also find out more about how to get admission into ISB? 

Is GMAT better or GRE to apply to ISB?

In our experience, there is no difference in terms of applying to ISB with a GMAT score or a GRE score. The school has their specific system of evaluating the GRE scores and the GMAT scores with reference to the other important criteria like the work experience, recommendation letter, essays and the interview.

It is for the applicant to choose which test would they be able to score the highest so as to submit their personal best. The GRE test and the GMAT test have very different test formats and question types. This also means that the scores for each will not be comparable to each other. Therefore for a strong application it is important that the applicants to ISB MBA submit their personal best scores.

In terms of the average scores for ISB Admissions process the GMAT average scores in the recent cycle have been 720 and the GRE scores have been 326.

A competitive score to submit would be a score which would be close to the school average or higher.

Having said that, it is true that every individual does not have the average or high scores. So in case you score lesser than average it is best to get a profile evaluation and submit a strong application - there are other aspects to take care of - Essays, Recommendation, Interview. Focus on all the stages of the ISB admission process. We have compiled some ISB interview questions for prospective applicants.

ISB Hyderabad MBA eligibility

  1. Minimum bachelors or equivalent degree is required to fulfil  the ISB Hyderabad eligibility for MBA.

  2. In terms of equivalent degrees the professional certificates like Chartered Accountants, ICWA are valid professional certificates which can be submitted for the ISB Hyderabad MBA eligibility.

  3. Freelancers who fulfil the minimum work experience criteria ISB Hyderabad MBA eligibility.

  4. The applicant must have a minimum of 24 months of work experience to apply for the ISB PGP. 

  5. Another requirement for ISB Hyderabad eligibility for MBA is the possession of a GMAT or a GRE score

Get a glimpse into How is Life at ISB?

ISB MBA ranking 

  • FT MBA 2024 Alumni network rank: ISB ranks 8th.

  • FT MBA 2024 Salary percentage increase: ISB has a 229% increase.

  • FT MBA 2024 FT research rank: ISB ranks 52nd.

  • FT MBA 2024 Value for money rank: ISB ranks 55th.

  • FT MBA 2024 Careers service rank: ISB ranks 19th.

  • FT MBA 2024 Career progress rank: ISB ranks 41st.

  • FT MBA 2024 Rank: ISB is ranked 31st.

  • QS MBA 2024 Rank Globally: ISB is ranked 78th.

  • QS MBA 2024 Rank Asia: ISB is ranked 14th.


Read more about ISB MBA Rankings. 

You can also evaluate similar program which is the Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad - IIMA PGPX

ISB MBA Fees 2024 - 25

At the time of admission a partially refundable admission ISB fees of INR 3,54,000 is is payable.

There is an additional commitment fee of INR 236,000 for the ISB PGP admits. 

The fees is different for different accommodation types. You can get more details about ISB MBA Fees.

ISB MBA fees for Different Accommodation Types:

  1.  Studio Accommodation: INR 35,45,840

  2.  Shared Accommodation: INR 32,77,980 

Also read about how one can compare IIM Vs ISB

Is getting into ISB easy?

No, Getting into ISB is not easy.​ ISB admission is highly selective. However, here's how to gauge your chances:

Here's a breakdown of the key factors that contribute to the difficulty of the ISB admission process:

  1. High Standards and Competitive Applicant Pool: ISB is a globally recognized business school, attracting a large pool of highly qualified candidates.

  2. Holistic Evaluation Process:

  3. Beyond Numbers: While a strong GMAT/GRE score and work experience are important, ISB evaluates every applicant on multiple dimensions.

  4. Rigorous Application Requirements:

  5. Multiple Essays: The ISB application requires several thoughtfully crafted essays, demanding time and self-reflection.

  6. Multi-Stage Process: The application involves GMAT/GRE prep, multiple rounds of review, and then the ISB interview stage. This can take months.

  7. The "X-Factor": ISB seeks candidates who bring unique perspectives and potential to contribute to the diverse ISB community. It is difficult to quantify this factor.

Factors in Your Favor:

  • GMAT score above 720

  • 3-5 years of quality work experience

  • Unique career trajectory or achievements

  • Strong leadership potential

  • Well-articulated reason for pursuing an ISB MBA


Potential Hurdles

  • GMAT below average

  • Limited work experience

  • Difficulty presenting compelling career goals

  • Generic application that fails to stand out



  • Honest Self-Assessment: Compare your profile against the averages. Identify potential gaps.

  • Strategic Application: Focus on crafting a story that positions your strengths and aligns well with ISB.

  • Seek Guidance (If Needed): Consultants can help analyze your profile and create a strong application strategy.

Important Note: Even if your profile perfectly matches the averages, it DOES NOT guarantee admission. ISB looks for the "X factor" that makes you an excellent fit for their community.

ISB Application FAQ

What are the recent news about ISB in 2024?

  1. The ISB Institute of Data Science (IIDS), with support from CyberPeace Foundation and, is launching Hackathon 2024 – a thrilling opportunity to put your AI and deep learning skills to the test and fight the spread of misinformation. What's the Challenge? From April to July 2024, unleash your creativity and technical prowess to develop solutions that detect deepfakes in images, videos, and text.

  2. His Excellency Naor Gilon, Ambassador of Israel to India, visited the Hyderabad campus alongside Doron Gidony, Innovation Attaché, Embassy of Israel in India in August 2023. During the visit, Ambassador Gilon engaged with Ram Nidumolu, PhD, Professor of Organisational Behavior (Practice), and addressed PGP MAX Co ’24 students on bolstering bilateral relations between the two nations.

  3. Hari Kumar, Managing Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) LLP and his senior leadership team visited the Hyderabad campus. They explored potential areas of collaboration between ISB and PwC’s Global Acceleration Centres (GACs), engaging in discussions with Dean Madan Pillutla and students centered around the theme 'Culture of Courage.'

  4. Chandru Iyer, British Deputy High Commissioner to Karnataka and Kerala and Deputy Trade Commissioner for Investment, South Asia, visited the Mohali campus in August 2023. During his visit, he conversed with faculty, alumni, and PGP students about evolving trade relations between India and the United Kingdom. The discussions highlighted India-UK bilateral trade, the proposed free trade agreement (FTA), and mutual business opportunities.

Is there any financial support offered by ISB for the PGP program?

Yes, ISB offers various scholarships, including a merit scholarship that can cover up to 100% of the tuition fee based on the strength of the candidate's profile. Additionally, upon receiving an offer letter from ISB, candidates can avail a loan up to 40 lakhs from leading banks without any collateral. Read the specific blog about ISB Scholarships .

What is the average conversion rate at ISB in terms of total applications versus the number of intakes?

The conversion rate, which refers to the number of applicants admitted compared to the total number of applications received, is not disclosed by ISB. The admissions process is conducted separately from the application process, and the exact conversion rate is not made public.

What kind of qualities or experiences does ISB value more in applicants?

ISB values unique qualities and experiences that go beyond academic and test scores. They look for leadership abilities, initiative-taking skills, involvement in projects or startups, and any other experiences that showcase the applicant's strengths and achievements. Here is a checklist for MBA Applications .

I have a GMAT of 600, do I satisfy the ISB Hyderabad MBA eligibility?

ISB does not specify a minimum GMAT or GRE score to apply. Since the ISB Admission Criteria are very holistic and consider all the aspects of the applicant profile equally you can apply if you satisfy the minimum eligibility criteria. Read about the GMAT score required for ISB .

What is a valid GMAT or GRE score?

ISB Hyderabad MBA eligibility requires the applicant to submit a valid GMAT or GRE score. The GMAT or GRE scores are valid for 5 years from the date of writing the test. If you check your GMAT or GRE score report you will get the date of writing the test, the score is valid for five years from then.


What is the weightage of the GMAT score for getting into ISB MBA?


GMAT score is quite important for the application process for ISB. However, it is not all. There are numerous rejections every year for high GMAT scorers as they have not been able to present their credentials in an impressive manner. The importance of the GMAT score is credible upto a point of basic qualification, but we strongly encourage anyone with a score within the school acceptable norms to apply. But, work hard on your application.


What is the weightage of the interview process for getting admission into ISB MBA?

The interview process gives a face to your application. Yes, it is important. Anyone applying to ISB should be able to proactively discuss their candidature with the interviewers on why they deserve to be a part of the ISB cohort.


What Is The ISB PGP EEO ( ISB Early Entry Option)?

ISB Early Entry Option is a deferred entry program to the PGP program. ISB Hyderabad MBA admission criteria requires an applicant to have 24 months of work experience to be eligible to apply for the ISB MBA admission. However, professionals with less than 24 months of work experience can apply through the Early Entry Option (EEO) to the ISB Post Graduate Programme in Management for a one year deferred entry to the ISB MBA admission. The ISB MBA application deadlines for the EEO are the same as the regular PGP ISB MBA application deadlines.​

The ISB Early Entry Option is an ideal choice for aspiring young professionals who are enthusiastic about pursuing a management education and seek early clarity regarding their career goals. When admitted to the ISB Early Entry Option, candidates can concentrate on maximizing their work experience before commencing their PGP studies. To qualify for deferred admission under the ISB Early Entry Option, candidates must fulfill certain prerequisites such as holding a bachelor's degree or its equivalent in any discipline, having a valid GMAT/GRE score until the commencement of PGP, and possessing less than 24 months of full-time work experience by the start date of the class.

Additionally, applicants whose undergraduate studies were not conducted in English must provide a TOEFL/IELTS score. This tailored option provides an exclusive chance for aspiring candidates to gain admission to the ISB PGP. Upon successful selection, candidates will be granted deferred admission and can join the PGP after accumulating at least 24 months of full-time work experience.

If you are looking for consulting career you can check more programs across the world here Consulting Careers.

Can someone who has already completed an MBA apply to ISB Hyderabad?

Yes, someone who has already completed an MBA can apply to ISB's programme. However, the application must communicate a clear value as to why they want to pursue a second MBA.

Is someone with a three-year diploma course but no undergraduate degree eligible for the ISB programme?

No, an undergraduate degree is a mandatory requirement for admission to the ISB programme. However, in case the diploma is equivalent to a degree as determined by appropriate authorities, it will be accepted.​​

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