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ISB Admission 2023

ISB admission 2023 Round 3 Deadline: 29 January 2023

ISB PGP is at the centre-stage of preferred MBA courses in India.​

Is an MBA from ISB worth it?

ISB admission process - How I aced it? Success stories from admits

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Who gets into ISB?

What kind of profiles get selected for ISB?

The profile which gets selected to ISB has two strong components. One is the academic profile which comprises the GPA or grades and the GMAT or the GRE score. The second important part of the profile that gets selected to ISB is the leadership profile of the applicant which includes the work experience of the applicant, the extracurriculars, the passion projects and the career plans of the applicant. 

Basically the two parts are the numbers, which can be benchmarked against the class averages in the past as given below.

  1. Average GMAT Score: 710

  2. Average GRE Score: 328

  3. Range of GMAT Score accepted in the past: 600 - 770

  4. Range of GRE Scores accepted in the past: 311 - 334

  5. Average Work Experience in class: 4.3 years

  6. Average Age in class: 26.63 years

And the second part is your story. Every professional has a very distinct story which needs to be introspected and communicated. We specialise in the application process for ISB.

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ISB Admission 2023

How can I Get Admission in ISB?

ISB Admission 2023-24 process:

  1. The first thing to do when you decide that you would like to apply to ISB is to understand what intake of ISB do you qualify for.

  2. ISB has three intake modes - ISB YLP, ISB EEO, ISB PGP.  This decision will depend on understanding the eligibility for ISB.

What are the eligibility criteria for ISB?

  1. ISB YLP Eligibility - Final year or pre final year applicant 

  2. ISB EEO Eligibility - Graduates with less than two years of work experience

  3. ISB PGP Eligibility - Graduates (or equivalent) with atleast 2 years of work experience.

Once you have identified that you are eligible for the ISB PGP or the ISB EEO the following steps are applicable for the ISB application process.

  1. Start with your plan when you would be done with the GMAT or the GRE.

  2. Based on this timeline you can choose admission round (3 rounds offered during application year for ISB EEO and PGP).

  3. Take GMAT or GRE exam as soon as possible.

  4. The next step is to prepare for the online application submission.

  5. Provide personal and identification information in application form.

  6. Submit academic credentials (undergraduate and postgraduate).

  7. Add work experience with details of duration, roles, responsibilities, and achievements.

  8. Submit valid GMAT/GRE score, TOEFL score (if applicable) using the relevant codes. ( GMAT code: N2D-J5-01, GRE code: 7892, and TOEFL code: 9047)

  9. Write two ISB essays (plus additional essay for re-applicants).

  10. Provide details of one letter of recommendation.

  11. Choose scholarship options and submit essays (if applicable).

  12. Add extracurricular activities, awards, achievements, and hobbies to application.

  13. Submit application fee and submit application.

  14. Monitor application status through ISB admission portal.

  15. Attend ISB interview if shortlisted.

  16. Complete enrolment formalities upon receiving admission offer.

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ISB Essays 2023 - 24:

  1. Peer Learning is a major building block of PGP at ISB. Help us in understanding how will you be able to add value to the PGP peer group through your personal and professional qualities/capabilities? (400 words max)

  2. What are your short term and long term career goals? How will Post Graduate Program at ISB assist you in achieving your goals?  (400 words max)​

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ISB MBA Fees 2023

ISB Hyderabad fees is payable under different heads.

At the time of admission a partially refundable admission ISB MBA fees of INR 2,50,000 plus taxes which amounts to INR 295,000 is payable by a date which is mentioned in the offer letter.

Apart from that the remaining ISB MBA fees 2022 can be paid in one or two instalments.

ISB MBA fees for Shared Accommodation

  1. If the admit chooses the one time instalment plan the total ISB MBA fees is INR 33,05,120 for the shared accommodation.

  2. In addition to this an amount of INR 29.500 is payable for Alumni association fees.

  3. In the case of instalment plan the ISB Hyderabad fees is approximately INR 16,71,410 to INR 16,86,346 per instalment.

ISB MBA fees for Studio Accommodation:

  1. If the admit chooses the one time instalment plan the total ISB MBA fees is INR 34,17,220 for the studio accommodation.

  2. In addition to this an amount of INR 29.500 is payable for Alumni association fees.

  3. In the case of instalment plan the ISB Hyderabad fees is approximately INR 17,27,460 to INR 17,44,203 per instalment.

ISB Hyderabad MBA eligibility

  1. Minimum bachelors or equivalent degree is required to fulfil  the ISB Hyderabad eligibility for MBA.

  2. In terms of equivalent degrees the professional certificates like Chartered Accountants, ICWA are valid professional certificates which can be submitted for the ISB Hyderabad MBA eligibility.

  3. Freelancers who fulfil the minimum work experience criteria ISB Hyderabad MBA eligibility.

  4. The applicant must have a minimum of 24 months of work experience to apply for the ISB MBA. 

    • ISB YLP: Final & pre-final year students.

    • ISB EEO: Less than 24 months of work experience.

    • ISB PGP: Minimum 24 months of work experience.

  5. Another requirements for ISB Hyderabad eligibility for MBA is the possession of a GMAT or a GRE score

ISB MBA ranking 

  1. On 16 September 2022, according to Bloomberg Businessweek's ranking of the top b-schools for 2022–23, ISB is rated sixth in the Asia–Pacific area.
  2. 1st in India according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek Best Business schools for 2021-22.

  3. 5th in Asia according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek best Business schools 2021-22.

  4. ​​32 rank in the FT MBA 2022 ranking and

  5. Ranked 23rd in the world in the FT Global MBA rankings 2021.

  6. ​Among the Asia-Pacific schools ISB MBA achieved the 5th position in the Bloomberg Best B-Schools 21-22 rankings. This is enough reason for most MBA applicants in India to aspire for an ISB MBA.

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If I have a break in my career do I qualify the ISB Hyderabad eligibility for MBA?

A break in career does not disqualify you from fulfilling the ISB Hyderabad eligibility for MBA if you have completed in all the 24 months minimum experience requirement. 

I have poor grades do I qualify the ISB Hyderabad MBA eligibility?

ISB Hyderabad MBA eligibility does not mention a minimum grade to apply. The applicant with a minimum bachelors degree or equivalent with a minimum of 24 months work experience and a valid GMAT or GRE score can apply.

I have a gap in education, do I qualify ISB Hyderabad eligibility for MBA?

A gap in education does not disqualify you from the ISB Hyderabad eligibility for MBA if you have a valid bachelors or equivalent degree or higher. There is space in the application form to explain the gap.

I have a GMAT of 600, do I satisfy the ISB Hyderabad MBA eligibility?

ISB does not specify a minimum GMAT or GRE score to apply. Since the ISB Hyderabad Admission Criteria are very holistic and consider all the aspects of the applicant profile equally you can apply if you satisfy the minimum eligibility criteria.

What is a valid GMAT or GRE score?

ISB Hyderabad MBA eligibility requires the applicant to submit a valid GMAT or GRE score. The GMAT or GRE scores are valid for 5 years from the date of writing the test. If you check your GMAT or GRE score report you will get the date of writing the test, the score is valid for five years from then.

What are the ISB Hyderabad Admission Criteria?


While selecting an application ISB admission committee looks for: academics, leadership ability followed by an interview conducted by ISB. MBA admissions teams takes into account the applicant's letter of recommendation, academic profile, GMAT score or the GRE score, the work experience and the essays etc to evaluate an application.

  1. Admission to ISB has a selective process. Admission in ISB involves selecting quality applicants and the ISB essay plays a very important role in the process.​

  2. ISB essays aim at understanding the leadership personality of the applicants. Some people like to refer to ISB essay sample for writing the essays for ISB.​​

  3. For an admission to ISB you not only need strong academic records but you also require a GMAT score or the GRE.

  4. Through the GMAT score or the GRE test the ISB admission team analyses the academic ability of the candidate.​

  5. Apart from these ISB admission requires a minimum 2 years of work experience for your admission to ISB. ​​

  6. Admission to ISB takes into account your performance in GMAT score or GRE examination.

  7. Future ISB candidates are evaluated on the basis of the impact they have made in their professional and personal life in past.

  8. ISB been the hub and the favourite destination for Indians and it is attracting lot many students every year.​​

What is the weightage of the GMAT score for getting into ISB MBA?


GMAT score is quite important for the application process for ISB. However, it is not all. There are numerous rejections every year for high GMAT scorers as they have not been able to present their credentials in an impressive manner. The importance of the GMAT score is credible upto a point of basic qualification, but we strongly encourage anyone with a score within the school acceptable norms to apply. But, work hard on your application.


What is the weightage of the interview process for getting admission into ISB MBA?

The interview process gives a face to your application. Yes, it is important. Anyone applying to ISB should be able to proactively discuss their candidature with the interviewers on why they deserve to be a part of the ISB cohort.


How Is my profile for getting admission to ISB MBA?


There is nothing as a perfect profile for ISB MBA. The harder you work on finding an intrinsic fit with the school the better is your application. The first part of the process is thorough brainstorming to establish. Your profile may be worth much more than what you can see. Our ISB admission consultants have a strong process to evaluate your profile.​


What Is The ISB PGP EEO?

Early Entry Option at ISB is a deferred entry program to the PGP program. ISB Hyderabad MBA admission criteria requires an applicant to have 24 months of work experience to be eligible to apply for the ISB MBA admission. However, professionals with less than 24 months of work experience can apply through the Early Entry Option (EEO) to the ISB Post Graduate Programme in Management for a one year deferred entry to the ISB MBA admission. The ISB MBA application deadlines for the EEO are the same as the regular PGP ISB MBA application deadlines.​

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See What People Are Saying

Shruti mam, a coach from whom I have taken guidance for my ISB PGP interview prep, is an awesome human being and has an indepth knowledge of B schools selection procedures.
With the help of her guidance during my process I have converted ISB and IIM B.
I really regret if I could have taken guidance from her from very begining I could have converted some more top B schools.
I recommend her for all the aspirants seeking help for admission process and interview prep

Arindam Chatterjee ISB MBA

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