ISB MBA 2022

ISB admission round 1 deadline is 12 September 2021.


ISB admission round 2 deadline is 5 December 2021.

ISB admission round 3 deadline is 30 January 2022.

How to apply to ISB MBA?

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ISB Admission Process 2022

ISB admissions process 2022 shall take place in 3 admission cycles during one application year. The ISB admission timelines have been declared for rounds 1 and 2 and yet to be declared for round 3. An applicant can apply only once during the admission cycle. 

A minimum of 24 months of work experience is mandatory for the ISB admission process till  May 31, 2022.​ On average it usually takes around 20 days to 45 days to prepare well for the ISB application process.

ISB admission process 2022 requires the applicants to submit the following:

  1. Personal details, identification documents etc. For the ISB admission process 2022 the Aadhar card is a valid proof of identity in addition to the passport.

  2. Academic credentials like undergraduate and post graduate programs studied.

  3. Work related information with duration, roles and responsibilities and achievements

  4. A valid GMAT or GRE score is prerequisite for the ISB admission procedure. Relevant Codes for sending the official scores for the ISB one year MBA are:

    1. GMAT code: N2D-J5-01

    2. GRE code: 7892

    3. TOEFL code: 9047

    4. Official scores to be sent to the school as per the codes mentioned above.

  5. 2 essays. ISB essay topics for ISB admission process 2022 are:

    1. ISB Essay 1: Describe with examples the most important personal quality that you possess, which significantly enhances your prospects of being successful as a leader? (400 words max)

    2. ISB Essay 2: What are your short term and long term career goals? How will Post Graduate Program at ISB assist you in achieving your goals?  (400 words max)

    3. In case of re-applicants an additional essay is required.

  6. 1 letter of recommendationscholarship essay if applicableextracurricular activitiesawards and achievements, hobbies.

What are some important things that a re-applicant should know for the ISB admission process 2022?

  1. The ISB admission process 2022 requires that while filling your application make sure you disclose your previous application details. In case any one who is re applying does not disclose the previous application details, the application would be disqualified.

  2. A re-applicant in the current year must create a new log in id for the application process. If the GMAT or the GRE score official report has already been shared with the school in the previous application year and there is no recent change in the same, the applicant does not have to send the score reports again.

What are the scholarships offered ISB admission process 2022 and how to apply for them?

Scholarships you can apply through the ISB application form:

  1. Merit-linked tuition waivers requires no separate application.

  2. AT&T Scholarship for those working in the IT/Technology/Media/Communication Industry​

  3. Bridge to India Tuition Waiver for applicants of Indian origin with a recent full-

  4. time work experience abroad for minimum one year.

  5. ​ISB - AIESEC Tuition Waiver 

  6. ​ISB need based waiver

  7. ​PGPMAX Co 2012 Scholarship - This is a need based scholarship of INR 5 lacs and requires the submission of an essay with the ISB application.

  8. ​Ramesh C. Khanna Nurture India Scholarship - This is a need based scholarship of INR 5 lacs and requires the submission of an essay with the ISB application.

Other ISB scholarships which are offered after ISB PGP admits have been offered are:

  1. Bajaj Auto Scholar: Merit-based scholarships offered to three ISB PGP students by Bajaj Auto. 

  2. Jagannath Arora Scholarship: Sponsored by Mr. Neeraj Arora, ISB PGP Class of 2006 in the name of his father.

  3. Visiting faculty Scholarship

  4. Shapoorji Pallonji Tuition Grant: Every alternate even year this is a need based tuition waiver awarded on the basis of merit.

  5. Aditya Shembekar Scholarship

  6. Alumni Endowment Fund Scholarship:  Two merit-based scholarships are awarded under the Alumni Endowment Fund Scholarship every year.

  7. Deepak Parayanken Scholarship: Two merit-based scholarships are offered.

  8. Lakshya Scholarship for Women: Instituted by Bharat Forge Limited to support a female student of ISB PGP.

Is ISB MBA good?

ISB Placements data for the class of 2021 noted an average accepted CTC at ISB PGP in 2021 - INR 28.29 lakhs. The ISB class of 2021 received 388 offers from consulting firms and a total of 1145 offers. Poets & Quants Integrated Ranking Achieved by ISB:  #16 worldwide. This definitely positions ISB as a leading school for MBA.

Is ISB Better than IIM?

ISB and IIM are leading institutions of world repute. To argue whether ISB is better than IIM would be like comparing equals. However, there might be a very specific discussion with respect to individual profiles applying to the schools with respect to their backgrounds and goals to compare if they are suited to one cohort or the other. 

Is ISB Hyderabad better than IIM is a question that is quite frequently asked and the answer is that both the institutes are stalwarts in delivering World class MBA education in India. Beyond that what you make of the education is upto you. In terms of the course curriculum both the IIM and ISB deliver an internationally enriched curriculum, alumni network, and provide the MBA graduates a sea of opportunities.

How is life after MBA from ISB?

Can freshers get into ISB?

Freshers and pre final year students can apply for ISB MBA through the ISB YLP application. Once admitted they can join ISB MBA once they complete the requisite 24 months of work experience.

Is ISB worth the money?

Of course it is. A lot depends on what you expect from the program and what you have done prior to that. 

ISB Class profile 2020

1. Class Size at ISB MBA Class of 2020

Class size at ISB Hyderabad - 603

Class size at ISB Mohali - 293

2. Gender Variation at ISB MBA Class of 2020


At ISB Hyderabad out of the whole class 62% comprises males and 38% comprises females.

At ISB Mohali out of the whole class 61% comprises males and 39% comprises females.

3. Age Profile at ISB MBA Class of 2020

In terms of age profile at ISB Hyderabad Class of 2020 the age profile of students ranges from 22 years to 43 years of age with an average age of 26.63 years.

The age profile for the ISB Mohali Class of 2020 ranges from 22 years to 46 years with an average age of 26.7 years at ISB Mohali. The average work experience at both the campuses is roughly 4.3 years for the class of 2020.

4. Engineers vs. Non Engineers at ISB MBA Class of 2020

In terms of class composition i.e. number of engineers vs non engineers in the ISB class of 2020, the distribution is 67% engineers and 33% non engineers at ISB Hyderabad, while at ISB Mohali the class comprises 68% engineers and 32% non engineers.

5. GMAT Score range and GMAT score average at ISB MBA Class of 2020

The average GMAT score at ISB Hyderabad was 710 with a range of GMAT scores from 600 

to 770. The average GMAT score at ISB Mohali was 710 with a range of GMAT scores from 600 to 770 again.

6. GRE Score range and GRE score average at ISB MBA Class of 2020

For the GRE scores, the range of GRE scores for the ISB Hyderabad Class of 2020 was 311- 334 and an average GRE score at 325. Whereas for the ISB Mohali Class of 2020 the range of GRE scores was 322 - 331 with an average GRE score of 327.

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What are the selection criteria for ISB Hyderabad admission process? How important is the ISB essay?

Admission to ISB has a selective process. Admission in ISB involves selecting quality applicants and the ISB essay plays a very important role in the process.

ISB essays aim at understanding the leadership personality of the applicants. Some people like to refer to ISB essay sample for writing the essays for ISB.​

What is  the ISB PGP Early Entry Option EEO?

Early Entry Option at ISB is a deferred entry program to the ISB PGP program. ISB Hyderabad MBA admission criteria requires an applicant to have 24 months of work experience to be eligible to apply for the ISB MBA admission. Essays for ISB for the EEO application are the same as the essays for the ISB PGP application. However, professionals with less than 24 months of work experience can apply through the Early Entry Option ( ISB EEO) to the ISB PGP for a one year deferred entry to the ISB MBA admission. The ISB MBA application deadlines for the EEO are the same as the regular PGP ISB MBA application deadlines.

To apply for admission to ISB, you need to create a login and a password by visiting the official website of Indian School of Business and then you should follow the procedure as directed. 

In the ISB Hyderabad admission process what is the weightage of the GMAT score for getting into ISB MBA?


GMAT score is quite important for the application process for ISB. However, it is not all,  the ISB essay is very important to focus on. Most of our applicants emphasise that had the ISB essay not been so well prepared, they did not stand a chance.. There are numerous rejections every year for high GMAT scorers as they have not been able to present their credentials in an impressive manner, the contribution here is by the ISB essay. The importance of the GMAT score is credible upto a point of basic qualification, but we strongly encourage anyone with a score within the school acceptable norms to apply. There have been a lot of deferrals in the past year, what does it actually imply for those looking at an ISB MBA?But, work hard on your ISB essay. If you are a re-applicant you would have to write an additional essay. Refer our checklist for your MBA application and resource about recommendation letter.


What is the weightage of the ISB interview process and the ISB essay for getting admission into ISB MBA?

The interview process is an important part of admission to ISB. Anyone applying to ISB should be able to proactively discuss their candidature with the interviewers on why they deserve to be a part of the ISB cohort during the ISB interview process.​​​

More information on the ISB Hyderabad admission process:

Is work experience necessary for admission in ISB?

The minimum work experience required for ISB hyderabad admission process is 24 months. ISB YLP and ISB EEO are deferred MBA options for those with lesser work experience. They can secure a deferred admission to the program to join when they gain the requisite work experience.

What GMAT score is required for ISB?

There is no cutoff GMAT score required for ISB, however a good benchmark would be the range of GMAT scores which have been accepted by the school previously like 600 to 780 depending on the profile of the applicants.

Does ISB give MBA degree?

ISB MBA is an MBA equivalent program. ISB does not award an MBA degree.

How difficult is it to get into ISB?

It is quite difficult to get into ISB. Every aspect of your profile including the academics, GMAT score or the GRE score, the quality of work experience, post MBA goals, extracurricular activities and hobbies are evaluated by ISB to choose the right fit.

Sir can u explain the scopes, salaries and difficulties of a MBBS graduate to enter into institutions like ISB and IIM their placement details and type of companies in which they're being placed?

MBBS graduates who pass out from institutions like ISB and IIM look at career options in hospital management, consulting and major pharmaceutical companies. Senior management roles in operations and strategy, marketing and partnership management and even CEO roles are offered to these graduates. It also depends on what prior work experience and expertise have they joined ISB or IIM with.

Salaries are nowhere short of the best offered in the industry for sure. Combining your expertise as an MBBS doctor and an MBA from a premium institute in the country definitely positions you to achieve exponential career growth.