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ISB Admission Process 2023

ISB MBA Round 1 Deadline: 4 September 2022

ISB PGP is at the centre-stage of preferred MBA courses in India.​


ISB Admission Process: Eligibility, fees, placements

ISB MBA eligibility 2023

  • ISB YLP: Final & pre-final year students.

  • ISB EEO: Less than 24 months of work experience.

  • ISB PGP: Minimum 24 months of work experience.

  • An undergraduate or equivalent degree.

  • A GMAT or a GRE score fulfils the ISB MBA eligibility.

  • Average GMAT Score: 710

  • Average GRE Score: 328

  • Range of GMAT Score accepted in 2021: 600-770

  • Range of GRE Scores accepted in 2021: 311-334

  • Average Work Experience in class: 4.3 years

  • Average Age in class: 26.63 years

ISB MBA fees 2022- 23

  1. Admission fees for ISB PGP 2022 - 23: INR 2,95,000

  2. ISB MBA tuition fees for 2022-23: INR 36,63,000

  3. ISB PGP Program fees 2022-23: INR 39,63,000

  4. Security Deposit: INR 20000

  5. Alumni Membership fee: INR 25000  + Taxes

  6. Lifetime Rec Centre usage:

  7. INR 15000 + Taxes

Get started with your application for the round 1 submission for ISB admission 2022.

ISB placements 2022

  1. Around 393 companies offered positions during ISB MBA placements

  2. Average accepted CTC at ISB PGP in 2021 - INR 28.29 lakhs

  3. An average salary of 34.07 lacs in 2022

  4. Offers in ISB placements 2022-23

  • Top 5 industries hiring at ISB MBA placements in 2022 : 

  1. Consulting

  2. IT/ ITES

  3. BFSI

  4. Technology

  5. FMCG, retail shares the fifth position with Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

  6. Top 5 functions hired at ISB MBA placements in 2022 have been:

  7. Consulting

  8. Product Management

  9. Sales & Marketing

  10. General Management and Strategic Planning

  11. Technology


ISB Admission Process 2023 - 24

How can I Get Admission in ISB?

ISB Admission Process 2023-24 application:

  1. Decide whether you are eligible for the ISB MBA from the eligibility criteria given above.

  2. Decide which round of admission you want to apply for. ISB admissions process takes place in 3 admission cycles during one application year for ISB EEO and ISB PGP. An applicant can apply only once during the admission cycle. ​

  3. Calculate backwards from the application deadline you have chosen and keeping at least 40 - 45 days for the application essays plan to write the GMAT or the GRE.​

  4. Decide whether you would write the GMAT or the GRE and get sone with the test.

  5. The next step is to plan for the online application submission in the ISB admission process.

  6. ISB admission process 2023 requires the applicants to submit their ​Personal details, identification documents etc in the application form.

  7. For the ISB admission process 2023 the Aadhar card is a valid proof of identity in addition to the passport.

  8. Academic credentials like undergraduate and post graduate programs studied should be added to the ISB application form.

  9. Add the work related information with duration, roles and responsibilities and achievements to the online application.

  10. A valid GMAT or GRE score is prerequisite for the ISB admission procedure. Use the relevant codes as below for sending the official scores for the ISB one year MBA :

  11. GMAT code: N2D-J5-01

    1. GRE code: 7892

    2. TOEFL code: 9047

  12. The next step is to write two ISB essays. In case of re-applicants an additional essay is required.

  13. 1 letter of recommendation,

  14. Scholarship essay if applicable,

  15. Finally add your extracurricular activities, awards and achievements, hobbies to the online ISB application.

  16. Final step is the ISB interview.  

Download Mini Course: How to improve your essay writing.

ISB Essays 2023 - 24:

  1. Peer Learning is a major building block of PGP at ISB. Help us in understanding how will you be able to add value to the PGP peer group through your personal and professional qualities/capabilities? (400 words max)

  2. What are your short term and long term career goals? How will Post Graduate Program at ISB assist you in achieving your goals?  (400 words max)

ISB Essays 2023 - 24 for waivers & scholarships:

Bridge to India Tuition Waiver: 

Justify why you deserve this Scholarship. (For applicants working abroad for more than 1 year and plan to return to India)  (200 words max)

ISB - AIESEC Tuition Waiver:

Justify why you deserve this Scholarship. Also, provide your contribution to the AIESEC. (This scholarship is for AIESEC alumni) (Upload proof of your association with AIESEC along with Proof of Income for Self in the upload section)  (200 words max)

ISB Need Based Waiver:

Justify by stressing on the need & your family financial condition (For applicants with household incomes less than INR 12 Lacs)  (200 words max)

PGPMAX CO 2012 Scholarship:

Explain how do you plan to give back to the society? (For applicants working in the social sector only and household income less than INR 12 Lacs.)  (200 words max)

Ramesh C. Khanna Nurture India Scholarship:

Justify why you deserve this Scholarship. (For applicants who are the sole income earners in their family and household income less than INR 12 Lacs).  (200 words max).

What is a Good GRE score for ISB?

Over the years the GRE test takers in India have fluctuated:

  1. 2016-17 - 76,381 GRE Test takers in India

  2. 2017-18 - 61,578 GRE Test takers in India

  3. 2018-19 - 66,590 GRE Test takers in India

  4. 2019-20 - 64,333 GRE Test takers in India

  5. 2020-21 - 66,326 GRE Test takers in India

For the overall 366,686 test takers Worldwide from June 2020 - July 2021 writing the GRE 13,204 test takers intended to study an MBA which is around 4%.

If we apply the same benchmark to the above numbers from India - around 2653 test takers from India applied to MBA programs in 2020 - 2021. So this is fairly the competition in terms of overall applicants applying through the GRE score.

Moreover, the numbers below show the average mean scores of applicants in different age groups applying to MBA programs specifically worldwide:

GRE average scores for the Age group 18-22 

Verbal reasoning mean - 152.7

Quantitative reasoning mean - 156.2

Analytical reasoning mean - 3.8


GRE average scores for the Age group 23-25

Verbal reasoning mean - 154.0

Quantitative reasoning mean - 155.8

Analytical reasoning mean - 4.0


GRE average scores for the Age group 26-30

Verbal reasoning mean - 154.8

Quantitative reasoning mean - 155.4

Analytical reasoning mean - 4.1

GRE average scores for the Age group 31-35

  1. Verbal reasoning mean - 153.4

  2. Quantitative reasoning mean - 154.2

  3. Analytical reasoning mean - 3.8

GRE average scores for the Age group 36-40

  1. Verbal reasoning mean - 151.3

  2. Quantitative reasoning mean - 151.2

  3. Analytical reasoning mean - 3.5

GRE average scores for the Age group 41-45

  1. Verbal reasoning mean - 150.9

  2. Quantitative reasoning mean - 148.8

  3. Analytical reasoning mean - 3.5

This gives you a fair idea to benchmark yourself against your peers according to the age group that you fit into.

For further clarity you can also benchmark yourself as below with respect to the GRE test takers who aimed to apply for an MBA from this data from June 2020 to July 2021:

GRE average scores for test takers with Work experience less than 1 year

  1. Verbal reasoning mean - 152.0

  2. Quantitative reasoning mean - 154.8

  3. Analytical reasoning mean - 3.7

GRE average scores for test takers with Work experience 1-2 years

  1. Verbal reasoning mean - 152.8

  2. Quantitative reasoning mean - 154.8

  3. Analytical reasoning mean - 3.9

GRE average scores for test takers with Work experience 3-4 years

  1. Verbal reasoning mean - 154.9

  2. Quantitative reasoning mean - 155.8

  3. Analytical reasoning mean - 4.1

GRE average scores for test takers with Work experience 5-7 years

  1. Verbal reasoning mean - 155.1

  2. Quantitative reasoning mean - 155.4

  3. Analytical reasoning mean - 4.1

GRE average scores for test takers with Work experience 8-10 years 

  1. Verbal reasoning mean - 154

  2. Quantitative reasoning mean - 154.1

  3. Analytical reasoning mean - 3.9

GRE average scores for test takers with Work experience 11-14 years

  1. Verbal reasoning mean - 152.8

  2. Quantitative reasoning mean - 154.0

  3. Analytical reasoning mean - 3.7

The above information is very useful to pragmatically evaluate your GRE score wrt your peers and understand where you stand on the curve. Contact an ISB admission consultant at GOALisB for a profile evaluation or application assistance for the round 1 deadline of ISB PGP.

What's new at ISB?

July 2022 updates from ISB:

  1. Rashi Garg, PGP Co '04, was hired by Danaher Corporation as the Commercial Head for IDT - APAC.

  2. In August 2022, the ISB Alumni Public Policy SIG will host a workshop on writing policy papers as a part of the Office of Alumni Engagement to help our alumni develop useful writing skills and receive pertinent comments.

  3. The Office of Alumni Engagement's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) will hold their next city meeting in New Delhi on September 17, 2022.

  4. The "CRACK THE C-SUITE CODE - What it takes to be a CXO" session that C-Suite Roundtable, an Office of Alumni Engagement project, presented by ISB in July 2022 was a big success. Eminent speakers Kedar Lele, Rohit Kapoor, and Manik Gupta provided insights about their professional journeys, habits, and job roles that keep them going forward in their careers and helped them to the pinnacle of success at the session, which was moderated by Dibyendu Bose.

  5. On July 29, 2022, ISB Com Stars organised a virtual session that was full of laughs with the help of the Office of Alumni Engagement and Stand-up Comedy Club, PGP Co '23.

June 2022 updates from ISB:

  1. According to The Economist Full-time MBA Rankings 2022, ISB is ranked #1 in India and #5 in Asia.

  2. The class of 2021 graduates and the class of 2022 students from the ISB postgraduate programme were surveyed for the rankings.

  3. Sridhar Kundu of Bharti Institute of Public Policy, ISB was quoted in this story on the Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) for 2020-21, released by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation.

  4. DLabs at the Indian School of Business has inked a Memorandum of Understanding with Mumbai Angels, a leading private investment platform, to work together on finding and funding high-potential entrepreneurs. The agreement will provide businesses with a number of scale-related benefits, including speedier access to finance for expansion.

  5. The Hon'ble Governor of Uttar Pradesh, Smt Anandiben Patel, paid a visit to the ISB Mohali campus. She was accompanied by the Vice-Chancellors of nine of the state's most prestigious universities. The Hon'ble Governor and the VCs were briefed on ISB's best practises in higher education management and its engagement approach with its large alumni network during the visit.

ISB MBA ranking:

  1. 1st in India according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek Best Business schools for 2021-22.

  2. 5th in Asia according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek best Business schools 2021-22.

  3. ​​32 rank in the FT MBA 2022 ranking and

  4. Ranked 23rd in the world in the FT Global MBA rankings 2021.

  5. ​Among the Asia-Pacific schools ISB MBA achieved the 5th position in the Bloomberg Best B-Schools 21-22 rankings. This is enough reason for most MBA applicants in India to aspire for an ISB MBA.

ISB MBA Placements related numbers from FT MBA ranking 2022

  1. Overall FT Rank - 32

  2. Salary percentage increase for ISB - 184%

  3. Career Services Rank - 43

  4. Career Progress Rank - 28

  5. International Mobility Rank - 88

Function wise percentage of ISB MBA placements:

  1. Analytics - In 2020 - 5%  and in 2021 - 3%

  2. Consulting - In 2020 - 23%  and in 2021 - 34%

  3. Finance - In 2020 - 7%  and in 2021 - 5%

  4. General management - In 2020 - 16%  and in 2021 - 12%

  5. Operations - In 2020 - 8%  and in 2021 - 4%

  6. Others - In 2020 - 1%  and in 2021 - 6%

  7. Product development - In 2020 - 1 and in 2021 - Nil

  8. Product management - In 2020 - 16% and in 2021 - 14%

  9. Project management - In 2020 - 2%  and in 2021 - 1%

  10. Sales and marketing - In 2020 - 16% and in 2021 - 14%

  11. Technology - In 2020 - 5% and in 2021 - 7% 

Contact an ISB admission consultant at GOALisB for a profile evaluation or application assistance for the round 1 deadline of ISB PGP.

What is the lowest salary received at ISB ? What is the highest salary received at ISB ? What is the average salary received at ISB ?

Over the last 5-6 years the salaries have substantially increased and the number of offers have also increased for the graduating class at ISB PGP.  

ISB MBA placements over the last 5 years has been as follows:

  1. In 2016, 1149 offers were made for a batch of 813 students.

  2. In 2017 this has gradually increased to 1113 offers for 903 candidates.

  3. In 2018, 1136 job offers were made to 875 candidates

  4. In 2019, 1309 offers for 884 candidates and 1504 job offers to 890 candidates in 2020.

  5. For the class of 2021 which was affected by COVID 19, 1195 offers were made to a class of 693 students.

ISB MBA Placements 2022:

  1. The average Salary (CTC) offered to ISB graduates in the year 2022 is around INR 34 lakh per annum (LPA).

  2. The average CTC offered during ISB MBA placements 2022 increased by 20.78% compared to the previous year average CTC of INR 28.21 lakhs.

  3. The ISB class of 2022 got a 3 fold increment in their salary package as compared to their pre-ISB packages.

  4. A total of 2066 offers were made to a batch of 930 students with every student receiving an average of 2.32 offers.

How to write great ISB essays?

For many, the MBA application process is a minefield of preset ideas and forced points. While it's tempting to outline your educational goals in advance. Who doesn't love writing an essay for MBA?! The best way apply authentically is by starting with what you've already accomplished. Your honesty will shine through when details about these accomplishments are shared during essays.​

  1. Tell your story: Well-written ISB essays make the reader want more. By being original and sharing something only you know about yourself, it will help them get a feel for who exactly you are as an individual--as if they had met with your family or just happened upon some random act of kindness from someone close enough in life for this connection to have been made!  It may seem cliche, but the best essays are always original. This should be obvious- after all you're an individual and your story deserves to stand out from everyone else's stories in this crowded applicant pool! Make sure it does by starting with something unique about yourself like how hard work paid off (or didn't) when applying for graduate schools. 

  2. Plan your ISB essays well: When you state a problem, it's impossible not to get curious. You can discuss personal challenges and difficulties as well because discussing them will help others in their own struggles with these issues. There are many external issues and personal difficulties that we struggle with in our day-to-day lives. By stating it, you create instant curiosity because the reader will want to know how you dealt or overcame them!

  3. Its OK to experiment when you write your ISB essays: When the admissions committee is reading so many essays daily, you can be creative and offbeat. In order for this type of approach work though customers should take care about what they are doing because using humour in essays might not always come across well sometimes people don't get the joke or even worse think your writing style has gone crazy when really all thats happening was trying too hard with some clever word choice that failed miserably at delivering its intended message.

  4. Avoid reiterating your resume in your ISB essays: It is a common mistake to write an essay for MBA about your background and experience in resume-like fashion. If other parts of your application provide the same information, does it add value for you simply summarise or explain them again? The reader wants something more engaging - so keep their attention by using stories or examples from what they already know!


Arindam Chatterjee ISB MBA


Shruti mam, a coach from whom I have taken guidance for my ISB PGP interview prep, is an awesome human being and has an indepth knowledge of B schools selection procedures.
With the help of her guidance during my process I have converted ISB and IIM B.
I really regret if I could have taken guidance from her from very begining I could have converted some more top B schools.
I recommend her for all the aspirants seeking help for admission process and interview prep.

Shilpa Yadav ISB MBA

Shilpa Yadav.jpeg

I highly recommend Shruti/GoalISB for anyone who is looking for MBA admits from top B schools in India or abroad. Right from day one Shruti had been like my mentor and friend not only for the applications but also for my over all career growth and interview prep.

She gave me honest feedback while I was writing irrelevant stories for my applications and her feedbacks were to the point and an eyeopener for me ! I remember how she reviewed my application multiple times and provided me feedback again and again until the essays were good.

I got interview calls from all the colleges I applied ( IIMs, ISB and abroad colleges). Because of her consistent and extended support for mock interview sessions , I secured the admits from ISB, IIMC, IIM Lucknow and ESCP. 

I go to her for any doubts related to my applications, career growth and interview prep( even after my package was completed long back). She has always been so concerned about my interviews and application results.

The best part is - she is always available to respond and to support just like a family member!!!

Pranoy Suresh ISB MBA


I sincerely thank Mrs. Shruti for helping me secure admissions to ISB (PGP), IIMA (PGPX) and IIMC (MBAEX) (2021-22 batch).

Being an ISB alumna and an experienced consultant, Mrs. Shruti has absolute clarity on what to mention in the applications depending on one’s profile and she made sure that I am able to portray my best self in the applications. Throughout my application processes and interviews she supported me as a mentor, spending hours on each minute detail that I need to look into. She even went out of her way to help me with my GMAT by sending me reference materials. On the whole, my experience has been as if I have been working with an elder sister rather than with a consultant. This personal touch clearly differentiates Goalisb from other MBA consultants.

FAQ ISB Admission Process 2023

Is it mandatory to take the LOR for the ISB PGP application from the workplace or can the ISB applicants take an LOR from the academic reference or outside their workplace?

The Lor's main function is to verify your skill sets with a professional acquaintance from your place of employment. This now resolves the query on its own. Let's imagine you've been working for five years and are asking for a lor from your college professor. Will the professor be able to accurately reflect the skill sets you've developed over the last five years since graduating? Not exactly. Technically, you could get a LOR from a professor, but it wouldn't be very useful.
Take a letter of recommendation (LOR) from someone you've known for at least four to six months, but no more than two years.

What are the ISB MBA Scholarships?

All ISB MBA applicants shall be eligible for the merit-linked tuition waivers. They are not required to apply separately.


ISB MBA Applicants for tuition waivers must submit proof of income for self, parents & spouse (if applicable) is mandatory to be eligible.


An MBA applicant is allowed to apply for more than one tuition waiver, at the same time only one tuition waiver shall be awarded to an applicant.


Submission of a testimonial is mandatory for all students who are "awarded" a tuition waiver.


Other options for Scholarships at ISB MBA:


1. AT&T Scholarship

  • Eligibility:

  • Work experience in any of the following industries: IT/Technology/Media/Communication Industry

  • The applicants should not be directly or indirectly associated with AT&T or its affiliates

Application process requires the submission of a declaration.


2. Bridge to India Tuition Waiver


  • Stellar academic background

  • Indian with a full-time work experience abroad for at least for one year.

Application process requires submission of an essay as follows - Justify why you deserve this Scholarship. (For applicants working abroad for more than 1 year and plan to return to India)  (200 words max)


3. ISB - AIESEC Tuition Waiver


  • AIESEC member/ alumnus with a strong academic background

Application process requires the submission of the proof of income and proof of association with AEISEC and an essay - Justify why you deserve this Scholarship. Also, provide your contribution to the AIESEC.


4. ISB need based waiver


  • Family income inclusive of the applicant's pre ISB income being less than INR 12 lakhs.

Application process includes submission of the proof of income for self and family and an essay on the topic "Justify by stressing on the need & your family financial condition "  (200 words max)


5. PGPMAX Co 2012 Scholarship


  • Applicant must have experience in the social sector and the income criteria same as the ISB need based waiver.


Application process involves submission of relevant proof for eligibility and an essay "Explain how do you plan to give back to the society? " (200 words max)


6. Ramesh C. Khanna Nurture India Scholarship


  • The ISB applicant should be the only earning member in the family with a family income less than INR 12 Lakhs.

Application process involves submission of relevant proof for eligibility and an essay on the topic "Justify why you deserve this Scholarship."  (200 words max)


Is ISB Better or IIM?​

ISB and IIM deliver world ranked one Year MBA programs in India. Is ISB better or IIM does really depend on the career background and future goals of the applicants. While some applicants like to consider the FT rankings for IIM and ISB programs, some like to evaluate on the basis of class size, average age or average work experience in the class. There is a huge difference in the batch size at ISB vs IIM which is also sometimes a deciding factor for applicants to ISB MBA.

Does ISB provide MBA?

ISB provides an MBA equivalent one year management program. In India only universities are allowed to award degrees which is why the ISB PGP is not a degree or a diploma. However the ISB MBA with its world rankings and industry acceptance is a leading MBA program in India.

Is ISB hard to get into?

Yes, the process and the competition - both make it hard to get into ISB. Every year ISB PGP accepts applications to its MBA program in three rounds starting in July. The applicants have to submit a GMAT or a GRE score, application form with ISB essays, recommendation letter and then present for an ISB interview. These components are touch to crack and highly competitive year on year.

Does ISB accept CAT score for MBA admission?

No. CAT score is not an acceptable score for ISB admissions. ISB accepts the GMAT or the GRE score for the admission process.

Is 680 a good score for ISB?

680 gmat score lies well within range of scores that ISB accepts for admissions. We have had many admits at 680 GMAT score. The profile of the applicants plays a very important roles in ISB admission process. Everything matters - Academic scores, GMAT score, Work experience, essays and Letter of Recommendation before any applicant is shortlisted.

Does ISB have a 2 year MBA?

No. ISB MBA is a one year full time program equivalent to an MBA.  Over the one year period students undergo a rigorous schedule of  curriculum and activities. This is what life at ISB is like:


  1. Life at ISB starts with The Digital Headstart Module which starts in 2022 on 3rd April 2022. Simultaneously the students at ISB Mohali and ISB Hyderabad begin their orientation and LEAD course which lasts for around two weeks.  The Digital Headstart Module is an online off campus module which continues till end of June.

  2. The duration of the ISB PGP course is divided into 8 terms over a period of 12 months. Every term lasts around 4 weeks with two examination schedules per term - mid term examinations and end term examinations to be held over a period of 2-4 days within the term.

  3. Career preparation week starts sometime in the beginning of October after the fourth term is over. The fourth term is also the last core term. Post this starting mid October 2022 the life at ISB for the graduates takes a twist and they start with their elective terms.

  4. Some courses offered in Term 5 electives in the past years are​Brand Management,​Business Analytics using Data Mining, ​Corporate Control, Mergers and Acquisitions ​, Digital Game Design Techniques for Businesses, ​​Global Strategic Management , Security Markets and Trading, Strategic Procurement etc.

  5. Post the term 5 somewhere in the mid of November 2022 the life at ISB will become slightly more tight packed with "On Campus interviews" which will start at ISB Hyderabad to be continued till around 9 or 10 days. During this week, life at ISB changes as the students do not engage in any course work. SEAL conducts soft skills workshops and interventions, and mock interviews. ISB Alumni also volunteer for these initiatives by SEAL and participate in resume review and mock interview sessions.

  6. This is followed by the Term 6 electives. Some courses offered over the previous years for Term 6 at ISB Hyderabad were: Business Value Of Disruptive Technologies, ​Consumer Behaviour (Mandatory Elective), Corporate Strategy and Organization Design, Fixed Income Securities, International Finance, Marketing of High-Technology Products and Innovations, Strategic Customer Analytics

  7. The end of term 6 is followed by another week to ten days of "On Campus Interviews" followed by the ELP week till the mid of January 2023. Experiential Learning Programme (ELP) is a live consulting engagement in the ISB MBA curriculum. For the ELP ISB students team up in groups of three to four to accomplish project goals to aid the client’s business potential.

  8. Term 7 marks its onset in the mid of January followed by the Study Trek week which continues till the end of February 2023. Life at ISB now comes to its last term - Term 8 which continues till the first week of April 2023.