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How is Life at ISB in 2023?

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Life at ISB is a whirlwind of transformation and opens up a tremendous scope of opportunities through the various events in addition to the curriculum. Sharing here a snapshot into the experience during one year at ISB.

Life at ISB Hyderabad 2023 - 24:

Embark on a transformative journey at the Indian School of Business (ISB) with an action-packed academic calendar. The year kicks off with Orientation and The Leadership Development (LEAD) program, running from April 16 to April 23, 2023, set the stage for personal and professional development for ISB PGP students. There is no doubt that life at ISB will be hectic, however, the ISB admissions process does ensure that they choose the applicants who have proven their mettle as professionals.

What are the Events and Updates from Life at ISB 2023?

  1. Professor Ramabhadran Thirumalai addressed members of the Confederation of Indian Industry in Madurai in August 2023 as part of the ISB Masterclass Series on ‘Managing Uncertainties: Avoid Risk at All Costs?'. He emphasized that calculated risks are essential for a company’s growth, urging them to venture into areas where they possess expertise.

  2. In an opinion piece, Seshadri D.V.R, Professor of Marketing (Practice), along with co-authors Dr. Shweta Jaiswal and Ratna Geetika, discussed the rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in India's healthcare sector. While acknowledging AI-based healthcare's potential, they also addressed misconceptions and challenges that need attention.

  3. Aparnaa Jain, former head of philanthropy at Sarthak Foundation, joined ISB's PGP class 2024, redirecting her ambitions toward a new goal.

  4. ISB co-hosted Charcha '23, a platform for inspiring talks, influential partnerships, and actionable solutions to co-create resilient livelihoods for India and the world. The event, organized by The/Nudge Institute, took place at the Hyderabad campus on August 23-24, 2023.

Learn more about the application process for ISB 2024.

Term 1 at ISB Hyderabad, spanning from April 24 to June 4, 2023, is a dynamic period filled with engaging classes and activities. Each week presents a carefully curated schedule, with Mondays to Thursdays dedicated to enriching learning experiences. Fridays provide opportunities for reflection and project work, while Saturdays and Sundays offer valuable time for rejuvenation and self-care.

Term 2 for ISB PGP commences on June 5, 2023, and extends until July 16, 2023. This term features a balance of rigorous coursework and assessments, culminating in both mid-term and end-term exams. The ISB PGP academic calendar is thoughtfully designed to optimize the learning experience, with a focus on practical application and real-world relevance. This is also a good time for students from different ISB MBA programs to get to know each other.

The academic year at ISB also incorporates special events and holidays, sessions on Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanthi provide valuable insights and reflections on India's rich heritage and history. Additionally, the ISB MBA academic calendar includes dedicated time for ELP (Experiential Learning Program) Week, which takes place from October 5 to October 8, 2023. During this week, life at ISB has a lot of activities students engage in immersive experiential learning activities, enhancing their skills and gaining practical industry exposure.

ISB Hyderabad placements are scheduled to tentatively start from 20 November 2023 to 26 November 2023 and further on campus interviews continue from 27 November 2023 to 3 December 2023.

Students can expect a perfect blend of academic rigor, personal development opportunities, and moments of relaxation. Life at ISB is a year filled with growth, discovery, and the building of lifelong connections.

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Life at ISB Mohali

Are you considering pursuing your business education at ISB Mohali?

Situated in the vibrant city of Mohali, Punjab, the Indian School of Business, ISB Mohali campus offers a transformative experience that combines rigorous academics, leadership development, and a diverse community of aspiring business professionals. In this blog post, we will walk you through the key milestones and specializations that shape life at ISB Mohali.

ISB Mohali registrations start on Saturday, April 15, 2023. It's an exciting day as ISB PGP students embark on an incredible learning adventure. ISB YLP admits and ISB EEO admits who are scheduled to start their tenure this year in 2023 also comprise the same batch of ISB PGP.

Orientation and The Leadership Development (LEAD) at ISB Mohali:

From April 16, 2023, to April 23, 2023 following registration, ISB MBA students dive into the orientation program and The Leadership Development (LEAD) experience. This immersive week is designed to acquaint them with the campus, faculty, and fellow students while honing your leadership skills.

Term 1 at ISB Mohali:

Spanning from April 24, 2023, to June 4, 2023, Term 1 marks the beginning of the ISB MBA academic journey. Students engage in a range of core courses and foundational knowledge that lay the groundwork for your specialization. This term is filled with learning, group projects, and building a strong network with your peers. With mid-term exams from May 13 to 14, 2023 this period .is a chance to showcase their knowledge and reflect on their growth.

Term 2 at ISB Mohali:

From June 5, 2023, to July 16, 2023, in Term 2, ISB PGP students delve deeper into their chosen specialization. ISB Mohali offers a diverse range of specializations to cater to the student's interests and career aspirations. Whether it is Corporate Control, Marketing Strategy, Project Management, or any other specialization, this term provides focused coursework tailored to your chosen field. Mid-term Exams from June 23-25, 2023 in Term 2 provide an opportunity to demonstrate your grasp of the specialized subjects you have been studying. It's a chance to apply your knowledge and showcase your skills.

Term 3 at ISB Mohali:

From July 17, 2023, to August 27, 2023, Term 3 continues the ISB PGP coursework, allowing students to deepen your expertise and explore advanced topics. This term prepares ISB MBA students for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in their chosen field. Mid-term Exams are from August 4-6, 2023.

Term 4 at ISB Mohali is the Cross-Over Term:

Spanning from August 28, 2023, to October 4, 2023, Term 4 is a significant period as it marks the start of the bidding activity. During this term, you have the opportunity to bid for electives and international exchange programs. This process allows you to tailor your education further and gain exposure to specialized areas beyond your primary focus.

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The ELP Week at ISB PGP duration is from October 5-8, 2023. As the term nears its end, students participate in end-term exams and the Experiential Learning Program (ELP) Week. The ELP Week is a unique opportunity to apply your skills and knowledge to real-world business challenges through consulting projects, internships, or other experiential learning opportunities.

Term 5 at ISB Mohali:

Term 5 ISB PGP duration is from October 9, 2023, to November 16, 2023 brings another round of specialized coursework, building upon your previous knowledge and experiences. Bidding for electives and refining your academic trajectory continue during this term.

On-Campus Interviews at ISB Placements:

ISB Placements interviews are scheduled to take place tentatively between November 20-26, 2023 and further from 27 November 2023 to 3 December 2023. During this period, on-campus interviews take place, providing ISB MBA students with the chance to connect with potential employers and secure internships or job offers.

ISB Mohali Term 6:

From December 4, 2023, to January 14, 2024, in Term 6, ISB MBA students continue their specialized coursework and bidding for electives, shaping the final stages of their academic journey at ISB Mohali.

ISB Mohali Term 7:

Starting from January 15, 2024, to February 25, 2024 during the Term 7 the ISB Class of 2024 delves deeper into advanced topics and further refine their expertise.

The final term - Term 8:

From February 26, 2024, to April 8, 2024 during the final term, Term 8, ISB PGP students focus on consolidating their learning and preparing for the transition beyond ISB Mohali.

Graduation Day for ISB Mohali 2024 will tentatively be on April 5, 2024. The culmination of the ISB Mohali experience is the Graduation Day. It's a day of celebration and reflection as ISB graduates receive their well-deserved degree, marking the successful completion of your business education at one of India's most prestigious institutions.

ISB Hyderabad vs. ISB Mohali: Exploring Electives

It's important to note that while ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali share a common foundation and reputation for excellence, the specializations offered differ slightly between the two campuses.

ISB Hyderabad offers a wide range of specializations/ electives, including Corporate Development, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Marketing Research, Entrepreneurship, and many more.

On the other hand, ISB Mohali offers specializations such as Corporate Control, Arts of Communication, Digital Transformation, Financial Statement Analysis, and others. Life at ISB Mohali is a transformative experience, combining rigorous academics, leadership development, and a thriving community of driven individuals. From the excitement of registration day to the proud moment of graduation, your time at ISB Mohali will shape your professional trajectory and leave you with lasting memories. Whether you choose to specialize in Corporate Control, Marketing Strategy, or any other field, ISB Mohali offers a wealth of opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive in the world of business.

Read more about the ISB admissions 2024.

Events comprise an integral part of Life at ISB:

1. ADVAITA, an umbrella event for inter b-school competitions, is organized at both ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali campuses concurrently. It enhances learning and fosters inter-campus collaboration among students and various clubs. The event spans two days and involves collaboration between Professional Clubs at both campuses - ISB Mohali and ISB Hyderabad. Each club hosts events at only one campus to avoid duplication.

2. ARTHA, the annual finance conclave at ISB, brings together finance leaders and bright students for interactive discussions, aiming to develop perspectives and inspire the student body. AIKYA is a host family network program that connects leading families from twin cities and Tricity with ISB students. It facilitates interaction, cultural exchange, and community engagement.

3. Bandhan, held on Independence Day, is an initiative where over 500 students from low-income neighborhoods are invited to ISB campuses.

4. The ISB Leadership Summit (ILS) is the flagship event of ISB's Graduate Student Association, offering students the opportunity to engage with influential business leaders through debates and discussions on innovative leadership ideas.

5. The ISB Sports League (ISL) is a student-run tournament inspired by the IPL format. It spans several months, with franchises auctioned for real money and participants competing across multiple sports for glory and cash prizes. The event takes place in both Hyderabad and Mohali campuses, with a lead coordinator and core committee overseeing its management.

6. Shadow a CEO is a program organized during Daan Utsav (Joy of Giving Week) at ISB, allowing students to spend a day with prominent CEOs. The program aims to cultivate the habit of giving among youth and provides valuable learning opportunities. Students bid for the chance to shadow a CEO in a live auction, with the CEO contributing an equal or greater amount to a charity of their choice.

A very common question is whether ISB MBA fees is justified. The kind of exposure you get at ISB to the business environment and the network, along with the excellent infrastructure, global faculty and the learning experience all justifies the ISB MBA fees.

Further there are events organised across the year by ISB at both campuses:

  1. On 22 September 2022 - As part of the Business and Policy Dialogue series, Shri Derek O' Brien, Member of Parliament, visited the ISB Hyderabad Campus on Wednesday and spoke to students about "Citizen Engagement in Policymaking." In his speech, Shri Derek O' Brien stressed the importance of creating forums where ideas can be shared for improved democratic functioning and urged students to actively interact with legislators.

  2. On 24 September 2022 - The ISB Leadership Summit (ILS), the school's annual signature event, will take place on September 24 and 25, 2022, at the ISB Hyderabad and Mohali campuses, respectively. The "Prism of Possibilities" topic is the focus of ILS.

  3. ILS 2022 will feature an exciting lineup of speakers, including Dr. V Anantha Nageswaran, Chief Economic Adviser, Government of India, and Justice (Retd) N V Ramana, former Chief Justice of India, at the ISB Hyderabad campus and R Madhavan, actor, screenwriter, director, and producer, at the ISB Mohali campus.

  4. On 23 September 2022 - According to Analytics India Magazine, Professor Manish Gangwar, Executive Director of the ISB Institute of Data Science (IIDS), is one of the "Most Prominent Analytics & Data Science Academicians in India 2022." Academics who have made significant contributions to the fields of analytics, data science, and artificial intelligence are highlighted by this honour.

  5. On 24 September 2022 - Upasana Kamineni Konidela and Prof. Bhagwan Chowdhry will engage in a stimulating fireside talk at ISB on September 24 beginning at 5:30 p.m.

  6. During which they will ignite some insightful discussions on entrepreneurship, leadership, and other topics as I-Venture celebrates its first anniversary. The event will take place on level 2 of AC3-Max LT on the ISB Hyderabad campus.

  7. On 25 September 2022 - Day 1 of the ISB Leadership Summit (ILS) 2022, which was hosted at the Hyderabad campus, featured a keynote speech from Justice (Retd) N V Ramana, a former Chief Justice of India.

  8. On 26 September - The PGP Co'23 hosted Day 2 of the ISB Leadership Summit (ILS) at the Mohali Campus. The 19th edition of the ISB Leadership Summit featured a stellar lineup of speakers from various fields, including VCs, entrepreneurs, bureaucrats, military leaders, and ISB alumni. These speakers shared their insights during candid conversations, lively panel discussions, and in-depth roundtable discussions.

  9. On 8 August 2022, Shri K V Subramanian and Shri Shashwat Alok, two professors, have been nominated to serve on the SEBI standing committee, which would offer recommendations and counsel on issues pertaining to foreign portfolio investors (FPIs). The committee will be led by Professor Subramanian. Read more about how to get into ISB?

  10. On August 17, 2022, Professor Prachi Deuskar participated in a webinar hosted by the NSE-ISB Trading Laboratory to discuss the role that emotions play in stock trading and whether we can teach our market instincts to be unbiased and unaffected by emotions. She co-authored a study paper with her co-authors as well "How does regret impact the actions of investors? Chinese stock market data as evidence."

  11. On 9 August 2022, The Advanced Management Program in Public Policy's 2022–2023 batch was solemnly inaugurated on the Mohali campus by Shri Bandaru Dattatreya, the Hon. Governor of Haryana (AMPPP).

  12. On August 18, Madhu Viswanathan, Associate Professor of Marketing and Research Director of the ISB Institute of Data Science (IIDS), will speak on "Digital marketing for startups to accelerate B2B growth" as part of Growth Tunes Session 2 at the Emerging Technology Centre (ETC), a joint project of ISB and the Intel Startup Program.

  13. On August 20 and 21, 2022, Indian School of Business will host the Analytics Conclave, which will include keynote speaker sessions, panel discussions, case competitions, and much more on both campuses i.e Hyderabad & Mohali.

  14. On 20 August, 2022, The fourth edition of the PGPMAX Industry Dialogue, involving ISB Alumni from various businesses, took place. The panel included Ganesh Mani, president and chief operating officer of Ashok Leyland, Rajiv Nair, group CEO of Kaya Limited, Ekta Ghosh, chief digital officer of WAISL Limited, and Rajiv Bajaj, executive director of Liberty House Group.

  15. On 21 August 2022, the compendium of 75 startups, published by the Department of Health Science and Technology during DST Startup Utsav in conjunction included two startups from the portfolio of DLabs at the Indian School of Business: "The star in me" and "Sirona Hygiene".

  16. On 22 August 2022, the Centre for Analytical Finance's Summer Research Conference in 2022 has as its theme "Finding solutions for the economy, firms, and investors in the face of oncoming big problems."

  17. On 26 August 2022 the Bharti Institute of Public Policy, ISB, released "Policy Recommendations for Customer Centric E-Commerce in India," a set of four reports focused on various elements of the growth and problems of the country's e-commerce ecosystem.

  18. On 25 August 2022, The International Monetary Fund has appointed Prof. K V Subramanian as the Executive Director (India).

  19. On 27 August 2022, ISB PGPMAX presented a Master class on "Business Innovation for Growth and Resilience to Drive Market Capitalization" with Prof. Rajendra Srivastava.

  20. On 27 August 2022, Shri S Sivakumar, Head, Agri and IT Businesses, ITC Limited, was hosted by ISB on Thursday at the Mohali campus. Mr. S. Sivakumar spoke with the faculty and students and shared pearls from his more than three decades of experience.

  21. On 29 August 2022, four papers were released by the Bharti Institute of Public Policy at ISB under the title "Policy Recommendations for Customer Centric E-Commerce in India," each focused on a different area of the development and difficulties of India's e-commerce sector.

  22. On 8 September 2022, ISB Executive Education alumni Vijay Jacob Parakkal and Vikrant Gandhi presented a webinar where they discussed their experiences and learning’s from the General Management Program.

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Clubs and Special Interest Groups at ISB Hyderabad vs ISB Mohali:

ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali have a variety of special interest groups that cater to different areas of interest and expertise.

Here is a comparison of the special interest groups at each ISB campus:

ISB Hyderabad:

  1. Debate: This group focuses on fostering critical thinking, persuasive communication, and effective debating skills among its members.

  2. Human Capital & Leadership: This group explores topics related to human resources, leadership development, and organizational behavior, aiming to enhance knowledge and skills in these areas.

  3. WAWE: WAWE stands for Women at Work and Entrepreneurship.

ISB Mohali:

  1. Business Analytics: Similar to the Hyderabad campus, this group focuses on the field of business analytics, exploring the latest tools, techniques, and applications in data analysis.

  2. Debate: This group promotes the art of debate and public speaking, providing a platform for students to engage in meaningful discussions and develop their oratory skills.

  3. Literary: The literary group focuses on literature, creative writing, and literary analysis, encouraging members to express themselves through various literary forms.

These special interest groups provide students with opportunities to explore their passions, gain knowledge, and collaborate with like-minded individuals in their respective areas of interest.

ISB International Exchange

At ISB, the institution is dedicated to nurturing a holistic and global perspective among its students. ISB has meticulously crafted Inbound and Outbound Exchange Programs to achieve this objective. These unique programs are tailored to expand students' horizons, offering them a profound understanding of the intricacies of international management.

ISB's International Exchange Programs

The school has established partnerships with over 50 prestigious institutions across the globe, including renowned schools in countries such as the United States, France, South Africa, Israel, Germany, China, Pakistan, South Korea, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Australia, Spain, Switzerland, Chile, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Poland, Thailand, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, and many more. This network of international collaborations enriches the ISB campus with diverse perspectives and enhances the peer-learning experience for its students.

Outbound Exchange Program

The outbound exchange program at ISB offers its students a unique opportunity to spend time in other leading B-schools worldwide. This experience is pivotal in broadening students' horizons and facilitates establishing valuable connections and networks.

Choosing an Outbound Exchange Program

The first step to embark on your Outbound Exchange Program journey is to define your goals. This helps streamline your selection process:

  1. Do you have specific academic requirements or a particular specialization in mind?

  2. Are you keen on exploring a specific market or related job opportunities?

  3. Do you desire to visit exotic places or destinations you wouldn't typically have the opportunity to explore?

  4. When is the ideal time for you to go on an exchange?

  5. How long would you like to spend abroad on your exchange program?

  6. What is your maximum budget for the exchange?

How to choose the ISB International Exchange Options?

  1. What are the courses?

  2. What is the cost of living in the city you're considering, and how will you arrange sufficient funds?

  3. What is the climate like in the host country?

Get in touch with the Student Engagement and Applied Learning (SEAL) department to seek more help.

Exchange Eligibility Criteria

These criteria apply both before and after selecting an exchange program:

  1. No 'F' grade should be present in your courses for any reason related to academic performance or attendance.


The Outbound Exchange Program is treated as an individual course, and students are selected through bidding. Remember:

  1. You can bid for up to three programs but only attend one.

  2. Bidding timelines will be communicated to you at the appropriate time.


No additional tuition fees will be charged for the exchange program; however, you will be responsible for covering your travel and living expenses. A budget of up to INR 3 lakhs is recommended for frugal spenders.

Visa Requirements:

It's essential to note that any country you plan to visit for your exchange program will require a Visa. Make sure to plan accordingly.

Inbound Exchange Program

ISB welcomes international exchange students to immerse themselves in a two-term educational experience at its campus. This program offers these students fresh and unique perspectives and fosters a profound understanding of emerging economies and global business practices.

Facilities & Housing: ISB's stunning 260-acre campus offers top-notch residential facilities. Inbound exchange students can expect the following:

  1. On-campus housing is limited; early application is recommended. Assistance is available for off-campus housing.

Residential Facilities: Student Villages are at the core of campus life, offering a mix of four-bedroom and studio apartments.

Campus Facilities: ISB's campus, set amidst natural beauty, boasts:

  1. The Academic Centre is home to the Learning Resource Centre (LRC), library, and IT facilities.

  2. The social hub, Courtyard, offers service outlets and leisure spaces.

Expenses: Key cost considerations include:

  1. Course materials are provided free of charge.

  2. A laptop requirement: details can be obtained from

  3. Room rent on campus, with various options available.

  4. Dining options with prices ranging from INR 90 to INR 150 for different food types.

  5. Transportation options include a free shuttle service and cab costs.

Pre-Arrival Checklist: Prepare yourself for a successful exchange experience by completing tasks such as obtaining official documents, confirming accommodations, and packing essentials.

Post-Arrival Checklist: Upon arrival, ensure you connect with the exchange coordinator's academic services and follow essential guidelines for a smooth transition.

Visa Requirements: Visas are essential for all nationalities, and the application process typically takes 1-2 months. Ensure you comply with all visa requirements.

Placement: Exchange students can access career services, including workshops, skills development, and more. However, access to the career portal and recruitment process is unavailable for incoming exchange students.

Code of Conduct: Exchange students must adhere to host and home institutions' rules and honor codes. While you will earn credits, you won't receive an ISB degree. Represent yourself as an exchange student when interacting with external parties.

International Exchange Network:

The International Exchange Network caters to Bocconi University in Italy, Bond University in Australia, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in China, China Europe International Business School in China, Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia in the United States, ESMT Berlin in Germany, and the National University of Singapore. Noteworthy collaborations with institutions like the SDA Bocconi School of Management in Italy and the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan underscore ISB's dedication to cultivating a globally informed education environment. By affording students the chance to connect with peers around the globe, ISB actively contributes to developing a culturally diverse and inclusive community of future leaders.

Cultural life at ISB:

ISB@20 celebrations included a series of global events, commenced in London. The event constituted a school address by Dean Madan Pillutla and the keynote address was given by Professor Krishnamurthy Subramanian. The event also included a panel discussion featuring Sunil Kant Munjal, Chairman, Hero Enterprise and Member, ISB Executive Board, and Professor Krishnamurthy Subramanian on the theme 'India's rising cultural footprint with the rise in its economic power'.

On September 1, 2022 the Human Capital SIG and ISB Women, initiatives of the Office of Alumni Engagement conducted a webinar on 'Finding and Leading Your Tribe - How to build powerful networks to be an influential and inspirational people leader' by Leah JM Dean, Leadership Strategist, HR Advisor, Certified Strengths Coach, Author, Speaker and Founder-The Tribe Advantage and Kaumudi Goda, PGP Co ‘12, Advisor - Human Capital SIG.

Life at ISB gives you many reasons to apply to a leading business school in India and get ready to catapult your career in a year.

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A very special element of Life at ISB is the SEAL (Student Engagement and Learning) team. Every year the SEAL at ISB conducts a range of activities and events that promise to make their time at ISB truly remarkable.

  1. Notably, a SEAL L&D Career Perspectives Session in April will provide valuable insights into career pathways for the students.

  2. Term 1, known as DHM 1, is marked by the much-awaited GSB (Graduate Student Board) elections. From April to May, students will have the opportunity to elect their GSB President and GSB Core members.

  3. Additionally, informative sessions, Q&A sessions, and elections for club presidents will take place during this term, fostering a vibrant and inclusive student community.

  4. Term 2, also known as DHM 2, commences with an enlightening SEAL L&D Career Pathways - Functional Overview. This session equips students with a comprehensive understanding of career options and enable them to make informed choices. Other activities during this term include an ELP (Experiential Learning Program) Info Session, mid-term exams, a resilience workshop, and club activities in collaboration with SEAL.

  5. Term 3 unfolds with a series of exciting events, including club activities, SEAL L&D resume review sessions, and the launch of the AIKYA - ISB Host Family Network Programme in ISB Mohali and ISB Hyderabad. Mid-term exams, club conclave sessions, and the GSB President & Core elections will also take place during this term.

  6. Term 4 brings forth more club activities, including the Marketing Club Conclave and SEAL L&D resume review sessions. Engaging workshops on career development and skills enhancement are also scheduled, further enriching the student experience.

  7. Term 5 unfolds with the annual Finance Conclave, mid-term exams, SEAL L&D mock interviews, and the highly anticipated ILS (ISB Leadership Summit). The term culminates with end-term exams, paving the way for the subsequent career preparation week.

  8. Term 6 is marked by SEAL L&D activities, mid-term exams, and the renowned management fest, Advaita.

  9. Term 7 brings mid-term exams, Abhyudaya (the flagship event of ISB PGPpro in Hyderabad), and end-term exams. As students approach the end of their ISB experience, these activities serve as a testament to their growth and accomplishments.

Life at ISB in the words of an ISB Graduate, Class of 2024:

Shilpa Yadav has 8 years of work experience in the IT sector and has transformed her career to program management post ISB. In her words:

The program broadened my perspective on everything related to business. The core subjects provided a strong foundation in essential business disciplines from finance, marketing, operations, strategy to Entrepreneurship. The subjects allowed me to understand the interconnectedness of different business function. The Elective subjects helped me to delve deeper into areas of my interest. Among them, my personal favourite was Negotiation Analysis, which provided valuable skills applicable to practical situations.

ISP PGP provided me with a holistic experience, including learning from brightest minds, renowned professors, networking with people from diverse backgrounds, and by seeking endless help and advice from the great ISB Alum network. The alumni, known as the "ISB family," are always willing to help and provide advice based on their own experiences.

A typical day at ISB begins with classroom discussions and case study analysis with peers and faculty. The faculty at ISB brings a rich blend of academic expertise and industry experience, which made my learning experience highly engaging and practical. The curriculum involves rigorous coursework that includes multiple assignments and examinations, helping in consolidating knowledge and demonstrating proficiency in the subject. Multiple assignment submissions, case comps, pro bono, networking events and parties taught me to accept uncertainty, manage time and handle pressure effectively.

I had applied to many programs which offer one year MBA in India and also applied for MBA admissions abroad. I chose ISB from the admits I received due to the enriched experience it provides.

Beyond academic life, one can expect a welcoming and inclusive environment that acknowledges the importance of work-life balance and family commitments. ISB understands that managing academic rigor alongside personal responsibilities can be challenging, and they provide several resources and support systems to ensure a seamless experience. There were various family-oriented events and activities throughout the year. Spouses of students were always invited to attend social gatherings, cultural events, and celebrations, allowing them to be an integral part of the ISB community and at times, they enjoy the campus more than the student themselves.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the ISB community and the lifelong connections I have formed here with the faculty, fellow students and the Alums.

For any questions about one year MBA in India or MBA abroad or to discuss your profile schedule a call with an experienced MBA admissions consultant at GOALisB.


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