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How to get admission in ISB?

Updated: Mar 26

How to get admission to ISB ?

Let's look at the ISB admission process. Once you are sure that you fulfil the prerequisites for admission into ISB, it's time to look into the detail of what is required for admission to ISB.

The following are the particular requirements of the ISB admission process:

  1. Online application form

  2. Details about your educational qualifications

  3. Details on your employment - past and current. The admission process in ISB requires you to submit your achievements and roles in the organisations you have worked for.

  4. ISB admission essays - mostly 2, a third one - the reapplicant essay may be applicable if you are reapplying for admission into ISB.

  5. One recommendation letter

  6. Statement of integrity

  7. Proof of qualifications, GMAT score and work experience

  8. GMAT score or the GRE score

  9. Details of your extracurricular activities and hobbies

Further we have compiled a checklist for MBA admission aspirants to evaluate if they are ready.

Once you have the above ready, it's time to complete the admission process in ISB by submitting the online application. The next part to get the ISB admission is the ISB interview.

An important part of the process for admission to ISB is the application essays. It takes ample thought and time to write your ISB essays while you prepare an ISB application. While the applicants are busy preparing to achieve their highest GMAT score for ISB MBA, they should start simultaneously start working on the application. The GMAT score or the GRE exam score is a data point for the ISB MBA applicant which portray the academic potential of the applicant.

How difficult is it to get into ISB?

To build a good profile for admission into ISB the applicant must look into the skills you have upgraded in this while, some popular career options post ISB have been product manager,

supply chain or operations manager, or consulting.

Our ISB admission consulting expert advocates a sound strategy for the application process goes a long way to ensure successful admission into ISB.

How much GMAT score is required for ISB Hyderabad?

There is no ideal GMAT score for ISB as it is not the only criteria to ensure a seat. The ISB MBA application essays play a very crucial role in communicating your credentials in the process for admission in ISB.

What is required for ISB Hyderabad admission?

The admission in ISB is largely profile based. One has to prove to the ISB admissions team that they have what takes to be there. The ISB MBA application is the presentation that brings forward the personality of the applicant to the ISB Admissions committee with the main constituent being the essays you have submitted to ISB. ISB Hyderabad admission or admission to ISB Mohali is decided by ISB according to the balance of profiles on both the campuses.

So, according to ISB admission consultant at Goalisb the right time to start working on the ISB MBA essays is the exact moment that you decide to prepare for the ideal GMAT score.

What else should I know when I start the ISB Application Process?

The ISB MBA admission process is almost similar for the ISB MBA, Executive MBA from ISB - ISB PGPpro , the ISB AMPBA or the ISB YLP.

Most of us wonder what lands an admit letter to an applicant's inbox. Many believe that the GMAT score or the GRE scores are the most important for ISB admission. Some wonder if GPA does the job and there are others who think that certificates of appreciation from stellar organisations give an extra edge.

It's not just about getting there it's more about what you want to do in life after ISB MBA. ISB MBA application essays change every year.

The main theme of the ISB essays is related to leadership potential, lessons learnt from failures, quality and depth of experiences that the applicant has. These are all equally important for admission to ISB.

Check with our ISB admission consultants if you have the right profile for ISB MBA.

Writing the perfect ISB essays say the best MBA admissions consulting according to an applicant's profile takes around 5-8 edits with a specific focus on the question that is asked in the ISB application. When you start with your essays for ISB make sure that you have collated your work experience comprehensively and taken stock of your achievements and failures.

Who is the best fit for an ISB MBA Application?

The best MBA admission consultants in India have experienced that unless the right fit of the following is established it is almost impossible to get an ISB MBA admit.

Having been involved in ISB admissions consulting in India, Goalisb ISB admissions consulting team starts by compiling the following essentials for admission to ISB :

  1. Past Experiences

  2. Leadership & Communication Capabilities

  3. Post MBA Goals

  4. The school really wants to know what you want to do with your life an after ISB MBA

  5. A vivid application

What are the ISB Hyderabad MBA Admission Criteria​?

The ISB PGP MBA course is a fully residential one year programme delivered at both its campuses, ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali. The MBA course is delivered over eight terms spread over the year with each term focussing on its wide offering of core and elective subjects.

The criteria for admission into ISB​ are as follows:

1. Minimum 24 months of work experience

2. Bachelors or masters degree

3. Submission of complete application form online

The online application requires the following details for admission to ISB:

1. Academic scores,

2. Employment details,

3. GMAT score or the GRE score,

4. Essays,

5. Recommender information.

The ISB MBA deadlines for are announced by the school every year. The current ISB MBA deadlines are available here.

Is a GMAT score of 720 sufficient for me to get admission to ISB Hyderabad?


Sufficient. Yes. Assured. No. Even the best MBA admissions consulting would like to reassert the importance of your complete application for applying to ISB. There is absolutely no part of the application process for ISB that we suggest can be ignored.


Why was my application to ISB Hyderabad rejected?

The best way to evaluate is to brainstorm. Feel free to share your information with us over a call to discuss. Our ISB admission consultants have compiled an article to help you get started. Read it here.

I was rejected at ISB last time, should I reapply?


Yes. ISB doesn't place any penalty on re application. Best MBA admissions consulting suggest that you have to be very clear with the re applicant essay. We have had a 99% success rate with re-applicants.

What is the best thing about ISB MBA? Why ISB Hyderabad?


One year at ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali is an exceptional peer to peer learning environment where one gets to interact with the largest pool of the smartest professionals from different walks of life. Admission to ISB is tough because if admitted you are among the best management students in the country. Read here to decide is ISB worth it?


By when should I give the GMAT for applying to ISB Hyderabad? When to apply for ISB Hyderabad?

Application process for ISB MBA course takes time is what most best MBA admissions consultants always believe. If not more you should at least plan 45-60 days for preparing the application for the admission in ISB. Therefore a first attempt at GMAT by mid July is good option. In this case you can take a second attempt in August if there is an expected score enhancement to secure better chances for ISB admission.

What is the duration of the ISB MBA Program?

The ISB MBA course is a fully residential one year programme delivered at both its campuses, ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali. The MBA course is delivered over eight terms spread over the year with each term focussing on its wide offering of core and elective subjects claim the best MBA admissions consulting.

Indian School of Business is well known for developing world business leaders. The curriculum for the ISB PGP MBA course has at its core a strong fundamental education in management set in the Indian economy. This gives the ISB PGP - MBA course an edge of knowing one of the largest emerging economies. This combined with the network of 10000+ alumni, world class faculty ensures that ISB PGP delivers a rigorous, research based, contemporary, global management education programme. This is why ISB admission is not easy. It needs hard work.

What are the ISB PGP application Essays?

ISB MBA course admission process requires submission of an application with 2 essays. There is a third mandatory essay for re applicants. ISB Hyderabad MBA admission criteria requires the essays and the recommendations to evaluate the profile of the applicants as is advised by the best MBA admissions consulting.

ISB essay 2019 relevantly addresses questions about why you? and Why ISB? The ISB essay 2018 also had a topic regarding the goals of the applicants.

Don't wait till you are close to the ISB MBA application deadlines to get the assistance you require.

Does ISB Hyderabad accept cat scores?

No, ISB Hyderabad only accepts the GMAT score or the GRE scores. The CAT scores are not accepted for ISB admission.

Does ISB Hyderabad offer BBA?

No, ISB Hyderabad, till date does not offer BBA. ISB Hyderabad offers the one year MBA which is a full time masters program and the part time executive MBA programs for working professionals. ISB Hyderabad does not offer undergraduate programs yet.

To get assistance for admission to ISB and the ISB application process connect with out ISB admission consultant, click here.

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