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Wondering how is life after ISB?

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Life after ISB: An Experience of Growth and Camaraderie

Indian School of Business (ISB) is one of the most sought-after business schools established in India, with campuses at ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali. Life after ISB is a sum total of the opportunities that ISB offers to its students and alumni, and the contribution that alumni make to the development of the ISB community.

Regular Interactions through SIGs:

Life after ISB constitutes regular interactions with various Special Interest Groups (SIGs) such as Business Analytics, Startups, Manufacturing and Operations, ISB for Good, Technology, Public Policy, and more. In October 2021, the Business Analytics SIG organized a session on the usage of business analytics, conducted by Professor Vincent Nijs, Associate Professor of Marketing, and Professor Keith Peterson, Executive Director-MSBA program from the University of California, San Diego. ISB alumni also have SIGs focused on mentoring startups through ISB's various initiatives like Dlabs, AIC, Digital Identity Research Initiative, and Technology Entrepreneurship Program.

Involvement with Alma Mater:

One integral part of life after ISB is year-on-year involvement with the alma mater. Every year, ISB alumni get together to conduct interviews for the incoming batches, one-on-one resume reviews, mock interview preparation, and as moderators for SIGs to organize panel discussions, fireside chats, networking events, webinars, roundtable discussions, and annual conclaves. Week on week, year on year, ISB alumni go back to the school as members of the interview panels for the admissions process and play an essential role in selecting the incoming class of ISB MBA.

Alumni Scholarships:

The ISB Alumni Association and the ISB Crypto Club also organize various events and initiatives for alumni. The ISB Alumni Endowment Fund is a collective fund contributed by the ISB alumni, which is used to offer scholarships for ISB students. Some of the scholarships offered include Alumni Endowment Fund Merit Scholarship, Nurture India Need-Based Scholarship, PGP Co 2015 Scholarship, ISB Alumni Endowment Research Fellow Scholarship, and Aditya Shembekar Scholarship. COVID Response The Wellness & Beyond initiative @ ISB organized regular COVID vaccination camps for alumni and their dependents on the ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali campuses.


Life at ISB is full of mentoring support by alumni. Career services support arranges regular mentoring sessions from alumni for career perspectives and change. Lifetime of Learning Life after ISB is a lifetime of learning. Alumni can always update themselves on any changing business concept through the audit a course option offered by ISB MBA. In a life after ISB, this is a much-needed facility to succeed in an ever-changing business environment.

Engage and Connect through Alumni Events Alumni at ISB come together as industry specialists to facilitate learning for colleagues in the same function or industry through the SIGs. This is an ideal platform in your life after ISB for exchanging knowledge, interacting with like-minded ISB alumni, and sharing useful updates and opportunities. Career Growth ISB has partnered with BlueSteps, an International career support organization, to assist alumni in their career path in their life after ISB. Whether it is job search strategy, executive search, or career mapping, the school offers continuous support to the alumni. Through ongoing webinars and industry interactions, alumni receive ongoing career support in their life after ISB. In conclusion, life after ISB is an experience of growth and camaraderie, with multiple opportunities for learning, mentoring, networking, and career growth. ISB admission consultants evaluate how the school and alumni together constitute a thriving global force. The ISB rankings also speak volumes about how life after ISB has improved over the years.

How is life after ISB shaped by the curriculum at ISB?

One year at ISB will be filled with academic rigour, it will be a roller coaster ride that will make you unparalleled in this competitive world. ISB is making a benchmark by producing quality leaders for the upcoming business and market fundamentals. As ISB is creating marvellous leaders for future, the prestigious companies are coming from different areas to recruit the candidates. Female students at ISB PGP comprise around 30% of the class, is also excelling in various fields. Life after ISB PGP is about creating powerful and strong impact on the business world and contemporary world by grooming the students as global leaders of tomorrow.

How is life after ISB shaped by the career opportunities?

Graduation of the Class of 2019 brings the alumni to 10K + who are working in the world leading companies across the globe. ISB is known for creating well groomed leaders and entrepreneurs and these alumni have created a difference in business scenario and they have brought laurels to their organisations also. The students learn how to manage critical aspects situations in their life after MBA from ISB and people which enables them to conquer the unconquered in the business world.

Life after ISB Hyderabad is full of opportunities to explore your personality to build a future role of Leadership.

Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, IT, Strategy, Manufacturing or Healthcare - ISB offers an unparalleled environment to explore Global aspects of these sectors.

Aspire Big. If you can think about it, you can achieve it is the ISB mantra for being successful in life after MBA from ISB.

How do I prepare for my life after ISB?

Get ready to challenge yourself to see what you can accomplish in a year. Subconsciously ISB MBA grooms you to be a leader. Life at ISB Hyderabad is about new initiatives on campus, stretch yourself beyond the curriculum for Experiential Learning, explore areas of your personality by just being around the largest pool of genius.

Success in life after ISB has no boundaries. If you can dream about it you can achieve it. This is the kind of energy and leadership that needs to flow from an ISB application for it to be successful aligned with the ISB mantra for success in life after an MBA from ISB Hyderabad.

Possibilities of achievement in life after MBA from ISB is virtually unlimited. The ISB MBA program gears you up for future success in terms of the course content, alumni network and kind of opportunities that open up for ISB graduates.

ISB MBA is a one year program with a whirlwind of opportunities to build new connections, to be able to perform at the helm of corporate affairs of leading organisations. This is the mantra for an ISB graduate to become a real change-maker. The ISB MBA equips the applicant with the necessary toolkit to be able to turn their dreams that they envision in the ISB application essay into reality and that too in a matter of a few years.

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