Every applicant has some queries about the college or the process. Our team of experts has endeavoured to address the FAQs for ISB Admission Process, Study in Canada, Executive MBA from IIMs and other MBA related questions that we are frequently asked.


ISB Admission Process FAQs

How many applicants will be selected for stage 2 and 3 of ISB YLP?

There is no doubt that the selection process for ISB YLP is extremely competitive. Given the current situation it is not advisable to predict numbers about selections in stage 2 and stage 3 of ISB YLP. The Covid outbreak has made any prediction quite improbable


However, a more important question here is how YOU ensure getting selected for the next stage. If you have been selected to the stage 2 of ISB YLP get prepared for a higher level of competition. Get started to prepare an application strategy.

I have a low score in graduation and six years of experience in IT. Can I make it to the the ISB or the IIM A,B,C?

The GMAT is a very more important score that can answer your question to quite an extent.  This adds value to the academic competence section of the application.

Also your six years of work experience is a huge asset that you must consider in detail. In fact you should first spend time to analyse your work experience and see if you have a profile that suits the requirements of the target school. This will help to determine your chances of admission. Our MBA admission consultants can help you in the process.

What is the actual time which a recommender can take after the deadlines of ISB PGP?

Depending on the application cycle ISB usually gives upto four days to the recommender after the application submission deadline to submit the recommendation.

How many ISB graduates are there in the VC industry?

A lot of ISB graduates are there in the VC industry. For example Mr. Mukul SInghal, Co Founder, Partner at Pravega Ventures is an ISB Class of 2006 alumnus and Ms. Sushma Kaushik​ who is a Partner at Aavishkaar is also an ISB Class of 2006 alumnus.

What are the chances of an engineer with 4 years work experience and with a GMAT score of 620 of getting into ISB?

A GMAT of 620 has a very less possibility of getting accepted by ISB. The competition level of the applicants is extremely high and ISB has a huge pool of applicants every year. Though the profile does matter a lot, but given a GMAT of 620 the chances are really low. 

Who is chief guest for graduation ceremony at ISB Hyderabad on 05 Apr 2019?

The Chief Guest on Mohali campus for the graduation ceremony in 2019 was Mr. Hari Bhartia, Founder and Co-Chairman, Jubilant Bhartia Group.

I got 710 marks in gate can I get admission in ISB ?

ISB does not accept the GATE score for its admission process. However if it is a GMAT score of 710, the applicant has a good chance of being selected if the overall profile fits with the school requirements.

Is there any branch of ISB in Gurgaon?

No, there is no branch of ISB in Gurgaon yet. ISB does conduct some classes for the flexible schedule ISB PGPpro program locally at Delhi - NCR, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai but there is no campus yet in Gurgaon. 

Study in Canada FAQs


Which university offers a 2 year MBA programme in Canada?

Canada offers a range of opportunities to pursue higher education in Canada through a course in MBA or MS. They are both two year programs. The most sought after higher education destinations in Canada ( in no order of preference) are Schulich School of Business,  Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto,  DeGroote School of Business,  UBC Sauder School of Business,  Ted Rogers,  Ivey Business School.

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