How long does it take between an interview to receive an ISB admit or know about the rejection?

The ISB admission process is a rolling process after the interview. It usually takes around 5 to 15 days to get the ISB admit for the ISB PGPpro and the other programs while the admit announcement dates are announced in prior for each round in ISB PGP and ISB YLP.

Do ISB or ICFAI offer MBA in event management course post graduation?

No, ISB MBA or ICFAI do no offer a specialization in event management. The MBA schools usually offer specialisation in Marketing and Finance.

What is the difference between ISB Hyderabad and ISB Lingampally?

ISB is situated in Hyderabad in Gachibowli which is not exactly Lingampally but quite close by. Basically, ISB Lingampally would essentially imply ISB Hyderabad.

Is there any business school for non commerce students in India?

ISB has a diverse pool of applicants from all education streams and work experience backgrounds. A large pool of admits to ISB are non commerce students.

How to answer the tricky questions that are generally asked in a job placement interview from a reputed business school in India?

The tricky questions in job interviews are basically stress tests, emotional quotient tests or analytical skills tests. The best way to answer these is to think from the other persons perspective, maintain your cool, and demonstrate different angles to the situation in the question. There is no right or wrong answer.

What is the lowest score for ISB - YLP for girls?

The school does not declare the lowest score for ISB YLP for girls. The average scores of the class is always known. A reasonable thought is that the lowest score for ISB YLP would be closer to the lower limit of the range published by the school. Since it is a profile based admission, the score is not the only criteria.

I would like to know which course in ISB can an MDS postgraduate dental doctor is eligible to do?

There are many options of courses that an MDS postgraduate dental doctor can do at ISB. First you can consider the ISB MBA - PGP program which is a full time MBA spanning over one year. Second, you can opt for the ISB PGPpro or the ISB PGPMAX depending on your career experience. Third, you can consider the advanced certificate program in healthcare management.

How do I get a data science job in Europe after ISB?

You can get a data science job in Europe after ISB by considering the options available on campus when you graduate, you can also approach the lateral job openings on the alumni network for the same. Equipped with an ISB MBA you can also apply to direct International openings in data science to a company of your choice.

ISB vs Warwick?

ISB is a leading MBA school located in Hyderabad and Mohali in India. The total batch intake for the class ranges between 700 - 900 students across both campuses.


Warwick is an MBA school located in London. The full time MBA course has a duration of 12 months, starting in September. The course has 8 core modules and 4 elective modules with a fees of £39,950. Typical number of students is 116 within an age range of 24-39 years.

Has anyone got email for confirmation of admission offer in ISB Cycle 2?

An email for confirmation is sent by ISB on a rolling basis after the interview is over.

How to rectify a mistake done during submission of ISB PGP admission form?

You can write an email to the admissions office specifying the mistake and pointing out the correction. Most of the times they do assist if possible.

What recruiting companies at ISB Hyderabad are offering project management roles which of those companies have great CSR initiatives?

Many of the major IT companies offer project management roles at ISB Hyderabad and they have great CSR initiatives.

Which college is better ISB or St Xaviers?

ISB and St Xaviers are both leaders in a different league of their own. While ISB has a world ranked MBA program, St. Xaviers is renowned for its undergraduate programs. Both institutions are par excellence in the programs they offer.

Does one need to appear for CAT for MBA post 5 years of uninterrupted service?

If you want to apply for MBA after 5 years of work experience you don't need to apply through the CAT. You can apply for the one year MBA programs like the executive MBA options from IIM and ISB.

1st year of MBA is very hectic should one attend extra courses and live projects in the 1st year itself or focus on academics?

There are a lot of opportunities to build your career during a one year MBA course. At the same time, you must set your priorities for what activities will add value to your career goals. At the same time a focus on academics is very important as it is the core of the MBA program.

How many applicants will be selected for stage 2 and 3 of ISB YLP?

There is no doubt that the selection process for ISB YLP is extremely competitive. Given the current situation it is not advisable to predict numbers about selections in stage 2 and stage 3 of ISB YLP. The Covid outbreak has made any prediction quite improbable.


However, a more important question here is how you ensure getting selected for the next stage. If you have been selected to the stage 2 of ISB YLP get prepared for a higher level of competition. Get started to prepare an application strategy.

Can I do MBA my B.com is completed but 2nd year one exam is not cleared can I do MBA?

You might be admitted provisionally, however admission to an MBA will require you to complete your graduation requirements.

I have a low score in graduation and six years of experience in IT. Can I make it to the the ISB or the IIM A,B,C?

The GMAT is a very more important score that can answer your question to quite an extent. This adds value to the academic competence section of the application.

Also your six years of work experience is a huge asset that you must consider in detail. In fact you should first spend time to analyse your work experience and see if you have a profile that suits the requirements of the target school. This will help to determine your chances of admission. Our MBA admission consultants can help you in the process.

What is the actual time which a recommender can take after the deadlines of ISB PGP?

Depending on the application cycle ISB usually gives upto four days to the recommender after the application submission deadline to submit the recommendation.

How many ISB graduates are there in the VC industry?

A lot of ISB graduates are there in the VC industry. For example Mr. Mukul Singhal, Co Founder, Partner at Pravega Ventures is an ISB Class of 2006 alumnus and Ms. Sushma Kaushik​ who is a Partner at Aavishkaar is also an ISB Class of 2006 alumnus.

What are the chances of an engineer with 4 years work experience and with a GMAT score of 620 of getting into ISB?

A GMAT of 620 has a very less possibility of getting accepted by ISB. The competition level of the applicants is extremely high and ISB has a huge pool of applicants every year. Though the profile does matter a lot, but given a GMAT of 620 the chances are really low.

Who is chief guest for graduation ceremony at ISB Hyderabad on 05 Apr 2019?

The Chief Guest on Mohali campus for the graduation ceremony in 2019 was Mr. Hari Bhartia, Founder and Co-Chairman, Jubilant Bhartia Group.

I got 710 marks in gate can I get admission in ISB ?

ISB does not accept the GATE score for its admission process. However if it is a GMAT score of 710, the applicant has a good chance of being selected if the overall profile fits with the school requirements.

Is there any branch of ISB in Gurgaon?

No, there is no branch of ISB in Gurgaon yet. ISB does conduct some classes for the flexible schedule ISB PGPpro program locally at Delhi - NCR, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai but there is no campus yet in Gurgaon.

When should I write the GMAT for ISB 2021 admission cycle?

A good time to be ready with the GMAT scores would be sometime in mid July, if you have been preparing for quite some time.

Else you can actually take it anytime before the application submission deadline which is usually mid September for the first round of application.

If you take it early you have a chance to retake the test once more with some rework on the preparation before the admission deadlines.

Definitely, you should keep in mind that GMAT is only one part of the application process of ISB.

You should have enough time to prepare your story for the rest of the sections of the ISB application.

The essays which are an integral part of the ISB application are very important to put your story in the right perspective for the admissions team.

Other parts of the application process include preparing your work experience details properly. Working on your SWOT.

This would help you to choose whom to seek a letter of recommendation from.


Once you submit your online application, it is a wait for the interview letter which brings you to the next stage of the admission procedure.

The interview is an interaction which puts a face to your application.

If you are selected after this process , the school will issue an offer for admission and you would have made it to one of the top schools in the country.

How do you feel about completing ISB courses?

ISB courses are an experience par excellence. The faculty is world renowned and the teaching methods are case study based. The class interaction in the ISB courses leads to a transformative experience and industry knowledge.

The deadline for ISB Hyderabad is over can then how to apply?

You would either have to apply in the second round of the same application cycle or you would have to wait till the next cycle of application the coming year.

What is the selection process of ISB for the admits once the interviews are completed?

Once the interviews are completed the school collates the scores of the applicants to select the admits according to the criteria that they have for the evaluation and issue admits on a rolling basis.

What is the future scope for fashion designers if they do executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad?

Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad prepares professionals for roles in senior management and C Suite roles. For fashion designers it means looking at roles in senior management in leading fashion houses or the retail industry.

How is life of RA in ISB What are the career options after RA?

An RA assists the professors in executing the research oriented tasks and different operations of the department. There are unlimited career options in the academia and academic research after being an RA.

इंडियन इंस्टीट्यूट ऑफ बिजनेस स्कूल हैदराबाद में एडमिशन की योग्यता कितनी है?

इंडियन इंस्टीट्यूट ऑफ बिजनेस स्कूल हैदराबाद एमबीए के भारतीय स्कूल के लिए योग्यता स्नातक होने के बाद न्यूनतम 2 साल का कार्य अनुभव है। आवेदन करने के लिए आपको जीमैट या जीआरई स्कोर जमा करना होगा। इसके अलावा आपको ऑनलाइन आवेदन फॉर्म जमा करना होगा।

FAQ ISB Executive MBA

What are the programs for Executive MBA from ISB?

ISB offers two programs for Executive MBA. The ISB PGPpro and the ISB PGPMAX. Both these programs are designed for senior professionals. The difference lies in the cohort in the class of ISB PGPpro and the ISB PGPMAX. The ISB PGPpro is an executive MBA at ISB for professionals from 5 - 12 years of work experience. On the other hand the ISB PGPMAX is the executive MBA at ISB for professionals with 12 years plus of work experience and those who are essentially looking at senior level C Suite top management roles in organizations.

Should a person who already has an MBA pursue the ISB PGPpro?

ISB PGP Pro is an executive MBA program suited for professionals who are looking to shift from mid level management positions to senior level positions.


The fact that a previous MBA gave you a career which helped you gain the experience till date is appreciable.


However, I would look at ISB from a perspective other than immediate ROI.


When we ask most of the graduates about what they value from their education at ISB, the most common response is the peer group and the alumni network.


If you have goals to get into impactful roles in the industry, it makes sense to look at ISB PGP pro which is appropriately structured for working professionals.


Even if you look at it from the ROI perspective, if you use the knowledge and the tools that the school equips you with, you can definitely charge your career with growth steroids. It quite depends on what you make of it.


To sum it up enrolling for ISB PGPpro while already holding an MBA is definitely worthwhile if you are someone who is looking at setting foot into the global landscape for senior management roles.

A close look at your work responsibilities till date, the work experience you have gained so far and your expectations from the program can also help to ascertain whether you are a fit for the program.

You can in this case discuss these in detail with professional counsellors to see whether it all fits at this stage in your career because there is a substantial cost and energy investment in this process.

What is the Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad eligibility?

The eligibility for ISB PGPpro is a minimum 5 years of professional experience and for ISB PGPMAX it is 10 years plus experience.

Is executive MBA from ISB worth it?

Yes Executive MBA from ISB gives an opportunity to working professionals to gain management skills, the network and credentials of an ISB MBA.

How to do executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad?

If you are wondering how to do executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad, then the first step to address this query is to share your profile with us here. Once it is confirmed that you have the desired profile for an executive MBA in ISB, the application process for ISB PGPpro follows.

Is there an executive MBA from ISB Mohali?

PGPMAX is an executive MBA from Mohali, however the ISB PGPpro is not one of the executive MBA from ISB Mohali. The ISB PGPpro is conducted at Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad only.

Is the executive MBA ISB distance learning or classroom learning?

Due to COVID the executive MBA ISB is completely distance learning, in fact it is online. However in normal times the executive MBA ISB mixes distance learning and classroom learning in a hybrid format. Some part of the executive MBA in ISB program is in the form of on demand lectures while some is classroom interaction based lectures.

Have any admits to executive MBA from ISB review the application process?

Yes, we have shared the executive MBA from ISB review from recent applicants here.

What is the duration of the online executive MBA from ISB?

The duration of the hybrid online executive MBA from ISB, the ISB PGPpro is 18 months while the duration for the online executive MBA from ISB the ISB PGPMAX is 15 months.

What is the average salary after executive MBA from ISB?

The average salary after executive MBA from ISB depends on the previous salary of the applicant. There is no doubt that there is a lot of value addition by the executive MBA at ISB to an individual's career growth however the exponential because of the plethora of opportunities that you can access.

What is special about the 1 year executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad? ​

The ISB PGPpro program is an 18 months long executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad especially designed for working professionals who want to fortify their professionals skills with the global management education curriculum from Indian School of Business.


The ISB PGPpro, the 1 year executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad, assimilates an in depth coverage of business concepts and equips one to deal with business uncertainty and take sound decisions based on available data points as business leaders.


Domain experts gain the tools, skills and global best practices required to build a general perspective of business. Spread over 18 months, the Executive MBA from ISB, PGPpro curriculum covers 24 courses which are divided into 4 categories.


The innovative curriculum is designed in coordination with the partner schools which are some of the leading institutions of the world. This 1 year executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad integrates a corporate global immersion module which incorporates International exposure and top management interaction for the participants.


Additionally, the working professionals would indulge in classroom engagement with professionals from a diverse background and organisation types. This makes this 1 year executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad unique in format, content and opportunity for any graduate.​

How is the ISB PGPPro program different from a regular MBA?

1. ISB PGPpro has an advanced curriculum which prepares mid career professionals to grow in their career towards higher management positions.

2. ISB PGPpro syllabus include courses in managerial economics, operations management, corporate finance, organisational behaviour, global economics and strategy building.

3. The Executive MBA program at ISB is designed to equip professionals with advanced skills in marketing research, negotiation, team management, entrepreneurship, governance and innovation management.

4. ISB PGPpro syllabus provides the essential tool kit for any manager to lead in the global business scenario.

5. In addition to these the Executive MBA from ISB PGPpro also offers elective courses in marketing and finance to help build advanced specialisation for progressive managers.

What are the ISB PGPPro eligibility criteria​?

The eligibility criteria for ISB PGPPro Executive MBA program is as follows:


1. Possess a Bachelor’s Degree

2. The applicant should have bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification in any course. The related qualification will be determined by the program’s Admission Committee.

3. Required Work Experience

4. Full-time work experience ranging above 5 years. ​


When are the representatives from top business schools of the world like INSEAD, Carnegie Mellon and others visiting India in the near future?

A firm timeline is quite uncertain due to the current COVID pandemic crisis across the world.

If one university cancelled admission in the middle of the year can he get admission in others university in U.S for M.B.A?

Usually not, you can try with specific universities for transfer of credits.

Is it worthwhile to pursue MSC Management for Business Excellence at Warwick Business School by Indian fresher graduate? ​

Yes, the course opens good career options for students who graduate from there. It also depends on the career goals that the applicant has.

What should Indian parents wear for the London Business School graduation ceremony? ​

The invitation card usually mentions the dress code ie. formals, business casuals or traditional every year. Else it is best to ask the school officials for the specification of the dress code.

Which business schools in France are recognised by Indian banks so that I get my education loan approved? ​

All the top schools which are ranked high in the worldwide ranking fall into this category.

Which coaching institutes help students for getting admission in Ashoka University? ​

Goalisb has a high rate of success in helping students for getting admission in Ashoka University.

How many students appeared for one year MBA program in Great Lake Institute of Management Chennai?

There is no way to estimate the number of applicants. The batch size is approximately 400 for the MBA program in Great Lake Institute of Management Chennai.

How many subjects are there in an MBA in a one year course in the UK?

A one year course in MBA comprises a mix of core subjects and electives. The choice of subjects vary from 24 - 96 across courses and across colleges in the UK.

Hi I have completed my MA and one year HR diploma. I'm a house maker and unable to do regular MBA and willing to do MBA correspondence is there any scope for job purpose or waste? ​

There are many options for doing an MBA through correspondence. In fact today you can also check the online MBA programs. The specificity of an MBA course towards the job relevance is according to the University and the brand that you seek. If you gain the relevant knowledge and skills, it will definitely add value.

One year course after MBA HR abroad on a low budget?

You can look at online MOOC courses for a low budget course. These are much less expensive as compared to a full time course. Coursera and EdX are some platforms where you can search such options.

NSE Executive MBA in financial market course are helpful or not? Is this type of course valued in the company?

National Stock Exchange courses are specifically important for those aspiring to build careers in stock exchange trading. For the special skills required for the industry these courses are surely valuable.

I work in an LPO and I am interested in doing an Executive MBA will this benefit me?

If you are working in operations or research in an LPO and Executive MBA will help you bridge the gap towards management roles. Learning management skills would add to your professional profile.

Is Process executive job is related to MBA?

In Operations a process executive can grow in the field post an MBA. Operations analytics and operations manager are some roles in every industry like retail, manufacturing, IT who employ MBA graduates.

I'm doing MBA in health healthcare management and also working as front desk executive in hospital is that experience count in future?

You should look to diversify into core operations roles once you have started from the front desk. An MBA in healthcare management will help you specialize in this field and has a good scope for career development.

I have done MBA in Sales and Marketing I am currently working in pharmaceutical company as a business executive after some years can I get another job in other industry like FMCG or others?

To switch to a different industry you would require sector or industry specific knowledge. You should try to acquire skills and industry knowledge about the FMCG or any other sector you want to shift to and look for an opportunity to demonstrate your skills to facilitate the shift.

Is there attendance criteria is there in FMS Delhi Executive MBA program I am a working professional and certain times go for tour? ​

Yes, there would be. You should discuss about this with the school administration for special permission if you so require.

Looking for an executive MBA in renewable energy? ​

Sustainability and renewable energy is much more than just a buzzword for the industry today. One option is to go ahead with an MBA program focussed on sustainability and renewable energy. But is it all, here's a roadmap to build a successful career in sustainability, the MBA courses that offer the knowledge base, certifications requisite for the same and aspirations that one can plan ahead. https://www.goalisb.com/post/mba-career-in-sustainability gives details of program options in renewable energy.