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How Do You Answer The Long Term and Short Term Career Goals Question?

Updated: Oct 9

Short term goals build from a summary of what you did as an undergraduate. Enlist or rather walk them through all the important classes you took which stimulated your desire for an MBA education, such as a specific project for a class.

Discuss the internships you have done discuss what the responsibilities were, and the outcomes. Work experience, especially if you had any kind of responsibility for testing, designing, or researching a product or apparatus.

You can also indicate here any part time or full time jobs taken up after graduation, succinctly describe the role: company, team, responsibilities, what you learned and how this shaped your decision to pursue an MBA.

  • What experiences and/or education have made you want to pursue this degree program?

  • Why do you want to pursue this field of study?

  • How have you been pursuing your education, social work, internships?

  • What specifically appeals to you about this program?

  • What do you contribute to a team?

  • What do you plan to do with the MBA education in the short term and the long run ?

  • Why should the MBA Admissions team evaluate you?

  • How do you think it might relate to the specialisation that you want to opt for?

You should clearly describe career decisions to date and your perception of your career goals.

Business schools like to enroll future leaders, in an interview when you discuss your previous career progress and short term and long term future plans, it is an opportunity to decide if you have the leadership skills required to get there.

You need to discuss how you have grown so far in your career and on the same track define the path you are likely to take in future.

Start by thinking about all the professional decisions you’ve made till now, things that have motivated you so far. What are the skills you have gained so far and the plans for the future.

The short term shall look at closely mapping these skill needs and why you find them important.

Applicants who are clear about their career goals make the most of MBA programs because they are able to focus on specific parts of the curriculum and prepare themselves to meet their career goals. Need more help, get in touch.

Long Term and Short Term Goals Question

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