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At Goalisb we work with you to bring out the best in your story in an impressive and succinct manner. Our MBA admission consultants have so far achieved 94% interview calls and 96% interview to admit rate.

Our team of experienced MBA admission consultants in India assist you with successful applications for your dream school. Recents admits discuss the process here.

An MBA admission consultant is a mentor who understands the MBA admission process who can collate all your experiences, segregate them to add value according to the MBA admission criteria. Admits have shared their experience with our process. Our recent admits have been added to the testimonials section.

At Goalisb, ISB admission consultants assist you to understand the admission criteria and input the relevant experiences succinctly. ​MBA admission consultants extract the strengths of the applicant and amalgamates those according to their knowledge of the MBA admission process.

MBA Admission consultants at Goalisb provide comprehensive assistance to applicants. Our core strength is to work with applicants as mentors to know the SWOT and create a personal brand for them. 

Our MBA Admission consultants retain the voice of the applicant. Our MBA admission consultants are key to your leadership story. 

​Goalisb, MBA admission consultants have assisted successful MBA applicants from Bangalore , Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chandigarh to secure admission into leading MBA schools.

Our ISB admission consultants have achieved consistent results owing to the in depth individual process they follow.

​The best MBA admission consultant would be someone who you strike a positive chord with and accept as a mentor for the MBA admission process.

At Goalisb, we engage in extensive feedback and brainstorming sessions to find the best representation of the MBA applicant's achievements and lessons.

Visit our blog for admit stories and their insights on the ISB application process.


FAQ answers commonly asked queries for leading programs sought by applicants.

The career options for MBA graduates are becoming diversified and specialised. Our ISB admission consultants have compiled career strategies for prospective opportunities in:

1. Product Management

2. Data Science 

3. Sustainability

4. Supply Chain Management

Honing your resume, sharpening essays, deciding which references to choose, or prepping for the crucial MBA interview then becomes a breeze for Goalisb MBA admission consultants.​


Current MBA Admission Deadlines

MBA Programs in India application deadlines:

  1. August 30 - ISB PGPpro - R 1 Mumbai & Bangalore, read about the admission process.

  2. August 31 - ISB YLP, read about the ISB Essay for ISB YLP here

  3. August 31, 2020 - IIM Ahmedabad, PGPx - R1 , read about the process

  4. September 15 - IIM Calcutta, MBAEx programme, read about the process

  5. September 20 - ISB PGP, R 1

  6. November 29 - ISB PGPpro - R2 Mumbai & Bangalore, about the admission process.

  7. October 19, 2020 - IIM Ahmedabad, PGPx - R 2 , read about the process

  8. January 4, 2021 - IIM Ahmedabad, PGPx - R 3 , read about the process

Deferred MBA Application deadlines can be found here.

Global MBA Programs application deadlines:

  1. Sept 8 - Harvard Business School R - 1, check the application essays here.

  2. Sept 15 - Wharton MBA R - 1, check the application essays here.

  3. Sept 15 - Stanford MBA R - 1, check the application essays here.

  4. Sept 11 - Insead MBA R - 1

  5. June 4 - London Business School '20 Intake

  6. June 1 - Columbia Business School August '20 Intake

  7. Rolling Admission Process - HEC Paris

New Dates yet to be announced -

MIT Sloan, LBS, Columbia Business School, CEIBS, Chicago Booth MBA.

Other MBA School deadlines around the world: 

  1. 2 September - UVA Darden MBA Early Action

  2. 5 October - UVA Darden MBA R - 1

  3. 15 October - Kelly School of Business R - 1

  4. 5 January - Kelly School of Business R - 2

MBA in Canada:

1. Rotman Fulltime MBA:

Early Round: August 7, 2020 ; Round 1: October 5, 2020; Round 2: January 11, 2021; Round 3: March 8, 2021; Round 4: April 26, 2021

2. Schulich School of Business - MBA in Canada & India campus, Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence, Master of Finance 

September 2021 Entry:

R1 - October 29, 2020 R2 -  January 29, 2021, R 3 - March 10, 2021 R - 4 April 30, 2021

3. Schulich School of Business - MBAN, Master of Supply Chain Management

May 2021 Entry:

R1 - August 13, 2020; R 2 - October 15, 2020; R 3 - November 30, 2020; R - 4 February 17, 2021

4. UBC Sauder MBA

Delayed the start of the UBC MBA class from August 2020 to January 11, 2021.

Final round (International) : August 18, 2020

5. Ted Rogers Full time MBA

(May) 2020 Start & (September) 2020 Start: 

R 1 - January 20, 2020; R 2 - February 24, 2020* / April 30, 2020*

NUS MBA application deadline has been extended till July 15. New deadlines have not been announced yet.

SMU Deadline - R -1- 15 March 2020; R - 3 15 July 2020; Final Round - 30 October 2020

Get in touch for a profile evaluation by our MBA admission consultants.

ISB Admission Consultants


ISB is a leading global business school located in India. It is the dream business school for MBA aspirants in India.


ISB admission consulting by Goalisb concentrates on the profile and the goals of the applicants. Our ISB admission consultant team mentors the students with sector wise expertise to aid applicants with a realistic goal post MBA. 

ISB admission consultants at Goalisb have achieved consistent results over the years due to the diligence we put in the process. 

How do Goalisb ISB admission consultants evaluate profiles?

We have our evaluation mechanism for profiles vis a vis the school criteria. Similarly, ISB looks for specific criteria in its alumni. Throughout the profile evaluation we look for  the school specific traits that the applicant fulfils and a track record to support it, we take it up from there. 

Who are the best MBA admission consultants in India?

The best MBA admission consultants in India are those who can add value to your success. If we see that we will ensure that we put in everything possible for the success of your application.

The question to ask how would your application be handled and what is the process of identifying the weaknesses and strengths of the applicant. 

Second, the MBA admission process is changing with every application cycle. What is more important is if we have recent successes to show that we have kept speed with the latest updates in the processes of the schools. 

Well, we as MBA consultants in India continuously strive for the best results on the positives of every profile. 

We win because we work hard to make everybody associated with us win, not because we have rabbits under our hats to assure you guaranteed wins. It is sheer hard work.

Our niche as MBA admission consultants India is reflected in the strong in the reference pool that we work with.

Professionals who we mentor being MBA admission consultants in India look upto us to forge their path to success. This involves mentoring, structuring thoughts, brainstorming, seeking direction from experts till a convincing case for potential leadership outshines.

More important than focusing on becoming the best MBA admission consultants in India we focus to add value to the applicants we deal with. As long as we create lasting value to our alumni we believe we are doing good. 

Applicants who seek the assistance of MBA admission consultants in India are established professionals in their own league and duly understand who they want to work with to create future success and have the intelligence to choose their best MBA admission consultants.

Why is Goalisb not competitively priced like the best MBA admission consultants in India?

We at Goalisb value our work and we put our heart into getting you the success. Playing a price war diminishes the value in the efforts put in to deliver the best. Also we don't aspire to submit hundreds of applications in one cycle. We absolutely believe in quality not quantity.

We are in no rush to become the best MBA admission consultants in India by adding volume but we look to add value. If you are a potential leader who is looking for a mentor to assist you to make a mark we are there. 

Does that mean Goalisb is one of the exorbitantly priced MBA admission  consultants in India?

We offer a wide range of services from comprehensive consultation packages to pocket friendly options to suit your budget.

Get in touch with us for a candid discussion on what would work best for you.

Do Goalisb MBA admission consultants only assist with ISB MBA consulting?

Our MBA admission consultants assist applicants to apply to a range of schools and programs:

  1. Leading one year MBA full time programs​ in India

  2. Executive one year MBA programs

  3. MBA and Masters Universities in Canada​

  4. Flexible Schedule Executive MBA Programs in India​

  5. Masters and MBA in Europe 

  6. Deferred Enrolment and Regular MBA Programs Globally

  7. Masters in Management Programs

  8. Undergraduate and Graduate Liberal Arts Education in India

  9. Masters and MBA in Singapore​

  10. Family Business MBA Program and Advanced Certificate Programs

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