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At GOALisB you work with experienced MBA admission consultants in India who are ISB and IIM Alumni for successful applications to your dream school. Our MBA admissions consultants are educators, mentors, career coaches along with admissions process experts today.

91% of our applicants received an interview invite. Our MBA admission consultants expertise lies in strategic career transition in roles or transition in industry or both. ​GOALisB MBA admission consultants have assisted successful MBA applicants to secure admission into leading MBA schools.​ 

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MBA admissions to schools in the US, EU and Canada.

Admission to top ranked one year MBA programs in India: ISB MBA and executive MBA from IIM.

Masters admissions to graduate programs globally.

Liberal Arts Programs in India and abroad.

In addition, GOALisB admission consultants work with professionals in India and abroad who wish to move back to India with a boost to their career through a One Year MBA in India like the ISB MBA or the Executive MBA from IIM.

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About Us

GOALisB brings one on one coaching by the best MBA admission consultants in India. Our MBA admission consultants engage in professional development and are led by our passion to become a part of your success journey towards pursuing a top MBA in India or abroad.

Shruti Parashar is ISB alumnus, an MBA admission consultant in India, certified career transitions coach, and a certified behavioural interviewing specialist.

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Anshul, ISB PGP

I got in touch with Shruti for ISB application consulting. My non conventional job background did not cause any issue for her and she was highly encouraging throughout the process. The experience was enriching and enlightening for me. She is very friendly and approachable and provides useful insights for improving the application as well as the interview process. Her personal attention to each aspect of my background and application helped a lot. I had very short time left for the application deadline but she did her best and I was able to clear the process well. I would highly recommend her to every ISB aspirant.

Vivek, ISB PGPpro

I worked with Shruti to help me with my ISB application and review process. As a consultant, she pushes to you to think about your real achievements and then does her magic by stitching the real you and your story in a nice way. She is always approachable and provides suggestions on how to improve your application. I would surly recommend Shruti to help with your MBA application process.

Schulich School of Business

I have worked with Shruti while applying for b-schools. She took a very systematic approach to the application process. She asked me to stop fretting about low GPA and focus on key areas of strength. With her guidance and my renewed goals we shortlisted few b-schools that helped me achieve my goals. I really liked the way she asks to write your real life instances and then she refine it by marrying your stories with your goals. This approach has resulted in personalised essays that brings your true self in front of admission committee. I consider her more than an MBA consultant. She acts like a mentor.

What Our Clients Say

Upcoming deadlines for MBA programs:

One year MBA programs in India

Round 3 ISB PGP: 30 January 2022

Round 1 ISB PGPpro (Hyderabad & Delhi): 30 January 2022

Round 2 ISB PGPMAX: 10 April 2022

Round 2 ISB MFAB: 27 March 2022

MBA in Canada 

Round 2 Schulich MBA: 10 February 2022

MBA in Singapore

Round 1 application deadline for SMU MBA: 15 March 2022


INSEAD Round 1 (Jan 2023 intake) Round 1: 1 March 2022

University of St. Gallen MBA: 1 February 2022

IMD MBA Round 1: 1 February 2022

Rotterdam MBA Erasmus University Round 1: 9 February 2021

Warwick MBA Round 2: 30 January 2022

Imperial College MBA Round 3: 24 January 2022


How do I choose an MBA admission consultant? Are MBA admissions consultants worth it?

To choose an MBA admission consultant you should discuss the positives and the negatives of your profile. The best MBA admission consultants would be someone who you strike a positive chord with to work on a winning application strategy. ​


Applying to a single school might limit your options. It is suggested to choose a range of schools to apply to. School selection, scheduling applications, reviewing essays, soliciting recommendation letters, preparing for the KIRA interview and then the personal interview can be quite a marathon.

An MBA admission consultant can add value by assisting you in the process.

What should I ask my MBA consultant?

Enquire about the process followed by the MBA admission consultants. Share your GMAT scores and profile with them to discuss the eligibility options for one year MBA courses in India or abroad.​ ​

What does an MBA admission consultant do?

An MBA admission consultant brainstorms application strategy, assists with essays, ensures a competitive advantage for the applicants.​​​ The best MBA admission consultants are well versed with the admissions process. MBA admission consultants also guide on the school selection and the interview process.

 Who is the best MBA consultant in India?

The best MBA admission consultant in India relates with your career journey and works with you to ascertain the best fit programs. Time and again it has been witnessed that only a GMAT score is hardly the criteria the schools choose to select their cohort. The best MBA admission consultant in India someone who is a good story teller.

The best MBA admission consultant someone who is an experienced career coach and an education consultant who relates to the vision and the potential that you bring forward and walks with you to get there.

The best MBA admission consultant is a professional who helps you choose the right schools, your goals, understands how every school is different in their values, the admission process and the interview process and coaches you to convey your competitiveness irrespective of the environment.

Maybe a mix of all of these will define who the best MBA admission consultant in India for you is!

How much do  best MBA admission consultants in India charge? How much do MBA consultants cost?

The MBA admission consultants charge according to the services they provide. It is best to get a quote for your specific needs like MBA application consulting, ISB admission consulting, Interview preparation, application review, MBA admissions abroad or graduate admissions abroad. 

Where can I find ISB Consulting Reviews? 

ISB Consulting Reviews and other MBA admission reviews can be found on Quora and in the testimonials section.