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At GOALisB we offer MBA consulting services to help you achieve your goal. Our MBA admission consultants are carefully selected and deeply dedicated to understanding you better than anyone else in the world. We know how to help you sell yourself in business school applications, essays, and interviews. They know how to position you as a competitive applicant and coach you through the admissions process. We are a team of experienced MBA admissions consultants who help students to develop their best application and build a strong candidacy.

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Work with ISB and IIM Alumni who are Certified Career Coaches, Associate Member of International Education Consultants Association and MBA admission consultants with experience of over 11 years. We provide a one-on-one approach, designed to make sure your aspirations are aligned with your capabilities. More than just providing feedback, we provide hands-on advice on how to position yourself in the most competitive way possible.

With a 91% success rate, we have demonstrated our ability to take you to your dream school admit and as the best admission consultants for ISB.

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GOALisB offers one on one coaching for MBA admission by the best consultants in India who are passionate about partnering with you for a successful MBA admit to top MBA and MS programs in India and abroad.​

For the past 11 years, our lead MBA admission consultant Shruti has been working in the industry. Her experience and expertise has helped her create a niche for herself, and she has acquired an extensive network of international consultants. She is equipped to assist you with every aspect of your MBA Application process – from essay writing and interview preparation to admission consulting services.


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ISB admission consultants at GOALisB has been really instrumental in helping achieve the ISB dream. Understanding the candidate in depth and using her vast experience, she made sure all the aspects were covered well. Would highly recommend her among the ISB admission consultants.

Anshul ISB PGP

anshul ISB PGP.jpeg

I got in touch with Shruti for ISB application consulting. My non conventional job background did not cause any issue for her and she was highly encouraging throughout the process.  Her personal attention to each aspect of my background and application helped a lot. I would highly recommend her as the best admission consultants for ISB.

Simrandeep Schulich MBA

simrandeep Schulich mba.jpeg

I worked with Shruti while applying for b-schools. She took a very systematic approach to the application process. I really liked the way she asks to write your real life instances and then she refine it by marrying your stories with your goals. I consider her more than an MBA admission consultant. She acts like a mentor.

Upcoming Deadlines 2022

MBA Application Deadlines

Executive MBA in India Deadlines:

  • ISB PGPpro - 29 May 2022

  • SDA Bocconi IEMB - 10th May 2022

  • IIM Indore PGPMX - 19 June 2022

ISB Advanced Management Programme Deadlines:

Masters Admission Deadlines:

  • London Business School Master in Management: 27 May 2022

  • London Business School Masters in Analytics and Management: 27 May 2022

  • London Business School Masters in Financial Analysis: 27 May 2022

  • ESCP Master in Management: 10 May 2022

  • Imperial College Business School MSc International Management: 27th May 2022

  • More deadlines for Master admissions 

Undergraduate Admission Deadlines:

Get in touch with an MBA admission consultant for application support and interview preparation.


Do I need an MBA admissions consultant?

To evaluate if you need an MBA admissions consultant it is a good idea to understand the admission process well and evaluate if you need any assistance for the same. If you have and areas which are unanswered or you are not clear about handling on your own you might need an MBA admissions consultant. In that case one can always connect the best MBA admission consultants in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune or Chandigarh to discuss their prospects.

What does a MBA consultant do?

An MBA consultant understands your profile and evaluates against deeper insights into what schools look for in the applicants. An MBA consultant at GOALisB engages in one on one brainstorming sessions to work on goal setting for the applicant's career success. Once this vision is set, the GOALisB MBA admission consultant will identify any profile gaps and suggest profile enhancements depending on the time at hand. 

The next step for the MBA admission consultant at GOALisB is to plan the application strategy and work with the applicants for finalising the application components for submission. A critical review from the interview point of view helps hone the inputs. The next step for the MBA admission consultant at GOALisB is to help the applicant prepare to ace the MBA interview.​

Who are the best admission consultants for ISB and IIM?

ISB admission consultants work with you on every aspect of your application i.e. from strategy, profile building, brainstorming stories, essay editing and review and interview preparation. Best MBA admission consultants in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune and Chandigarh offer ISB and IIM admission consulting and interview preparation.