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Shruti Parashar is a certified career transitions coach, an ISB alumnus and an associate member of Independent Education Consultants Association (IECA) and NAGAP. As a higher education professional and an admissions consultant Shruti has assisted undergraduate and graduate admission aspirants to secure admission in their dream schools. 


Recently, her views on higher education have been taken up by "The Week" June 27, 2021 Special Report Education issue - "Fight for flight".

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MBA Admission Consultants in India

Who believe in your success and walk the extra mile with you to get you there.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose an MBA admission consultant? Are MBA admissions consultants worth it?

To choose an MBA admission consultant you should discuss the positives and the negatives of your profile. The best MBA admission consultants would be someone who you strike a positive chord with the applicant working on a winning application strategy. ​


The best MBA admission consultants in India are those who can add value to your success. We as MBA admission consultants in India continuously strive for the best results on the positives of every profile.

What does an MBA admission consultant do?

MBA admission consultant understand the application process, brainstorms application strategy and refines application essays to ensure a competitive advantage to the applicant profile. ​


The best MBA admission consultants are well versed with the admissions process. MBA admission consultants analyse the applicant profile and guide on the school selection and the admissions process.

How much do  best MBA admission consultants in India charge? How much do MBA consultants cost?

The MBA admission consultants charge according to the services they provide. The amount that MBA admission consultants charge in India is not uniform because they have different processes and overheads in their process. 

What should I ask my MBA consultant?

Enquire about the process followed by the MBA admission consultants. Share your GMAT scores and profile with them to discuss the eligibility options for one year MBA courses in India or abroad.​ ​


Where can I find ISB Consulting Reviews? Can you share ISB essay sample?

ISB Consulting Reviews and other MBA admission reviews can be found in the testimonials section.


 Who is the best MBA consultant in India?

The best MBA admission consultant in India assist to collate applicant experiences for a competitive application. 

MBA Admission consultants mentor to create a personal brand for applicants. The best MBA Admission consultants retain the voice of the applicant. 

​Goalisb, MBA admission consultants have assisted successful MBA applicants from Bangalore , Pune, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chandigarh to secure admission into leading MBA schools.​  Access the insights the best MBA consultants in India would share with you. Click here to read common FAQ about MBA admission process.​​

Student Reviews

Schulich School of Business, MBA

I have worked with Goalisb while applying for b-schools. A very systematic approach to the application process. Not only application, I discovered what I wanted to do. 

The approach has resulted in personalised essays that brings your true self in front of admission committee. 

—  Simrandeep Singh

MBA Admission Consultants
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Consistent past results for interview calls and admits as ISB admission consultants for ISB MBA,  ISB YLP, ISB PGPpro, Executive MBA from IIM A,B,C, MBA admission consultants for Canada and admits received upto INR 50 lakhs scholarships recently.

Our MBA admission consultants expertise lies in strategic career transition in roles or transition in industry or both.

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