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We assist you with applications for successful MBA applications for a leadership life after ISB, IIMA, IIMB, IIMC, LBS, HBS, Stanford, IE Spain, IMD, Insead . 

If you are looking at an MBA in India, Europe/ US/ Canada/ Singapore, we have the right mix of schools and the strategy for you for the GMAT and work experience you have. 1 year business school programs are highly sought after today.

If you are a re-applicant we have the plan of action which can prep you to get in 1 year business school programs this time! 

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A Successful MBA Application

Most of us wonder what lands an admit letter to an applicant's inbox. Many vouch for the GMAT or the GRE scores, some wonder if grades do the job and there are others who think that certificates of appreciation from stellar organizations give an extra edge. The MBA application process does as much to give you a clarity of the life you envision after ISB or any Ivy league school. It's not just about getting there it's more about what you want to do in life after ISB.


Our experience shows that unless the right fit of the following is established it is almost impossible to get an MBA admission:

Past Experiences - Leadership & Communication Capabilities - Post MBA Goals (The school really wants to know what you want to do with your life after ISB) - A Vivid and Sincere Application - An Engaging MBA Interview - A Candid Discussion To Show The Applicant's Vision and How Nothing Else But The MBA & The School Help Him Fulfill it.

Why an MBA Admission Consultant?

For anyone who wishes to apply for an MBA from ISB, an MBA application consultant is a sounding board who can collate all the experiences, segregate them into categories which have added value addition to the professional and personal growth of the applicant.

An MBA consultant is an individual who can act as a mentor and extract the strengths that everyone has. Next, a consultant can assist one to understand what the admission committee implies with different MBA application questions and input the relevant experiences that address the questions succinctly. 

An effective consultant is a guide who can impressively showcase the achievements and failures of the applicant to exude the life lessons that shape him into a leader with a successful life after ISB.

When to start the MBA application?

It takes time to prepare an application for an MBA from ISB. While the applicants are busy struggling with the GMAT syllabus, work on the application should simultaneously start. the GMAT or the GRE score is a data point for the applicant which helps to decide the 1 year business school programs to apply to. In many cases application preparation MBA from ISB takes a back seat while the war with the GMAT is on. 

It is a well known fact that the GMAT score does not ensure a seat in any esteemed 1 year business school program, it is the application that speaks for few. The MBA application is the countenance that brings forward the personality of the applicant to the Ad com. So, the right time to start working on an application is the exact moment that you decide to prepare for the GMAT or the GRE.

The Best MBA Application Consultant?

Well, the list of consultants is unlimited, and thankfully so, because an MBA application consultant is a mercenary working to give the applicants an opportunity to grow to higher levels of leadership and professional achievement. We assist with MBA application preparation for schools in India and abroad.  Goalisb - MBA admission consultants Bangalore , Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chandigarh.

To answer the question, a good consultant is one who you strike a positive chord with and accept as a mentor for the application process. There are a lot of feedback and brainstorming sessions involved in the process. So, one who can get the best out of you is the one you should engage to effectuate your success at life after ISB.

We Believe In Your Success

Be it advanced classes on GMAT - GRE preparation, honing your resume for application to 1 year business school programs, sharpening your essays, deciding which references to choose, or prepping for the most crucial interview of your life for MBA from ISB. At GoalISB we will be a mentor for you at every step of the way. Having assisted applicants for the profile building, application strategy, application essays and MBA interviews for over past 7 years has been a personally rewarding experience. The years by far have added to the repository and network to assist in building successful profiles for MBA application to 1 year business school programs.

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