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MBA Admission Consulting for International Programs

One on One 

MBA Admission Consulting for One year MBA in India

Avail one on one MBA application consulting with our consultant. Get a sound application strategy. Discover your goals. Build unique perspectives with the help of the

best MBA admission consultant.

If you are looking at an MBA in India, Europe, US, Canada and Singapore, we at Goalisb have the right mix of schools and the strategy for you for the GMAT and work experience you have.

Analyse your SWOT and create a plan. Get individual mentor support in your MBA application journey. ​

In India one year MBA programs are highly sought after. ISB admission consultant works with you to assist you for a winning application.

Get in touch for ISB PGP, ISB YLP, ISB PGPpro, ISB PGPMAX, ISB AMPBA, IIM Executive MBA application assistance.

You have received an MBA interview invite! Congratulations! Prepare your thoughts to make the best of this chance that you get. Get a sounding board with an MBA admission consultant to give it your best shot.

ISB and IIM interview preparation differs in quite a few ways. Get in touch with us if you are applying to multiple schools for an integrated interview preparation package.

WHY us?

An MBA Admission consultant at Goalisb works with you to bring out the best in your story in an impressive and succinct manner. 

Goalisb MBA admission consulting has so far achieved 94% interview calls and 96% interview to admit rate. Connect with an experienced MBA admission consultant at Goalisb to work with you to bring out the best in your story in an impressive manner.

Check Upcoming MBA Application Deadlines ​here.

ISB MBA and Executive MBA from IIM are a few leading programs for applicants in India. 

Who are the best MBA Admission consultants in India?

We believe that the best MBA admission consultant in India would be one who mentors you and collates all your experiences to add value to the MBA admission criteria. 

MBA Admission consultants at Goalisb provide comprehensive assistance to applicants. Our core strength is to work with applicants as mentors to know the SWOT and create a personal brand for them. Our MBA Admission consultants retain the voice of the applicant. Our team of experienced MBA admission consultants in India assist you with successful applications for your target Business school.

​Goalisb, MBA admission consultants have assisted successful MBA applicants from Bangalore , Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chandigarh to secure admission into leading MBA schools.​  Access the insights the best MBA consultants in India would share with you.

Girish, ISB PGP

2 MBA consultants refused to take me on as a client as they were not sure about my chances of getting into a top program due to my age. But during my first conversation with Shruti, I realized she was different. She helped me with my story, guided me on how to highlight certain key points and helped me give the overall profile a logical structure and flow. Her structured approach help me submit my application much before the deadline and her mentoring helped during my ISB admission. Shruti's approach to the whole exercise made it a pleasure to work with her and I give her credit for helping me secure a seat in ISB's PGP class of 2021.

Shubham, ISB PGPpro

I worked with Goalisb to help me with my ISB admission and review process. Shruti is very approachable and friendly. Regarding my profile and application, she was direct as to what to highlight on the application. She explained me about how to look for the strength and learning from my past experiences. When I got the call for the interview, I just had 2 days to prepare and was very nervous but Shruti helped me through and was just a phone call away for any questions or suggestions required regarding it. I would surely recommend Goalisb to anyone who needs an ISB admission. 


Schulich School of Business

I have worked with Shruti while applying for b-schools. She took a very systematic approach to the application process. She asked me to stop fretting about low GPA and focus on key areas of strength. Not only application, she actually made me discover what I wanted to do. With her guidance and my renewed goals we shortlisted few b-schools that helped me achieve my goals.

Her approach has resulted in personalised essays that brings your true self in front of admission committee. I consider her more than an MBA consultant. She acts like a mentor.

Upcoming deadlines

  1. January 1 - IIM Calcutta MBAeX

  2. January 4 - IIM Bangalore EPGP

  3. January 4 - IIM Ahmedabad PGPX

  4. January 4 - Michigan Ross MBA

  5. January 4 - UVA Darden MBA

  6. January 5 - UBC Sauder MBA

  7. January 5 - Indiana University Kelley MBA

  8. January 5 - Marshall STEM MBA

  9. January 5  - London Business School MBA

  10. January 5 - Wharton MBA

  11. January 5 - HBS MBA

  12. January 6 - Stanford MBA

  13. January 6 - INSEAD MBA

  14. January 6 - Columbia Business School

  15. January 7 - Yale SOM MBA

  16. January 8 - UCLA MBA

  17. January 10 - ISB PGP MBA

  18. January 10 - Georgia Tech STEM MBA

  19. January 11 - Rotman MBA

  20. January 14 - Berkley Haas MBA

  21. January 15 - Mc Gill Canada MBA

  22. January 15 - McMaster MBA

  23. January 18 - Ted Rogers MBA

  24. January 29 - Schulich MBA

  25. January 31 - Warwick MBA

  26. January 27 - NUS MBA

  27. Deferred MBA Programs Updates

  28. Deadlines For Liberal Arts Colleges In India

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Which MBA is most in demand?

ISB is a leading global business school located in India. It is the dream business school for MBA aspirants in India. 

ISB admission consultants by Goal ISB concentrates on the profile and the goals of the applicants. Our ISB admission consultant mentors the students with post MBA goals, sharpening ISB essays, deciding which references to choose, and prepping for the crucial MBA interview. India offers around 10 one year MBA programs which are worthy of giving a good career growth according to your profile. You can read more about without GMAT requirements in India.

How many MBA programs should I apply to?


You should consider a profile evaluation to discuss the schools that you should apply to. Ideally applying to a mix of programs including a few safe schools, probable and ambitious attempts is suggested. 


At Goalisb an MBA admission consultant would start from the goals and the professional and academic profile of the applicant to suggest suitable MBA programs to apply to.

How do I choose an MBA admissions consultant?


To choose an MBA admission consultant you should discuss in detail about the positives and the negatives of your profile. The best MBA admission consultants would be someone who you strike a positive chord with and accept as a mentor for the MBA admission process.

Are MBA admissions consultants worth it?


The best MBA admission consultants in India are those who can add value to your success. We as MBA consultants in India continuously strive for the best results on the positives of every profile. ISB admission consultants at Goalisb have achieved consistent results with their ISB essays due to the diligence put in the process. 

Is MBA better than CA?


An MBA prepares you for a management position while a CA is professional qualification which does not necessarily prepare you for roles like strategy or marketing. The suitability of an MBA or a CA depends on what your goals are.

What does an MBA admission consultant do?


MBA admission consultant is an experienced professional involved in mentoring, structuring thoughts, brainstorming potential leaders towards higher education goals.


The best MBA admission consultants are well versed with case studies of successes and failures at admissions vis a vis the school requirement and assist you to cover the gaps in your profile. This is the first step called profile evaluation provides the MBA admission consultant with insights about your experiences briefly. Once these are analysed along with your goals the MBA admission consultant can set forth to guide on the school selection process as well as the application assistance details.


Get in touch with us for a candid discussion with our MBA admission consultant on what would work best for you.

How much do MBA consultants charge in India? How much do MBA consultants cost?


The MBA admission consultants charge according to the services they provide. The amount that MBA admission consultants charge in India is not uniform because they have different processes and overheads in their process. At the same time their charges are not a benchmark of the services they provide. 

What should I ask my MBA consultant?


You should ask your MBA admission consultant if he has handled similar profiles as yours. You should also enquire about the process they follow as MBA admission consultants. You can also share your GMAT scores with them and discuss what course options are suitable, the eligibility options for one year MBA courses in India or if you want to take up a course without the GMAT.

Do I need MBA for consulting? Which MBA is best for management consulting? Which MBA specialisation is best for consulting?


Most established consulting firms recruit from the leading MBA schools. Acquiring an MBA qualification opens the doors of opportunities with management consulting firms for top performers. The most general specialisations offered by leading business schools like finance and marketing can apply for consulting roles. Our article here covers the details of what you can plan so as to pursue a consulting career post MBA.

Where can I find ISB Consulting Reviews? Can you share ISB essay sample?


ISB Consulting Reviews and other MBA admission reviews can be found in the testimonials section. We at Goalisb have a client confidentiality policy, we do not share any ISB essays sample with any applicants. 

Who is the best MBA consultant in India?

We believe that the best MBA admission consultant in India would be one who mentors you and collates all your experiences to add value to the MBA admission criteria. Our article here shares more details about the role of MBA admission consultants today.

MBA Admission consultants at Goalisb provide comprehensive assistance to applicants. Our core strength is to work with applicants as mentors to know the SWOT and create a personal brand for them. Our MBA Admission consultants retain the voice of the applicant. We receive numerous requests for ISB essay samples, but we do not recommend such and approach to ISB essays. We are members of the IECA and NAGAP and our policies are guided by their best practices outlined. 

​Goalisb, MBA admission consultants have assisted successful MBA applicants from Bangalore , Pune, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chandigarh to secure admission into leading MBA schools.​  Access the insights the best MBA consultants in India would share with you.




New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, we are available to connect virtually.



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