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MBA in Yale 2025

Yale School of Management (SOM) presents an esteemed two-year MBA program, and this all-encompassing blog post will guide you through every facet of the offerings at Yale SOM.

Yale MBA Program Overview

  • Duration: A comprehensive 2-year program.

  • Location: Nestled in the vibrant city of New Haven, US.

  • Format: A full-time MBA program that promises a rich and immersive educational experience.

  • Year 1: Your foundational year, filled with core courses.

  • Year 2: A time for specialization with elective courses.

Yale MBA Application Deadlines 2025-27

To embark on your journey with Yale SOM, you need to keep an eye on the application deadlines:

  • Round 1: September 10, 2024

  • Round 2: January 7, 2025

  • Round 3: April 8, 2025

Application deadlines have also been announced for Berkeley Haas MBA 2025 and Columbia Business School J Term.

Yale MBA Application Requirements

Before you join this prestigious program, let's delve into the application requirements that you must meet:

Mandatory Requirements for Yale SOM Application Process:

  • Personal Information: Share your background and details.

  • GMAT/GRE Scores: Ensure your scores are valid within 5 years of the exam date.

  • Academic Transcripts: Applicants should hold an undergraduate degree or an equivalent qualification.

  • Resume: Highlight your professional journey.

  • Post MBA Interests: Let Yale SOM know about your career aspirations.

  • Two Letters of Recommendations: Collect endorsements from professionals who know your capabilities.

  • One Essay: Describe the most significant commitment you've ever made.

  • Behavioral Assessment: Showcase your behavioral attributes.

  • Video Questions: Provide video responses to exhibit your communication skills.

  • 30 Minutes Interview: Prepare for a personal interview to demonstrate your motivation and potential.

Every applicant is automatically considered for a merit scholarship.

Yale MBA Curriculum

Understanding the curriculum is essential as it shapes your learning journey:

  • First Year: Dive into the foundational core courses that provide a robust base.

  • Second Year: Elevate your knowledge by selecting elective courses that align with your interests.

Yale SOM Program Highlights

Yale SOM stands out with unique offerings:

  • Global Study: Immerse yourself in a global context to understand international business dynamics.

  • Leadership & Teams: Develop your leadership skills while working effectively within teams.

  • Raw Cases: Engage in real-world problem-solving through raw cases that mirror actual business challenges.

Yale MBA Ranking

The Financial Times (FT) Rankings for the Yale School of Management (SOM) MBA program show a few notable changes from 2022 to 2023:

Ranking Position:

  • In 2022, Yale SOM held a strong 9th position.

  • In 2023, it currently holds the 10th position. While it has shifted down by one place, it remains within the top echelons of global business schools.

Salary Percentage Increase:

  • In 2022, the program reported an impressive 131% increase in salary percentage.

  • In 2023, the salary percentage increase has seen further growth, reaching 139%. This reflects positively on the program's ability to drive career growth and financial success for its graduates.

Faculty and Student Diversity:

  • In 2022, the program had 27% female faculty and 43% female students.

  • In 2023, there has been a slight increase in the percentage of female faculty, which is now 31%, while the percentage of female students remains strong at 43%. This shows a continued commitment to gender diversity.

International Student and Faculty Presence:

  • In 2022, international students made up 44% of the student body.

  • In 2023, the international student percentage has increased to 48%, indicating a more diverse global cohort.

  • In 2022, international faculty accounted for 47% of the teaching staff.

  • In 2023, the percentage of international faculty remains consistent at 44%. This underlines the program's continued commitment to a globally diverse faculty.

Alumni Network and Career Progress:

  • The Alumni network rank in 2023 has improved, standing at the 21st position compared to an unranked position in 2022. This suggests a strengthening alumni network.

  • While the Career Progress rank in 2022 was 51st, in 2023, it has significantly improved to the 26th position, showcasing the career development opportunities offered by the program.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Focus:

  • In 2022, the program was ranked 19th in ESG.

  • In 2023, the ESG ranking parameters have changed, and Yale SOM is now ranked 32nd in the Carbon Footprint rank and 15th in the FT Research rank. This indicates that the program continues to emphasize ESG education and research.

Overall Satisfaction:

  • In 2022, the program received a highly impressive rating of 9.32 for overall satisfaction.

  • In 2023, while the overall satisfaction rating remains high at 9.25, there has been a slight decrease.

Salary and Value for Money:

  • In 2022, the salary today (US$) was $192,418, with a value for money rank of 86th.

  • In 2023, the salary has seen a substantial increase, standing at $199,332. However, the value for money rank remains consistent at 86th, indicating that the higher salary does not necessarily correlate with improved perceived value.

In summary, the Yale SOM MBA program maintains its strong global standing in the FT Rankings, with notable improvements in salary percentage increase, career progress, and diversity while still emphasizing ESG education and maintaining high levels of alumni satisfaction. These rankings reflect the program's continuous commitment to providing an enriching and diverse educational experience for its students.

Yale MBA Class Profile (Class of 2024)

Understanding your peers and potential network is crucial:

  • Total Enrollment: A diverse cohort of 347 students.

  • Women: A strong presence of 43%.

  • International Passport Holders: A global perspective with 48%.

  • LGBTQ+: Inclusivity at 12%.

  • First Generation College Students: Empowering the next generation at 17%.

  • Joint-degree Students: A dynamic group comprising 12%.

  • Average Work Experience: 4.7 years.

  • US Students of Color: A substantial 54% (% of US Students).

  • US Underrepresented Students of Color: 24% (% of US Students).

  • Countries Represented: An incredible 48 nations.

  • GMAT Scores

    • Median GMAT: An impressive 725.

    • Middle 80% GMAT Range: Ranging from 690 to 760.

  • GRE Scores

    • Median GRE Verbal: A competitive 164.

    • Middle 80% GRE Verbal Range: Ranging from 159 to 169.

    • Median GRE Quant: A substantial 166.

    • Middle 80% GRE Quant Range: Ranging from 160 to 170.

    • Students with GRE Scores: 39%.

  • GPA

    • Median Undergraduate GPA: A strong 3.69.

    • 80 Range of Undergraduate GPA: Spanning from 3.34 to 3.90.

Geographical Diversity

Yale SOM's class is a blend of regional and global diversity:

  • North America: Dominates at 62%.

  • Mexico, Caribbean, and Latin America: An interesting 4%.

  • Europe: Bringing a European perspective at 3%.

  • Africa and Middle East: A notable 3%.

  • Asia Pacific: Reflecting the dynamic Asian market at 27%.

Industries and Sectors Represented

Understanding the industry mix is vital for networking and career exploration:

  • Industries Represented: A diverse set of industries with notable percentages, including:

    • Financial Service: 20%.

    • Consulting: 19%.

    • Non-profit: 12%.

    • Technology: 12%.

    • Government: 9%.

    • Healthcare: 7%.

    • Manufacturing: 5%.

    • Energy: 4%.

    • Media/Entertainment: 4%.

    • Consumer Packaged Goods: 3%.

    • Real Estate: 2%.

    • Retail: 2%.

    • Other: 1%.

  • Sector Representation:

    • For Profit: Dominating at 74.6%.

    • Non-Profit: Reflecting a socially conscious cohort at 11.7%.

    • Government: Contributing to public service at 13.7%.

Placements (Class of 2022)

  • Received Offers (within 3 months): A remarkable 96.10%.

  • Students seeking employment: 271 of 282.

  • Accepted Job Offer by Three Months Post Graduation: A significant 93.30%.

  • Students seeking employment: 263 of 282.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Women: A significant 39%.

  • U.S. Students of Color: A diverse group at 32%.

  • Underrepresented U.S. Students of Color: A commendable 11%.

  • International Passport Holders: Reflecting global diversity at 40%.

Full-Time Salary Data

A look at post-graduation salaries:

  • Median Base Salary:

    • All: An impressive $160,110.

    • U.S. Students and Permanent Residents: A lucrative $165,000.

    • International Students: A competitive $151,595.

  • Other Guaranteed Compensation (Median Signing Bonus):

    • All: A noteworthy $30,000.

    • U.S. Students and Permanent Residents: Aligned at $30,000.

    • International Students: Attractive at $30,000.

Employment by Function

Understanding the career paths chosen by your peers:

  • Consulting: A popular choice at 53.60%, comprising:

    • External Consulting: A substantial 45.60%.

    • Internal Consulting/Strategy: A niche at 8.00%.

  • Finance/Accounting: A competitive 24.00%.

  • Marketing/Sales: Strong at 11.40%.

  • General Management: A diverse choice at 4.20%.

  • Operations/Logistics: Gaining traction at 2.70%.

  • Other: Varied choices at 2.30%.

  • Sustainability: An emerging field at 1.90%.

Median Base Salary by Function

  • Consulting: A lucrative choice with a median base salary of $170,000, including:

    • External Consulting: Attractive at $175,000.

    • Internal Consulting/Strategy: Strong at $140,000.

  • Finance/Accounting: Competitive at $152,000.

  • Marketing/Sales: Attractive at $134,000.

  • General Management: A well-rounded choice at $133,000.

  • Operations/Logistics: Gaining recognition at $132,600.

  • Other: A dynamic mix with a median base salary of $120,000.

  • Sustainability: Reflecting growth with a median base salary of $150,000.

Yale SOM Placements:

  • Consulting Services: Dominant at 46.00%.

  • Finance: A prestigious choice at 21.70%, including:

    • Investment Banking: A high-growth field at 9.90%.

    • Investment Management: Offering financial expertise at 4.60%.

    • Diversified Financial Services: A dynamic sector at 3.00%.

    • Venture Capital: A space for innovation at 2.30%.

    • Private Equity: A lucrative field at 1.90%.

  • Technology: Attractive at 7.60%.

  • Retail: A notable choice with 6.50%, including:

    • E-Commerce: Riding the digital wave at 6.10%.

    • Retail: A diverse sector with a 0.40% presence.

  • Consumer Packaged Goods: An essential industry at 4.90%.

  • Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals: A critical sector at 3.80%.

  • Real Estate: A niche choice at 2.30%.

  • Nonprofit: Reflecting social impact at 1.90%.

  • Energy: Powering the future at 1.50%.

  • Manufacturing: A growing field at 0.80%.

  • Government: Contributing to public service at 0.80%.

  • Transportation: Keeping the world moving at 0.80%.

  • Media/Entertainment: A dynamic industry at 0.80%.

  • Hospitality: Catering to diverse needs at 0.40%.

  • Human Capital/Organizational Development/Executive Search: Focusing on human resources and leadership development at 0.40%.

Median Base Salary by Industry

  • Consulting Services: Rewarding at $175,000.

  • Finance: Lucrative at $162,000, including:

    • Investment Banking: Highly competitive at $175,000.

    • Investment Management: Offering financial expertise at $140,000.

    • Diversified Financial Services: A diverse sector with a median base salary of $133,500.

    • Venture Capital: Embracing innovation with a median base salary of $128,000.

    • Private Equity: A lucrative field with a median base salary of $150,000.

  • Technology: Rewarding at $146,000.

  • Retail: A lucrative field with a median base salary of $144,000, including:

    • E-Commerce: Riding the digital wave with a median base salary of $142,000.

  • Consumer Packaged Goods: A significant industry with a median base salary of $112,000.

  • Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals: A critical sector with a median base salary of $134,000.

  • Real Estate: A niche choice with a median base salary of $122,500.

  • Nonprofit: Focusing on social impact with a median base salary of $120,000.

Job Locations For Yale MBA graduates

Knowing where your peers are making an impact is crucial:

  • United States: A strong presence at 91.20%.

  • International: Embracing a global perspective at 8.80%.

United States (% of US Hires)

  • Northeast: Dominating at 54.40%.

  • West: Thriving at 21.50%.

  • Mid-Atlantic: A strategic choice at 11.00%.

  • Midwest: A dynamic region at 5.90%.

  • Southwest: Gaining recognition at 3.80%.

  • South: Contributing to the southern charm at 3.40%.

International (% of International Hires)

  • Asia: A hub of growth at 39.10%.

  • Europe: Embracing European diversity at 17.40%.

  • Central America and the Caribbean: Reflecting regional impact at 17.40%.

  • Canada: A dynamic nation at 17.40%.

  • South America: A growing region at 4.30%.

  • MENA: Contributing to the Middle East and North Africa region at 4.30%.

Median Base Salary by Region

  • United States: A lucrative market at $165,000, including:

    • Northeast: Thriving at $165,000.

    • West: Reflecting Western opportunities at $165,000.

    • Mid-Atlantic: A strategic region with a median base salary of $155,000.

    • Midwest: Offering diverse opportunities with a median base salary of $150,000.

    • Southwest: A growing region with a median base salary of $142,000.

    • South: Contributing to the southern economy with a median base salary of $160,000.

This comprehensive insight into the Yale SOM MBA program provides a profound grasp of the school's offerings, its exceptional accomplishments, and the vibrant and diverse student body it nurtures.

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