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The UCLA Anderson School of Management offers a transformative MBA experience, tailored to your aspirations. With a dynamic curriculum, world-renowned faculty, and a vast alumni network, here's what makes UCLA MBA stand out:

About the UCLA MBA Course:

1. Customize Your Coursework:

  • Embrace a 22-month curriculum, meticulously designed for your success.

  • Choose from 15 specializations to shape your MBA journey.

  • Access over 115 electives right from your first year.

  • Learn from globally acclaimed faculty.

2. A Global Network:

  • Join 42,000+ alumni hailing from 75+ countries, spread across 40+ global alumni chapters.

  • Connect with a diverse and vibrant community.

  • Gain exposure to a thriving startup scene and Fortune 500 companies.

UCLA MBA Admissions Overview:

At UCLA Anderson, diversity is celebrated. Here's what they evaluate:

  1. Biographical and academic background.

  2. Quantitative and analytical skills, often showcased through GMAT/GRE/EA scores, and TOEFL/IELTS scores for international applicants.

  3. Achievements, awards, and honors.

  4. Employment history.

  5. Letters of recommendation.

  6. Essays.

  7. College and community involvement, especially in leadership capacities.

Applicants are encouraged to use their application to provide additional information, highlighting experiences that demonstrate analytical and quantitative strength, preparing them for the MBA program.

UCLA MBA Ranking 2023

In the business school landscape, UCLA Anderson shines:

  • Overall Ranking in FT MBA: 14

  • Alumni Network Rank: 16

  • Salary Today (US$): 194,533

  • International Students (%): 46

UCLA MBA Application Deadlines 2024

To begin your UCLA MBA journey, take note of these essential deadlines:

  1. Round 1: October 5, 2023

  2. Round 2: January 4, 2024

  3. Round 3: April 12, 2024

Application Process

Getting into UCLA MBA is a well-structured process:

  1. Start with an online application tailored for the Fall 2024 intake, commencing on August 1, 2023.

  2. Ensure you have a four-year Bachelor's degree, domestically or internationally earned.

  3. GMAT or GRE scores are typically required, but they are optional.

  4. Provide two strong recommendations.

  5. UCLA gives you the flexibility to apply with or without test scores.

  6. If you opt not to submit test scores, prepare a compelling essay showcasing your readiness for the program.

  7. Reapplicants should offer a new recommendation addressing updates.

  8. In the MBA essays highlight your ability to accomplish significant goals in 250 words.

  9. You can also choose to address additional information in an optional essay.

  10. Interviews offer a valuable opportunity to showcase your readiness.

UCLA MBA Class Profile:

The Class of 2025 reflects UCLA's commitment to diversity and excellence:

  1. Students from 41 different countries, with 28% being minorities and 37% women.

  2. The class represents 197 undergraduate institutions.

  3. Top industry backgrounds include High Tech, Finance, Consulting, and Health/Biotech.

  4. Academic metrics are impressive, with a middle-80% GPA range of 3.1 to 3.8 and an average GMAT score of 710.

UCLA MBA Employment Report 2022

The numbers speak for themselves:

  1. Average salary increase from pre-MBA to post-MBA: 85%

  2. 86% of students switch their career industry and/or function.

  3. Key sectors for employment: Technology, Finance, Consulting, and more.

  4. Top companies hiring from UCLA, including Amazon, Apple, and McKinsey & Company.

Financial Aid At UCLA:

UCLA Anderson believes in supporting its students:

  1. Fellowships awarded annually total $17.8 million.

  2. Teaching and Assistantships are available.

Pursuing your MBA at UCLA Anderson is not just an educational journey; it's an opportunity to become part of a diverse and globally connected community. With flexible application options, a strong alumni network, and an impressive track record of career success, UCLA's MBA program can be your gateway to a promising future. Mark those deadlines and embark on your path to excellence with UCLA.

UCLA MBA Essays:

Well-structured essays will not only describe the impact of your accomplishment but also elaborate on its direct association with your short-term and long-term MBA objectives. We eagerly anticipate understanding how your achievement has paved the way for your future triumphs.

MBA Essay Sample:

A personal or professional milestone that I hold in high regard is my successful attainment of a project management certification. This certification demanded an extensive academic commitment and successful completion of a comprehensive examination.

The motivation behind pursuing this certification lay in my belief that strong project management competencies are fundamental in the corporate arena. I have always been intrigued by the strategic planning and execution of intricate projects, and I believe this certification will equip me with the expertise to excel in this domain.

Furthermore, this accomplishment intertwines with my MBA goals in several significant ways. Firstly, achieving this certification underscores my dedication to continual self-improvement and personal and professional growth, a core value that I consider indispensable in the business sphere.

Secondly, the certification also serves as a testament to my capability to set and attain challenging objectives. The pursuit and attainment of this certification necessitated discipline, unwavering focus, and unflagging determination—qualities that I deem vital for success within an MBA program.

Lastly, this achievement underscores my capacity for hard work and persistence when confronted with challenges. The program's rigorous demands entailed extensive hours of study and preparation, lessons that underscore the importance of diligence and unwavering resolve, qualities that I believe will serve me well in my MBA journey.

Overall, my recent accomplishment in securing the project management certification signifies a pivotal milestone in my personal and professional development. Its close alignment with my MBA aspirations highlights its significance, and I eagerly anticipate the doors it will open for me in the future.

MBA Essay Sample:

A recent personal achievement that fills me with pride is the completion of a marathon. Despite being passionate about fitness, the distance and required training for a marathon were initially daunting. Overcoming these fears, I enrolled in a marathon training program.

Over several months, I committed myself to rigorous training and preparation. I encountered various obstacles, including injuries and setbacks, but I remained undeterred and focused on my goal.

On race day, I successfully completed the marathon, achieving something I once deemed beyond my capabilities. This achievement signifies significant personal growth, underscoring the values of perseverance, hard work, and determination.

This accomplishment directly correlates with my MBA aspirations in multiple facets. Firstly, it showcases my ability to establish and achieve long-term goals, a fundamental skill for success in the business realm. It also demonstrates my unwavering commitment, tenacity, and aptitude for surmounting obstacles, traits that I consider indispensable in any field.

Lastly, this experience accentuates the significance of self-improvement and personal growth, values that I intend to carry forward into my MBA journey and future career. I am confident that this achievement will position me for excellence in the MBA program and the realization of my long-term career objectives.

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