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Oxford MBA - Eligibility, Costs, Ranking, Admission Process 2024

Updated: Mar 16

The Oxford Said MBA is a passport to a world of opportunity. This detailed blog post delves into everything you need to know about the program, its students, and the transformational experience it offers.

Oxford MBA

In this blog post we will discuss the following aspects about the Oxford MBA:

About Oxford MBA: A Year in an Iconic Setting

  • Collegiate System: Become part of a vibrant intellectual and social community within a college.

  • Accommodation: Live in the heart of Oxford, steeped in history and tradition.

  • Clubs and Societies: Connect with like-minded individuals through diverse clubs and organizations.

  • Pastoral and Academic Support: Benefit from a network of support systems dedicated to your well-being and academic success.

Oxford Class Profile: A Tapestry of Global Talent:

  1. 334 Class size: Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment with a diverse group of peers.

  2. 63 Nationalities: Gain invaluable insights from classmates representing a multitude of cultures and backgrounds.

  3. 97% International students: Broaden your perspective through a truly globalized learning experience.

  4. 6 years Average work experience: Learn from experienced professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge to the classroom.

  5. 680 Median GMAT score: The program attracts high-caliber students with strong academic credentials.

  6. 51% Female Participants: Oxford Saïd is committed to fostering gender diversity in business leadership.

  7. Career Outcomes of Class of 2022: Charting New Paths

    1. 66% Switched location: Explore new horizons and propel your career on a global stage.

    2. 58% Switched sector: Leverage the MBA to transition into a new and exciting industry.

    3. 64% Switched job function: Develop a broader skillset and redefine your professional trajectory.

    4. 27% Switched location, sector, and job function: Embrace a complete career transformation with the Oxford MBA.

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Career Pathways at Oxford: Unleashing Your Potential

Oxford Said empowers you to tailor the MBA to your aspirations. Here's a glimpse into some of the program's career pathways:

  • Consulting: Develop strategic thinking and problem-solving skills to tackle complex business challenges.

  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Impact: Become a changemaker by fostering innovative solutions and driving social impact.

  • Finance: Sharpen your financial acumen and pursue a rewarding career in finance.

  • Global Industry: Gain a comprehensive understanding of global business dynamics and excel in international markets.

  • Technology: Master the latest technological advancements and lead the way in the digital age.

Oxford Curriculum: A Journey of Transformation

The Oxford MBA curriculum equips you with the knowledge and skills to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape:

  • Pre-programme: Ease back into academics and get a head start on your career goals.

  • Launch: Hit the ground running by exploring core business concepts and contemporary challenges.

  • Michaelmas Term: Master essential business fundamentals through a combination of core courses.

  • Hilary Term: Deepen your knowledge by taking elective courses tailored to your interests.

  • Electives: Choose from a wide range of electives to personalize your learning journey.

Oxford Fees and Financing:

  • Tuition fees: £78,510 (includes course fee and lifetime Oxford Union membership).

  • Scholarships and Funding: Explore various funding opportunities to support your MBA journey.

How to Apply to the Oxford MBA:

  • Application Requirements: Demonstrate strong academic background, relevant work experience, and future career goals.

  • Application Process: Complete the online application form, submit supporting documents, and participate in the interview stage.

  • Application Deadlines: Stage deadlines run throughout the year (September 27, 2023; January 5, 2024; March 20, 2024).

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The Oxford Saïd Global Community:

  • World-Class Faculty: Learn from renowned academics at the forefront of business research.

  • Collaborative Centres and Initiatives: Engage with cutting-edge research projects tackling global challenges.

  • High-Profile Speakers: Gain insights from industry leaders and thought-provoking figures.

  • Conferences and Forums: Network and participate in stimulating discussions on pressing business issues.

  • Global Alumni Network: Connect with a vast network of successful alumni across the world.

Other Courses at Oxford Saïd:

Oxford Saïd offers a variety of programs beyond the MBA, catering to diverse academic and professional goals.

Open Executive Education:

Upskill and stay ahead of the curve with a variety of online and on-campus executive education programs.

Unveiling a World of Opportunity: Oxford Saïd's Diverse Degree Programs

Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford offers more than just the prestigious MBA. This esteemed institution provides a comprehensive suite of programs designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to excel in various business disciplines.

Master the Fundamentals: Taught Programmes

  • MBA: The flagship program, the Oxford MBA, equips you with a holistic understanding of business through a combination of core courses, electives, and practical experiences.

  • 1+1 MBA: An accelerated option ideal for experienced professionals, combining graduate coursework with an integrated management development program.

  • Executive MBA: Tailored for busy executives, the Executive MBA allows you to pursue your MBA while continuing your career, with flexible online and on-campus learning.

Deepen Your Expertise: MSc Programs

  • MSc in Financial Economics: Delve into the complexities of finance and economics, gaining a quantitative and analytical edge for a successful career in finance.

  • MSc in Global Healthcare Leadership: Address the challenges and opportunities in the global healthcare landscape, developing leadership skills for positive impact.

  • MSc in Major Programme Management: Become adept at managing large-scale projects, honing your expertise in planning, execution, and risk mitigation.

  • MSc in Law and Finance: Bridge the gap between law and finance, gaining a unique perspective crucial for careers in corporate law, investment banking, or regulatory compliance.

Executive Development: Sharpen Your Skills

Saïd Business School offers a range of Executive Diplomas designed for experienced professionals seeking to enhance their skillset in specific areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence for Business: Master cutting-edge AI technologies and their applications in various business functions.

  • Financial Strategy: Gain a comprehensive understanding of financial decision-making, valuation techniques, and risk management.

  • Global Business: Navigate the complexities of international business, developing strategies for success in today's interconnected world.

  • Organisational Leadership: Enhance your leadership capabilities, fostering high-performing teams and driving organizational change.

  • Strategy and Innovation: Hone your strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, leading your organization through innovation and competitive advantage.

Beyond the MBA: Research and Undergraduate Programs

Saïd Business School is not limited to postgraduate education. Here's a glimpse into their offerings:

  • BA in Economics and Management: Earn a prestigious undergraduate degree, laying a strong foundation for a successful business career.

  • DPhil in Management & DPhil in Finance: Engage in cutting-edge research, pursuing doctoral programs that contribute to the advancement of business knowledge.

Open Executive Education: Continuous Learning

Oxford Saïd recognizes the importance of lifelong learning. Through their Open Executive Education programs, professionals can access a variety of online and on-campus courses, staying current with industry trends and upskilling for future success.

Areas of Focus:  Their open programs cover a diverse range of topics crucial for navigating today's dynamic business environment, including:

  • Digital Transformation

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Finance

  • Social Impact

  • Innovation

  • Leadership

  • Strategy

  • Sustainability

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Oxford MBA Admission Requirements

The following components are required for a complete and competitive Oxford MBA application:

Work Experience

  • Minimum: At least two years of full-time work experience.

  • Focus: Evidence of career progression, international exposure, and leadership potential.

  • Documentation: One-page CV detailing work experience.

Career Plan

  • Clarity: Articulate your post-MBA career goals and how the Oxford MBA will help you achieve them.

  • Demonstration: Show understanding of your strengths, researched future aspirations, and how the MBA bridges that gap.

Undergraduate Degree

  • Requirement: A completed undergraduate degree from a recognized institution.

  • Documentation: Official transcripts for all years of study, including grades. Translations are required if transcripts are not in English.

GMAT or GRE Score

  • No Preference: Either GMAT or GRE is accepted. No minimum score, but competitive scores are:

  • GMAT: 650 or above (median of current class is 690)

  • GRE: Verbal 160+, Quantitative 160+ (median of current class is 160 on each)

  • Validity: Scores must be within five years of the application deadline.

Written Work

  • Supporting Statement: 250 words on a topic not covered elsewhere in your application.

  • Oxford 1+1 Additional Essay: 250 words explaining why this pathway best fits your goals.

  • Re-applicant Essay: 250 words outlining improvements to your candidacy.

  • Focus: Showcase communication skills, leadership, analytical thinking, and fit with the Oxford community.

Online Assessment

  • Format: Four questions via the Kira Talent platform addressing motivation, competencies, and quick thinking.

  • Preparation: Practice sessions are provided before submitting your final responses.


  • Number: Two professional or academic references.

  • Submission: Referees provide information through an online form triggered after you submit your application.

  • Note: Gmail/Hotmail addresses are not accepted.

English Language Proficiency

  • Required for: Those who are not nationals of a majority English-speaking country, as defined by the UK Visas and Immigration Office.

  • Accepted Tests:

  • TOEFL: Minimum 110 overall, 22+ on each section.

  • IELTS: Minimum 7.5 overall, 7+ on each section.

  • Cambridge C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency: Minimum 191 overall, 185+ on each section.

  • Waiver Option: Possible with recent degree fully in English or extensive work experience in a majority English-speaking country.

Application Fee: £150, due upon application submission.

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Oxford MBA Ranking

Oxford Ranking as per 2024 QS World Ranking Report

The 2024 QS World University Rankings place the Oxford (Saïd) MBA program at a commendable 18th position globally. This prestigious ranking considers a variety of factors that contribute to an MBA program's overall success. Here's a breakdown of Oxford's performance across key metrics:

  • Employability (40%): Oxford boasts a stellar Employability score of 95.3, ranking 13th globally. This signifies graduates' strong career prospects and the program's effectiveness in equipping them with the skills and network to land top jobs.

  • Entrepreneurship & Alumni Outcomes (15%): With a score of 77.0 and a rank in the 31-40 bracket, Oxford demonstrates a solid track record of fostering entrepreneurial spirit and supporting alumni success beyond graduation.

  • Return on Investment (20%): Scoring 70.9, Oxford falls within the 41-50 band for Return on Investment. This metric considers factors like salary increase post-MBA and program fees, providing an indication of the program's financial value to graduates.

  • Thought Leadership (15%): Scoring 98.3 and ranking within the top 11-15 bracket, Oxford shines in Thought Leadership. This reflects the program's contribution to research and thought development within the business world.

  • Diversity (10%): Oxford's Diversity score sits at 73.0, ranking within the 21-30 band. This metric assesses the program's commitment to attracting and nurturing a diverse student body.

Overall, the 2024 QS ranking paints a picture of the Oxford MBA as a well-rounded program, excelling in areas like employability and thought leadership. While the Return on Investment score might suggest room for improvement, the program's reputation and global network undoubtedly contribute to its long-term value for graduates.

Here's a detailed breakdown of the Oxford MBA's performance in the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2024:

  • Overall Rank: In 2024, Oxford Saïd placed 26th, a slight decline compared to 2023's ranking. This still positions the program among top business schools globally.

  • Gender Representation: Oxford has increased the percentage of female students from 51% in 2023 to 53% in 2024, showing positive strides towards greater gender parity within the program. However, the female faculty representation remains at 31%, highlighting an area for improvement.

  • ESG and Sustainability Focus:  Oxford's teaching of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and net-zero strategies ranks 6th globally. This reflects the program's commitment to addressing crucial business issues around sustainability.

  • Internationalization: Oxford maintains strength in internationalization with a high percentage of international faculty (98%) and students (97%). The program boasts outstanding global mobility, with graduates working in diverse locations (28th rank).

  • Career Progress: Oxford's Career Services rank 37th, showing a slight decrease from 2023. However, other metrics, like salary growth (103% increase) and employment within three months of graduation (87%), remain robust.

  • Alumni and Research: Oxford Saïd benefits from a strong alumni network (ranked 22nd). While the percentage of faculty with doctorates and alumni network ranking appear as #REF!, other sources indicate the school excels in its research contributions, highlighting its faculty's expertise.

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