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Top MBA Programs in Germany for MBA aspirants

Top MBA Programs in Germany For MBA Aspirants

Germany is one of the most trusted study destinations in the world and various MBA aspirants dream to attend business schools here. International education in Germany is very friendly and cost-effective especially because of free tuition even for international students. This not only makes Germany a great place to study but also makes it comparatively more affordable than its counterparts. There are many business schools offering full-time, part-time as well as Global MBA course options for students to choose from. Some of the topmost business schools in Germany with world-class international course curriculum and worldly exposure are discussed in this article.

MBA in Germany

Berlin School of Business and Innovation An MBA degree course is considered quintessential in the domain of business leadership and progress. Therefore, the Berlin School of Business and Innovation brings a fabulous MBA curriculum for students hailing from all over the world, transforming them into future business leaders and visionaries. The MBA course offers a wide selection of core modules to drive the career path of one’s MBA degree. There are 12 core modules that include the following:

  1. Managing and Leading Effective Organizations

  2. Global Marketing in the Digital Era

  3. Ethics, Law and Communication in Decision Making

  4. Organizational Behavior for Competitive Advantage

  5. Economics for Managers

  6. Accounting for Decision Making

  7. Strategy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  8. Managing Human Capital

  9. Statistics Applied to Managerial Problems

  10. Global Management

  11. Financial Management

  12. Capstone: Mandatory module after completion of other modules.

The MBA program at the Berlin School of Business and Innovation is a 2-year intensive business administration course. The program has a minimum age limit of 21 years with an average age of students around 26 years across postgraduate courses. Work experience is not a mandatory requirement, however, having prior work experience can greatly enhance one’s application. Proof of English proficiency is necessary for international students from non-native English-speaking countries. The following test score cutoff applies to the applicants of MBA program:

  1. IELTS Academic: 6 + band score

  2. TOEFL Internet-based: 72+ score

Three Intakes: MARCH, MAY, OCTOBER 2021 Cost: €9,000/year Duration: 2 years Wondering whether you should apply? Share your profile with us to discuss further prospects. GISMA Business School Among the MBA programs offered by various business schools in Germany, GISMA Business School is considered one of the most prestigious international educators. The Full-time MBA program offered by GISMA Business School has a duration of 1-year full-time on-campus education following by a Final Management project that elicits greater hands-on experience for the MBA students. During the first year of education students undergo immersive classroom learning in various modules including the following:

  1. The International Environment

  2. Accounting and Auditing

  3. International Management

  4. Sustainability and Management

  5. International Business Law

  6. Technology Management

  7. Managerial Economics

  8. Managing Organizations

  9. International Marketing

  10. Corporate Finance

  11. Digital Transformation

  12. Strategic Management, and more.

The class profile reflects that about 36% of the students enrolled in the MBA program offered by GISMA Business School are female. The students come from a diverse range of nationalities like India, Italy, France, Mexico, and others. The age of students enrolled lie within the range of 18 to 44 years while nearly 50% of the students are below 25 years of age. Moreover, the business school MBA course entry requirements page indicates that the applicant needs to have at least 3 years of relevant work experience at the time of applying to the program. The GMAT requirement for the application is not mandatory to all and is specified by the admission committee on a case-by-case basis. In case a student is required to provide a GMAT score he or she needs to at least 550 as well as have a minimum 70% score in the quantitative section. Moreover, students who have scored higher than 650 are eligible to apply for the GGSB GMAT Merit Scholarship. One of the following English proficiency test scores are acceptable and need to be provided by international students:

  1. IELTS Acaemic: 6.5 with at least 6 in each section

  2. TOEFL Internet-based: 94 + with at least 22 in each section

  3. PTE: at least 63

Duration: One academic year full-time on campus + Final Management Project Intake: September 2021 Fees: € 31450 per course GMAT applicable, Ideal GMAT Score is 550 with a minimum of 70% in the quantitative section. GMAT institution code 0365 for GISMA Berlin Scholarship: GGSB GMAT Merit Scholarship for GMAT scores above 650 IUBH University of Applied Sciences IUBH University offers a world-class facility for MBA aspirants to pursue their MBA education in Germany with an amazing curriculum and infrastructure. The university also offers students to take the first semester through a virtual classroom environment instead of on-campus studying. The IUBH University MBA program is a 2-semester course that covers a range of modules like:

  1. Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  2. Corporate Finance

  3. Managerial Economics

  4. Strategic Management

  5. Business Ethics and Corporate Governance, and more. The Full-time study model of the MBA program is taught entirely in English. There are various specializations of MBA available for the students to choose from including the following:

  6. International Business

  7. International Marketing

  8. Finance and Accounting

  9. International Human Resource Management

  10. IT Management

  11. Big Data Management, and many more.

For an MBA applicant to be eligible for the Full-time MBA course at IUBH University he or she must have satisfactory grades in their undergraduate degree course. Moreover, the university also requires applicants to have a minimum of a year of full-time prior work experience excluding any internship position they might have taken up during their undergraduate course. As the course is taught in English international applicants need to provide proof of English proficiency through one of the following test scores:

  1. IELTS Academic: overall 6 band score

  2. TOEFL Internet-based: 80 +

  3. PTE: overall score of 56 points

  4. Duolingo: 105 points

Intake: Fall Intake: October, November and Spring Intake: April, May Tuition Fee: 7,095 € per semester No GMAT score required Mannheim Business School Mannheim Business School is counted among the topmost Global MBA programs in Germany because of its intricately designed program structure. The Economist ranks the Full-time MBA program of Mannheim Business School at rank 1 in Germany and ranks 42 in the international ranking of Global MBA programs. The curriculum includes several core modules and specialisation courses for the students to choose from. The core modules include the following:

  1. Financial Accounting

  2. Marketing

  3. Strategic Management

  4. Corporate Finance

  5. Macroeconomics

  6. Managerial Accounting, and more.

The specialisation courses available for Full-time MBA students include subjects like:

  1. International Marketing

  2. Innovation & Creativity Management

  3. Corporate Mergers & Restructuring

  4. Global Corporate Strategy

  5. Business & Corporate Taxation

  6. Global Information Management, to name a few.

The class profile of the MBA course offered at Mannheim Business School depicts a diverse range of students enrolled from an array of different nationalities and regions like Asia, Latin America, North America, Africa, and European countries apart from Germany. The class tends to be 35% female with an average age of class around 30 years. Moreover, the applicants need to have a minimum of 3 years of prior work experience to be eligible for the course. On average the students enrolled in the course have about 6 years of work experience in a relevant career field after completion of an undergraduate degree course. Some level of international experience can surely account as a highlight point in one’s admission application. Students must provide valid GRE or GMAT scores in their admission application with a minimum GMAT score cut-off of 600. If an applicant gets admission in the Full-time MBA program at Mannheim Business School and has a GMAT score above 650 (or an equivalent GRE score) he or she becomes eligible for a reduction of €200 from their course fee. English proficiency is necessary as the course is taught in English. International applicants from non-native English-speaking countries can provide one of the following exam scores as proof of English proficiency:

  1. TOEFL: 95+ score

  2. IELTS Academic: band score 7 or above.

GMAT: GMAT score of 600 Program fee is € 39,500 Early bird reduction deadline November 30th - Avail €3000 reduction Second early bird reduction deadline is March 31st - Avail €1000 reduction

ESMT ESMT Berlin is known for its strategically planned and structured Full-time MBA course curriculum. The one-year international MBA course of ESMT Berlin was ranked 10th in the list of Best Business School by Forbes. Moreover, according to the Global MBA ranking of Financial Times, the Full-time MBA course ranks 8th. The program comprises of three separate career tracks that govern its specialisation and program structure. These tracks include:

  1. Managerial Analytics

  2. Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  3. Strategic Leadership.

Each of these tracks comprises of specialisation projects, core modules, and electives to intensify the grasp of key business concepts among the students. The class size of this MBA program is 48 students out of which 39% of students tend to be women. Moreover, about 94% of the class comprises international students from 24 different countries like Italy, India, France, China, Poland, Spain, Canada, Brazil to name a few. The average age of students enrolled in the class is around 31 years. Prior professional experience of at least 3 years is required by the applicants while the average postgraduate work experience of enrolled students lies around 8 years. GMAT or GRE scores are required for completing the admission application. There are no minimum cutoff scores specified by the business school for either GMAT or GRE, however, the average GMAT score of enrolled students tends to be around 640. Non-native English-speaking applicants’ proof of English proficiency is necessary and one can provide following test scores for the same:

  1. TOEFL: 95+

  2. IELTS Academic: 7+

  3. PTE: 64+

ESMT MBA Application deadlines: April 5, June 28 ( tuition discount) , October 4 ( Scholarships deadline ), November 1 ( last deadline for International applicants ) GMAT or GRE: Both are valid. GMAT score is 640. ESMT MBA GMAT code is H4D-SJ-46. ESMT MBA GRE code is 7768. Contact our counsellor for eligibility and application assistance. HHL Leipzig MBA HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management ranks 97 among Global MBA courses in the world according to The Economist. The program structure of the Full-time MBA program at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management offers a range of specialisation or deep dives that the students can choose from according to their course track. The track or duration of the course can vary between 15 to 21 months as decided by the students after enrolling in the program. There are a total of 8 deep dives for students to choose from:

  1. Strategic Management

  2. Financial Management

  3. Marketing Management

  4. Innovative Business

  5. Decision Making

  6. Transformation Management

  7. Sustainability Management

  8. Value Creation Management

The class size for the Full-time MBA program at HHL Leipzig varies from 30 to 40 students. Almost 90% of the class comprises international applicants as indicated by the class profile. These international students come from over 20 different nationalities. The gender proportion is fairly equal with 40% of the students being female. The students’ ages lie within the range of 25 to 40 years with an average age of 30 years. The application process for admissions requires the applicant to possess a minimum of 3 years of postgraduate work experience while on average enrolled students have prior work experience of around 6 years in a relevant career field. Competitive exam scores like GRE or GMAT are needed for completing the application for admission however there is no minimum score cutoff required by the business school. English proficiency test scores like TOEFL (at least a score of 90) or IELTS (a minimum band score of 7) are acceptable and mandatory for applicants from non-native English-speaking countries. Duration: 15-21 months Tuition Fees: EUR 38,000 GMAT GRE scores both are valid Application deadlines: January 31, March 31, May 30, June 30


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