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ISB Executive MBA - ISB PGPpro 2024 , ISB PGPMAX 2024

Application Deadline for ISB PGPMAX 2024: 17 March 2024 (Round 3) for Aug 2024 Intake


ISB PGPMAX 2024 Program Highlights

ISB PGP MAX is best suited for senior professionals who would like to focus on their work but all together would like to gain knowledge and put it to instantaneous practice. ISB PGP MAX facilitates in preparing an individual to become an international leader and make available professional advancement with a real-world significance approach. 

ISB's PGPMAX is a 15-month, executive-level MBA program aimed at accomplished professionals and entrepreneurs with 10 to 25 years of work experience who aspire to advance their careers to the highest level. The program is designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed as global business leaders, enabling them to thrive in the ever-changing and intricate business landscape of today. By developing analytical, strategic, and leadership abilities, the program prepares participants to achieve long-term career success.

  1. Duration - 15 Months

  2. Executive MBA without GMAT

  3. ISB PGPMAX International Immersions - 2

  4. ISB PGPMAX locations - Mohali and Hyderabad, 12 weeks in campus residency and a total of 500  contact hours

  5. ISB Alumni Network - 10,000 plus

  6. ISB PGPMAX Global EMBA Rank - PGPMAX ranks 43 in Global EMBA Ranking. 

  7. Minimum work experience: 15 years

  8. No GMAT or GRE score

  9. On campus classes for ISB PGPMAX - 12 weeks

  10. Students of ISB PGPMAX stay out of office for 60 days.

The PGPMAX program, offered at the executive MBA level, appeals to seasoned managers, top-level executives, and business owners/entrepreneurs who possess 10-25 years of full-time work experience. Participants in PGPMAX have the opportunity to learn alongside accomplished individuals who share your aspirations to become global business leaders.

The program emphasizes the management of businesses in a rapidly evolving environment. To achieve this, the school collaborates with its associate schools to design a curriculum that incorporates best practices from around the world, providing conceptual knowledge to enhance and broaden existing skills.

For the academic year 2023-24,  the detailed breakdown of the ISB PGPMAX fee is as follows:

Admission Fee - INR 3,00,000

Tuition Fee - INR  38,63,000

Total Program Fee - INR 41,63,000

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ISB PGPMAX Eligibility

  1. ISB PGPMAX eligibility - 15 plus years of Work- Experience

  2. No GMAT test score is Required

  3. Class size at ISB PGPMAX - 75

  4. Average age at ISB PGPMAX - 40 years

  5. Over 19 industries are represented in the class of ISB PGPMAX

  6. Average work experience at ISB PGPMAX - 16 years

  7. ISB PGPMAX ranking among Executive MBA programs is 43 globally and ISB PGPMAX ranking is the first in India and

  8. In the Economist Executive MBA rankings and

  9. 53rd globally and the first in India in the Financial Times Executive MBA rankings.​

  10. ISB PGPMAX graduates have achieved 56% hike in their packages in 1 year of course completion and upto 63% hike in their salaries over two years of graduating.

  11. Around 80% of the graduates of the ISB PGPMAX program have levelled up in their positions as per the Economist EMBA Ranking 2020.

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ISB PGPMAX 2024 Admissions Process

ISB PGPMAX Application Process 2024:

ISB PGPMAX Application Fee: INR 10,000

ISB PGPMAX Reapplication Fee: INR 1000

ISB PGPMAX Essays 2024:

1. What is the driving factor for you to do PGPMAX at this stage of your career? How do you think ISB can help you achieve your professional goals? in 300 words.

2. Describe your experience during a challenging time in your professional life. Explain briefly the actions you took and the impact it had on your professional & personal life. in 300 words.

3. How has your application become more competitive since the last time you applied to PGPMAX? in 300 words.

4. Optional essay in a word limit of 500 words.

The ISB PGPMAX Application requires the following documents that must be scanned and uploaded along with the application:

  1. Updated CV/Resume

  2. Mark-sheets/transcripts (for all semesters/years) of Bachelor’s degree

  3. Proof of income 

  4. Company support letter

  5. Application Essays

  6. Two professional references

  7. Organisation chart


For the academic year 2023-24, the overall program fee is near about ₹ 3,963,000 plus taxes which takes account of both admission as well as tuition fee. 

The application fee for ISB PGPMAX is INR 15,000.

The ISB PGP MAX fees for 2023-24 can be paid in separate installments or in a single installment. It covers only admission, teaching and study material. The fee does not incorporate global travel costs, boarding & lodging and other varied expenses.

  1. Admission Fee for ISB PGPMAX - INR 3,54,000

  2. Installment  fee payment for ISB PGP MAX – INR 10,80,585

  3. A refundable security deposit of INR 20,000 has to be paid

  4. Alumni membership fee of INR 25,000 is payable by ISB PGP MAX admits.

  5. A deposit of INR 10,000 towards lifetime use of ISB Recreation Centre is also payable.

The initial batch started in 2010 in the company of 60 students and a fee of INR 27.5 lakhs. The curriculum fee which includes the boarding and lodging expenses for nearly all days along with the study material was INR 31 lakhs. On the other hand, in a major hike in the curriculum fees, the modified fee for 2019 was INR 35 lakhs.

At the same time as estimating the further expenses, students need to make an allowance for different other related costs like travelling expenses to ISB, international immersion costs, field-trip associated costs and maintain something like INR 3 - 6 lakhs for all such extra expenses.​

ISB PGPMAX Scholarships

  1. According to their official website, ISB scholarships (near about INR 10 lakhs) will be awarded to entitled students.

  2. The tuition waiver does not include:

  3. Admission fee/  Application fee

  4. Domestic and Worldwide travelling

  5. Boarding and lodging

  6. Incidental expenses

  7. The ISB PGPMAX students will need to look after these expenses on their own.

You can find out about similar program at here IIT Bombay.

ISB PGPMAX Updates 2024

  1. On 20 September 2022, the ISBPGPMAX Class of 2023 has elected Sudarshan Mahabal as the Lead, Academic Affairs Council (AAC) and Vipender Mann as the Lead, SEAL Council (SEALC).

  2. With the restoration to normalcy, ISB PGPMAX participants will be able to take advantage of the program's global reach. In June 2022, ISB PGPMAX Co'21 travelled to London for an international immersion at the London Business School.

  3. White Page International recently named Meenakshi Kaul (MK) (ISB PGPMAX Co'20) as one of Asia's 100 Power Leaders in Human Resources 2022. Meenakshi is a people and culture leader with over 16 years of experience who now manages HR leadership responsibilities for two companies.

  4. ISB PGPMax provided a platform for Lalitha Kumari (PGPMAX Co’23) to share her journey and experiences. As the Head of Product Management for OSD at Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Lalitha, a scientist turned business leader, sought to expand her professional network and gain fresh perspectives. Through the PGPMAX Student Diaries, Lalitha shared her motivations for enrolling in the program and recounted her experiences.

  5. The CEO Story initiative, dedicated to unveiling the transformational journeys of C-Suite leaders from the PGPMAX community, released its latest edition in August 26, 2023. The edition featured three PGPMAX Alumni who discussed their experiences during the program and its impact thereafter.

  6. Meher Afroz (PGPMAX Co’11), now the Partner Group Engineering Manager for Platform Engineering at Microsoft, exemplifies a transition from engineering to business leadership. Meher's decision to join the founding cohort of PGPMAX in July 2023 was driven by the program's potential to facilitate this transition. During the PGPMAX CEO Story conversation, Meher outlined three key takeaways from her PGPMAX experience.

  7. ISB proudly announced that the PGPMAX program, the only EMBA equivalent from India, secured a spot in the Top 50 globally in The Economist's Executive MBA Ranking 2020 and Financial Times EMBA Ranking 2022. Designed for experienced professionals, senior executives, and business owners with 10 to 25 years of experience, the program continues to be recognised for its excellence.

  8. Gaurav Shrowti (PGPMAX Co’22), the Head of Planning at Reliance Industries Limited, found the modular format of PGPMAX at ISB appealing. With over 18 years of experience, Gaurav appreciated the program's ability to eliminate opportunity costs while enhancing leadership skills. In a recent conversation in August 2023, Gaurav shared why he decided to consider the PGPMAX at ISB.

  9. Soujanya Aluri (PGPMAX Co’20), the Chief Digital Officer at TVS Credit Services Ltd, represents a transition from technologist to business leader. Soujanya attributes her successful shift to the C-Suite to the transformative experience of the PGPMAX program at ISB. During a conversation in July 2023 as part of the PGPMAX CEO Story, Soujanya highlighted the program's career impact on her trajectory.

  10. ISB PGPMax extended their congratulations to alumni Dr. Shikha Bagai (PGPMAX Co'11), Chiranjib Bhattacharya (PGPMAX Co'12), and Vikas Gupta (PGPMAX Co'13) for completing the EFPM at ISB in April 2023.

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  1. ​Duration: ISB PGPMAX program duration is 15 months while for ISB PGPpro the program duration is 18 months.

  2. ISB PGPMAX vs PGPpro based on location of the program: ISB PGPMAX is delivered at ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali where as ISB PGPpro is delivered at four locations, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

  3. ​ISB PGPMAX vs PGPpro based on average experience in the class: For ISB PGPMAX class average work experience is 16 years where as it is 10.1 years work experience for ISB PGPpro.

  4. ​ISB PGPMAX vs PGPpro based on the International exposure: ISB PGPMAX has two International immersions during the course where as ISB PGPpro has one international immersion incorporated in the program.

  5. ​ISB PGPMAX vs PGPpro based on the seniority level of the applicants: ISB PGPMAX is designed for C Suite professionals and senior executives while ISB PGPpro is designed for professionals who have mid to senior level exposure.

  6. ​ISB PGPMAX vs PGPpro based on the program focus: ISB PGPMAX is designed for professionals aspiring for senior to C Suite leadership roles whereas ISB PGPpro is designed for mid level professionals looking to move up the ladder in their organisation.

ISB PGPMAX Curriculum

  1. Earlier than the program begins, you’d be anticipated to re-acquaint yourself with your fundamentals of Mathematics, MS Office, and Statistics.

  2. The online elementary modules help you revive your knowledge in finance, accounting and quantitative areas all the way through online procedure.

  3. Besides classroom lectures and simulations that make easy better understanding of a topic all the way through real-life business situations, there are guest lectures which engage interactions with industrialists and business leaders.

  4. Online assessments and pre-course projects also outline an ingredient of the standard program.​

  5. International immersion takes account of teaching at the best international business schools, such as Kellogg and Wharton.

  6. These visits facilitate students to dig up insights into international business and culture in the course of industry visits and also an opportunity to interact with the top executives at these global locations.

ISB PGPMAX Placements

​ISB PGPMAX does not directly offer a placement process but the graduates of this program have achieved substantial career progression.

According to FT EMBA Ranking 2022, ISB PGPMAX delivered a 66% salary increase with a career progress rank of 28 across the world.

  1. Higher-ranking professionals who get enrolled for this course do not take a time off from work; in its place, they’re requisite to take get their company’s support for the break from work and also generate a letter concerning the same.

  2. For this very reason, ISB does not make available placement support to the PGPMAX students, seeing that it would not represent the course in the right light. Students are anticipated to take advantage of their network to watch out for the jobs that they may be keen on.


  1. The program attracts higher-ranking professionals from varied industries; as a result, a lot of learning can take place all the way through interactions, giving out experiences and discussions along with peers. You may finish up with a strong association that you can pride yourself on that.

  2. Those following an EMBA get an opportunity to bring to their place of work all the learning that ensues in the class. This benefits both the learner and their employers.

  3. You don’t have to take a time off which denotes that you have a continuing income flow. Although the course fees are relatively high, you have your monthly salaries; so you may be in a position to look forward to a better salary package, just the once your program is finished.




ISB PGPpro vs ISB PGPMAX vs Columbia EMBA

How does ISB PGPMAX compare with other leading Executive MBA Programs in Asia?

Aventis School of Management EMBA:

  1. Country: Singapore    

  2. Region: Asia    

  3. Total Alumni: 1200    

  4. Start Months: June    

  5. Class Times: Aventis EMBA is delivered over 2 weekends block of thur, Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday. The program offers an optional 1 week international study trip option  

  6.  International Trip: Trip Optional    

  7. Average Work Experience: 11(years)    

  8. Average Management Experience: 10(years)    

  9. Program Length: 15(months)    

  10. Program Cost: $ 48000 (USD)    

  11. Class Size: 37

Columbia University EMBA-Global Asia Program  

  1. Country: United States    

  2. Region: Asia    

  3. Total Alumni: 340    

  4. Start Months: May    

  5. Class Times: Modular - 5 consecutive class days approximately monthly.    

  6. International Trip: Trip Required    

  7. Average Work Experience: Not Public(years)    

  8. Average Management Experience: Not Public(years)    

  9. Program Length: 20(months)    

  10. Program Cost: $ 189600 (USD)    

  11. Class Size: 38

Cornell University  Johnson Graduate School of Management - Cornell-Tsinghua FMBA    

  1. Country: United States    

  2. Region: Asia    

  3. Total Alumni: 380    

  4. Start Months: September    

  5. Class Times: Classes meet on weekends twice per month. There are also two international (US based) residential sessions which are each 17 days long.    

  6. International Trip: Trip Required    

  7. Average Work Experience: 8(years)    

  8. Average Management Experience: 5(years)    

  9. Program Length: 21(months)    

  10. Program Cost: $ 116000 (USD)    

  11. Class Size: 147


Indian School of Business  Post Graduate Programme in Management for Senior Executives ISB PGPMAX:

  1. Country: India    

  2. Region: Asia    

  3. Total Alumni: 550  

  4. Start Months: August    

  5. Class Times: One week of classes every 6th week.    

  6. International Trip: Trip Required    

  7. Average Work Experience: 16(years)    

  8. Program Length: 15(months)    

  9. Program Cost: र 3848000 (INR)    

  10. Class Size: 70

INSEAD School - Tsinghua INSEAD Executive MBA    

  1. Country: France    

  2. Region: Asia    

  3. Total Alumni: 500    

  4. Start Months: June    

  5. Class Times: Twelve weeks of on-campus modules (Beijing, Shenzhen, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Fontainebleau. Primarily in week long modules over a 21- month period.    

  6. International Trip: Trip Required as a part of Global Program    

  7. Average Work Experience: 12(years)    

  8. Average Management Experience: 6(years)    

  9. Program Length: 21(months)    

  10. Program Cost: $ 125000 (USD)    

  11. Class Size: 44

You can know more about INSEAD EMBA here 

Nanyang Technological University - Nanyang Executive MBA    

  1. Country: Singapore    

  2. Region: Asia    

  3. Total Alumni: 490    

  4. Start Months: January    

  5. Class Times: 2 weeks of full days classes each segment. Total of 10 weeks over 13 months    

  6. International Trip: Trip Required    

  7. Average Work Experience: 19(years)    

  8. Program Length: 13(months)    

  9. Program Cost: S$ 117000 (SGD)    

  10. Class Size: 29

National University of Singapore - The NUS Executive MBA (English)    

  1. Country: Singapore    

  2. Region: Asia    

  3. Total Alumni: 1052    

  4. Start Months: June    

  5. Class Times: 2 intensive weeks once every 3 months (including weekends and public holidays) for 6 segments in 8 cities across Asia spanning 15 months.    

  6. International Trip: Trip Required as a part of Global Program    

  7. Average Work Experience: 16(years)    

  8. Average Management Experience: 14(years)    Program Length: 15(months)    

  9. Program Cost: S$ 110000 (SGD)    

  10. Class Size: 51



National University of Singapore -   Program: UCLA - NUS Executive MBA (English)    

  1. Country: Singapore    

  2. Region: Asia  

  3. Total Alumni: 564    

  4. Start Months: May    

  5. Class Times: Two intensive weeks once every three months (including weekends and public holidays) for six segments in 6 different cities spanning 15 months.    

  6. International Trip: Trip Required as a part of Global Program    

  7. Average Work Experience: 17(years)    

  8. Average Management Experience: 10(years)    

  9. Program Length: 15(months)    

  10. Program Cost: $ 130000 (USD)    

  11. Class Size: 23


University of Chicago School: Booth School of Business  - Executive MBA Program Asia    

  1. Country: Hong Kong    

  2. Region: Asia    

  3. Total Alumni: 9696    

  4. Start Months: June    

  5. Class Times: 16 one-week modules spread over 22 months (Monday - Saturday)    

  6. International Trip: Trip Required    

  7. Average Work Experience: 13(years)    

  8. Program Length: 22(months)    

  9. Program Cost: $ 1387000 (HKD)    

  10. Class Size: 95

Singapore Management University School: Lee Kong Chian School of Business Executive MBA Program    

  1. Country: Singapore    

  2. Region: Asia    

  3. Total Alumni: 306    

  4. Start Months: May    

  5. Class Times: 8 face-to-face segments over 12 months, each segment is across 6 to 9 days.  

  6. International Trip: Trip Required as a part of Global Program    

  7. Average Work Experience: 17.8(years)    

  8. Average Management Experience: 17.8(years)    

  9. Program Length: 12(months)    

  10. Program Cost: S$ 116630 (SGD)    

  11. Class Size: 26

Washington University in St. Louis School: John M. Olin Business School - Olin - IIT Mumbai Executive MBA Program

  1. City, State: Mumbai,Maharashtra    

  2. Country: India    

  3. Region: Asia    

  4. Total Alumni: 98    

  5. Start Months:    

  6. Class Times: 4 consecutive days in a month.    

  7. International Trip: Trip Required    

  8. Program Length: 18(months)    

  9. Program Cost: र 4200000 (INR)    

  10. Class Size: 41

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