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Details about the UBC Sauder MBA

Updated: Nov 23

University of British Columbia - UBC Sauder MBA Program is highly sought after, especially from the point of view of International students.

UBC Sauder MBA in Canada Course Overview

The 16-month Master of Business Administration (MBA) full-time program at UBC Sauder's Robert H. Lee Graduate School is a great option for high-achieving, determined professionals to take their profession to the next level. The UBC Sauder MBA will motivate your mind, grant you fresh viewpoints, and help you understand your personal and professional capability.

All through the UBC Sauder MBA, you’ll gain knowledge of impactful work, learning and travel opportunities. Trek across the world by way of the binding Global Immersion Experience where you’ll gain worldwide consulting experience. Make the most of mentorship and networking opportunities with the best alumni and nurture your dream of becoming a winning business leader with the UBC Sauder full time MBA.

The UBC Sauder MBA program teaches the most up-to-date course in academic and related applied knowledge by integrating a ground-breaking curriculum in the midst of innovative technologies and ground-breaking teaching methods.

The UBC Sauder full time MBA program involves the following important business skills:

  1. Creativity

  2. Decision Making

  3. Leadership Development

  4. Global Issues

  5. Macroeconomics

  6. Ethics

  7. Sustainability

To explore deep into an area of proficiency suitable for their career growth, students choose from one of the following career specialisations:

  1. Technology & Analytics Leadership

  2. Finance

  3. Product Management

  4. Entrepreneurship

  5. Custom

What does the structure of the UBC Sauder MBA Course include?

  1. Spanning across disciplines

  2. Business Strategy focus

  3. Decision-making skills

  4. Integrated case days

  5. Client presentations

  6. Perspectives and cultures

  7. Entrepreneurial projects

Basic MBA Courses at UBC Sauder full time MBA:

Basic MBA courses cover wide-ranging business management, in order that you'll build an understanding of the whole thing from accounting to Marketing to Finance.

1. Accounting

Gain a strong grasp of management accounting concepts and realize how to take to mean financial statements to assess a company’s performance at the UBC Sauder MBA.

2. Finance

Learn foundations of finance principles during the UBC Sauder professional MBA, including how to make out suitable (and unsuitable) uses of funds, how to value cash flows and investments in substantial assets, and cope with time and uncertainty in financial decision-making.

3. Organizational behavior

Realize how you can personally impact change all the way through influencing and motivating others, in order to turn into a better leader with the UBC Sauder school of business MBA.

4. Marketing fundamentals

Gain knowledge of developing marketing strategies all the way through market segmentation, marketing plan development and profitability evaluation of products and services through courses at the UBC Sauder professional MBA.

5. Operations fundamentals

Through invigorating courses and class discussion at UBC Sauder school of business MBA

gain knowledge of how products and services are productively produced and delivered all the way through effective supply chain management.

6. Management

From understanding how the supply and demand lead to marketplace outcomes, to the study of manufacture and costs, you will gain an outline of rational thinking about economic problems at the UBC Sauder school of business MBA.

7. Fundamentals of analytics

With the UBC Sauder professional MBA become skilled at the fundamentals of business analytics and gain a wide-ranging introduction to the concepts and techniques of business analytics.

8. Decision making

Gain the analytical and decisive thinking skills valued by company owners.

What you'll gain knowledge of through the courses at UBC Sauder MBA Program?

  1. Gain a wide-ranging base of business knowledge

  2. Gain insights into how successful managers get to the bottom of different issues

  3. Develop the important thinking and decision-making skills to set up you for leadership roles

What is the Eligibility Criteria for UBC Sauder School of Business MBA in Canada?

  1. 3 or 4year Bachelor's degree in the midst of a B+ average, or recognized equivalent from a recognized institution

  2. Mail transcripts, translations, and degree certificates


  4. English proficiency

  5. Applicants must be able to communicate, understand, and write fluently in English. An English proficiency exam is requisite for all candidates whose degrees are from a school outside Canada.

What is the professional experience required to apply to UBC Sauder school of business MBA in Canada?

  1. Minimum two years of permanent work experience gained later than graduation from your Bachelor’s degree.

  2. Professional references are favoured, and ought to fill out the reference form online.

What is the UBC Sauder MBA fees?

  1. UBC Sauder MBA fees for Canadian students: $49,419 CAD

  2. UBC Sauder MBA fees for International students: $83,263 CAD

What are Career opportunities, Placements and Career development for graduates at UBC Sauder school of business MBA in Canada:

  1. Canada is at the moment the third most popular study destination.

  2. Canada’s work visa policy has earned it a standing for openness to worldwide students.

  3. For students at UBC Sauder School of Business in Vancouver, being able to get a work visa straight following graduation is a massive pull factor for students.

  4. Graduates from the school’s 16-month MBA program can keep on working for up to three years later than graduation by way of a post-graduate work permit (PGWP).

  5. UBC Sauder focusses on MBA internships for its students, where students can gain experience at the same time as expecting to earn amid US$2400-to-$4500.

  6. In addition to visa access, Canada’s varied and exhilarating job market is making the countryside appealing to MBA applicants.

  7. Lots of multinational companies have stretched out their presence in Canada.

  8. The Average Starting Salary post UBC Sauder school of business MBA in Canada is $85,000 CAD.

Document List to be submitted for UBC Canada MBA admission process:

  1. The marks statement provided by the education board subsequent to completion of the preceding academic qualifications.

  2. The evidence showing the economic background of the student.

  3. Letter of recommendation to the student to pursue the degree.

  4. An essay or any written statement written by the student at the same time as applying.

  5. Resume

Important information regarding VISA:

  1. The Student visa is issued by the Canadian government and allows foreign nationals to study at institutions in Canada.

  2. A student visa is necessary to study in Canada.

  3. The current price of the Study Permit is 112 USD.

  4. A Student visa is by and large valid for the length of the student’s study program, in addition an additional 90 days. The 90 days allows the student get ready to leave Canada or apply further to prolong their stay.

  5. The students necessitate these documents to apply for a study permit:

  6. Acceptance Proof: The offer letter that the student received from the institution of higher education.

  7. Identity Proof is mandatory.

  8. Financial support Proof is required for VISA processing.

What are the UBC Sauder MBA requirements and Work Study Provisions for pursuing MBA in Canada, Sauder School of Business?

  1. Students can work for 20 hours every week all through the normal academic year and full-time all through the scheduled breaks.

  2. If their program does not have listed breaks, the students will be restricted to working 20 hours every week.

  3. An immigration officer may apply conditions on the kind of work students may carry out.

  4. For instance, they must pass an immigration medical test earlier than they start on work in health care, child care, or primary or secondary teaching.

Why pursue your Masters in Canada University?

  1. An MBA in Canada is the most preferred course for aspirants in India.

  2. The Universities for Masters in Canada make available a great balance of technical classes (Business Analytics Programming, etc.), in addition to more highly developed business classes.

  3. An applicant with an engineering and business background may find the programming classes to be somewhat demanding, but certainly convenient and very worthwhile if you invest some time. Moreover, all the classes match each other in good health.

  4. The most notable part about the program is the individuals are the professors who are brilliant and they are keen to help and support you.

  5. This not only applies to difficulties you might have in the midst of class content, but they will even talk about your job search with you, or hold up you in external competitions.

Why pursue an UBC Sauder school of business MBA in Canada?

  1. Situated on Canada’s west coast, in what is undeniably the nation’s best city, Vancouver, UBC Sauder offers an MBA that is neither business nor consulting biased.

  2. At Sauder, there is a strong foundation of students from manufacturing, building or natural resources surroundings, and the technology and consumer goods industries lead a great deal of hires.

  3. The program has several exclusive features, outstanding among which is an obligatory Global Immersion Experience that gives UBC Sauder school of business MBA in Canada candidates the chance to spend two weeks out of the country consulting on business difficulties for local business organisations.

The University offers more leading masters programs in Canada. Connect with our team for a profile evaluation and a suitable program that matches your profile and career aspirations.

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