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Harvard MBA 2025 Application

Can an Indian get into Harvard MBA? Yes, Indian students can get into the Harvard Business School with the right preparation and hard work. The first step to get started by understanding who goes into the school and competitively positioning oneself to prepare a strong application.

Some Facts about the Harvard MBA Program:

  1. Duration of program: Two years

  2. Format: Full time Residential

  3. Worldwide Alumni: 87,000+

Harvard MBA 2025-27 Application Deadlines:

  • Round 1: Sep 4, 2024

  • Round 2: Jan 6, 2025

Harvard MBA Class of 2025: A Snapshot

  • Class Size: 938 students

  • Applications: 8,149

  • Women: 45%

  • International Students: 39%

  • U.S. Ethnic Minorities: 45%

  • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.73

  • Median GMAT: 740

  • Median GRE (Verbal and Quantitative): 163

  • Average Work Experience: 4.9 years

  • Top Industries: Consulting (17%), Venture Capital/Private Equity (17%), Technology (13%)

  • Other Industries: Financial Services, Consumer Products/Retail/E-commerce, Healthcare/Biotech, Manufacturing/Industrial/Energy, Media/Entertainment/Travel, Military, Nonprofit/Government/Education, Services

  • First-Generation College Graduates: 11%

  • Domestic Universities Represented: 128

  • International Universities Represented: 147

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Is an MBA from Harvard Business School Worth It?

Whether or not an MBA from Harvard Business School (HBS) is worth it depends on your personal and professional goals and priorities some that will help you decide whether to go ahead with the Harvard MBA or not:

  • Reputation: HBS is widely considered one of the top business schools in the world, and an MBA from HBS may be highly regarded in the job market.

  • Curriculum: HBS offers a rigorous and highly regarded MBA program that covers a wide range of business-related subjects.

  • Career opportunities: An MBA from HBS can open up a wide range of career opportunities in various industries and sectors.

  • Cost: An MBA from HBS is a significant financial investment, and you should carefully consider whether or not you are willing and able to pay the tuition and other costs associated with the program.

  • Time commitment: An MBA is a full-time program that requires a significant time commitment, and you should consider whether or not you are able to commit to the program while also balancing any other responsibilities you may have.

Is an Harvard MBA worthwhile for you or not depends on personal goals. It may be helpful to speak with current or former HBS MBA students or reach out to the admissions team for more information about the program.

How much does an MBA from Harvard cost ?

The cost of an MBA from Harvard Business School (HBS) varies depending on a number of factors, including your individual financial situation and the length of the program. According to HBS's website, the total cost of an MBA for the 2020-2021 academic year was $73,440 for tuition and $28,200 for living expenses, for a total of $101,640. This cost does not include additional fees or expenses, such as travel costs or professional development expenses.

It is important to note that the cost of an MBA from HBS is a significant financial investment, and you should carefully consider whether or not you are able to afford the program before applying. HBS offers a number of financial aid options, including loans, scholarships, and other forms of assistance, to help make an MBA more affordable for qualified students. If you are considering applying to HBS, you may want to reach out to the admissions team for more information about financial aid options and the overall cost of the program.

What GPA do you need for Harvard MBA?

The Harvard Business School (HBS) does not have a specific minimum GPA requirement for its MBA program However, HBS is a highly competitive program, and the admissions committee seeks candidates with solid academic credentials and demonstrated academic aptitude. A high GPA can be one factor that the admissions committee considers when evaluating MBA applications.

According to HBS's website, the average GPA of incoming MBA students is 3.7. While this is not a strict requirement, it may give you an idea of the level of academic achievement that is typical of HBS MBA students. It is important to note that the admissions committee looks at a variety of factors when evaluating MBA applications, and a high GPA is just one of many considerations. The admissions committee also looks at a candidate's professional experience, leadership potential, and overall fit with the program.

If you are considering applying to the HBS MBA program, it is important to put together a strong overall application that showcases your academic and professional accomplishments and demonstrates your fit with the program.

Different Parameters of the Class Profile of Harvard MBA Class of 2024 has been listed below:

  1. Class size: 1015

  2. Applications received in the 2021-2022 Academic Year: 8,264

  3. Women: 46%

  4. First Generation: 13%

  5. Average GPA: 3.70

  6. Domestic Universities: 134

  7. International Universities: 160

  8. Average Years of Work Experience: 5.0

  9. International: 38%

Educational Backgrounds represented in Harvard MBA:

  • Engineering: 28%

  • Business/Commerce: 24%

  • Arts/Humanities: 5%

  • Economics: 19%

  • Social Science: 10%

  • Math/Physical Science: 14%

Pre-MBA Industries represented in the class of Harvard MBA program:

  1. Consulting: 16%

  2. Consumer Products/Retail/E-Commerce: 9%

  3. Financial Services: 10%

  4. Healthcare/Biotech: 8%

  5. Manufacturing/Industrial/Energy: 9%

  6. Media/Entertainment: 4%

  7. Military: 4%

  8. Nonprofit/Government/Education: 6%

  9. Services: 3%

  10. Technology: 14%

  11. Venture Capital: 16%

GMAT related information for the Harvard MBA:

  • Range Verbal: 29-51

  • Range of QA score : 34-51

  • Total Range: 540-790

  • Median VA: 42

  • Median QA: 48

  • Median GMAT score: 730

GRE related information for the Harvard MBA:

  • Verbal : 147-170

  • Quantitative : 150-170

  • Median Verbal: 163

  • Median Quantitative: 163

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Is it hard to enter Harvard Business School ?

Harvard Business School (HBS) is a highly competitive program, and it can be difficult to get into. According to HBS's website, the school received over 9,600 applications for the class of 2023, and the acceptance rate was just 11%. 11 out of every 100 that apply.

The HBS admissions committee looks for a variety of qualities in MBA applicants, including strong academic records, professional experience, leadership potential, and overall fit with the program. The admissions process is highly selective, and the committee carefully reviews and evaluates each application to select the most qualified candidates.

If you are considering applying to the HBS MBA program, it is important to put together a strong and well-rounded application that showcases your fit with the program and your potential as a leader. This may include demonstrating your academic and professional achievements, highlighting your leadership skills and experiences, and writing a compelling personal statement. It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the admissions process and requirements, and to seek guidance from current or former HBS MBA students or the admissions team if needed.

Eligibility for the Harvard 2 year MBA program:

  1. Undergraduate degree (4yrs) or its equivalent

  2. A degree from an accredited four-year college or university in the United States or its equivalent (unless you are a senior applying to our 2+2 Program). International three-year bachelor's degree programs are equivalent.

  3. GMAT or GRE Scores Must not be more that 5 years Old

  4. TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, or Duolingo test results (If applicable)

Admission Process for the Harvard MBA program:

  1. Written Application

  2. Interview

  3. Post-Interview Reflection

  4. Transcripts

  5. GMAT/GRE Score

  6. TOEFL, IELTS, Pearson Test of English (PTE), or Duolingo English Test

  7. One Essay

  8. Two LORs

  9. Updated CV

  10. Application fees: $250

  11. Codes for Test score submission

  • TOEFL Code: 3444

  • GMAT Code: HRLX892

  • GRE Code: 4064

How much does Harvard MBA cost ?

Harvard MBA costs around $ 2,25,000/- for single International Students. It is in tune with the other prestigious MBA programs like the Columbia MBA or the Wharton MBA .

One year Fee Details for the Harvard MBA:

  1. Tuition fees: $73,440

  2. Indirect Expenses: $31,390

  3. Required Fees: $7,934

  4. Total Fees for Singles: $112,764

Financial Aid

  1. Need-Based Tuition Assistance

  2. Summer Fellowships

  3. Average need-based scholarship awarded over two years: $84,000

  4. Average annual need-based scholarship award: $42,000

  5. Aid distributed each year: $43m

  6. Median salary after HBS: $150,500

  7. Median signing bonus after HBS: $30,000

  8. Students receive need-based scholarships: 50%

Where do Harvard MBAs go to work?

Most around (90%) of the Harvard MBA graduates work in the US. Around 75% of the class works in the field of Finance, Consulting and Technology. The details of the Jobs the graduated fetch after completing their MBA is given below. It covers the Industry-wise as well as the Location wise details.

Job Location:

  • United States: 91%

  • Canada: <1%

  • Latin America: <1%

  • Europe: 3%

  • Middle East/North Africa: <1%

  • Sub Saharan Africa: <1%

  • Asia: 2%

  • Australia/Oceania: <1%


  • Consulting: 26%

  • Consumer Products: 3%

  • Entertainment/Media: 3%

  • Financial Services: 34%

  • Healthcare: 5%

  • Manufacturing: 5%

  • Nonprofit/Government: 3%

  • Retail: 1%

  • Services: 1%

  • Technology: 19%

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