Ashoka University Admissions

Ashoka University Admissions 2021 - 22

Round 1 deadline for Ashoka University admissions 2021-22 - 10 November 2021

Round 2 deadline for Ashoka University admissions 2021-22 - 17 January 2022

Round 3 for Ashoka University application ends on 6 April 2022

Round 4 applications for Ashoka University 2021-22 closes on 25 May 2022

What are the essay topics for Ashoka University Admissions 2021-22?

There are three mandatory essays this year.

Essay 1 for Ashoka University 2021-22 application is:

What is an idea, concept, or theory that you find interesting and why? In what ways have you examined and engaged with this topic?  Permitted word limit for the essay is 400 words.

Essay topic 2 for Ashoka University application 2021-22 is:

Share with us an important personal experience which has significantly shaped you and your perspective on life. Provide relevant details to help us understand you. Permitted word limit for this essay is 150 words.

Essay topic 3 for Ashoka University undergraduate application 2021-22 is

The language of a person influences their understanding of the world. Pick your favourite word from any language and tell us why this word is special to you, and how it has impacted you. The word limit for this essay topic is 150 words.

​What is the process for Ashoka University Admission 2021-22?​

The process is carried out in three stages.


Stage 1 of Ashoka University admission process 2021-22 includes submitting the online application with the mandatory essays, the optional recommendation letter, information about academic and extracurricular achievements and activities. It also requires the applicants to write the Ashoka Aptitude Test and On the spot essay. The deadlines for the Ashoka Aptitude test for the four rounds of application as mentioned above are:

Round 1 applicants Ashoka aptitude test will be held on 21 November 2021.

For round 2 applicants the assessment test date is scheduled on 23 January 2022.


Round 3 applicants will have to write their Ashoka Aptitude test and the on the spot essay on 17 April 2022.


Round 4 applicants have their online assessments scheduled on 5 June 2022.

Stage 2 of the Ashoka University admission process 2021-22 requires the student to interview with an admissions panel.

Stage 3 of the admissions process involves communicating the offers, waitlist, conditional offers or rejections followed by the financial aid process.

Is the SAT test score mandatory for applying to Ashoka University in 2021-22?

No, the SAT score is not mandatory for Ashoka University admission process 2021-22.

Is the recommendation submission mandatory for Ashoka University applicants?

The recommendation letter is not mandatory but preferred in the process as it adds another dimension to help the evaluation of the applicant's candidature.

Who can write the recommendation letter for Ashoka University application?

The letter of recommendation can be from a person who knows the applicant well in an academic or professional capacity. It is not a mandatory requirement. It can be written by a teacher, mentor, counsellor or supervisor. It should not be written by a family member, or a relative.

How many majors can an applicant choose for their Ashoka University application?

An applicant can mention upto 3 preferred majors in the Ashoka University application form.

What does the Ashoka University on the spot essay evaluate?

A student can choose from two prompts in the on the spot essay assessment. The prompt evaluates your understanding of the problem and critical thinking capability.

What is the degree that Ashoka University awards to undergraduate students?

The degree awarded by Ashoka University is either a BA or a BSc degree.

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