Ashoka University Admissions

What are the available graduate programs at Ashoka University?

When it comes to a graduate program student at Ashoka University can pursue one of the following three post-graduate courses:

  • M.A. in Economics: This is a two year Masters degree in the field of Economics. The course comes under the Department of Economics with 16 permanent faculty members and excellent research background.

  • M.A. in English: This program is aimed at developing the skills among students to understand the context of literature and culture in the interdisciplinary liberal arts curriculum. It is a two-year program segregated into four semesters.

  • M.A. in Liberal Studies: This one-year graduate program aims at inculcating critical thinking in the fields of humanities, social sciences, behavioural sciences, and the natural sciences.

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What are the Ph.D. Programs For Students at Ashoka University?

Apart from the exhaustive undergraduate and graduate programs, students can also pursue doctorate level courses at Ashoka University. The following disciplines are available for students to pursue their Ph.D.:

  1. Computer Science

  2. Biology

  3. Physics

  4. Economics

  5. History

  6. English

  7. Psychology

The program brings a lot of research-based opportunities for the students. They also get to work under the guidance of erudite faculty members and work of real-world problems for the dissertations.

What is the Young India Fellowship?

The Young India Fellowship or YIF program was started in 2011 to enhance and broaden the worldview of young talents. The program aims at the development of critical thinking from versatile perspectives, useful collaborations, and effective communication. The program is one year long post-graduate diploma in liberal studies.

The programs open the opportunity for students from a wide range of fields like design, engineering, commerce, and more to pursue liberal studies. The program aims at improving the professional and intellectual abilities of the students.

After completion of this course, students can further apply for an M.A. in liberal studies program available at Ashoka University.

What is the Ashoka University Admission process?​

The Ashoka University follows a thorough admission process to assess the applicants in a number of criteria. Apart from the assessment, there are certain prerequisites that the applicant must meet to apply for an undergraduate or graduate course at Ashoka University. Read more about undergraduate programs at Ashoka University, Top 5 Liberal Arts Universities in India​ , what's special about Ashoka University, why Ashoka University is in great demand, Ashoka University Interviews

Some of the basic requirements to apply to Ashoka University include the following:

  1. The applicant must have completed their high school education from a recognised institution. They have a cut-off percentage to decide applicant eligibility.

  2. In the case of admission for PG courses, the applicant must also hold a relevant UG or PG degree from an internationally recognised institute.

  3. For students who appeared for the SAT or ACT exam need to provide their official scores. If the scores are not available they need to appear for the Ashoka Aptitude Test (AAT).

The application process for securing admission at Ashoka University includes the following steps.
  1. The student needs to fill in an online application form. The application information details are present on the university website.

  2. The admission process also includes three phases. The applicant needs to appear for an on the spot essay writing test. For students who did not provide official ACT or SAT scores in their online application need to appear for the AAT.

  3. The last phase includes an interview round with the university officials. It is essential for the student to perform well in the interview to secure an admission in the university program that they have applied to.

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