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How is Ashoka University?

Located in Sonipat, Haryana, Ashoka University is a leading liberal arts university in India. Here we evaluate how Ashoka University fares across different criteria. The 2024 intake for Ashoka University has its next application deadline on 3 April, 2024 and the next round application is due on 22 May, 2024.

Ashoka University
Ashoka University

Why Ashoka University is a good option?

1. Education Focussed on Critical Thinking and All round Development

Ashoka University liberal arts education places a strong focus on critical thinking in all of the topics taught. Ashoka University hosts around more than 55 clubs and societies. The fees for the undergraduate program at Ashoka University is around INR 9.87 lacs per annum and no student has been denied education due to financial incapacity at Ashoka University till date.

2. Strength of the Team

The founders of Ashoka University are industry leaders in their respective fields. The founders of Ashoka University come from various backgrounds, including finance, service industry, education, and consulting.

3. Focus on Diversity

Ashoka University truly focuses on diversity. They value curiosity, and look for people who are open to questioning and are enthusiastic about learning. Ashoka University ensures socio economic diversity. Around 42% students are offered financial aid and 102 students received full scholarships. 6% of Ashoka University students are first generation college goers.

The class of Ashoka University comprises around 561 students represented by 18 countries, 105 cities and 342 schools. In terms of gender diversity the class at Ashoka University includes 56% women, 43% men and 1% neutral gender.

4. Liberal arts education

The liberal arts education at Ashoka University is truly inter disciplinary or multidisciplinary. Students can study philosophy, political science and economics, and merge them with courses in entrepreneurship for example.

Some interdisciplinary majors taught at Ashoka University are Computer science and entrepreneurial leadership, mathematical and computer science, economics and history, History and international relations, English and performing arts, English and media studies.

5. Unique Course Structure

Foundation courses at Ashoka University are Quantitative thinking, Literature and the world, Introduction to critical thinking, Principles of science, Environmental studies, Economics, Politics and society, Indian civilisations, Great books and Mind and behaviour.

Major and minor courses include courses like Biology, Chemistry, Computer sciences, Economics, History, English, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and anthropology, Mathematics.

The students at Ashoka University can choose from minors like entrepreneurship, environmental studies, media studies, performing arts, creative writing, visual arts and International relations.

The students at Ashoka University have the opportunity to pursue co curricular courses like

Art, Film, Theatre, Photography, Languages and Performing arts.

6. Ashoka Scholars Programme

Ashoka Scholars Programme is the optional fourth year culminating in the post graduate diploma in Advanced studies and research. This is an additional 1 year of education offering PG Diploma for Ashoka graduates. During this year they engage in pursuing research and thesis or an advanced major or they can also pursue a new minor at Ashoka University.

7. International exposure

Ashoka University has established partnerships with International Universities like Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, HEC Paris, Duke University, Tel Aviv University, Trinity College Dublin, Kings College London, Sciences Po, University of Michigan, Lehigh University, The University of Sheffield, Berkeley and Wellesley to name a few.

8. Learn from the best in the industry

Ashoka University courses are taught by 135 full-time faculty and around 46 visiting faculty members. Some distinguished faculty members at Ashoka University are Professor Ashwini Deshpande, PhD Delhi school of Economics; Professor Ruma Banerjee; Professor Kranti Saran, PhD Harvard University; Professor L S Shashidhara, PhD University of Cambridge.

9. Higher education opportunities for Ashoka University graduates

Ashoka University opens up avenues for higher education for graduates to study in the universities like University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Emory University, Cornell University, University of Chicago, Columbia University, London School of Economics, Indian School of Business, New York University, NUS Singapore and the Indian School of Business.

10. Placements at Ashoka

Since 2018 the Ashoka University placements have seen more than 250 companies on campus with the highest salary being offered of around 25 lacs per annum and a mean salary of 10.5 lacs per annum offered to graduates. This period has witnessed placements of around more than 550 graduates.

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Ashoka University undergraduate program has a unique admissions process. The university applies holistic evaluation process to select the prospective students. We thus address some FAQ for Ashoka University admissions process 2022.

Liberal Arts is not just a set of subjects it is is a way of approaching education. Ashoka University set up around seven years ago brought into India the freedom to choose what the student wanted to study. In India's education system, this freedom is not a choice, that is frequently available.

Liberal Arts Courses at Ashoka University are unique because of the following 5 reasons:

1. The set of liberal arts courses taught at Ashoka University caters to the entire potential of what students can do.

2. In terms of the faculty, Liberal arts courses at Ashoka University are taught by the best faculty who have taught abroad studying abroad. Liberal Arts Courses at Ashoka University are taught by around 35 full time faculty members and 46 visiting faculty.

3. During the fourth year, students can pursue an advanced major.

4. Ashoka University students can pursue a summer abroad or a semester abroad. Some tie ups that Ashoka University has with International Universities are: King's College, Columbia University, Wellesley, HEC Paris. To pursue an International study abroad the Ashoka University students have to meet certain CGPA requirements and go through a selection process.

5. Ashoka University has hosted some of the best universities in the world at the international conference like the Yale, Wellesley, HEC Paris, Duke, Kings London, Trinity Dublin, the University of Sheffield, Tel Aviv University in the Stanford Centre in South Asia etc.

What Scholarship Opportunities Does Ashoka University Offer?

Tuition costs for various undergraduate and postgraduate studies can range from INR 10 lakhs to INR 30 lakhs. The institution also provides enrolled students with various scholarship possibilities that range from partial tuition fee exemptions to full tuition fee waivers. The merit, academic achievement, or extracurricular activities of the pupils are not considered.

The only criterion for awarding these scholarships is the financial situation of the student. For each scholarship program, there are specific application deadlines. Students must adhere to these deadlines for their applications to be considered.

There are also research assistantships (RA) and teaching assistantships (TA) jobs available for doctoral programs. The RA and TA stipends are both INR 35,000 per month. These may make it simpler for students to pay for their tuition and other expenditures while attending Ashoka University.

What Are The Different Annual Events At Ashoka University To Enhance Your Studying Experience?

Ashoka University's courses provide a multicultural and multidisciplinary learning environment. To achieve this goal, the institution provides students with a variety of international study possibilities.

What is Ashoka University's Summer Abroad Program?

Summer school programs offered by partner schools worldwide give students the chance to continue their semester learning experience. Students can pick from a variety of undergraduate disciplines in these summer study programs. The following are some of the partner university destinations:

  1. University of California at Berkeley

  2. Berkley is a town in California

  3. Yale University is located in New Haven, Connecticut

  4. Vancouver's University of British Columbia

  5. The London School of Economics (LSE) is

  6. London's King's College

Students' learning capacities are more versatile as a result of their summer abroad experience. It also assists students in learning new problem-solving approaches. In addition, students will find it simpler to integrate into a varied culture thanks to the curriculum.

What Are Ashoka University's Semester Abroad Opportunities?

Students who want to spend a semester abroad can get much exposure to the international education system. Students can enrol in courses at any partner foreign schools related to their main and minor disciplines. When it comes to the semester abroad chances, some of the most popular options for students are:

  1. London's King's College

  2. Melbourne University is a public university in Melbourne, Australia.

  3. HEC Paris is a university in Paris, France.

  4. Harvard University

What are the Current Placement Trends at Ashoka University?

Obtaining a degree from Ashoka University's many programs provides graduates with a wide range of job prospects. The following are some of the most frequent industries where Ashoka University students can find employment:

  1. Finance and marketing

  2. Employee Participation

  3. Entrepreneurial Development

  4. In charge of administration

  5. People's Operation and a slew of others.

Graduates may expect to earn much money working for big companies. The quality of living attained by recent Ashoka University alumni is comparable to that of some of the world's most prestigious universities. Start your preparation for Ashoka University right now.

Why is Ashoka University in great Demand?

Ashoka University is a coveted University and in great demand because it is one of the leading universities that offer the liberal arts education courses in India.

There are 6 points which make Ashoka University special:

  1. The liberal arts education at Ashoka University focuses on giving the students freedom to choose the subjects they want to study.

  2. Liberal arts education at Ashoka University follows an inter disciplinary approach to education.

  3. It intermixes the study of natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.

  4. The students major in one particular subject but also focuses on how the major discipline interacts with other disciplines.

  5. First year education gives a set of foundation courses and the second year onwards students venturing into the depth of the subjects.

  6. Ashoka University through its programs focuses on developing critical thinking, social skills, communication skills and collaboration among the students.

How Ashoka is Different?

  1. At Ashoka University students learn from the best faculty in India, most of whom have gone abroad studied abroad and abroad that experience into India.

  2. Liberal Arts Education at Ashoka is designed to look beyond rote learning.

  3. Ashoka University brings together a very diverse and vibrant student body. The previous batches had applicants from more than 300 schools across the country. Ashoka University receives applications from around 2000 schools and more than 300 cities.

  4. Ashoka University has been set up by the best known philanthropists, industrialists, and educationists in India.

  5. Liberal Arts education at Ashoka University is designed to provide the skills students need to become a leader in the corporate world, social sector, or any other stream the graduates choose to pursue.

What are the courses like at Ashoka University?

Ashoka University offers major and minor courses and co curricular courses which by the end of the third year offer a BA or BSc honours degree. The education curriculum is spread over six semesters spanning three years.

The course begins with the foundation courses. Some foundation courses are those like quantitative thinking, which teaches mathematical thinking. There are course like those on principles of science, Indian civilizations and sport psychology.

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What is the Ashoka University Admission Process 2022?

The Ashoka University Admission process comprises three stages.

Stage 1 of Ashoka University Admissions:

The first stage is submitting the online application itself. The application includes the student's academic scores and the predicted scores. If the applicant has an SAT or the ACT score, he can submit that. In addition the application form has three essays and one recommendation.

For the Ashoka University admission process the applicant can choose a recommender who knows him well, and can speak about academic calibre and the applicant's non academic enrichment.

In the first stage of the Ashoka University Admission process itself there are two mandatory assessments. One is the Ashoka aptitude assessment and the second is an on the spot essay.

For the on the spot essay applicants are given a prompt. The applicant has to respond to a short essay.

Stage 2 of Ashoka University Admissions:

In the second stage is the shortlist for interviews. This is a mandatory process and the Ashoka University interview is not a technical interview. Ashoka University is more of a conversation.

Stage 3 of Ashoka University Admissions:

Stage three of the Ashoka University admission process is the admissions decision. This could be a conditional offer, which is dependent on what marks the student actually score, The admissions decision could also be a waitlist, or a denied admission.

In the Ashoka University Admissions process financial aid is not connected with admissions decisions. Once the admission offer is made to a student only then he is considered for financial aid based.

Are you ready to begin your application? To help you with the process, contact an admissions counsellor.

If the students have not yet received their class 12 grades can they apply? What grades should they write in the Ashoka University application form?

Yes, students who don't have their class 12 scores yet can apply to the Ashoka University admissions process 2021-22. They have the option to submit their predicted scores. The students can either predict their own scores, or the predicted scores can be submitted by their school teacher or school counsellor.

Can students with a gap in their education apply to Ashoka University undergraduate programs?

Yes, Ashoka University accepts applications from students with a gap year. There is no discredit on this context for the applicant. They should address the reasons for the gap and what they have been engaged in to develop their skills during the period in the application.

What is the Ashoka University entrance exam?

There is no entrance exam for Ashoka University admissions. The University follows a holistic admissions process. The Ashoka University admissions process uses the online application form from the student, the standardised test, the essays, the letter of recommendation, on the spot essay and the assessment tests to decide whether to shortlist the student for an interview. To check the dates and details on the essays, and the assessment tests check the Ashoka University admissions 2021-22 process.

What is the purpose of the support section of the Ashoka University application form?

The support section in the Ashoka University application form is important for the University to understand the student's life journey holistically. Mental health, differences in sexuality, learning disability, or the need for English language assistance are some things students can highlight there if they need special support or accommodations.

Ashoka University has an office of learning support, which assists applicants with learning disabilities to navigate the curriculum better. There is a yoga centre for students who face issues in mental health. Ashoka University also has a centre for writing communication to assist students lacking in academic writing. To avail such support facilities the applicants must address such requirements upfront in their application forms.

What are the extracurricular activities that are considered important for the Ashoka University application 2022 especially in the post COVID pandemic year?

There are various levels of engagements in extracurricular activities that can be discussed in the Ashoka University application form. The school expects a truthful depiction of the activities that students have engaged in. The applicants need to add the duration, the level of involvement, any other information like youtube links, blog links, publications and certificates etc to substantiate the same.


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