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How is Ashoka University?

Updated: Oct 4

Ashoka University is a liberal arts university in Sonepat, Haryana. Ashoka University faculty lays emphasis on including critical thinking on the various aspects of the subjects being taught on the Ashoka University Campus. Ashoka University Founders are industry leaders in their own domains. Ashoka University founder come from different walks of life like Finance, Service Industry, Education and Consulting bringing varied perspectives to the Ashoka University.

Ashoka University offers undergraduate and graduate courses for students who have a multi faceted personality. Ashoka University faculty brings their global contemporary research to the education environment on the Ashoka University Campus.

Ashoka University offers a unique one year program - the Young India Fellowship ( YIF) , which is a post graduate diploma program for those who have a vision for the future. Engineers, Arts, Commerce and students from any background can apply for the Young India Fellowship ( YIF) at Ashoka University. The application to the Young India Fellowship ( YIF ) at Ashoka University requires the applicants to submit an SOP and go through an interview process.

Students who have just completed their class 12th prefer to the Ashoka University Economics program. The application process for the Ashoka University Economics and other undergraduate programs at Ashoka University require the submission of an online application. Once the application is selected for an interview the student has to go through a mandatory on the spot essay test and an interview on the Ashoka University campus or any other Ashoka University designated venue. There is an optional but recommended aptitude test on the venue. The applicants can alternatively submit their SAT scores for the application to undergraduate Ashoka University courses.

Ashoka University courses focus on an all round development of the individual especially focussing on the writing and communication skills of the students.

Ashoka University Admission

Ashoka University Aptitude Test

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Ashoka University On The Spot Essay

On the spot essay is a mandatory requirement for Ashoka University admissions. Our on the spot essay prep module focuses on giving you a fluent update on current affairs and writing prep to handle abstract topics. Start now

Ashoka University Interview

Ashoka University Admission has a mandatory interview for the applicants. Getting trained for job interviews is different from getting trained for an admissions interview. We include a mentoring process and not manicured answers to show your true leadership to the Ashoka University admissions team. Get started.

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