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How is Ashoka University?

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Ashoka University is a liberal arts university in Sonepat, Haryana. Ashoka University faculty lays emphasis on including critical thinking on the various aspects of the subjects being taught on the Ashoka University Campus. Ashoka University Founders are industry leaders in their own domains. Ashoka University founder come from different walks of life like Finance, Service Industry, Education and Consulting bringing varied perspectives to the Ashoka University.

Ashoka University offers undergraduate and graduate courses for students who have a multi faceted personality. Ashoka University faculty brings their global contemporary research to the education environment on the Ashoka University Campus.

Ashoka University offers a unique one year program - the Young India Fellowship ( YIF) , which is a post graduate diploma program for those who have a vision for the future. Engineers, Arts, Commerce and students from any background can apply for the Young India Fellowship ( YIF) at Ashoka University. The application to the Young India Fellowship ( YIF ) at Ashoka University requires the applicants to submit an SOP and go through an interview process.

Students who have just completed their class 12th prefer to the Ashoka University Economics program. The application process for the Ashoka University Economics and other undergraduate programs at Ashoka University require the submission of an online application. Once the application is selected for an interview the student has to go through a mandatory on the spot essay test and an interview on the Ashoka University campus or any other Ashoka University designated venue. There is an optional but recommended aptitude test on the venue. The applicants can alternatively submit their SAT scores for the application to undergraduate Ashoka University courses.

Ashoka University courses focus on an all round development of the individual especially focussing on the writing and communication skills of the students.

Ashoka University Admission

Ashoka University Aptitude Test

If you are focused on preparing for the Ashoka University Admission, you need a preparation module which addresses the requirements set by Ashoka University. Our test prep module assures you of the ascertained difficulty level. Know more.

Ashoka University On The Spot Essay

On the spot essay is a mandatory requirement for Ashoka University admissions. Our on the spot essay prep module focuses on giving you a fluent update on current affairs and writing prep to handle abstract topics. Start now

Ashoka University Interview

Ashoka University Admission has a mandatory interview for the applicants. Getting trained for job interviews is different from getting trained for an admissions interview. We include a mentoring process and not manicured answers to show your true leadership to the Ashoka University admissions team. Get started.

More Programs At Ashoka University:

  1. Graduate Programmes:-

  • Ashoka University MA in English:-The Master of Arts (MA) programme in Ashoka University PhD English aims to engage an important space in the present environment of higher education in India. Many young scholars of literature and culture in India are inspecting these subjects at the PhD level, but have yet to be revealed to the liberal arts character and guidance. The MA programme in English will give a distinctive analytical experience for these students while engraving out an important path to higher studies abroad and in India.

  • Ashoka University MA in Economics:- The Department of Economics in Ashoka University is one of the leading economics departments in the country. It is known for the quality of its research and teaching. The Masters programme of the department, set up in 2017, is a comprehensive programme focusing on the entire range of theoretical, applied, and empirical fields in the discipline of economics. Faculty members teaching in the programme range from senior professors internationally renowned as leaders in their fields to young upcoming assistant professors working at the cutting edge of research. A key feature of the programme is the opportunity it offers to students to be involved in research under faculty supervision. With its strong focus on the quantitative and analytical aspects of economics, the department prepares students for careers ranging from research, public policy, the non-governmental sector as well as the corporate sector.

  • Ashoka University MA in Liberal Studies:- The Master of Arts (MA) in Ashoka University Liberal Arts, annual programme taken by students who have graduated with a diploma in Ashoka university in Liberal studies Young India Fellowship, and have been approved by an Ashoka University faculty mentor to work on a individual research project as a graduate assistant. The programme is highly multidisciplinary and demands coursework from a type of disciplines, As well as the humanities, social sciences, behavioural sciences and the natural sciences.

  1. PhD Programmes:-

  • Ashoka University Biology:- Ashoka University Biology invites students to carry out cutting border research through its PhD program in Biological Sciences. Four broad thematic areas identify our research.

1. Physics and Chemistry

2. Cell and Developmental

3. Computational and Mathematical

4. Ecology and Evolutionary

  • Ashoka University Chemistry:- Ashoka university Chemistry offers a full-time graduate program leading to Ph.D. degree in Chemical Sciences. Students point of view are encouraged to be combined into the world class research and liberal learning culture of the Ashoka University by joining a research group, managed by one of our academic staff, in one of the following wide areas of Chemical Sciences.

  • Computer Science:- We request applications for a fully funded Ph.D. program in Computer Science with a munificent stipend. We are looking for students, who are highly motivated to do leading-edge research and innovation.The key features of the Ashoka University Ph.D. program include a research focus on multi-disciplinary areas of computer science, experienced faculty advisors, excellent research facilities and a world-class residential campus. Students may also have opportunities for exchange visits to various prominent Universities as well as prominent industry research labs. Travel funding for quality international conferences will be provided. There could also be opportunities for supplementary industrial fellowships.

  • Economics

  • English:- The Ph.D. in English at Ashoka University aims to admit students who are passionate about literature and the world. As part of the Ph.D. programme, students study diverse modes of analysing texts, enabling them to formulate questions that are both rigorous and adventurous. The programme trains students in pedagogic practice, emphasising at every stage the dialogic nature of all learning and writing. The PhD in English thus aims to produce colleagues who will inject both academic rigour and intellectual adventurousness into both their theory and practice.

  • History:- The Department of History, Ashoka University, invites applications for its PhD Programme for the academic year 2020-2021. The department is looking for motivated, committed, and bright young scholars, who will be expected to carry out high-quality research.The Faculty of the Department of History at Ashoka University has expertise in the history of ancient India, with a special focus on archaeology, heritage, society, politics, religion, and ideas; the history of medieval and early modern India and the Indian Ocean with an emphasis on states, empires, warfare, law, gender, religion, and environment; the history of modern India and the Indian Ocean with a focus on political violence, space, and environment; contemporary history and international history of modern South Asia; and global history.

  • Physics:- The Department of Physics at Ashoka University invites applications for its PhD program, starting in the spring semester (January) 2021. Currently, we invite applications only in experimental soft-condensed matter physics. The Department's work in this area is described in more detail in the faculty profiles listed below.

  • Psychology:- The Ph.D. programme in Psychology at Ashoka University is a cross-disciplinary research spanning different domains of psychology. Our faculty expertise spans social, developmental, biological, cognitive, clinical and counseling psychology. Methodologies span qualitative and quantitative, theoretical and experimental. Prospective students are requested to visit the faculty webpages to find out more about individual faculty research and contact faculty prior to their formal application. Please read through the instructions carefully before proceeding with applications.

  • Sociology and Anthropology:- The Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Ashoka University invites applications for its PhD programme for the academic year 2021-2022. The Department acknowledges the unique relationship between sociology and social anthropology as it has developed and flourished in India. We emphasise the critical empiricism, theoretical engagement and comparative approach central to our best disciplinary traditions. Our faculty is actively engaged in long-term fieldwork and ethnographic research in different parts of South Asia and the Himalayan region. Faculty strengths are wide-ranging and include the study of language, law, religion, violence, nature, agrarian change, the state, sovereignty, borderlands, infrastructures, markets, political economy, mobility, informality, popular culture and mental health. Our department encourages interdisciplinary explorations with allied fields of social thought and inquiry, including history, economics, political science, psychology, philosophy, linguistics, environmental studies, computer science, planning and design, natural sciences, arts and aesthetics, law and media.

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