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What is special about Ashoka University Liberal Arts Courses?

What is your review of Ashoka University?

I joined Ashoka University subsequent to scores of research, and even a lot more anxiety for the reason that most individuals I spoke to hadn’t taken notice of Ashoka University. But at this moment that I am here, I will try to write the most truthful answer I can, resting out-of-the-way all biases.

The Student Body - The admission procedure to Ashoka is very strict, and a student necessitates not just good intellectuals, but also well-brought-up co-curricular activities to climb on. The Admissions team has been doing a magnificent job as well. And as a result, the superiority of students at Ashoka is just great. Every student is humbled by the enormity of talent just about them, at the same time as being tremendously talented themselves.

The Staff - You in all probability make out that one of the best features of Ashoka is its remarkable faculty. We have staff members who are former students of high-status universities around the world. But despite all that, the management takes student advice very critically.

Campus - Ashoka includes a top-notch infrastructure - hostel rooms, classrooms, sports complex, and library - the whole thing. The maintenance teams have a massive role to take part in this, and they all the time perform a magnificent job.

Education - This is a bit without comparison, at any rate in India. The grading is all the way through essays, research papers, innovative projects, personal and group presentations, group quizzes, coursework and tests.

Student-teacher relations - We time and again stumble on ourselves sitting and having meals in the company of our professors and we have a discussion about much more than just intellectuals. We on a regular basis have a lot of talks and speeches by well-known guest speakers. There are times at what time it becomes intricate to make a decision which ones to attend for the reason that they happen together.

The size of the university grounds - Our university grounds is not very big, its just 25 acres in vicinity. And as a result it does not give us a sense of a University. But subsequently, it makes us a closer family unit; accordingly it’s not much of a setback. In the midst of the new batch getting nearer in, widespread spaces have at this moment started feeling a little crowded.

The Popularity - Ashoka University is not very all the rage amid the masses at the moment. But the swiftness with which it is gaining attractiveness is beyond belief. Being a new institution of higher education, things are yet to be in place, its work is in full swing.

The fees - Ashoka University is without doubt to a certain extent costly. But it does not give up on top of student excellence on the side of money. This institution of higher education offers need based economic aid. This denotes that the fees are on no account a hindrance for an undergraduate to join Ashoka.

What is the profile of students securing Ashoka University Admissions?

What is the profile of applicants Ashoka University is getting?

Ashoka University represents a novel establishment in India. Together with great academic credentials, you call for a bit that separates you from all the other candidates. The excellence of students defines the institution and they have been attracting the most excellent.

Students from Zimbabwe, Bahrain, etc. now at Ashoka University. The recognition rate is also similar to topmost universities. More or less every candidate has done a bit that no other candidate has done. Ashoka tags along a holistic admission procedure, which reviews your essay, scores in the first set out and subsequently shortlists you designed for an interview. Earlier than the interview, you are anticipated to put in writing an essay on the spot, on a topic specified to you. Furthermore, there is a preference to attempt the mental ability examination, which is premeditated for students who feel like a gain an edge over other applicants.

Perceptibly, if you have taken the SATs and scored fine, your likelihood of admission goes up. On the other hand, at Ashoka, not taking SATs would not lay you at a drawback, but if you take them (and score fine); they will without doubt work to your benefit.

Accordingly, if you have a good set of extra-curricular activities, a good educational rank and if you can pull off an excellent essay, you will undoubtedly make it. Here by and large profile is only what matters a lot.

Several organisations at Ashoka University are managed by students, and if the students convey disappointment at a bit, it is in fact taken seriously. Ashoka push more or less the ones who just like better to mind their own business and carry out the finest for them, devoid of indulging in non-sensual school politics.

In a factual sense, Ashoka University is a different place, yet in terms of outlook. You’ll come across a good portion of students who are either not paying attention in politics or do not be conventional to the view of the personalities. Well, the obsession is, if you turn out to fall into either one of these two groups, you will be harassed. If you are somebody of susceptible mental healthiness, it will have an effect on you.

The Ashoka University on the whole is simply amazing. Infrastructure is good, faculty is remarkable, and course structure is excellent. But the student organisation, or to a certain extent, the impression that a normal individual gets subsequent to spending life at Ashoka is amazing.

Ready to start your application? Get in touch with an admission counsellor to assist you in the process.

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