ISB YLP 2022

ISB YLP 2021-22 Stage 1 deadline: March 27 2022

ISB YLP 2021-22 Stage 2 deadline: August 31 2022

ISB Young Leaders Program 2022

Essay Topic for ISB YLP 2021-22 application stage 1:

Describe a personal incident or achievement which changed you as a person? How did it change your perspective about yourself and others? (300 words max)

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Onboarding Stage 1 ISB YLP 2022 Applicants

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What is the ISB YLP program? ISB ISB YLP worth it?

ISB YLP - Young leaders program is the deferred MBA program offered by Indian School of Business, Hyderabad for pre final and final year students to join ISB MBA after 2 years of work experience.

ISB YLP gives you an advance entry into an orientation for career growth. 

Are you a Pre-final or a Final year student?

ISB YLP program offers you the opportunity to get selected to a top business school in India while you are still in college and steer your career in the right direction.

What does it take to get accepted into the ISB YLP program?

Is it the grades, the GPA? Your GMAT score? Your profile? The ISB YLP essays? or The ISB YLP interview?


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What do you need to get selected to the ISB YLP program?

Leadership Skills, academic orientation, life skills, career orientation, clarity of goals, passion and hard work are all traits of successful applicants to ISB YLP.

When you possess the above to get admitted to the ISB YLP program you need the ability to communicate the above through, the application, the essays and the interview

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ISB Interview for YLP Stage 3 timelines - August 31, 2021 –  November 5, 2021

Final results for ISB YLP will tentatively be released by third week of November 2021

The TOEFL or the IELTS score must be submitted if the medium of instruction during graduation is not English for the ISB YLP application.

ISB YLP STAGE 2 Essay Topic 2021

Tell us about one goal which you want to achieve in your life going forward. How do you plan to reach closer to your goal/ achieve it?

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When should you write the GMAT to submit the ISB YLP Stage 2 application?

The ISB YLP stage 2 application needs to be submitted by 31st August 2021. Given this timeline you should plan to attempt the GMAT exam by 15th July at the maximum so that you have enough time to work on your application.

What is the process for submitting the evaluation for ISB YLP application?

You need to enter the name, email address and relationship with your evaluator in the ISB YLP application for stage 2 login. The online evaluation form will be sent to the evaluator directly which the evaluator can fill and submit.

Who should you select as your evaluator for the ISB YLP Stage 2 application?

You can select an academic reference or a professional reference depending on your ISB YLP application strategy.

What is the ISB YLP admission based on?

The Indian School of Business seeks potential business leaders who have demonstrated strong academics, extracurricular activities, leadership focus and impact on their surroundings. An ideal ISB YLP applicant is someone who has a dynamic combination of the above mentioned qualities. 

How to apply for ISB YLP?

To apply for ISB YLP one needs to create an ISB login and submit the stage 1 application which includes and online form and one essay. Once this application is shortlisted the ISB YLP application stage 2 requires the submission of the GMAT or the GRE score and another essay with a recommendation letter.

Who can apply for ISB YLP?

For those who are in the pre final year of their graduation, they get two chances to apply to the ISB YLP program.

ISB YLP 2020 - 21 Stage 1  Updated Details

ISB YLP ESSAY 2020 STAGE 1 2020 - 21

Describe a personal incident or achievement which changed you as a person? How did it change your perspective about yourself and others? (300 words max)

When will the ISB YLP results 2020 be released?

The ISB YLP results 2020 have been announced to be declared on 5th March 2021.

What is the essay topic for stage 2 ISB YLP application 2020?

What's the first and foremost thing you would like to improve in yourself? How do you plan to do it? (300 words max)

The stage 2 of the ISB YLP application in the ISB admission process requires the submission of an online form with some additional details. The applicants to the ISB YLP in the second phase have to submit a response to the essay, submit a resume an evaluation/ letter of recommendation, GMAT score or the GRE score. The  ISB YLP login remains the same for the stage 1, as the ISB YLP login for the stage 2 application.​

What are the ISB YLP fees for the application stage 2?

There are no ISB YLP fees for the ISB YLP application stage 2. The ISB YLP login is the same for stage 2 and the applicant only requires to submit the ISB YLP application with the second stage ISB essay and the requisite form inputs. 

What are the ISB YLP fees for the interview process?

There are no ISB YLP fees for the interview process in the ISB YLP login. The only fees that is payable is at the stage 1 of the ISB YLP application.