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What is the essay topic for stage 2 ISB YLP application 2020?

What's the first and foremost thing you would like to improve in yourself? How do you plan to do it? (300 words max)

The stage 2 of the ISB YLP application in the ISB admission process requires the submission of an online form with some additional details. The applicants to the ISB YLP in the second phase have to submit a response to the essay, submit a resume an evaluation/ letter of recommendation, GMAT score or the GRE score.

ISB YLP STAGE 2 Application Deadline: August 31st 23.59 hours

The TOEFL or the IELTS score must be submitted if the medium of instruction during graduation is not English.

What is the ISB YLP?

ISB YLP is one of the deferred entry programs for pre final and final year students to enter ISB after 2 years of work experience. The ISB YLP essays have to be submitted in two phases. Once the application is selected in both the phases it is followed by an interview before the ISB YLP results are announced around a month later. 

What is the admission process for ISB YLP ?

ISB YLP accepts applications from students who are in their pre-final or final year of education at the time of application. It is mandatory for the applicants of ISB YLP to complete the education course  they were enrolled in at the time of applying to ISB YLP.

Students admitted to ISB YLP must complete 20 months of full time post graduate work experience till the 31st March of their year of entry to the regular ISB PGP MBA. 

Any updates on academics and work experience must be shared with the school at different durations as given by the school by ISB YLP admitted students.


ISB YLP admits must comply to the learning weekends as organized by ISB from time to time.

ISB YLP offers an option for deferred admission to the main ISB PGP program where the applicant is confirmed admission after a gap of two years. This is available for graduates in the pre final and the final year of application. 

ISB YLP 2020 Application

ISB YLP Essay 2020 - STAGE 1

Describe an event or accomplishment that became a turning point in your life? How did it change your perspective about yourself and others? 

We have seen applicants using this prompt to explain what they lack in their profiles or how badly they want to be at ISB or just rephrase their resume into it. Well, we understand that you are apologetic that your grades have been a bit low in the second term and you surely were saving the world while your grades slipped by. But that's perhaps not what the school wants to look into. 

ISB YLP 2019 Application

ISB YLP Essay 2019 - STAGE 1

What more will you like ISB to know about your candidature?

ISB YLP Essay 2019 - STAGE 2 
In today’s world, learning and unlearning are equally important. Demonstrate with specific examples the instances where you have unlearned in order to learn something.

ISB YLP 2018 Application

ISB YLP Essay 2018 - STAGE 1 

Option 1: Write about an incident or set of incidents in your life that had the most profound influence on you. While writing this essay briefly mention the incident and the impact it has had on your life. (300 words max)

Option 2: How would you describe yourself as a person and what are the two qualities / skills / attributes that you wish to further develop in yourself through the ISB Young Leaders Programme? (300 words max)

ISB YLP Essay 2018 - STAGE 2 
How do you see your career developing and how will ISB help you achieve your goals? 

The best way to address the ISB essays 2019 is to start with a drawing board to map out your career trajectory and the activities small or big you have been involved with. The ISB essays 2019 have a very clear focus on addressing the fit of the applicant with the school. 

ISB admissions has structured the ISB essays 2019 differently from the ISB essays 2018 in the perspective that the previous year questions had more focus towards diversity. Once you have had a thorough MBA profile evaluation you must have realised why is the ISB MBA suitable program for you.

Profile evaluation for MBA is the first step towards a successful ISB admission. The next step is to review the programs whether it is ISB PGP MBA, ISB YLP, ISB MFAB or ISB PGPpro for the appropriateness towards your application.

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