ISB admission requires submission of an application with 2 essays. There is a third mandatory essay for re applicants. ISB essay 2019 relevantly addresses questions about why you? and Why ISB? The ISB essay 2018 also had a topic regarding the goals of the applicants. 

The best way to address the ISB essays 2019 is to start with a drawing board to map out your career trajectory and the activities small or big you have been involved with. The ISB essays 2019 have a very clear focus on addressing the fit of the applicant with the school. 


ISB admissions has structured the ISB essays 2019 differently from the ISB essays 2018 in the perspective that the previous year questions had more focus towards diversity. Once you have had a thorough MBA profile evaluation you must have realised why is the ISB MBA suitable program for you. Is ISB good or are you good enough for ISB - is the question that you must answer before getting started with the ISB essays 2019 process.

Profile evaluation for MBA is the first step towards a successful ISB admission. The next step is to review the programs whether it is ISB PGP MBA, ISB YLP, ISB MFAB or ISB PGPPRO for the appropriateness towards your application.

ISB YLP is a deferred entry program for pre final and final year students to enter ISB after 2 years of work experience. The ISB YLP essays have to be submitted in two phases. Once the application is selected in both the phases it is followed by an interview before the ISB YLP results are announced around a month later. 

ISB MFAB is a unique program designed for entrepreneurs engaged in family business. The ISB MFAB application consists of essays related to business goals and individual role in the business. A thorough MBA profile evaluation is required to check whether one fits into the ISB MFAB or the ISB PGP Program. 

ISB PGP is the flagship program at ISB which is a 1 year MBA designed for professionals with over 2 years of experience.

Profile evaluation for MBA thus becomes the most important step in the process to write ISB essays 2019. You must be sure what program features would take you towards your goals and then decide whether you befit the ISB MFAB, the ISB YLP or the ISB PGP  program.