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ISB YLP 2023

  • ISB YLP Stage 1 and 2 are open for 2023 applications

  • ISB YLP 2023 Stage 1: 26 March 2023

  • ISB YLP 2023 Stage 2: 31 August 2023

ISB YLP 2023 Essay Topic For Stage 1:

Everyone is inclined towards a particular interest/goal which they are passionate about, be it in the field of academics or extra-curriculars. What is that one thing that you are passionate about? What are your current efforts in pursuing it , and what efforts will you put in the future to achieve that goal?

(300 words max)

ISB YLP Stage 2 Submission of Test Scores

  1. School Code for Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT): N2D-J5-99

  2. School Code for Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): 9047

  3. School Code for Graduate Record Examination (GRE): 7891

ISB YLP - Young leaders program is the deferred MBA program offered by Indian School of Business, Hyderabad for pre final and final year students to join ISB MBA after 2 years of work experience. ISB YLP gives you a guaranteed admission to the FT World ranked ISB MBA program.

ISB YLP 2022 fees, application, eligibility 

ISB YLP 2023

  1. ISB YLP 2023 Stage 1 application submission deadline: 15 October 2022​

  2. ISB YLP 2022 Stage 2 shortlist announcement: 10 May 2022

  3.  ISB YLP 2022 Stage 2 application deadline: 31 August 2022 

  4.  ISB YLP 2022 Stage 3 shortlists for interview: September 15, 2022 – November 30, 2022

  5. ​ISB YLP 2022 admit announcements: Rolling basis from Nov 15, 2022 to Feb, 2023

ISB YLP eligibility

  1. Any student pursuing any bachelors or masters course in their pre-final or the final year of studies can apply for ISB YLP.​

  2. Students pursuing any out of undergraduate or postgraduate degree can apply.​

  3. To apply to stage 2 an applicant must have submitted ISB YLP stage 1 application.​

  4. Contact us for ISB admission consulting and ISB essay help.

ISB YLP Application

  1. Stage 1 ISB YLP application requires submission of one essay.​

  2. Describe an event or accomplishment that became a turning point in your life?  How did it change your perspective about yourself and others?  ​

  3. Stage 2 ISB YLP application 2022 requires 1 more essay, 1 recommendation letter and GMAT/ GRE score submission.

ISB YLP 2023

YLP Application Process (600 × 600px) (1).png

What GMAT score is required for ISB YLP?

The ISB YLP program does not have a minimum GMAT score requirement. The admission criteria for ISB YLP take into account multiple factors such as academic performance, extracurricular activities, and leadership potential. A high GMAT score can strengthen your application, but it is not the only factor considered.

Is ISB YLP Worth it?

  1. ISB offers 42 different exchange programmes with some of the best management schools around the world.

  2. According to the Global FT MBA Rankings, 2021 ISB is the number one in India, number five in Asia, and number 23, globally. 

  3. ISB ranks number three globally in terms of salary growth. In terms of the salary growth graduates get a 173% increase post ISB. 

  4. In terms of research productivity, according to the American Marketing Association, ISBs research productivity is number one in Asia and number 44 globally, in supply chain management. 

  5. ISB ranks number one in India and top 100 globally. 

  6. Bloomberg also ranks ISB as number one in India, and number five, in the Asia Pacific region.

  7. The alumni network at ISB is vast with more than 12,500 students, out of which more than 550 alumni have already progressed to the CXOs, ie. the top decision making roles.

  8. ISB has more than 600 alumni engaged in startups and entrepreneurship and their family business with five unicorns.

  9. ISB alumni are currently spread across 60 different countries and 400 different cities.


What are the deferred MBA programs across the world?

There are many options to pursue a deferred MBA across the world. The list of the schools are as below:

  1. HBS 2+2

  2. Stanford GSB Deferred Admission

  3. Wharton MBA Advance Access Program

  4. Yale SOM Silver Scholars Program

  5. Chicago Booth Scholars Program

  6. UVA Darden Future year admissions

  7. MIT Sloan MBA Early Admission Program

  8. Columbia Business School Deferred Enrollment program

  9. Berkeley Haas Accelerated Access

  10. Carnegie Mellon Tepper Future Business Leaders

  11. Kellogg Future Leaders

  12. IESE – Young Talent Path

  13. Emory Goizueta Early Admission

  14. University of Minnesota Carlson

  15. NYU Stern Berkley Scholars

  16. Ivey Advanced Entry Scholars MBA Program

  17. ISB YLP (Young Leaders Program)


ISB YLP is a deferred MBA i.e. it is a different entry point to the main ISB PGP program where freshers can secure a guaranteed admit to enter the ISB MBA program once they have completed 20 months of work experience.​

Does YLP need work experience?

ISB YLP applicants can either be in their final year or pre final year of education (undergraduate program or graduate program) provided they have no work experience. The ISB YLP applicants must not have ​any work experience however they can start their MBA at ISB once they have completed 20 months of work experience.

How many seats are there in ISB YLP?

There is no clear number given for the number of admits rolled out for ISB YLP, however it has been observed that around 80-90 students in a batch comprise ISB YLP admits.

Does ISB have a two year MBA?

ISB does not offer a two year MBA program. It offers only a one year MBA program i.e. the ISB PGP. The ISB Executive MBA program ISB PGPpro and ISB PGPMAX are 18 months and 15 months in duration as they are part time/ weekend schedule programs.

Are YLP results out?

The results for Stage 1 shortlisting for ISB YLP 2022 are expected to be released 10 May 2022 onwards .

Is IIM better or ISB?

ISB and IIM are both leading business schools in India. Which is better totally depends on the preferences of the applicants. In terms of options available for freshers  in India ISB YLP vs IIM has some clear differences:

1. ISB YLP is a deferred MBA admit which means that the student begins the MBA education after having gained 20 months of work experience. IIM on the other hand offers an MBA program which they can start right after graduating.

2. ISB MBA is a one year MBA program so it definitely gets done one year earlier than the 2 year MBA at IIM.

3. ISB MBA does not offer a summer internship period which is offered at IIM 2 year MBA programs.

4. ISB MBA accepts the GMAT score or the GRE score while the IIM 2 year MBA accepts the CAT score for the admissions process.

Is GMAT 700 enough for ISB?

Yes, We have had numerous admits at GMAT 700 however the overall profile of the applicant is extremely important to be successful in the application process. Along with the GMAT score, ISB pays attention to the academic profile, extra curricular and leadership initiatives, essays, reference letters, and interview.​

What GMAT score is required for ISB YLP?

A GMAT score close to the school average of 710 or above is a good GMAT score

to apply to ISB YLP.  There is no minimum cut off for the GMAT score to apply to ISB. The previous range of GMAT scores admitted to ISB has been 600 to 780.

How is the ISB YLP different from ISB PGP?

ISB YLP is ISB Young Leaders Program which is only a different entry mode into the ISB PGP programme. The ISB YLP is not a separate programme altogether. ISB YLP offers a pathway for students in their undergraduate colleges to get into the ISB PGP even before they graduate.

How is the ISB YLP unique?

There are 3 aspects to the ISB YLP that makes it unique for applicants.


The first is the learning weekends where all of the college students will come on to ISB campus for three separate learning weekends. ISB YLP admits sit in the classes, network with current students, have a glimpse of the MBA experience and gain insights about the recent developments in the industry.


Second important aspect is the 20 months of work experience. ISB YLP is a deferred admission because admits get admitted when they apply but they join only after completing 20 months of full time work experience. During the 20 months ISB organises knowledge sessions, webinars with industry leaders, faculty and ISB alumni.


Third, the ISB YLP is a Trisep programme, which brings together a cohort of people from three different universities, one, ISB and two other internationally top ranked programmes. In the past, NUS Singapore and Tsinghua University, China have participated in this program.


The learning model at ISB YLP is designed to enable the students to ace as leaders in their professional work before they start the actual ISB PGP. Learning weekends are regularly scheduled for the selected students for a full fledged overview of the ISB experience.


The learning weekend sessions open the gates to understanding the requirements of an MBA course and opportunities to explore the career options available in the corporate world. There is a specific focus on the enhancement of communication skills and communication skills during the ISB YLP.


Access our comprehensive guide to ISB YLP process for admission 2022-23.


This is in other words comparing the one year vs two year MBA program.


In India students who are in the final year of their graduation have the option of opting for the two year MBA admission through the CAT/ XAT/ MAT etc examinations or they can opt for the ISB YLP which gives them a guaranteed admit to the ISB one year MBA.

How is ISB YLP different from IIM? Is ISB better or IIM?

Top 3 differences between ISB YLP and IIM are as follows:

  1. ISB graduates get back to work in one year rather than two. This also means that apart from the time, effort, other opportunity costs you also lose one year’s salary when you opt for a two year MBA.

  2. Total number of contact hours: The classroom learning in a two year MBA programme comes to around 730 contact hours. While at ISB MBA the number of contact hours amount to around 640. In all there is roughly a difference of 80 hours in terms of contact hours between a one year and a two year MBA which is not very substantial. In other words during a two year MBA the contact hours come to around 14 while at the one year MBA at ISB the contact hours are 12 months. Therefore the one year MBA at ISB has more or less the same program but completed in a shorter timeframe.

  3. Another difference is in terms of the class composition. In the two year MBA programs a majority of the class comprises freshers, while at the ISB one year MBA program the class comprises professionals with an experience range from 2 years to 20 years.


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