What is the essay topic for stage 2 ISB YLP application 2020?

What's the first and foremost thing you would like to improve in yourself? How do you plan to do it? (300 words max)

The stage 2 of the ISB YLP application in the ISB admission process requires the submission of an online form with some additional details. The applicants to the ISB YLP in the second phase have to submit a response to the essay, submit a resume an evaluation/ letter of recommendation, GMAT score or the GRE score. The  ISB YLP login remains the same for the stage 1, as the ISB YLP login for the stage 2 application.

ISB YLP STAGE 2 Application Deadline was August 31st 23.59 hours the ISB YLP results have been announced for the stage 2 on a rolling basis. That is the ISB YLP results for stage 2 are accompanied with an interview call which is the next stage of the ISB YLP application. The ISB YLP results for stage 2 have been started to be announced since the 23rd September this year.

The TOEFL or the IELTS score must be submitted if the medium of instruction during graduation is not English for the ISB YLP application.

What is the ISB YLP?

ISB YLP is one of the deferred entry programs for pre final and final year students to enter ISB after 2 years of work experience. The ISB YLP login consists of essays that have to be submitted in two phases. Once the application is selected in both the phases it is followed by an interview before the ISB YLP results are announced around a month later.  The ISB YLP fees are the same as the ISB PGP MBA fees.

ISB YLP application is a multi stage process structured to check your academic & analytical skills and enhance the student's leadership potential.

The first stage of ISB YLP application involves submission of the application form and application fee, followed by submission of a valid GMAT score or GRE score, one essay and one evaluation. The final selection step is a face-to-face interview with the ISB results being announced thereafter.

The tentative timelines for the three stages of ISB YLP application this year are as below:

ISB YLP STAGE 1 - March 25

ISB YLP STAGE 2 - August 31

ISB YLP STAGE 3 - September 15 - October 15

ISB YLP RESULTS are usually announced by October 31

The admissions process is followed by the selected students pursuing a work experience of around 20 months before they can join the ISB PGP program so it's a guaranteed deferred admission through the ISB YLP application.

What are the ISB YLP fees for the application stage 2?

There are no ISB YLP fees for the ISB YLP application stage 2. The ISB YLP login is the same for stage 2 and the applicant only requires to submit the ISB YLP application with the second stage ISB essay and the requisite form inputs. 

What are the ISB YLP fees for the interview process?

There are no ISB YLP fees for the interview process in the ISB YLP login. The only fees that is payable is at the stage 1 of the ISB YLP application.

What are the ISB YLP fees for the program by ISB?

Once your ISB YLP login shows the final admit you would be required to pay the ISB YLP fees for the confirmation of the seat. The rest of the ISB YLP fees schedule will be informed by the school in the ISB YLP login simultaneously.

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