Next deadline for ISB AMPBA deadline:

Tentatively January 2022 ( To be announced)

Average work experience at ISB AMPBA: 8 years

Course Duration for ISB AMPBA: 15 months

Minimum Eligibility for ISB AMPBA: 2 years work experience

Ideal for professionals aspiring a careers in data analytics like Data Scientists, heads of Analytics, and CXOs. 

ISB Data Science Summit 2021 on 4th December 2021 focusing on retail analytics and supply chain analytics will have industry leaders sharing insights on advanced analytics.

The event shall host speakers like Regional Head, Data Science at Levi's Strauss; Director, Global Supply Chain, Sourcing Operations & Analytics at Gap Inc; Enterprise Analytics - Associate Director & Global Head at Tesco; Director Data Scientist & Chief Architect  AI, Capgemini; Global Director Of Analytics , Supply Chain & Operations Analytics’ Anheuser-Busch InBev; Head, AI Centre of Excellence - Intel Corporation and Managing Director - Retail Analytics Leader at Accenture among other imminent faculty from ISB and the ISB AMPBA.

Advanced Management Programmes at ISB are designed for professionals with a specific focus area.

ISB AMPBA Certificate in Business Analytics

ISB AMPBA Advanced Management Programme in Business Analytics earlier called the Certificate in Business Analytics from ISB Hyderabad integrates a global curriculum with effective peer group learning into a 12 month long program for individuals who are looking to specialise in the area.

The ISB AMPBA equips professionals with the tools and knowledge to lead data science teams in the industry. 

The Admissions process for ISB AMPBA is usually conducted in three cycles with their last dates as 5th March, 16th April and 21st May respectively. The application for certificate in business analytics from ISB Hyderabad includes the submission of academic performance, work experience details and application essays.

The ISB AMPBA applicant can submit their GRE / GMAT/ CAT/ NMAT scores to qualify or alternatively take the online test that the school conducts. Application submission is followed by the interview process.

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FAQ on ISB AMPBA Program:

What are the programming languages required as a prerequisite to applying to the ISB AMPBA program?

FAQ on ISB AMPBA Program:

What are the programming languages required as a prerequisite to applying to the ISB AMPBA program?


Knowledge of Python, SQL databases is a plus when you are applying to the ISB AMPBA program.

What is the class size at ISB AMPBA?

The class size at ISB AMPBA is around 200 students divided across sections and groups.

What type of certificate will be given after the ISB AMPBA?

ISB AMPBA issues a course completion certificate plus a transcript at the end of the program.

Does ISB AMPBA have programs about Deep learning and Machine learning?

ISB AMPBA modules are specially designed for the deep learning and machine learning so students will be able to learn the concepts and be able to apply those concepts to their workplace. 

What essays are required at the time of ISB AMPBA application?

ISB AMPBA application requires two essays out of which one is optional.

Please write your reason(s) for wanting to pursue AMPBA. In your response, please address: how your personal and/or professional experiences have shaped your interest in studying Business analytics. (300 words)

(OPTIONAL): Tell us anything else you want us to know that you have not had the opportunity to describe elsewhere in the application, which will support your candidature for AMPBA. (200 words)

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Q1 Please discuss your profile briefly.

I am currently working as a business associate in life science industry and involved in designing compensation plans for different types of drugs.

Q2 How did you shortlist the ISB AMPBA? What were the key points that you were looking for? What resources did you refer to while making the decision?


Earlier I was planning to go for MS in US but due to COVID -19 I dropped the idea. I decided to go for executive programs in data science in India itself. I researched about the different programs offered by different institutions.

The key points which I took into consideration were

1. Curriculum

2. Industry Exposure

3. Reputation of the institute and

4. ROI


Q3 What do you think was the most important decision you took during your ISB AMPBA application process?

The most important decisions was how to present my profile while creating the SOP. I believe it's the most critical part of the ISB AMPBA application process


Q4 What was the most challenging part of submitting your application to different schools? Please discuss how you handled these? Any pointers for future applicants? 

I only applied to 2 schools:

1. IIM Calcutta



Q5 What was the ISB AMPBA interview experience like? Did you feel you were well prepared? What all resources did you access to prepare for the interview?


I believe that I was well prepared for my ISB interview. To prepare for ISB AMPBA the interview I took help from goal ISB and brushed up my knowledge about my work experience. To prepare for technical part, I did an online course on statistics. The ISB  interview experience was pretty good. 

Q6 What were the key aspects that you were looking for in an ISB AMPBA application consultant?

Experience and reviews


Q7 How was your experience with Goalisb? Please evaluate in terms of criteria that you think anyone choosing a consultant should refer to?

I am highly satisfied with Goalisb. It proved to be a correct decision to collaborate with them. The way they helped me present my profile in the SOP is commendable. Also, the interview preparation was quite exhaustive and covered all the aspects. In a nutshell, it was a value for money deal for me!

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