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Application Deadlines for ISB MFAB 2024 intake:

Round 1 - 5 November 2023

Round 2 - 17 March  2024

ISB MFAB is a program specially structured to meet the needs of Family businesses in India. The alumni of the ISB PGP MFAB program get the advantage of being a part of the inclusive 10000+ strong global community of ISB alumni in addition to being a part or course audits, conferences, seminars and workshops conducted at ISB.  

ISB MFAB application

  1. The ISB MFAB application consists of a detailed description of academic performance, work experience, business family details, business prospects and a list of essays as below.  

  2. ISB PGP MFAB Essays:​

  3. Why do you intend to pursue ISB PGP MFAB program?​

  4. According to you, what are the main challenges faced by your business and how would you address them?​

  5. Describe an important initiative that your business has undertaken during the past 5 years. Explain why you consider it important. You may share an initiative taken by your company even if you were not necessarily involved or associated with it.​

  6. Optional Essay: Examples of things to list here would include explanations for gaps in work or education, inconsistent or below average academic performance. Use this space to also highlight work and non-work related awards & achievements which you feel would add value to your application.​

  7. Get started with your ISB MFAB application under the mentorship of an ISB admission consultant.

ISB MFAB eligibility, fees, BAT test

ISB MFAB Eligibility

  1. No work experience essential

  2. 2-3 years work experience preferred

  3. Bachelors or equivalent degree required

  4. BAT test

  5. Applicant must belong to a family business setup


  1. ISB MFAB application fee is INR 15,000 which includes the fees for the BAT test.

  2. ​The cost of the programme is INR 41,98,000 including taxes. It includes lodging, food, books, and instructional materials.

  3. The price of travel is not included.

  4.  INR  20,000 refundable security deposit is required.

  5. INR 15,000 has for lifetime use of ISB Recreation Centre

  6. Alumni Association Membership fee of INR 25,000


  1. The Business Admission Test for admission to the ISB MFAB is designed to test analytical thinking and problem solving capabilities of the applicants. Two sample tests for the BAT for admission to the ISB PGP MFAB are available on the school website admission section. 


Where are the classes for the ISB MFAB programme held?


All classes for the ISB MFAB are conducted at the ISB campus located in Hyderabad and/or Mohali. International terms may take place outside India.


Is ISB MFAB conducted online?


No, ISB MFAB is not a distance education or online programme. It is a classroom-based programme where courses are taught face-to-face. The classroom sessions are held for a week every 6th week.

Why should one pursue ISB MFAB?

  1. Deep knowledge of family enterprises. The value of family businesses is emphasized in the ISB MFAB, and the family's achievements and accomplishments are better understood by qualified faculty .

  2. Business leaders face a range of difficulties, from luring personnel to releasing the value of the company. The ISB MFAB curriculum aids in recognising these problems, developing possibilities, and navigating risks when making crucial business decisions.

  3. ISB MFAB aims to improve management and decision-making in the context of a family business. The participants' leadership abilities are strengthened, and as a result, they actively contribute to the family business's expansion.

  4. The ISB MFAB curriculum is based on the strong management techniques used by family businesses around the world and is designed to develop company scions' capacity for planning, goal-setting, and efficient management of their family firms.

  5. ISB MFAB students will become more aware of their leadership strengths and areas for improvement through mentorship from faculty and alumni, peer feedback, opportunities to network with a diverse peers and corporate leaders. They will also be able to seize more opportunities that will advance their career and company growth.

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