MBA Admission Consultants Reviews And Testimonials

Rishav Sharma, ISB PGP Admit

Pranoy Suresh, ISB PGP Admit

Akansha Mehta, ISB PGP Admit

Arihant Vijay, ISB PGP Admit

Anshul Sharma, Admit -


I got in touch with Shruti for ISB application consulting. My non conventional job background did not cause any issue for her and she was highly encouraging throughout the process. The experience was enriching and enlightening for me. She is very friendly and approachable and provides useful insights for improving the application as well as the interview process. Her personal attention to each aspect of my background and application helped a lot. I had very short time left for the application deadline but she did her best and I was able to clear the process well. I would highly recommend her to every ISB aspirant.

Shreya Batra, Admit - ISB PGP

I reached out to Shruti 10 days before ISB R1 deadline, all the while thinking that I would be be applying in R2 because now it was too late for R1. But in the first call itself, Shruti told me that I just had to apply in R1 itself and that it was possible to put out a good application within 10 days. She was an amazing mentor to work with. Taking all the stories/content I had, she helped me write great essays. She was always available to help sort out any doubts I had regarding the application. She gave me the confidence that I had the potential to get into ISB, even when I myself had some doubts. She even helped me immensely during my interview preparation. i highly recommend Shruti to anyone who wants to get into their dream business school.

Shraddha Bindal, Admit - IIM C, ISB

First a little about my profile, I have been working in steel sector since seven years in a PSU. When I decided to go for an MBA from top 4 Indian colleges, I needed an experienced consultant who is well renowned and at the same time should be well within my budget. I did a lot of research and finally zeroed in on Goalisb. Here I came in contact with Shruti. She came like an angel and changed my life for better. She herself is an ISB alumnus. She shaped my thoughts towards clearer goal, she made me think so much about my profile so that I could write my application (which will anyway help in interview), she corrected and finely edited and the best part was she is always a call away, whenever you need her. She helped me in all possible ways. I applied for IIM A, B, C and ISB. I got interview call from all the four. All the credit goes to shruti. I was so impressed with her working style that I took help for interviews from her only. She made it a point that my interview answers should be perfect. For that she even got me interviewed with other excellent people; with no limit on number of mock interview sessions. Unlike other consultants who charge by an hour and even count number of mails and calls, she has no limitations of such sort (one of the rare qualities one can find today). One can call her any number of times in a day and she would be happy to help. She is very pro active in following up and giving constant reminders for deadlines. Before I could check, she used to give me good news on my selection. She is a true professional and one of the BEST in industry. Finally, the result - I got selected in IIM Calcutta & ISB.

Swagatika, ISB PGP Admit

Yasha Singh, ISB PGP Admit

Jahnavi, ISB PGP Admit

Arushi, ISB PGP Admit

Girish Nerkar, Admit -


2 MBA consultants refused to take me on as a client as they were not sure about my chances of getting into a top program due to my age. But during my first conversation with Shruti, I realized she was different. She was patient in understanding the nuances of my profile, its strengths and weaknesses, and suggested a strategy even before I subscribed the service. She helped me craft my story, guided me on how to highlight certain key points and helped me give the overall profile a logical structure and flow. She was upfront about what would not work and along the way made me understand how to build a strong profile. Her structured approach help me submit my application much before the deadline and her mentoring and feedback helped during my interview with ISB. Shruti's approach to the whole exercise made it a pleasure to work with her and I give her credit for helping me secure a seat in ISB's PGP class of 2021.

Vivek Das, Admit - ISB PGPpro

I worked with Shruti to help me with my ISB application and review process. As a consultant, she pushes to you to think about your real achievements and then does her magic by stitching the real you and your story in a nice way. She is always approachable and provides suggestions on how to improve your application. I would surly recommend Shruti to help with your MBA application process.

Advik Aggarwal, Admit - ISB YLP

Shruti ma'am at Goalisb has been really instrumental in helping achieve the ISB dream. Understanding the candidate in depth and using her vast experience, she made sure all the aspects were covered well. Would highly recommend her to ISB aspirants.

Shubham Jain, Admit ISB PGPpro

I worked with Shruti to help me with my ISB application and review process. She is very approachable and friendly. Regarding my profile and application, she was direct as to what to highlight on the application and what not to. She explained me about how to look for the strength and learning from my past experiences and with her magic of words she wrote a perfect essay which would show my experience and achievements in a structured way. When I got the call for the interview, I just had 2 days to prepare and was very nervous but Shruti helped me through and was just a phone call away for any questions or suggestions required regarding it, we had a mock interview set up just hours before the interview which helped in settling my nerves. As an ISB Alumni she knows what ISB is looking for in a student. I would surely recommend GoalISB to anyone who needs help with their MBA Application.

Simrandeep Singh, Admit - Schulich

I have worked with Shruti while applying for b-schools. She took a very systematic approach to the application process. She asked me to stop fretting about low GPA and focus on key areas of strength. Not only application, she actually made me discover what I wanted to do. With her guidance and my renewed goals we shortlisted few b-schools that helped me achieve my goals. I really liked the way she asks to write your real life instances and then she refine it by marrying your stories with your goals. This approach has resulted in personalised essays that brings your true self in front of admission committee. I consider her more than an MBA consultant. She acts like a mentor.