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Updated: Mar 18

IESE MBA Program Overview

  • Duration: 15 or 19 Months

  • Format: Full Time

  • Location: Barcelona & Overseas Options

  • Start Date: September 2023

  • Core Courses: 24

  • International Exchange Program – 1 of 30 Partner School

  • Ranked 1st MBA in the World - The Economist, 2021

  • Ranked 3rd MBA in Europe – FT Ranking 2022


IESE MBA Application Deadlines:

  1. 19 September 2023

  2. 9 January 2024

  3. 21 March 2024

  4. May 13-31, 2024

For MBA Essay and MBA interview preparation

IESE MBA Application Process

  • Online Application

  • Admission Pre-committee (Shortlisting)

  • Personal Interview

  • Assessment Day

  • Final Admission Committee

  • Admission Decision

IESE MBA Application Requirements

  1. Online Application

  2. Application Fee of $200

  3. Official Transcripts

  4. Updated CV


  6. English Proficiency (TOEFL/PTE/IELTS/Cambridge Test)

  7. One Letter of Recommendation

  8. Mandatory Essays

  9. Military or Civil Service Obligation Passport-size digital photograph (Max. 2Mb.)

Test Scores Reporting Code for IESE MBA:

  1. GMAT code: S21-BK-12

  2. GRE code: 6951

  3. TOEFL code: 7237

  4. IELTS code: CL035

IESE MBA Ranking

What is the IESE Spain MBA ranking?

The IESE Spain MBA FT rank on various parameters is as follows.

FT MBA Ranking - Rank in 2023: 3

The below data is for the Ranking year 2022

  1. School Name: IESE Business School, University of Navarra, Spain

  2. FT MBA Ranking Rank: 10

  3. Salary percentage increase: 124

  4. FT research rank: 49

  5. Rank in 2022:10

  6. Rank in 2021: 4

  7. Rank in 2020: 13

  8. Three-year average rank: 9

  9. Location, by primary campus: Spain

  10. Salary today (US$): 163,261

  11. Careers service rank: 17

  12. Employed at three months (%): 92 (93)

  13. Female faculty (%): 30

  14. Female students (%): 25

  15. International course experience rank: 2

  16. Extra languages: 1

  17. Environmental, social and governance rank: 1

  18. Overall Satisfaction: 9.57

  19. Weighted salary (US$): 163,780

  20. Value for money rank: 95

  21. Aims achieved (%): 90

  22. Alumni recommend rank: 19

  23. Women on board (%): 29

  24. International faculty (%): 70

  25. International students (%): 82

  26. International board (%): 90

  27. International mobility rank: 17

  28. Faculty with doctorates (%): 100

  29. Career progress rank: 12

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IESE Spain MBA Class Profile Class of 2024

  • GMAT Acceptance Range: 580-750

  • Students: 350+

  • Average Age: 29 Years

  • Women: 38%

  • Average Work Experience: 5.4 Years

  • International Students: 85%

Work Experience

  • 2/3 Years: 5%

  • 3/6 Years: 60%

  • 6/10 Years: 30%

  • 10+ Years: 5%

Previous Experience

  • Industry: 61%

  • Finance: 20%

  • Consulting: 13%

  • Entrepreneurship: 5%

  • Public Services/NGO: 3%

Geographic Origin

  • Europe: 30%

  • Asia: 25%

  • Latin America: 20%

  • North America: 20%

  • Rest of the world: 5%

GRE Stats

  • GRE Verbal Range: 143-170

  • GRE Quantitative Range: 143-170

  • GRE Verbal Median: 156

  • GRE Quantitative Median: 161

IESE MBA Tuition, Scholarships and Courses

About tuition fee and scholarships

IESE Spain MBA Fee

  • Commitment fee: €3,000

  • Tuition Installment: €7,000

  • Payment MBA Year 1: €39,750

  • Payment MBA Year 2: €49,750

  • Total: €99,500

IESE MBA Financing Options

There are more than 10 scholarships available for students for the IESE MBA. Some of them are listed below

  • IESE Trust Scholarship

  • IESE Excellence Scholarship

  • IESE Women Leaders Scholarships

  • IESE Diversity Scholarship

  • IESE Leaders in Africa Scholarship

  • IESE Leaders in Emerging Markets Scholarship

  • IESE Entrepreneurship Scholarship

IESE MBA Employment Report

Class of 2021

IESE Spain MBA Placements

Students: 364

Female: 31%

Average age at graduation: 31 Years

Nationalities: 56


Previous experience


Corporate sector: 46%

Financial services: 30%

Consulting: 25%


Average work experience: 5.4 Years

2-3 years: 10%

3-5 years: 37%

5-10 years: 50%

10+ years: 3%


Undergraduate and postgraduate education


Engineering: 34%

Business and Administration: 24%

Economics: 20%

Science: 9%

Humanities & Arts: 7%

Law & Political Science: 6%




North America: 12%

Latin America: 27%

Sub-Saharan Africa: 2%

Spain: 15%

Europe (excluding Spain): 16%Middle East & North Africa: 3%

Asia-Pacific: 23%

Oceania: 2%


Students who found employment within three months of graduation: 94%


Post-MBA employment sectors


Consulting: 34%

Finance: 25%

Technology: 17%

Industry: 24%


Industry breakdown


Healthcare: 10%

Consumer goods & retail: 7%

Energy & manufacturing: 6%

Other: 1%


Full-time employment by function


Consulting: 38%

Finance: 16%

Corporate & Management: 15%

Marketing & Sales: 13%

Information Technology: 8%

Operations/Logistics: 5%

Other: 5%


MBA leadership programs: 18%

Is IESE a good MBA?
Is it hard to get into IESE MBA?
How much does an MBA at IESE cost?
Is IESE MBA in English?

The highly acclaimed IESE Business School is well-known for its MBA programmes. IESE, which is based in Barcelona, Spain, provides a selection of MBA programmes, including full-time, executive, and global executive MBA programmes.

IESE's MBA programs are generally considered to be very strong and have consistently ranked highly in various MBA rankings. According to the 2021 rankings from the Financial Times, for example, IESE's full-time MBA program was ranked as the 1st program in Europe and the 6th program globally. 

IESE's MBA programmes include a number of important components, including:

offers chances for students to use their knowledge and abilities in consulting projects, internships, and other practical settings; an emphasis on experiential learning a multicultural and global community where students from all backgrounds and professions come together to study and cooperate on projects Strong ties to the business world, including strong alumni network and collaborations with top businesses and organisations Students may choose from a variety of optional courses to customise their study to their interests and professional ambitions.

Overall, if you are considering an MBA program and are looking for a high-quality program with a strong reputation, IESE is definitely worth considering. It is important to note, however, that the MBA programs at IESE are competitive and admission is not guaranteed even for highly qualified applicants. The quality of your MBA Essay really matters.  Read more about schools offering MBA in Europe.

IESE Business School, which is located in Barcelona, Spain, is known for its highly regarded MBA programs. These programs are generally considered to be very competitive, and it can be difficult to get accepted into them.

A variety of MBA programmes are available at IESE, including full-time, executive, and global executive MBA programmes. Each of these programs has its own admissions process and requirements, and the level of competitiveness may vary depending on the program you are applying to.

You should generally have good academic and professional credentials, as well as shown leadership potential and a dedication to having a meaningful influence on the world, in order to be considered for admission to an MBA programme at IESE. As part of your application, you will also need to submit a variety of documents, such as transcripts, test results, essays, and letters of reference.

It is worth noting that the admissions process at IESE is holistic, which means that the admissions committee looks at a range of factors when evaluating applicants. This encompasses not just your academic and professional accomplishments but also your character traits, aptitude for leadership, and compatibility with the school's culture and ideals. Deliberate thought should be given to how you may best present your skills and expertise in your application materials.

Overall, while it can be challenging to get into an MBA program at IESE, it is definitely worth applying if you feel that you are a strong candidate and have a clear idea of how an MBA from IESE could help you achieve your career goals.

The cost of an MBA program at IESE Business School will depend on a variety of factors, including your tuition rate and any fees or other charges that may apply. Tuition rates at IESE vary based on a number of factors, including your program of study and your residency status.

According to information on the school's website, the estimated total cost of the full-time MBA program at IESE for the 2021-2022 academic year is €92,500. This includes tuition, fees, and other costs such as books, supplies, and travel for international residencies. The Cost of housing, meals etc. excluded.

The cost of the executive MBA program and the global executive MBA program at IESE may vary. If you are considering one of these programs, it is a good idea to contact the school's admissions office for the most up-to-date information on tuition and other costs. They may also be able to provide you with information on financial aid options that may be available to help you cover the cost of your education.

It is important to note that these are just estimates, and the actual cost of an MBA program at IESE may vary based on your individual circumstances. If you are considering applying to an MBA program at IESE, it is a good idea to carefully consider the costs and budget accordingly.

Yes, the MBA programs at IESE Business School are taught in English. IESE is a highly regarded business school located in Barcelona, Spain, and it is known for its internationally focused MBA programs. 

One of the key features of the MBA programs at IESE is their focus on international business and leadership. The programs are designed to provide students with a global perspective and the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a complex and changing business environment. The school has a diverse and international community of students and faculty, and the programs are designed to foster cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.

If you are considering an MBA program and are interested in studying in an international setting, IESE is definitely worth considering. The school's MBA programs are highly regarded and offer a range of opportunities for experiential learning, career development, and personal and professional growth. It is important to note, however, that the MBA programs at IESE are competitive and admission is not guaranteed even for highly qualified applicants.

To enhance your MBA essay and MBA interview readiness, reach out to a consultant specializing in MBA admissions at GOALisB.


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