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How I aced the ISB Admissions Process?

Headed for an MBA at ISB Hyderabad, marks a transformative moment in a professional's career. This story of Mr. Sarthak Rastogi, a merchant navy professional who worked with GOALisB ISB admission consultant unravels the journey of an individual whose career began on the high seas and transitioned into the esteemed corridors of ISB. It highlights resilience, strategic foresight, and the crucial role of personalized guidance in navigating the ISB admission process.

The Call of Managerial Seas

With a solid Merchant Navy background and a specialization in Nautical Technology from the renowned Maritime Institute, our protagonist embarked on a professional journey with Maersk, a leading entity in the container shipping sector. Rising from a cadet to a seasoned second mate, he gathered over six years of maritime experience, showcasing discipline, rigor, and a continuous quest for growth.

However, the realms of operational and supply chain management beckoned, prompting a shift from the predictable maritime life to the dynamic realm of business management. This sparked the pursuit of a comprehensive MBA program to enhance his managerial skills and align with his career aspirations and personal growth.

The ISB MBA Quest Begins

The quest for an MBA led to exploring various programs, both domestically and internationally. Initially hesitant to tackle the GMAT, the gateway to many prestigious MBA programs, his resolve to enhance his managerial capabilities in operations fueled his determination.

ISB PGP stood out as a beacon during these deliberations, known for its rigorous curriculum, distinguished faculty, and an ecosystem fostering innovation and leadership. ISB promised not just education but a transformative journey aligned with the aspirations of a professional ready for change.

The GMAT Odyssey

Navigating the challenging waters of GMAT preparation, especially with a demanding seafaring career, was fraught with obstacles. The transition from initial hesitation to securing a commendable GMAT score for ISB was a tale of resilience, strategic preparation, and adaptability. It emphasized the need for a structured approach to overcome academic inertia and the pivotal role of specialized coaching.

Crafting the Narrative: The ISB Application Saga

The ISB application phase required distilling experiences, aspirations, and insights into a narrative that resonated with ISB's ethos. Partnering with an ISB admission consultant at GOALisB was crucial, providing not only strategic guidance but also a platform for introspection and authentic articulation.

This phase highlighted the importance of storytelling in an MBA application, weaving a tapestry of experiences to demonstrate leadership, innovation, and a commitment to impact.

The ISB Interview: The Final Frontier

The ISB interview was the culmination of this journey, a platform to showcase credentials and present a persona embodying ISB's values and aspirations. Authenticity, clarity of purpose, and engaging discourse were key to success.

The interview delved beyond conventional questions, exploring the applicant's narrative, future vision, and potential contribution to the ISB community.

Navigational Insights for Future ISB PGP Aspirants

This journey to ISB PGP offers invaluable insights for future aspirants:

  1. Self-Reflection: Crafting a compelling application involves understanding one's unique journey and how it aligns with ISB's journey.

  2. Tailored Preparation: Success in the GMAT and application requires a strategy that leverages strengths and mitigates weaknesses.

  3. Authenticity: Being genuine in essays and interviews creates a resonant narrative.

  4. Expert Guidance: Navigating the MBA admission process benefits from the insights and support of an experienced consultant.

Finally, the journey to ISB PGP resembles navigating one's career aspirations and potential, requiring more than academic excellence—a blend of experiences, insights, and relentless pursuit of growth. This success story illuminates the path for future aspirants, offering strategies and the spirit of perseverance that epitomizes a transformative MBA journey.

Are you ready to apply to Indian School of Business - ISB PGP? Let GOALisB be your navigator in the vast ocean of the MBA admissions process. Our seasoned ISB admission consultant is dedicated to turning your aspirations into achievements. With personalized strategies, expert insights, and a deep understanding of the ISB admission landscape, we're here to guide you every step of the way—from crafting compelling applications and essays that resonate with your unique story to mastering the interview process with confidence.

Don't let the complexities of the application process deter you from reaching your potential. Join the ranks of successful candidates who have made their ISB dreams a reality. Take the first step towards your MBA journey today. Contact GOALisB for a consultation and let's chart your course to success together. Your ISB adventure begins here!


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