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From Engineering to MBA: Journey to ISB PGP

Updated: Apr 21

Preet Vyas’s journey to ISB PGP is a story of sheer determination, craftiness, and the importance of having a good mentor. Let’s take a deeper dive into his process as we break it down into key phases.

Engineering to ISB PGP

Starting off with an academic background in automotive engineering from the UK, Preet Vyas lands his first career job. Taking that experience, he heads back home to India where he works with robotics. Starting as an intern there wasn’t anything stopping him from becoming the mechanical team leader at a startup company. The role gave him plenty of chances to be innovative and take on more responsibilities.

After four years, he made up his mind that it was time to move towards management positions where his skills would be put to better use. Even though he had loads of experience under his belt already, Preet knew there was nothing compared to being MBA certified when it came down to opening up those opportunities.

Choosing the ISB MBA Program

He starts looking for programs that have strong relationships with big companies like Godrej and Honeywell who are known for their operational roles. This way he could be sure that once he was done studying at ISB they wouldn't turn a blind eye. Thus he choose the ISB MBA.

Overcoming GMAT Challenges

Prepping for GMAT's wasn’t easy for Preet since all he had ever been familiar with were CATs. But that didn’t stop him from putting all of his effort in taking on this new beast. He set himself up with a strict study schedule so there was no room for procrastination or excuses just incase things didn’t go smoothly right away. Using Target Test Prep’s Quant skills also gave him the confidence boost needed since they showed promise during mock tests.

ISB Application and Interview Strategy

The ISB application process was introspective and strategic. Preet listed about everything in life from strengths and weaknesses to failures and achievements when applying for ISB. The process of having to reflect on himself led him to learn things he didn’t know were strengths before and vice versa. It also gave him a sense of pride for the things he had accomplished so far.

Once it was time to get to the ISB interview, Preet went in like any other day with nothing but his authentic self. Downplaying the whole thing as a “conversation” rather than something that should be taken super seriously seemed to help him stay relaxed and focused.

Just like anyone else applying for a prestigious MBA program, Preet felt lost and unaware at times. That was until he found an admission consultant who not only gave his profile a look-see but also provided guidance throughout the whole process. The questions asked were extremely detailed, no email was ever ignored, and mock interviews were down right identical to what the real one would be like.

Final Thoughts for Aspiring ISB Applicants

When asked about advice for future applicants, he said “You have got to have a coherent story that you can present in such a way that it’s both compelling and believable.” He believes that knowing what you want post-MBA is key because without those aspirations it'll be hard for people reviewing your application to take them seriously.

With all of these tips in mind, Preet thinks having someone by your side who can give you guidance, clarity on financial struggles, and boost your confidence is crucial. Being able to personalize their approach will make both parties feel more comfortable when talking about future goals.

Seize the opportunity to stand out among ISB applicants. Choose GOALisB for expert guidance and one on one support.


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