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10 programs in Executive MBA in India you cannot ignore

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Which is the best Executive MBA course for professionals?

What executive education courses will help career advancement for senior marketing professionals?

A general management course as the ones described below would be useful for anyone who wishes to advance their marketing careers. Most of these courses offer a marketing specialisation which will definitely add value. Instead they could pursue a certificate course in marketing but it would still be an incomplete perspective for a senior professional.

Admission procedure for executive MBA course for senior medical professional?

The admissions procedure for most of the executive MBA courses are outlined here in the article. The same applies to senior medical professionals as well. As a medical professional applying to an MBA you must carefully communicate why MBA in your application essays.

When will next session start at international business schools for executive MBA?

Online sessions are still going on for International business schools. Most of the leading International Executive MBA programs have been outlined by us here. On campus classes have been disrupted due to the pandemic.

ISB PGPMAX Executive MBA Course Overview

ISB PGPMAX Executive MBA in India for Working Professionals

This program is ingenious, in order that higher-ranking professionals can make bigger their business knowledge and build up a holistic approach towards dealing with complex business situations and all together, in view of the fact that they’re working, they can apply the innovative skills and business concepts they gain knowledge of, at their place of work. The stress of the program is on all-purpose management.

The ISB PGPMAX Executive MBA Course is covered over a 15-month period in the midst of week-long classroom-based sessions, regularly held at an interval six weeks (ISB Mohali/Hyderabad). The program entails you to dedicate around 62 days for the complete duration of the program. At some point in the regular week, at the same time as you’re working, you may have to keep away nearly ten hours every week to finish your assignments, in addition to your course pre-reading.

ISB PGPpro Executive MBA Course Overview

ISB PGPpro Program Features:

ISB PGPpro Executive MBA is one of the most favorable executive MBA programs intended for mid-career professionals having 5-12 years of experience. These courses help them in achieving deep management strategies, and ultimately, getting prepared for the leadership roles at some point. The ISB Executive MBA PGPpro program is a combination of both online and classroom learning. The most excellent part is that you don’t have to leave your existing job, given that it’s intended in a weekend style.

IIMA PGPX Executive MBA Course Overview

IIMA PGPX Program Features

Upon completion of the IIMA PGPX Executive MBA program, the IIM Ahmedabad will award post-graduate diploma to its students. The institute is accountable for the course planning, course delivery, school policies, admissions and student assessment. The program has been exclusively planned for a junior, mid and higher-ranking level working professionals and industrialists with all the advantages of flexible technology-facilitated interaction.

The admission for the program takes account of a written test and personal interview.

Apart from just classroom teaching, the program offers valuable interactions by way of professionals and peer group understanding. The classroom modules will be carried out at IIMA at varied time slots.

The IIMA PGPX Executive MBA is a mixed program with online lessons conducted all the way through learning centers and classroom lessons taught at IIMA campus in conjunction with the project work.

The program of study is premeditated and conferred by the most excellent staff members, who have a wide range of professional experience in training and research.

IIMB EPGP Executive MBA Course Overview

IIMB EPGP Executive MBA Course Structure

The major core courses take account of Financial Reporting and Analysis, Competition and Strategy Designing Organizations, Decision Sciences, Managerial Economics, Macroeconomics, Marketing Management, Corporate Governance & Ethics, Operations Management, Corporate Finance, Managing People & Performance in Organizations, Business Law, and Entrepreneurial Management.

The electives take account of Corporate Strategy and Policy, Decision Sciences and Information systems, Entrepreneurial Learning, Economics and Social Sciences, Marketing, Production and Operations Management, Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management, and Finance and Accounting,

The International Immersion module is intended to offer students an opportunity to make wider learning and expand knowledge about an ever more globalized economic surroundings. All through the international immersion (2-week), the course group is hosted by one of the best local business schools. They focus on lectures on the country’s financial system and society by way of specific highlighting on problems affecting business and industry; visit business offices; meet company and government leaders; focus on educational events and visit historical sites to aid them know the ins and outs of the country.

IIMC MBAEX Executive MBA Course Overview

IIMC MBAEX Executive MBA Course Structure

The IIMC MBAEX Executive MBA Course is a one-year in-house program for working professionals offered by the IIM, Calcutta that provides them with a relaxing podium to add-on their accessible dexterousness at the same time as they work hard to protect themselves for senior and top management roles in the business.

The Class of Management senior managers includes a varied blend of youth and well-informed individuals. Under the expert supervision of the country’s leading personnel, passion for un-remitted education synergizes with skills from varied backgrounds to create an inspirational cultural environment.

Education at the forefront of the classroom is a consistently vital front. At the same time as case studies add to the pragmatic knowledge of straightening out real-life business ambiguity, informal discussions on varied topics from solicitously favorite appendage readings make wider individual perspectives.

Compulsory Courses

In the MBAEX Executive MBA curriculum, there are 25 compulsory courses extended over and above 6 terms, which students are requisite to take.

Elective Courses

IIMC MBAEX Executive MBA course offers a broad range of elective course extended over and beyond 3 terms (In school term – 4th, 5th & 6th), from which students are requisite to take 15 lines.

List of Courses Offered

Finance & Control, Operations Management, Strategic Management, Management Information Systems, Public Policy and Management, Business Ethics and Communication, Marketing, Economics, HR Management, Management Centre for Human Values, and Behavioral Sciences.

IIML IPMX Executive MBA Course Overview

IIML IPMX Executive MBA Course Structure

The IIML IPMX Executive MBA Course is delivered all the way through live lectures, discussions, seminars, virtual assignments, in addition to field projects. The whole one-year course is spread over four terms, in the midst of foundation subjects in the foremost two terms, and elective subjects in the ending two terms.

Besides, the course also takes account of an abroad module for international study tours (third term). The whole course encompasses 23.5 credits: Term 1 (Core) - 7.0, Term 2 (Core) - 7.0, International Immersion-2.0, Term 3/ Term 4 (Electives)-7.0, Written Analysis of Communication - 0.5.

The establishment takes a small batch of 70 students, and for that reason, it has a very careful method of admission. The establishment looks for a varied batch of students for its IPMX course. The admission into the IPMX curriculum is decided by an admission board that proposes a student based on his or her strengths as described in the application. The candidate ought to have a solid educational background.

IIMU GSCM Executive MBA Course Overview

IIMU GSCM Course Offerings

IIM Udaipur’s One Year MBA with rigorous specialization in Global Supply Chain Management is intended with the plan to build up future leaders in Global Supply Chain Management and Logistics. The program content takes account of projects like business interactions and offers professional opportunities in companies across Manufacturing, Retail, E-commerce, and lots of more such domains.

On the whole, Effective Supply Chain Management can make available businesses with a core competitive, seeing as all the large brands are moving towards international markets. IIMU’s GSCM program’s course is exclusively conceived to outfit students among business tools, international frame of mind and interpersonal skills to have a say towards the international supply chain community.

The IIMU GSCM Executive MBA Course offers two options:

  • Option 1 takes account of one complete semester at Purdue University (US). The Purdue Global Supply Chain Management module focuses on international supply chain viewpoints.

  • Option 2 takes place completely in India, by way of a focus on supply chain management and a two-week international module in a foreign country.

IIMI Executive MBA Course Overview

What is IIMI Executive MBA?

The Executive MBA is a rigorous one-year program (full-time, residential) offered by IIM Indore. The IIMI Executive MBA Course is specifically intended to develop knowledge, skills and capabilities necessary for running and leading business organizations. On the whole, the program combines skill building in the midst of study of good managing practices.

IIMI Executive MBA Course structure

The Executive MBA Course is planned to get ready executives for transformational management positions. All through the strong one-year Program, they will work in the direction of developing a deeper perceptive of different facets of management and sharpen up their managerial skills. The Program is extended over five educational terms in IIM Indore campus and one International Immersion component at one of the best international university. The primary three terms (by and large composed of core courses) focus on laying the establishment for the specialization all the way through a package of electives offered. An international module makes available an opening to enlarge an understanding of the international business setting and an ability to function in a multicultural background. The last two terms are by and large electives and practical learning.

The Executive MBA Course consists of six segments – Orientation, Elective courses, Industry Consulting Module, International Immersion, Simulation based learning, and Advanced Analytics Workshop.

SPJAIN Executive MBA Course Overview

SPJAIN Executive MBA Program Objective

The main objective of the SPJAIN Executive MBA course is to make powerful the organizations to build/ develop a pool of multitalented professionals with a strong base of purposeful knowledge & skills along with all-purpose managing outlook all the way through a high quality specifically intended Executive MBA course that entails nominal absence from the place of work or job.

SPJAIN Executive MBA Course Structure

The SPJAIN Executive MBA Course is carried out over 4 phases, extended across 21 months and takes account of 60 full days of classes at the Mumbai school grounds. These on-campus classes of 60 days are further divided hooked on 8 contact periods:

  • Pre-foundation phase - Initial contact period involving 3 days.

  • 6 contact periods involving 9 consecutive days - Foundation/ Integration/ Customization phases.

  • Amid 2 consecutive contacts, the off-campus period takes account of 10-12 weeks period

  • For ultimate exams, the final contact period involves 3 days

XLRI Executive MBA Course Overview

XLRI Executive MBA Course Offerings

Sessions for the XLRI Executive MBA Course program will be carried out for the most part by means of physical classroom-based sessions in the midst of only some virtual classroom-based sessions. This arrangement allows students to meet their prerequisites of carrying on education of the top quality at the same time as continuing in their existing job or business.

By way of the rich opportunities for communication amid well-known faculty, peers, and business professionals, the program allows students lots of opportunities to apply the theoretical insights gained to their relevant place of work on a daily basis. The students also acquire several opportunities to share their work experiences; in that way, enriching classroom education and developing significant, value-added discussions in the midst of peers.

Students are also given several opportunities to know the real-life applications and significance of the knowledge gained in diverse courses all the way through in-built estimate mechanisms, such as projects, coursework, etc.

Connect with our experts to know which program fits your profile and the prospects here forth.

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