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Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad

ISB MBA options differ for applicants at different entry points on their career graph. Applicants from final and pre final year students till 10 plus years of work experience can apply to a tailor made ISB MBA.

The different options for pursuing the ISB MBA entry are as follows:

1. ISB YLP :

ISB YLP is the entry mode to the ISB PGP for final and pre final year students. The application process for ISB YLP is conducted in three stages and the admits join ISB MBA after completing 20 months of work experience.

2. ISB Early Entry Option - ISB EEO:

This is the entry mode to the ISB PGP for graduates with lesser than 24 months of work experience. The ISB EEO ( ISB Early Entry Option) application process is the same as the ISB PGP process but the admits join the ISB PGP after gaining 24 months of work experience.


The flagship one year full time MBA equivalent program by ISB. The ISB PGP application process is conducted across three rounds every year. Applicants with a minimum 24 months of work experience can apply.

4. ISB MBA for Family Business - ISB MFAB:

The ISB MBA for Family Business applicants. ISB MFAB is a tailor made program which caters to the need of growing Family Businesses.

5. Executive MBA at ISB for working professionals - ISB Executive MBA:

The Executive MBA at ISB is delivered in two programs - ISB PGP pro for working professionals with a minimum 5 years of experience and the ISB PGPMAX which is ideal for senior professionals with a minimum of 10 years of work experience. The ISB Executive MBA is an option where the students can pursue an MBA in a modular format, while continuing with their work involvements.

How can you decide which ISB MBA is the best for you?

The best way to decide which ISB MBA is the best for you is to first analyse your career path and then evaluate your career goals. The decision can be made depending on the factors like:

  1. Readiness for MBA

  2. Years of experience

  3. Preparedness for the GMAT or the GRE test

  4. Eligibility for the ISB MBA

  5. Career goals synchronisation

Beyond this it is suggested that you avail a free profile evaluation with an experienced ISB Admission Consultant at GOALisB who can guide you as to a good strategy to choose the ISB MBA suitable for you.

Executive MBA at ISB are the ISB PGPpro and the ISB PGPMAX programs.

ISB PGPMAX Executive MBA at ISB Hyderabad:

This Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad is suitable for higher-ranking professionals who wish to enhance their business knowledge and gain a holistic approach towards dealing with complex business situations.

Duration of PGPMAX Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad:

The PGPMAX Executive MBA is delivered over a 15-month period through week-long classroom-based sessions, regularly held at an interval of six weeks (ISB Mohali/Hyderabad).

Professionals enrolled in this Executive MBA at ISB may have to dedicate nearly ten hours every week to finish your assignments, in addition to the course pre-read.

What is the PGPMAX Executive MBA at ISB Eligibility?

The minimum work experience necessary to be considered for this curriculum is 10 years.

Does the admission process to the PGPMAX Executive MBA at ISB need a GMAT score?

The GMAT score is not compulsory for admissions to PGPMAX admissions. The admission process stresses more on getting to know what you’ve done at work in the business world. In case you have a GMAT score, you may put forward the same and this would be considered.

Admissions Interview

An interview is a vital component of the admissions process. Candidates would be assessed on different specialised and personality-related parameters like leadership abilities, communication skills, projects embarked on and productively delivered, in addition to your educational performance. You’d also have to elaborate on how the curriculum would help you take your profession to the next level.

Support Letter from Employer

A letter of support from your existing employer is looked-for. This letter would make available information that your employer knows about your inclination to follow the program and supports the same, notwithstanding whether they’re sponsoring your course or not.​

Executive MBA ISB fees

Executive MBA from ISB fees for the year 2021-22 is  INR 39,63,000 plus taxes for the ISB PGPMAX program.

ISB PGPpro Executive MBA at ISB Hyderabad:

The ISB PGPPro is an exclusive Weekend Executive MBA program for working professionals with a range of work experience above 5 years. Expert ISB admission consultants share insights on ISB PGPpro reviews and ISB PGPpro placements here.

The ISB PGPpro Executive MBA combines methodical learning with the right format of alternating weekend classes. Intended for mid-career professionals, the program makes available the most important fundamentals in Strategy and Leadership with a choice to specialise either Finance or Marketing.

Some facts about the PGPpro Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad:

  • Duration : 18 months (Combination of Classroom & Online Classes)

  • Courses Offered in Delhi (NCR)/ Bengaluru/Hyderabad/Mumbai

  • Campus visits at Mohali and Hyderabad separately (1-week classes), as a part of the program.

  • International visit for 1 Week in an Asian country

Full time vs. Executive MBA

The main difference between a full time MBA and an Executive MBA is the level of engagement in the graduate school. In the full year program, the students get a chance to participate in various on campus activities. In the Executive (Part time) MBA the there is a customisation of classes towards a more experienced group of individuals.

Full-time MBA students have rigorous schedules (full-day), making it hard (almost Impossible) to keep up a job outside the program. On the other hand, Executive MBA students maintain their permanent jobs and by and large attend classes on Fridays and the weekends; nevertheless, this can lead to less interaction on school grounds with your classmates.

ISB PGPpro Executive MBA from ISB Fees - The program fee for ISB PGPpro 2021-22 is INR 3,046,000 (plus taxes)

Financing options for ISB PGPpro admits are available from:

  1. Indian Bank

  2. Union Bank

  3. Axis Bank

  4. ICICI Bank

  5. SBI

  6. HDFC Credila

  7. Avanse Financial Services

Does Executive MBA help in India?

There are lots of courses and educational disciplines which allow individuals to search out good jobs and salaries subsequently. Besides getting good jobs, the working professionals want regular upgradation as regards innovative management principles.

ISB PGPpro Program Structure:

The Executive MBA from ISB program is spread over a period of 18 months, with 24 courses which are covered in 4 categories of foundation courses, advanced courses, electives, and specialisation courses. The 4 important elements incorporated are:

  • Strategy and Leadership skills

  • Decisive Thinking

  • Specialization – Finance/ Marketing

  • Business ethics and best practices

Apart from the typical program, participants will also have access to employment services and this will help them in their future career growth. The one-week international immersion involves country experience, classroom teaching, cultural and industry visits, along with management interaction. The ISB PGPpro program is taught by the top faculty and a lot of famous professors from the best schools around the world; as a result, this experience itself is inspiring.

What are the benefits of the Executive MBA at ISB?

Executive MBA from ISB Hyderabad provides the following benefits to the working professionals:

1. FACULTY - Learn from esteemed faculty from across the world.

2. PEER CONNECT - Connect to peer network from different industries

3. STRUCTURE - The program is structured to groom top leadership

4. CAREER SUPPORT - Access to and updates on opportunities

5. PROGRAM FORMAT - Hybrid format - online and classroom

6. NO WORK DISRUPTION - Continue with your job while you pursue an MBA

For a detailed discussion on your profile and application assistance connect with an ISB admission consultant at GOALisB.


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