How is ISB Hyderabad for MBA aspirants?

ISB Hyderabad is a leading school in India with a combined ranking from Poets & Quants of 16. The effort and the credentials that go behind this rank definitely make it one of the most desirable schools in India.

Get exposure to cutting edge research at ISB.

  1. For a series of yearly conferences with the theme "Economic Policy and the Indian Economy," ISB announced its association with the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), a group of academic economists with US bases that conducts and disseminates economic research. On December 17–18, 2022, the inaugural conference will take place at the ISB Hyderabad campus.

  2. Interactions between a number of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, government officials, and corporates took place at I-Connect@ISB in June 2022, an entrepreneurial ecosystem meetup organised by I-Venture at ISB in collaboration with Kalaari Capital and Endiya Partners. The purpose of the event was to provide a forum for networking with other business owners and startups.

  3. The first session of "Growth Tunes" has been announced by ISB and IntelStartupProgram. The unique live webinar will include insights on "Product management for development and scalability" and is "by invitation only." With its tested frameworks, useful perspectives on cutting-edge techniques, and useful insights, it will support startups. On June 30, 2022, Mr. Vish Krishnan, Professor and Endowed Chair at the University of California, will deliver the keynote address. He is also a Professor Affiliate at the Harvard University Lab for Innovation Science.

Is ISB good for MBA?

This can be discussed at different levels.

The most important being the placements and career opportunities that ISB graduates get post MBA.

The latest class of 2022 MBA placements details according to the industry and the function are as follows:

Average CTC offered in the ISB MBA placements Class of 2022:

  1. Advertisement/ Media Industry ISB MBA Placements 2022 - INR 32,72,727

  2. BFSI Industry ISB MBA Placements 2022 - INR 36,82,710

  3. Conglomerate Industry ISB MBA Placements 2022 - INR 25,04,286

  4. Consulting Industry ISB MBA Placements 2022 - INR 34,25,089

  5. Technology Industry ISB MBA Placements 2022 - INR 38,01,875

  6. Urban Mobility Industry ISB MBA Placements 2022 - INR 37,18,519

  7. Pharma/ Biotech Industry ISB MBA Placements 2022 - INR 31,34,575

  8. IT/ ITES Industry ISB MBA Placements 2022 - INR 35,15,260

  9. Manufacturing Industry ISB MBA Placements 2022 - INR 27,70,000

  10. Govt/ PSU Industry ISB MBA Placements 2022 - INR 15,00,000

  11. High Technology Industry ISB MBA Placements 2022 - INR 23,00,000

  12. IT Consulting Industry ISB MBA Placements 2022 - INR 30,28,571

  13. Education Industry ISB MBA Placements 2022 - INR 25,92,502

  14. Infrastructure Industry ISB MBA Placements 2022 - INR 28,00,000

  15. Oil/ Energy Industry ISB MBA Placements 2022 - INR 34,00,000

  16. Transportation/ Logistics Industry ISB MBA Placements 2022 - INR 36,40,000

  17. Others - INR 39,69,292

Function wise average CTC at ISB MBA Placements 2022

  1. Analytics function recruitment at ISB placements 2022 - INR 33,47,231

  2. Consulting function recruitment at ISB placements 2022 - INR 34,35,711

  3. Finance function recruitment at ISB placements 2022 - INR 30,58,922

  4. General Management - INR 32,55,028

  5. Human Resources - INR 37,00,000

  6. Project Management recruitment at ISB placements 2022 - INR 31,00,000

  7. Product Management recruitment at ISB placements 2022 - INR 35,39,664

  8. Product Development - INR 32,50,000

  9. Technology function recruitment at ISB placements 2022 - INR 45,26,577

  10. Services - INR 22,00,000

  11. Sales and Marketing - INR 30,67,812

  12. Operations function recruitment at ISB placements 2022 - INR 32,78,724

  13. Others - INR 36,27,816

Read in detail about the ISB admission process.

Comparing the following trends we can understand how ISB Hyderabad is for MBA aspirants!

ISB PGP class of 2014

  1. 80% Mean CTC offered at ISB PGP - INR 18,15,964

  2. 80% Median CTC offered at ISB PGP - INR 18,00,000

  3. ISB PGP Class Size - 770

  4. Registered Companies offering placements at ISB - 339

  5. Placements Offers received - 876

ISB PGP class of 2015

  1. 80% Mean CTC offered at ISB PGP - INR 19,12,444

  2. 80% Median CTC offered at ISB PGP - INR 19,00,000

  3. ISB PGP Class Size - 760

  4. Registered Companies offering placements at ISB - 267

  5. Placements Offers received - 987

ISB PGP class of 2016

  1. 80% Mean CTC offered at ISB PGP - INR 21,78,305

  2. 80% Median CTC offered at ISB PGP - INR 20,25,000

  3. ISB PGP Class Size - 813

  4. Registered Companies offering placements at ISB - 323

  5. Placements Offers received - 1149

ISB PGP class of 2017

  1. 80% Mean CTC offered at ISB PGP - INR 20,90,211

  2. 80% Median CTC offered at ISB PGP - INR 20,76,383

  3. ISB PGP Class Size - 903

  4. Registered Companies offering placements at ISB - 411

  5. Placements Offers received - 1113

ISB PGP class of 2018

  1. 80% Mean CTC offered at ISB PGP - INR 22,13,592

  2. 80% Median CTC offered at ISB PGP - INR 22,00,000

  3. Class Size - 875

  4. Registered Companies offering placements at ISB - 375

  5. Placements Offers received - 1136

ISB PGP class of 2019

  1. 80% Mean CTC offered at ISB PGP - INR 2435915

  2. 80% Median CTC offered at ISB PGP - INR 2402449

  3. ISB PGP Class Size - 884

  4. Registered Companies offering placements at ISB - 373

  5. Placements Offers received - 1309

ISB PGP class of 2020

  1. 80% Mean CTC offered at ISB PGP - INR 2506434

  2. 80% Median CTC offered at ISB PGP - INR 2410000

  3. ISB PGP Class Size - 875

  4. Registered Companies offering placements at ISB - 433

  5. Placements Offers received - 1504

ISB PGP class of 2021

  1. 80% Mean CTC offered at ISB PGP - INR 27,13,055

  2. 80% Median CTC offered at ISB PGP - INR 2700000

  3. ISB PGP Class Size - 691

  4. Registered Companies offering placements at ISB - 308

  5. Placements Offers received - 1195

Top 7 reasons why ISB stands out as the ultimate choice for MBA aspirants are:

  1. ISB has achieved global accreditation from AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA.

  2. ISB has global alliances with Northwestern Kellogg School of Management, Wharton School, London Business School, MIT Sloan, The Fletcher University and many more.

  3. Alumni leading in every sphere. The ISB alumni network will expand to 12,500+ with the graduation of Co 21.

  4. Ranks among the top 100 schools in terms of research as per UT-Dallas rankings in the world’s top 24 management journals.

  5. ISB ranks #23 in FT Global MBA Ranking 2021. In addition ISB ranks #1 in India, #5 in Asia, #3 Globally (in salary growth)

  6. Three of the 16 unicorns from India this year have ISB alumni as co-founders.

  7. ISB leads among the Indian schools with a 40% gender diversity in its MBA class.

Latest updates from ISB Hyderabad:

On March 25th, 2022 at ISB Hyderabad Campus, ISB Institute of Data Science and The British Deputy High Commission, Hyderabad organized engaging panel discussions on a thought-provoking issue in today’s date ‘Security Transformation & Cyber Crime Against Women’.

However, this event was inaugurated by Andrew Fleming who is the Deputy High Commissioner to Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. He is renowned for his initiatives to connect with local issues and his efforts in promoting trade and businesses between the Telugu region and the UK. This event grabbed the eyeballs of many as it had a row of the esteemed panelists of Telangana including @SumathiIPS, DIG women safety wing, Prof Madhu Viswanathan, Assistant Professor & Research Director of top research-driven B school- ISB Institute of Data Science, moderators, welcomed speakers, and participants to this event.

Amelia Tuckett, South Asia Cyber Lead at Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office proved a real highlight while delivering the keynote session at ISB Hyderabad Campus.

IIDS, ISB Institute of Data Science showcased his gratitude towards the esteemed panelists, welcome speakers, and moderators, Nappinai N S, Vaishali Shintre-Bhagwat, Umesh Thota, K Sanjay Kumar IPS, Sumathi Badugula, & Kiran Siva Kumar, Dr. Shruti Mantri, and Sudhakar Reddy Udumula.

What is the GMAT score for ISB?

Is 740 a good GMAT score for ISB? or Is 760 a good GMAT score for ISB?

None of the above is true for a fact. At every GMAT score the criteria of evaluating applicants is equally important. It is very important to understand what ISB looks into. The following are the important aspects of every applicant profile that ISB looks into before releasing an admit.

  1. Academic scores in the past

  2. GMAT or GRE score

  3. Work experience quality

  4. Essays

  5. Reference Letter

It is very clear that the GMAT or the GRE score is surely an important criteria but is it over bearing others. No. As ISB admission consultants we have had admits at the whole spectrum of GMAT scores from 660 to 760. These applicants spread across application rounds but they all had one thing in common. They prepared equally well for each part of the application.

In addition to the above information it is also important to consider the past average scores that were admitted to ISB which are as below:

  1. In the class of 2022, the average GMAT score at ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali was 710

  2. The range of GMAT score started from 600 GMAT score to 780 GMAT score.

  3. For the class of 2020, the average GMAT score at ISB Hyderabad ranged from 600 to 770.

  4. The average GMAT score at ISB Hyderabad in the class of 2020 was 710.

  5. At the same time the GMAT score range at ISB Mohali was also 600 to 770 with an average GMAT score of 710 for ISB Mohali campus.

  6. In the class of 2022, the average GRE score for the class of 2022 at ISB Hyderabad was 325

  7. The average GRE score at ISB Mohali was 328.

  8. The GRE score for the class of 2020 at ISB Hyderabad ranged from 311 to 334 with the average GRE score being 325.

  9. At ISB Mohali for the class of 2020 the GRE score ranged from 322 - 334 with the average being 327. Thus we can see that there is always a range of GRE scores of admits to ISB MBA.

Therefore 740 or 760 are strong GMAT scores to apply to ISB but are they enough to get in? Probably not without taking care of the remaining four aspects. Get more insights into the ISB admission process.

Am I too old for an ISB MBA?

Admits to the ISB class of 2022 range from 22 years of age to 44 years of age with the average age being 27 years.

If we consider the ISB class of 2020, we find that the age group range was 22 years of age to 46 years of age with the average age of the ISB Class of 2020 being 26.25 years.

Admits to the ISB class of 2022 come with a work experience of 2 upto 23 years at ISB Hyderabad and a work experience range of 2 to 22 years at ISB Mohali. This makes the average work work experience of the class of 2022 at ISB at around 4.6 years.

However in the ISB class of 2020, we observe that the work experience range was 2 years to 20 years with the average work experience being 4.3 years.

Do only engineers get admitted to ISB?

The class of 2022 at ISB constitutes 58% engineers and 42% non engineers, while at ISB Mohali the engineers constitute 56% and the non engineers constitute 44% of the class.

If we compare this to the data about the class of 2020 at ISB the percentage of engineers was approximately 68% and that of non engineers was 32%. Therefore there has been a considerable shift in the class composition over the period.

What is the cutoff for GMAT score or GRE score at ISB?

For ISB PGP admissions there is no cutoff for the GMAT or the GRE scores. The cut offs are calculated on the profile scores which are calculated taking into consideration the academics, the GMAT or GRE scores, the essays, the recommendation letters and the work experience. Read more about the ISB admission process 2022.

12 facts about Indian School of Business MBA application process for the one year fully residential ISB MBA program:

  1. Eligible work experience range for admission in ISB is 2 years plus.

  2. Course duration for the ISB PGP at Indian School of Business is 12 months - 52 weeks.

  3. GMAT score range for admission in ISB MBA is 600 to 780.

  4. GRE score range for admission to ISB is 311 to 335. 

  5. In terms of application cycles at the end of round two the applications for the ISB PGP program and is around seventy percent higher than the last year.

  6. The new ISB PGP program will be a 52 week program and includes a unique Digital Head Start module - DHM, and a dedicated career preparation week, study treks to international national and domestic locations and more time during the curriculum will be allotted for the Experiential Learning Projects.

  7. The Digital Headstart Module is a unique part of the curriculum which is conducted digitally in four parts - One being the academic courses for the term one, second being the independent projects under the jumpstart India theme which is a which are aimed at reviving the Indian economies post the pandemic.

  8. The next would be the leadership series and the ISB perspectives where students would receive insights and talks by industry leaders, alumni and corporate leaders.

  9. The Indian School of Business Digital Head Start module which spans ten weeks will also cover co-curricular activities which of course the students will be indulging in virtually on the digital platforms.

  10. Study treks at ISB PGP are a unique opportunity for the students to get corporate exposure These are faculty-led treks where the students interact with industries internationally or at domestic locations or in the social sector. During the "Career Week" the students of the ISB PGP will be engaged in various workshops to prepare for the upcoming placement week.

  11. ISB supports research at its centres of excellence - Centre for Analytical Finance, Centre for innovation and leadership, Centre for learning and management practice, Srini Raju Centre for IT and the Networked Economy, and the Thomas Schmidheiny Centre for Family Enterprise.

  12. ISB research extends in the institutes like the Bharti Institute of Public Policy, Max Institute of healthcare management, Munjal institute of global manufacturing, Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure management.

Get a profile evaluation from a Goalisb ISB admission consultant.

How is the ISB faculty?

In the last 5 years the Indian School of Business has added extensively to the intellectual capital at ISB. The residential faculty is ranks 20 globally in terms of per capita productivity in leading journals in the World.

We have compiled a brief list of criteria that the school looks for in an ISB MBA application. These criteria have been subtly validated time and again over the years. There is no doubt that ISB is a leading institution in India offering a one year MBA for working professionals and prepares MBA graduates to perform beyond excellence. The selection criteria for ISB MBA are such that a natural selection of people capable of such a performance takes place.

  1. Professor of Operations Management and Executive Director of the Max Institute of Healthcare Management at ISB MBA - Professor Sarang Deo's paper on “Improving HIV Early Infant Diagnosis Supply Chains in Sub-Saharan Africa: Models and Application to Mozambique”. This paper written by Jónas Oddur Jónasson, Sarang Deo and Jérémie Gallien has attained a position in the FT papers on social impact amongst the list of top 100 papers.

  2. At ISB PGP, Professor Sarang Deo teaches courses in Operations Management like:

  3. Statistical Methods for Management Decisions

  4. Process Excellence in Healthcare Organisations

  5. Designing and Managing Effective Healthcare Delivery Systems

  6. Distinguished faculty from ISB PGP, Professor Sarang Deo and Professor K Vaidyanathan are also contributing proactively to the medium and longer term post-COVID economic strategy for Punjab.

  7. Another stellar faculty at ISB PGP, Professor Apoorva Javadekar who teaches MBA courses in International finance and fixed income securities at ISB, has published a paper on “The Allocation of Talent Across Mutual Fund Strategies” which was adjudged with the “Best Paper Award”.

What are the ISB MBA criteria?

Let's evaluate the ISB MBA criteria

1. Leadership Skills: This is a term that we hear everyday about ISB MBA admissions - Leadership Skills. A professional who conveys such an aptitude through ample experiences stands a good chance in the ISB admissions process.

2. Professional Growth and Excellence: The ISB MBA applicant CV should demonstrate a degree of professional growth in the career graph.

3. Academic Excellence: ISB MBA is an academically rigorous course. Academic excellence is the substantiated capability to perform, achieve, and excel in scholastic activities. Academic excellence like achieving high grades and proving superior performance is therefore an important criteria that your ISB MBA application must demonstrate. Your GMAT score or the GRE Score, grades in college, certifications to advance your career are all an integral part of this demonstration.

4. Communication Skills: Communication skills is an extremely important ISB MBA criteria. Effective communication comprises listening actively, empathising, receiving and giving feedback, adapting the communication style according to the audience, respect and responsiveness.

5. Short Term and Long Term Goals: An MBA from ISB PGP is quite a huge investment, as an investor it must be very clear to the MBA applicant what he is looking at from the MBA course.

6. Involvement in the Society: Individuals who are passionate and walk that extra mile to make a difference around them are potential ISB MBA applicants.

7. Diversity: ISB MBA values diversity. Exposure to multicultural team environment is a value addition to an MBA application.

These are aspects of leadership which have been evaluated time and again and enlisted. These have been adopted by schools like ISB for MBA admissions to identify potential leaders to groom through the world class curriculum and faculty. If you are contemplating an ISB application build a list of checkpoints on the criteria above. This is the first step to determine whether you are ready to submit your ISB PGP / ISB PGPpro / ISB YLP application.

Long Term ROI Benefits That Will Inspire You to Pursue an ISB MBA. How is ISB Hyderabad MBA placements?

Established in 2001, the Indian School of Business is distinguished for its reputed Management Programs. With its campuses located at Hyderabad and Mohali, the institute has collaborations with several International Business Schools and offers Post Graduate Programs (ISB PGP) along with short term courses.

The competition for the admission to ISB is fierce and the high ISB MBA fees never looks a determent for the applicants. Out of the 4000 students that apply for the ISB MBA every year on an approximate, only 22% get selected. In the ISB Hyderabad MBA placements candidates are offered admits based on their GMAT score, academic and professional background.

Such tough competition arises a question in most aspirants – Is ISB MBA worth all the competition and the ISB fees worth its while?

And the answer from the industry experts is a big Yes! So you can definitely vouch for the ISB Hyderabad MBA placements.

Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Move on to know about Long Term ROI Benefits that will inspire you to pursue an ISB MBA.

ISB Hyderabad offers multiple programs in Management streams such as ISB PGP, ISB PGPMAX, ISB PGPPro, ISB AMPBA, and ISB MFAB.

The curriculum of ISB has been set up to give ISB PGP students international exposure at various levels. ISB MBA also hires faculty who have experience working in leading International Business schools.

How are the ISB Hyderabad MBA placements?

ISB MBA graduates enjoy an edge over other MBA graduates both in on-campus and off-campus ISB placements. The ISB Hyderabad MBA placements cell invites various International and National level reputed companies.

  • In the past academic year, the Institute invited over 231 reputed companies for the final campus ISB placement out of which 65 companies were first-time visitors to the ISB Hyderabad MBA placements.

  • The average salary package offered in ISB Hyderabad MBA placements is recorded as INR 26.15 LPA and the highest salary package offered is INR 70 LPA.

  • ISB Hyderabad MBA placements notices a rapid increase in the percentage of offers offered to students. Besides, the packages offered to 2020 graduates in the ISB placements witnessed a spike of as much as 124% compared to the last year.

  • ISB MBA graduates have the advantage of getting jobs with higher salaries even after 6 – 12 months of graduation.

Is ISB Hyderabad worth it?

Life at ISB tantamount to transformation for those pursuing ISB MBA either in the ISB Hyderabad or the ISB Mohali campus. This change in an individual is facilitated by the high impact environment that ISB MBA through its faculty, initiatives and alumni facilitates.

Why ISB MBA is the best option?

ISB MBA is surely a good option for the following reasons:

  1. 1. ISB MBA is a one year MBA, so anybody needs to be out of work just for one year, since it is a course for people with work experience.

  2. 2. It is a course for professionals with work experience so the concepts that you learn in the class come to life from the perspectives of different industry professionals.

  3. 3. ISB MBA offers International exposure to the students.

  4. 4. ISB MBA offers practical learning experiences.

  5. 5. ISB as an institution has a deep connect with the industry and brings the industry leaders to campus to connect with students.

  6. 6. ISB MBA is proactive with alumni and students offering lifelong learning.

  7. 7. International faculty enriches the curriculum making it contemporary.

  8. 8. Clubs and activities at ISB are equally engaging.

  9. 9. ISB focuses on leadership development of students.

  10. 10. ISB sensitises students to upcoming world perspectives through latest electives offered on campus.

  11. Tie-ups with Global Institutions. ISB Hyderabad has collaborated with several top management schools such as Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, Wharton School of Management, and London Business School. This is the reason why ISB students get an International MBA experience while studying in India.

  12. Furthermore, ISB Hyderabad works closely with corporate partners and has 10 research centers across areas like analytical finance, healthcare management, and infrastructure management which gives complete exposure to MBA students across industries.

Contact an ISB admission consultant at GOALisB for assistance on application essays or write to us at or call at +91 7719497187.

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