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What Are The Criteria That ISB Looks For?

Updated: Apr 8

As alumni of ISB and mentors for ISB applicants we have compiled a brief list of criteria that ISB looks for in an MBA application. These criteria have been subtly validated time and again over the years. There is no doubt that the institution is one which prepares you to perform beyond excellence. The selection criteria are such that a natural selection of people capable of such a performance takes place.

Coming straight to the point here let's evaluate what does an application selected at ISB comprise of.

1. Leadership Skills: This is a term that we hear everyday about MBA admissions - Leadership Skills. What does it actually involve? Leadership is about a strong conviction in what you believe and making sure you exert yourself in achieving results. Individuals are not extraordinary it is what they do that makes them extraordinary. A professional who conveys such an aptitude through ample experiences stands a good chance in the ISB admissions process.

2. Professional Growth and Excellence: The applicant CV should demonstrate a degree of professional growth in the career graph.

3. Academic Excellence: Academic excellence is the substantiated capability to perform, achieve, and excel in scholastic activities. Academic excellence is synonymous with achieving high grades and proving superior performance. GMAT/ GRE Scores, grades in college, certifications to advance your career are all an integral part of this demonstration. This is even more important for ISB as the MBA applicant must have enough steam to excel in the rigorous academic curriculum at ISB and still be able to focus on all the activities that the campus has in store. The year at ISB shall be full of industry interaction events and clubs in which the students are coordinators and participants.

4. Communication Skills: Communication skills are extremely important for any leader. Effective communication comprises listening actively, empathising, receiving and giving feedback, adapting the communication style according to the audience, respect and responsiveness. These are all used by leaders everyday in their respective arenas. Honing these skills and being able to demonstrate effectiveness of these skills through results achieved is a key to a successful ISB applicant.

5. Short Term and Long Term Goals: An MBA from ISB is quite a huge investment, as an investor it must be very clear to the MBA applicant what he is looking at from the MBA course. How has your career spanned before an MBA and what is it that you seek from it immediately post MBA and in the long term should be in sync in the mind of the ISB applicant.

6. Involvement in the Society: This is usually mistaken as certificates from NGOs or extracurriculars. Individuals who are passionate and walk that extra mile to make a difference around them are potential ISB applicants.

7. Diversity: ISB values diversity. It is this multi dimensional outlook which builds leaders. Exposure to multicultural team environment is a value addition to an MBA application.

8. Team Orientation: Corporate and world leaders do not work in isolation, an inherent capability to motivate team mates to lead them from the front.

These are aspects of leaders in the past which have been evaluated time and again and listed. These have been adopted by schools like ISB for MBA admissions to identify potential leaders to groom through the world class curriculum and faculty. The success of the ISB MBA graduates is hand in hand with the school's success. If you are contemplating an ISB application build a list of checkpoints on the criteria above. This is the first step to determine whether you are a fit for an ISB PGP / ISB PGPpro / ISB YLP application.

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