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How is ISB Hyderabad for MBA aspirants?

Some facts about Indian School of Business MBA application process for the one year fully residential PGP program:

  1. Eligible work experience range for admission in ISB is 2 - 20 years

  2. Course duration for the ISB PGP at Indian School of Business is 12 months - 52 weeks

  3. GMAT score range for admission in ISB is 600 to 780

  4. GRE score range for admission to ISB is 311 to 335. 

  5. This is the first time that Indian School of Business would have virtual placements which start from February 25, 2021.

  6. The Indian School of Business has in the past one year conducted around 100 plus leadership talks, hosted more than 60 virtual placement talks and more than 300 virtual client meetings.

  7. This year the placement cycle at Indian School of Business is expected to register more than 200 companies and More than 950 job offers.

  8. In terms of application cycles at the end of round two the applications for the ISB PGP program and is around seventy percent higher than the last year.

  9. The new program structure called the ISB PGP 2.0 has unique new elements.

  10. The new ISB PGP program will be a 52-week program and includes a unique digital Head Start module - DHM, and a dedicated career preparation week, study treks to international national and domestic locations and more time during the curriculum will be allotted for the ELP projects.

  11. Starting with the Digital Headstart Module this is a unique part of the curriculum which is conducted digitally in four parts One being the academic courses for the term one, second being the independent projects under the jumpstart India theme which is a which are aimed at reviving the Indian economies post Covid-19.

  12. The next would be the leadership series and the ISB perspectives where students would receive insights and talks by industry leaders, alumni and corporate leaders.

  13. The Indian School of Business Digital Head Start module which spaning ten weeks will also cover co-curricular activities which of course the students will be indulging in virtually on the digital platforms.

  14. Study treks at ISB PGP are a unique opportunity for the students to get corporate exposure These are faculty-led treks where the students interact with industries internationally or at domestic locations or in the social sector. During the "Career Week" the students of the ISB PGP will be engaged in various workshops to prepare for the upcoming placement week.

Get a profile evaluation if you have what it takes for admission to ISB.

What makes ISB PGP an obvious answer to which MBA is most in demand is enumerated below:

What are the Indian School of Business Accreditions?

1.ISB is the youngest school in the World to get triple accreditation from EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA.

2. Poets and Quants has rated ISB PGP as the 5th most desirable program worldwide

3. Indian School of Business ranks 16 globally in a combined rank across Economist, Bloomberg, Business week and FT.

What is the average GMAT at ISB? Indian School of Business ranks 24th in the FT ranking with an average GMAT of 710.

What is the ISB Class Size?

In terms of class size Indian School of Business is third as compared to INSEAD which has an FT rank 3 and a class size of 1017 students, Harvard Business School with an FT rank 2 in 2019 and a class size of 920 and ISB ranked 24 in 2019 FT ranking w and a class size of 876.

Prominent industries represented by the ISB PGP cohort are: Technology, consulting, finance, e-commerce and healthcare. The ISB alumni are spread globally across more than 60 countries with at least 500 in CXO roles. AT ISB PGP you can achieve continued learning and connect through 11 Special Interest Groups and 14 alumni chapters.

How are the ISB placements?

ISB ranks third worldwide in terms of 3 year salary increase. In terms of placement offers received by students of ISB PGP the number has progressed gradually from approximately 1100 in the year 2018 to approximately 1300 in the year 2019. ISB has upgraded the digital placement system integrating realtime student interviewing for the virtual ISB campus placements.

How is the ISB faculty?

In the last 5 years the Indian School of Business has added extensively to the intellectual capital at ISB. The residential faculty is ranks 20 globally in terms of per capita productivity in leading journals in the World.

What are the many ISB partnerships?

  1. Jumpstart India

  2. Digital STRITNE

  3. Healthcare MAX

  4. Infrastructure PUNJ LLOYD

  5. Innovation - entrepreneurship - CIE & DLABS

  6. ELP



The Indian School of Business introduced online learning system for the class of 2021 at ISB MBA. ISB PGP started the online O Week on 31st May 2020.

  • The O Week for the class of 2021 spans at 2 weeks this year. Once ISB PGP starts on-campus classes in September an extended O week shall be conducted on campus.

  • Additionally the ISB MBA students are getting a chance to collaborate with the professors in the JUMPSTART INDIA project. Jumpstart India collaborates with the current students to propose solutions to the disruptions in the economy caused by the COVID crisis. This is the real chance to create an impact and see the ground realities of complex decisions. Well, this is life at ISB. Transformation as usual.

  • SEAL and LEAD at ISB conduct regular interactions with the students of the class of 2021 during the O week of the online duration at ISB MBA. Online simulations in strategy and marketing engage the student teams in creating a market situation and maximise profits. Quite the Life at ISB as usual!

  • Financial analysis, marketing and managerial economics are the some courses which will be taken up during two term over three months. The class of 2021 O week shall continue till 15th June.

  • The faculty at ISB engaged in industry research invites ideas from current students to design solutions and case studies for the real world problems.

  • The Experiential Learning Projects and the Jumpstart India experience will add value to the students for their career development.

  • War cries, talent night, strategy games, shark tank form a part of the life at ISB during the online O Week for the ISB MBA class of 2021.

  • The hybrid model of the ISB MBA is expected to be continued over the coming years.

We have compiled a brief list of criteria that the school looks for in an ISB MBA application. These criteria have been subtly validated time and again over the years. There is no doubt that ISB is a leading institution in India offering a one year MBA for working professionals and prepares MBA graduates to perform beyond excellence. The selection criteria for ISB MBA are such that a natural selection of people capable of such a performance takes place.

What are the ISB MBA criteria?

Let's evaluate the ISB MBA criteria :

1. Leadership Skills: This is a term that we hear everyday about ISB MBA admissions - Leadership Skills. A professional who conveys such an aptitude through ample experiences stands a good chance in the ISB admissions process.

2. Professional Growth and Excellence: The ISB MBA applicant CV should demonstrate a degree of professional growth in the career graph.

3. Academic Excellence: ISB MBA is an academically rigorous course. Academic excellence is the substantiated capability to perform, achieve, and excel in scholastic activities. Academic excellence like achieving high grades and proving superior performance is therefore an important criteria that your ISB MBA application must demonstrate. Your GMAT score or the GRE Score, grades in college, certifications to advance your career are all an integral part of this demonstration.

4. Communication Skills: Communication skills is an extremely important ISB MBA criteria. Effective communication comprises listening actively, empathising, receiving and giving feedback, adapting the communication style according to the audience, respect and responsiveness.

5. Short Term and Long Term Goals: An MBA from ISB PGP is quite a huge investment, as an investor it must be very clear to the MBA applicant what he is looking at from the MBA course.

6. Involvement in the Society: Individuals who are passionate and walk that extra mile to make a difference around them are potential ISB MBA applicants.

7. Diversity: ISB MBA values diversity. Exposure to multicultural team environment is a value addition to an MBA application.

These are aspects of leadership which have been evaluated time and again and enlisted. These have been adopted by schools like ISB for MBA admissions to identify potential leaders to groom through the world class curriculum and faculty. If you are contemplating an ISB application build a list of checkpoints on the criteria above. This is the first step to determine whether you are ready to submit your ISB PGP / ISB PGPpro / ISB YLP application.

Long Term ROI Benefits That Will Inspire You to Pursue an ISB MBA. How is ISB Hyderabad MBA placements?

Established in 2001, the Indian School of Business is distinguished for its reputed Management Programs. With its campuses located at Hyderabad and Mohali, the institute has collaborations with several International Business Schools and offers Post Graduate Programs (ISB PGP) along with short term courses.

The competition for the admission to ISB is fierce and the high ISB MBA fees never looks a determent for the applicants. Out of the 4000 students that apply for the ISB MBA every year on an approximate, only 22% get selected. In the ISB Hyderabad MBA placements candidates are offered admits based on their GMAT score, academic and professional background.

Such tough competition arises a question in most aspirants – Is ISB MBA worth all the competition and the ISB fees worth its while?

And the answer from the industry experts is a big Yes! So you can definitely vouch for the ISB Hyderabad MBA placements.

Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Move on to know about Long Term ROI Benefits that will inspire you to pursue an ISB MBA.

ISB Hyderabad offers multiple programs in Management streams such as ISB PGP, ISB PGPMAX, ISB PGPPro, ISB AMPBA, and ISB MFAB.

The curriculum of ISB has been set up to give ISB PGP students international exposure at various levels. ISB MBA also hires faculty who have experience working in leading International Business schools.

How are the ISB Hyderabad MBA placements?

ISB MBA graduates enjoy an edge over other MBA graduates both in on-campus and off-campus ISB placements. The ISB Hyderabad MBA placements cell invites various International and National level reputed companies.

  • In the past academic year, the Institute invited over 231 reputed companies for the final campus ISB placement out of which 65 companies were first-time visitors to the ISB Hyderabad MBA placements.

  • The average salary package offered in ISB Hyderabad MBA placements is recorded as INR 26.15 LPA and the highest salary package offered is INR 70 LPA.

  • ISB Hyderabad MBA placements notices a rapid increase in the percentage of offers offered to students. Besides, the packages offered to 2020 graduates in the ISB placements witnessed a spike of as much as 124% compared to the last year.

  • ISB MBA graduates have the advantage of getting jobs with higher salaries even after 6 – 12 months of graduation.

Is ISB Hyderabad worth it?

Yes, for the following reasons:

Tie-ups with Global Institutions

ISB Hyderabad has collaborated with several top management schools such as Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, Wharton School of Management, and London Business School. This is the reason why ISB students get an International MBA experience while studying in India.

Furthermore, ISB Hyderabad works closely with corporate partners and has 10 research centers across areas like analytical finance, healthcare management, and infrastructure management which gives complete exposure to MBA students across industries.

Indian School of Business is home for entrepreneurs

The ISB notable alumni are known for venturing into their own businesses. “25% of students who graduated before 2007 are now involved in start-ups. Overall 500 companies have been started by ISB alumni” - says Mr.Rajendra Srivastava, the Dean of Indian School of Business.

Summing it Up

ISB Hyderabad becomes the youngest institution to be placed in Global MBA Rankings in the year 2008 and secured the 20th place. Since ISB accepts the GMAT score, it provides an opportunity for candidates who seek admission abroad. That way, an ISB MBA helps them to get a high-quality education at a comparatively low cost, ultimately benefitting to establish a solid career in Business Management.

Start your journey to an ISB admit now.

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