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Which MBA is good for Consulting in 2023?

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

If you're considering pursuing an MBA to enter the consulting industry, you may be wondering which program is the best fit for you. Choosing the right MBA program can significantly impact your future career opportunities and success in the field of consulting. With so many programs available, it can be challenging to determine which one is the right choice. In this blog post, we will provide you with an overview of the top MBA programs for consulting in 2023. We'll explore their unique features, curriculum, and resources that prepare students for a career in consulting. By the end of this post, you'll have a better understanding of the key factors to consider when selecting an MBA program for consulting and be well-equipped to make an informed decision.

Understanding the placement reports is important for school selection because it gives insight into the career opportunities available to graduates of a particular business school. By examining placement reports, prospective students can determine the types of jobs graduates obtain, the companies that recruit from the school, and the industries where graduates find employment. This information can help prospective students determine if a particular school is a good fit for their career goals.

Placement reports can also provide information on the salary and compensation packages offered to graduates. This information can be useful in determining the return on investment of attending a particular school. Moreover, understanding placement reports can help prospective students assess the quality of the career services and job placement resources provided by the business school.

Finally, understanding placement reports can also help prospective students evaluate the reputation and prestige of the business school. If a school has a high percentage of graduates obtaining employment in prestigious companies or industries, it may indicate that the school is well-regarded by employers and has a strong reputation in the business community.

Analysing the latest placement reports data provided by schools across the world our team at GOALisB listed the schools according to the percentage of graduates from various business schools who were offered placements in the consulting industry. This analysis will be helpful for applicants in 2023 to choose their target schools.

The top 50 MBA Programs offering leading placements in the Consulting Industry is as below:

  1. City, University of London: Bayes (formerly Cass) - 61%

  2. Emory University: Goizueta - 55%

  3. Dartmouth College: Tuck - 47%

  4. Yale School of Management - 46%

  5. University of Virginia: Darden - 43.5%

  6. Insead - 40%

  7. Carnegie Mellon: Tepper - 39.10%

  8. IMD Business School - 39%

  9. London Business School - 38%

  10. Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management - 37%

  11. Indian School of Business - 37%

  12. Duke University's Fuqua School of Business - 36%

  13. Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business - 36%

  14. University of Chicago: Booth - 35.50%

  15. University of Michigan: Ross - 35.10%

  16. Mannheim Business School - 35%

  17. Iese Business School - 34%

  18. Vanderbilt University: Owen - 34%

  19. Columbia Business School - 33.40%

  20. McGill University: Desautels - 33%

  21. MIT: Sloan - 31.20%

  22. New York University: Stern - 31.20%

  23. University of Washington: Foster - 31%

  24. University of Texas at Austin: McCombs - 30.10%

  25. Cornell University: Johnson - 30%

  26. University of Notre Dame: Mendoza - 30%

  27. Western University: Ivey - 30%

  28. Georgetown University: McDonough- 29%

  29. Indiana University: Kelley - 29%

  30. University of California at Berkeley: Haas - 28.20%

  31. University of Oxford: Saïd - 27.80%

  32. Rice University: Jones - 27.60%

  33. University of Pennsylvania: Wharton - 27.20%

  34. Texas A & M University: Mays - 27.04%

  35. Esade Business School - 26.09%

  36. Harvard Business School - 26%

  37. Queen's University: Smith - 26%

  38. University of Cambridge: Judge - 25%

  39. University of Toronto: Rotman - 24.40%

  40. Imperial College Business School - 24%

  41. University of North Carolina: Kenan-Flagler - 24%

  42. Imperial College Business School - 24%

  43. National University of Singapore Business School - 20%

  44. Washington University: Olin - 20%

  45. ESMT Berlin - 20%

  46. Warwick Business School - 19%

  47. Schulich MBA York University- 18%

  48. HEC Paris - 16%

  49. Stanford Graduate School of Business - 15%

  50. Arizona State University: WP Carey - 15%

The top schools offering such placements are City, University of London: Bayes (formerly Cass) at 61%, followed by Emory University: Goizueta at 55%, and Dartmouth College: Tuck at 47%.

Yale School of Management, University of Virginia: Darden, and INSEAD follow with 46%, 41%, and 40% respectively. Other notable schools with high percentages include Carnegie Mellon: Tepper, IMD Business School, London Business School, Northwestern University: Kellogg School of Management, and Indian School of Business, all with percentages ranging from 37% to 39.1%.

Among Indian B Schools, IIM A's PGPX program had 41 candidates accepted offers in the consulting industry out of 119 candidates for the class of 2022. (app. 35%)

Several schools such as Columbia Business School, MIT: Sloan, and New York University: Stern, have percentages in the low 30s, while others such as University of Toronto: Rotman and Imperial College Business School have percentages in the mid-20s.

The bottom five schools offering consulting placements are National University of Singapore Business School, Washington University: Olin, ESMT Berlin, Warwick Business School, and Schulich, with percentages ranging from 18% to 20%.

Overall, the data shows that the top schools for consulting placements are spread across different continents, with City, University of London: Bayes and Emory University: Goizueta leading the pack. However, it is important to note that the percentages provided may not be indicative of the quality of consulting placements or the overall quality of education at these schools.

Are you unsure of which business school to choose? Consider reaching out to an MBA admission consultant at GOALisB for help with evaluating your profile and assistance with the application process.


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