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All you need to know about the Kellogg MBA

Sharing the latest information like the Kellogg MBA application requirements, deadlines and updates for the upcoming admission cycle in 2024.

Is Kellogg MBA hard to get into ?

Kellogg School of Management is a highly respected business school that is known for its MBA program and other business-related academic programs. Like many top business schools, Kellogg has a competitive admissions process, and it can be challenging to get accepted into its MBA program. According to Kellogg's website, the school received over 7,000 applications for the class of 2024, and the acceptance rate was just over 25%. The Kellogg admissions committee looks for a variety of qualities in MBA applicants, including strong academic records, professional experience, leadership potential, and overall fit with the program. The admissions process is highly selective, and the committee carefully reviews and evaluates each application to select the most qualified candidates. If you are considering applying to the Kellogg MBA program, it is important to put together a strong and well-rounded application that showcases your fit with the program and your potential as a leader. This may include demonstrating your academic and professional achievements, highlighting your leadership skills and experiences, and writing a compelling personal statement. It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the admissions process and requirements, and to seek guidance from current or former Kellogg MBA students or the admissions team if needed.

What is the Kellogg MBA Class profile of Full Time MBA Class of 2024 ?

The Kellogg MBA class profile of the is as follows · Class Size: 503 · Female: 48% · International: 38% · US Minorities: 37% · LGBTQ+: 8% · Average GPA: 3.7 · GPA Range: 2.6-4.0 · Average GMAT: 729 · GMAT Range: 620-780 · Median GRE (Verbal): 162 · GRE (Verbal) Range: 150-169 · Median GRE (Quant): 163 · GRE (Quant Range): 148-170 · Average Work Experience: 5 Years (62 Months)

Is Northwestern MBA good?

Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management is a highly respected business school that is known for its MBA program and other business-related academic programs You should give serious thought to Kellogg if you are contemplating an MBA. Consider the following while deciding whether or not Kellogg's MBA program is right for you. Reputation: Kellogg is a well-respected business school that is known for its high-quality MBA program. 1. Curriculum: Kellogg offers a rigorous and comprehensive MBA program that covers a wide range of business-related subjects. 2. Career opportunities: An MBA from Kellogg can open up a wide range of career opportunities in various industries and sectors. 3. Location: Kellogg is located in the Chicago area, which is home to a thriving business community and offers a variety of career opportunities. 4. Network: Kellogg has a strong network of alumni and partnerships with companies and organizations, which can provide valuable career opportunities and connections for MBA students. Overall, whether or not Kellogg is a good MBA program for you will depend on your personal and professional goals and priorities. It may be helpful to speak with current or former Kellogg MBA students or reach out to the admissions team for more information about the program.

Program Overview · Duration: 2 Years · Location: USA · Format: Full Time · Program Begins: September · Program ends: June

What is the Kellogg MBA ranking and Institute overview ?

You can go through the FT MBA Rankings to have a better understanding of the Kellogg MBA ranking and the program · Rank in 2022 : 9

· Rank in 2022 : 5 · School Name: Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management · Salary percentage increase: 117 · FT research rank: 8 · Rank in 2021: 6 · Rank in 2020: 11 · Three-year average rank: 7 · Location, by primary campus: US · Salary today (US$) **: 200,349 · Careers service rank: 6 · Employed at three months (%): 96 (99) · Female faculty (%): 24 · Female students (%): 49 · International course experience rank: 35 · Extra languages: 0 · Environmental, social and governance rank: 11 · Overall Satisfaction **: 9.6 · Weighted salary (US$): 201,455 · Value for money rank: 85 · Aims achieved (%): 90 · Alumni recommend rank: 8 · Women on board (%): 44 · International faculty (%): 53 · International students (%): 49 · International board (%): 27 · International mobility rank: 66 · Faculty with doctorates (%): 100 · Career progress rank: 33

Does Northwestern MBA require GMAT?

Yes, Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management requires applicants to submit a GMAT or GRE score as part of their MBA application. The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) and the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) are standardized tests that are commonly used by business schools to assess applicants' academic aptitude and potential for success in graduate-level business studies. According to Kellogg's website, the GMAT or GRE is a required part of the MBA program application process. You will need to register for and take the GMAT or GRE and have your scores sent to Kellogg as part of your application. It is important to note that the Kellogg admissions committee looks at a variety of factors when evaluating MBA program applications, and a strong GMAT or GRE score can be one factor that is considered in the admissions process. If you are considering applying to the Kellogg MBA program, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the GMAT or GRE requirements and to begin preparing for the test as soon as possible. There are a number of resources available to help you prepare for the GMAT or GRE, including study materials, practice tests, and test-taking strategies.

Test Submission Codes

· GMAT code: 6WZ-3J-89 · GRE code: 7921 · TOEFL code: 1546 How to get into Kellogg 1 year MBA?

Kellogg School of Management's One-Year MBA program is a highly competitive program that is designed for professionals who want to fast-track their MBA studies. If you are interested in applying to the One-Year MBA program at Kellogg, here are a few steps you can take to increase your chances of being accepted: 1. Review the admissions requirements and application process: Familiarize yourself with the One-Year MBA program's admissions requirements and application process, including any deadlines, required documents, and application fees. 2. Gather the necessary materials: Assemble the necessary materials for your application, including transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation, and any other required documents. 3. Write a strong personal statement: Write a compelling personal statement that explains why you are interested in pursuing an MBA and how the One-Year MBA program will help you achieve your goals. 4. Demonstrate your fit with the program: Show that you are a good fit for the One-Year MBA program by highlighting your professional experience, leadership skills, and overall potential as a business leader. 5. Seek guidance: Consider seeking guidance from current or former Kellogg One-Year MBA students or the admissions team to get a better understanding of the program and the admissions process. Overall, the key to increasing your chances of being accepted into the Kellogg One-Year MBA program is to put together a strong and well-rounded application that demonstrates your fit with the program and your potential as a leader. It is also important to follow the application process carefully and to submit all required materials on time. Dates and Deadlines Application Deadline · Round 1: September 14, 2022 · Round 2: January 10, 2023 (International) · Round 3: April 5, 2023 Decision Released · Round 1: December 14, 2022 · Round 2: March 28, 2023 · Round 3: May 10, 2023

What are the Kellogg MBA Application Requirements ?

1. Updated CV/Resume (2 years of work ex recommended) 2. Academic Transcripts (Undergraduate degree required or equivalent) 3. GMAT or GRE Test Score 4. Essays (2-Written and 3-Video Essays)

Written Essays Questions 2 Essays with 450 words each Video Essays Questions Introduction , Future Goals, How you will achieve them and how the program will help you in achieving the goal 5. Two Letter of Recommendation 6. English Proficiency for Internationals (TOEFL or IELTS) 7. Application Fees: $250 (via credit card) 8. Interview

Two year MBA Fees (2022-23) Tuition fees for first year: $78,276 Estimated program fee for first year: $117,259 Northwestern - Kellogg Full Time MBA Undergraduate Majors Represented in Class · Science, Technology: 38% · Economics/Business: 45% · Humanities: 24% Industries Represented in Class · Consulting: 24% · Technology: 17% · Financial Services: 19% · Government/Nonprofit: 7% · Consumer Products: 7% · Media & Entertainment: 4% · Healthcare: 7% · Military: 4% · Manufacturing: 2% · Energy: 2% · Other: 8%

Do all the MBA candidates in the Kellogg’s 2 year MBA program get placed ?

Employment summary of candidates of the 2 years MBA program at Kellogg is given below. It Includes timings, Signing Bonus Information , number of students not seeking employment etc. Class of 2021

Total seeking employment: 383

Not seeking employment · Company-sponsored/already employed: 60 · Continuing education: 1 · Postponing job search: 1 · Starting a new business: 6 · Not seeking employment: 0 Total not seeking employment: 68 Not reported: 4 Total students: 455 Timing of Offers/Acceptances By graduation · Student received a job offer: 90.1% · Student accepted a job: 86.4% By three months post-graduation · Student received a job offer: 97.1% · Student accepted a job: 96.1% Average Base Salary Information ($) · Permanent U.S. Work Authorization: 145,186 · Non-Permanent U.S. Work Authorization: 141,047 · Total Full Time Class: 143,963 Average Signing Bonus Information ($) · Permanent U.S. Work Authorization: 30,468 · Non-Permanent U.S. Work Authorization: 36,128 · Total Full Time Class: 32,236 Sources of Accepted Full-Time Job Offers School-Facilitated: 74.7% · Alumni Referral: 2.5% · Kellogg Job Board posting: 10.7% · Off-Campus interview (school-facilitated): 0.6% · On-Campus interview: 6.5% · Other (school-facilitated): 0.8% · Summer employer (school-facilitated): 53.7% Student-Initiated: 25.3% · Conference: 0.3% · External Job Board: 3.4% · Off-Campus interview (student initiative): 9.0% · Other (student initiative): 1.7% · Previous Employer: 2.5% · Summer employer (student initiative): 8.4%

How Much do the kellogg MBA make ?

MBA candidates from the Kellogg’s MBA program are in different industries like Consulting, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing and technology to name a few. Few tables are given below which have been prepared from the recent data. The tables will throw light on the Average Base Salary by Industries($), Employment by Industry, Employment by Function, Employment by Geographical Region, Average Base Salary by Work Experience ($) etc.

Employment by Industry · Consulting: 37% · Consumer Packaged Goods: 8% · Energy: 1% · Financial Services: 15% · Healthcare: 6% · Manufacturing: 3% · Media/Entertainment: 1% · Nonprofit: 1% · Real Estate: 1% · Retail: 2% · Technology: 26% Average Base Salary by Industries ($) · Consulting: 157,559 · Consumer Packaged Goods: 119,000 · Financial Services: 150,110 · Healthcare: 126,486 · Manufacturing: 128,937 · Retail: 134,800 · Technology: 137,646 Employment by Function · Business Development: 1% · Consulting: 37% · Corporate Strategy/Strategic Planning: 8% · Finance/Accounting: 19% · General Management: 11% · Human Resources: 0% · Marketing/Sales: 11% · Operations/Logistics: 1% · Other: 4% · Technology: 9% Average Base Salary by Function ($) · Business Development: 144,600 · Consulting: 156,422 · Corporate Strategy/Strategic Planning: 133,993 · Finance/Accounting: 144,290 · General Management: 134,638 · Marketing/Sales: 125,671 · Other: 141,009 · Technology: 133,987 Employment by Geographical Region International: 8.9% · Asia: 6.4% · Europe-Free Trade Zone: 0.6% · North America: 0.8% · South America: 1.1% United States: 91.1% · Mid-Atlantic: 5.0% · Midwest: 28.3% · Northeast: 15.0% · South: 3.6% · Southwest: 9.4% · West: 29.9% Average Base Salary by Geographical Region ($) International: 113,296 · Asia: 114,707 · South America: 72,218 United States: 146,716 · Mid-Atlantic: 151,589 · Midwest: 145,600 · Northeast: 150,000 · South: 153,385 · Southwest: 151,515 · West: 142,896 Average Base Salary by Work Experience ($) · 3 to 5 years: 142,561 · More than five years: 146,744 Average Base Salary Acceptance by Undergraduate Degree ($) · Business: 143,753 · Technical: 148,926 · Other: 140,032


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