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McGill MBA

Updated: Jan 23

McGill MBA is offered by University of Desautels Faculty of Management in Montreal, Canada offers MBA (Master of Business Administration) programs. Each program has its own set of admissions requirements, coursework, and duration, and is designed to meet the needs of different types of students.

Full-Time MBA: This program is designed for full-time students who want to complete their MBA in two years.

Executive MBA: This program is designed for experienced professionals who want to advance their careers and take on leadership roles. The program can be completed in 18 months and includes coursework in business principles, management, and leadership, as well as experiential learning opportunities.

Program Overview Duration: One/Two Years (Option available)

One Year MBA: 48 Credits (MBA General)

Two Year MBA: 54 Credits (MBA Internship)

10 Day International Study Trip School Exchange

Ranked 2 in Canada Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2022

Deferral admission for One-year MBA is possible

McGill MBA Application Deadlines For fall 2024 intake:

  1. 1st Application Deadline: November 1, 2023

  2. 2nd Application Deadline: January 15, 2024

  3. Final Deadline for International: March 15, 2024

  4. Final Deadline for Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents: May 1, 2024

McGill MBA
McGill MBA

McGill Desautels Full-Time MBA How much does MBA cost at McGill?

The cost of an MBA program at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, varies depending on the length of the program and the specific program you choose. MBA (Full-Time) Tuition fee: $99,550 CAD These tuition costs do not include other fees and expenses, such as books, housing, and living expenses. Overall, the cost of an MBA at McGill University can be significant, but it can also be a worthwhile investment in your future. It's a good idea to explore all of your options and speak with a financial aid advisor to determine the best way to finance your education.

What GMAT score do I need for McGill?

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a standardized test used by many business schools, including McGill University, as part of the admissions process for MBA programs. The GMAT score that you will need to apply to an MBA program at McGill University will depend on the specific program you are interested in and the competitiveness of the admissions process. In general, a high GMAT score can be an important factor in the admissions process and can demonstrate your readiness for an MBA program. According to the McGill University website, the average GMAT score for the Full-Time MBA program is 680. This is just an average, and the admissions committee will consider a range of factors in the admissions process, including your GMAT score, undergraduate transcripts, work experience, essays, and letters of recommendation. However, it's also important to remember that the GMAT is just one piece of the admissions puzzle and to focus on building a strong application overall.

The options to pursue an MBA in Canada ranked in the QS Global MBA Rankings 2024: Canada are:

  1. Rotman MBA - Ranks 1st in Canada

  2. McGill MBA - Ranks 2nd in Canada

  3. Schulich MBA - Ranks 6th for MBA in Canada

  4. IVEY MBA - Ranks 3rd for MBA in Canada

  5. UBC Sauder MBA - Ranks 4th for MBA in Canada

  6. Queen's Smith MBA - Ranks 5th for MBA in Canada

  7. Alberta Business School MBA  - Ranks 7th for MBA in Canada

  8. Concordia MBA - Ranks 8th for MBA in Canada

  9. HEC Montreal MBA - Ranks 9th for MBA in Canada

  10. McMaster MBA - Ranks 10th for MBA in Canada

How hard is it to get into McGill MBA?

The difficulty of getting into an MBA program at McGill University will depend on a number of factors, including the specific program you are interested in, the competitiveness of the admissions process, and the strength of your application. In general, MBA programs are competitive and typically require a strong academic background, work experience, and GMAT score. McGill University is a highly respected institution and its MBA programs may be competitive as well.

Aspects that are important for McGill MBA admissions process:

  1. Having a strong undergraduate transcript

  2. Gaining relevant work experience

  3. Writing compelling essays and obtaining strong letters of recommendation

It's also a good idea to research the specific admissions requirements and application deadlines for the MBA program you are interested in and to carefully review the application instructions. Overall, while it may be competitive to get into an MBA program at McGill University, it is not necessarily impossible.

McGill MBA Ranking

  1. Rank: 90 School Name: McGill University - Desautels

  2. Salary percentage increase: 89

  3. FT research rank: 43

  4. Rank in 2021: 91

  5. Rank in 2020: 91

  6. Three-year average rank: 91

  7. Location, by primary campus: Canada

  8. Salary today (US$): 99,002

  9. Careers service rank: 90

  10. Female students (%): 23

  11. International course experience rank: 31

  12. Overall Satisfaction: 8.67

  13. Weighted salary (US$): 99,002

  14. Value for money rank: 91

  15. Aims achieved (%): 87

  16. Alumni recommend rank: 43

  17. Women on board (%): 23

  18. International faculty (%): 76

  19. International students (%): 91

  20. International board (%): 54

  21. International mobility rank: 18

  22. Faculty with doctorates (%): 88

McGill MBA Application Requirements

  1. Online Application form Minimum 2 Years of Work Experience

  2. Two Letter of Reference

  3. Official Academic Transcripts

  4. Updated CV

  5. GMAT or GRE Score

  6. English Proficiency Test (TOEFL/IELTS)

  7. If required Three Essay Questions

  8. Non-Refundable Application fee: CAD $130 approx

  9. Interview by Invitation

  10. Test Scores Reporting Codes GMAT Code: 58 H-MN-22

  11. GRE Code: 0935

  12. ETS Institution Code: 0935 and Department Code: 02

McGill MBA Fees:

McGill MBA Fee Tuition fee for 2023 entering class: $99,500

McGill MBA Full-Time Typical class profile:

  1. Class size: 65-85

  2. Average GMAT: 675

  3. Average Age: 29

  4. Countries represented: 21

  5. Average years of work experience: 5 ½

  6. International Students: 60%

  7. Nationalities Represented: 30

  8. Nationalities Represented Over the Last 5 years: 60+

McGill MBA Placements Employment Statistics - Full time MBA 2022

  1. Mean Base Salary: $102,466

  2. Mean Signing Bonus: $12,692

  3. Median Base Salary: $94,000

  4. Median Signing Bonus: $10,000

  5. Compensation by functional areas (Mean Base Salary)

  6. Consulting: $117,100

  7. Finance: $90,500

  8. Marketing/Business Development: $103,000

  9. MBA Employment by Functional Areas:

  10. AI/Analytics: 7%

  11. Consulting: 32%

  12. Finance: 23%

  13. General Management: 7%

  14. Marketing/Business Development: 17%

  15. Operations/Production: 7%

  16. Other: 7%

Where McGill MBA graduates are located:

  1. Canada (Montreal): 70%

  2. Canada (Toronto): 27%

  3. International: 3%

  4. Compensation by industry (Mean Base Salary): Consulting: $120,400

  5. Consumer Products: $85,000

  6. Financial Services: $89,700

  7. Employment by industry Consulting: 33%

  8. Consumer Products: 10%

  9. Financial Services: 27%

  10. Government: 3%

  11. Healthcare: 7%

  12. Manufacturing: 3%

  13. Petroleum/Energy: 3%

  14. Pharmaceutical: 7%

  15. Technology: 7%

McGill MBA Full-Time Internship Internship Statistics 2021

  1. Mean Base Monthly Salary: $4,960

  2. Median Base Monthly Salary: $4,559

  3. Internship by Functional Areas

  4. Consulting: 27%

  5. Finance: 17%

  6. General Management: 25%

  7. Marketing/Business Development: 14%

  8. Technology: 6%

  9. Operation/Production: 3%

  10. Other: 8%

  11. Consulting Average Monthly Base Salary: $6.2k

  12. Median Monthly Base Salary: $5.8K

  13. Base Salary Range: $4.1K - $8.6K

  14. Finance Average Monthly Base Salary: $4.2k

  15. Median Monthly Base Salary: $4.1K

  16. Base Salary Range: $1.6K - $6.1K

  17. General Management Average Monthly Base Salary: $4.3k

  18. Median Monthly Base Salary: $4.2K

  19. Base Salary Range: $3.8K - $4.8K

  20. Marketing/Business Development Average Monthly Base Salary: $4k

  21. Median Monthly Base Salary: $4.4K

  22. Base Salary Range: $2.5K - $5.1K

Internship Location

  1. Montreal: 74%

  2. Toronto: 17%

  3. Rest of Canada: 3%

  4. International: 6%

Internship Source School Facilitated: 69%

On-campus recruiting/School career site job posting: 28%

Referral/Other: 40%

Graduate Facilitated: 31%

McGill-HEC Montreal Executive MBA Program Overview

  1. Duration: 15 Months

  2. Class Schedule: 4 Days a Month (Thursday to Sunday) Two 7-10 days

  3. Residential Modules Class Starts: September 2023

  4. Location: Montreal

McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA Admission Requirements:

  1. Minimum 10 Years of Work Experience

  2. Minimum 5 Years of Managerial Work Experience

  3. An Undergraduate Degree

  4. Proficiency in English or French Language

McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA Admission Process:

  1. Resume Evaluation

  2. Application

  3. In-person

  4. Interview Acceptance and Offer of Admission

McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA Application Requirements

  1. Application Two Official

  2. Post Secondary Institution Transcripts

  3. Updated Curriculum Vitae Birth Certificate

  4. Five Essay Questions

  5. Two Letters of Recommendations

  6. Employer’s Support Letter English and French Language Test (If required)

  7. Application Fee: $125 CDN

  8. McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA Fee Program Fee: CDN $91,000

McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA Typical Class

  1. Average Age: 41 Years

  2. Average Work Experience: 18 Years

  3. Average Managerial Experience: 12 Years

  4. Students Speaking More Than 2 Languages: 38%

  5. Students with Title Vice-president or Higher: 42%

  6. Different Industries: 25+

  7. Entrepreneurs: 11%

  8. Male: 51%

  9. Female: 49%

McGill EMBA Class of 2023

  1. Participants: 45

  2. Women: 22

  3. Men: 23

  4. Average Age: 42 Years

  5. Average Experience: 18 Years

  6. Average Managerial Experience: 12 Years Born Outside Quebec: 55%

  7. Industries Represented: 25+

  8. Students having titles of VP, GM, President or CEO: 42% Entrepreneurs: 11%

McGill EMBA Class of 2024

  1. Participants: 45

  2. Women: 23

  3. Men: 22

  4. Average Age: 43 Years

  5. Industries Represented: 25+

  6. Average Work Experience: 19 Years

  7. Average Managerial Experience: 12 Years

  8. Entrepreneurs: 9%

  9. Field of Studies: 15+

For application assistance connect with an MBA admissions consultant at GOALisB or write to us at or whatsapp at +91 7719497187.


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