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Cornell Johnson MBA Essays and Tips

Here's a detailed analysis of the MBA essay topics for Cornell Johnson's MBA application 2023. The Cornell Johnson MBA Application requires two essays plus one reapplicant essay (if applicable).

Cornell University: Johnson MBA Essay

1. The first required for the Cornell MBA application is the Statement of Goals MBA Essay.

Purpose: This essay serves as an opportunity for applicants to clearly define their short-term and long-term career goals.

Essay Analysis: Discuss how Cornell's program fits into your plans is essential in this MBA essay. Use the word limit wisely to provide a comprehensive yet concise response.

2. The second essay which applicants need to submit is the Impact Essay.

Purpose of the MBA Essay: This essay assesses your commitment to positively influencing the MBA community and aligning with Cornell's values.

Essay Analysis: Demonstrating an understanding of Cornell Johnson's culture and your intent to contribute to it is crucial. Share experiences or qualities that make you a valuable addition to the community. Be specific about the impact you hope to make and how it aligns with your background. Use examples to illustrate your points concisely.

3. Reapplicant Essay:

The reapplicant essay is exclusively for reapplicants to explain how they've improved their candidacy since the previous application.

MBA Essay Analysis:

Reapplicants should focus on addressing weaknesses or gaps identified in their previous application. Discuss any relevant achievements, experiences, or skills gained since the last application. Reflect on feedback received from the previous application cycle and show a clear path of improvement while writing this MBA essay. Use the word limit to emphasize growth and changes.

How to write the MBA Essay for the Goals Question?

Here's a sample MBA essay:

Right after completing my MBA, I aim to secure a position as a Marketing Manager at a prominent technology firm focusing on the digital media sector. In the subsequent 5 to 10 years following my MBA journey, I aspire to elevate my career to the role of Chief Marketing Officer within a leading technology company operating in the digital media realm.

My journey thus far has equipped and motivated me to pursue these ambitions in several ways. Primarily, my professional background has endowed me with a solid grounding in marketing and digital media, fostering a profound comprehension of the intricacies of this industry. I have honed invaluable competencies in market research, brand management, and digital marketing through my roles. My work has allowed me to participate in diverse projects, each affording me insights into various facets of this field.

My academic foundation in business studies has fortified my understanding of fundamental business principles and strategies. This academic journey has nurtured my critical thinking abilities and honed my analytical skills. These competencies will prove indispensable as I strive to ascend to a leadership position within the digital media sector.

Lastly, my passions and interests align seamlessly with my career aspirations. This alignment serves as a powerful motivational force propelling me to strive for a substantial impact within the industry. The amalgamation of my professional experiences, academic knowledge, and unwavering personal commitment position me ideally to pursue my goals. Moreover, these elements equip me with the capabilities to thrive in a leadership capacity within the dynamic landscape of the digital media industry.

How to write the Impact MBA Essay for Cornell University Johnson MBA?

Here's a sample essay for the Impact essay question:

As an integral part of the Cornell MBA community, I aspire to make a substantial and distinctive impact by drawing upon my unique background and perspective. My professional journey in Finance has given me a distinctive outlook on the industry. I intend to leverage this perspective to contribute valuable insights and innovative ideas to class discussions and collaborative projects.

Apart from my professional journey, I am deeply dedicated to community service and advancing our global community. I have built a solid and unwavering track record of volunteer work, actively engaging in diverse community service initiatives. This commitment to making a positive impact on society is something I plan to continue wholeheartedly during my time at Cornell. I aim to actively participate in programs and initiatives that align closely with my fundamental values and personal aspirations. My background and unwavering dedication to fostering positive change position me favourably to make substantive contributions to the Cornell MBA community. I am genuinely excited about the prospect of learning from my classmates, engaging in fruitful collaborations, and harnessing my skills and experiences to impact the organisations and communities we will collectively serve positively.

How do I write the reapplicant essay?

Add the specific improvements in your profile in any or all of the below mentioned areas:

  • Advancements in Professional Experience: Since my last application, I've assumed additional responsibilities and leadership roles within my current organisation. Additionally, I've actively pursued professional development opportunities and completed various training programs, acquiring new skills and experiences.

  • Academic Growth: Over the past year, I've completed several relevant courses and earned certifications that have deepened my expertise.

  • Leadership Skill Development: I've deliberately enhanced my leadership capabilities through various avenues. This includes volunteering, assuming leadership roles within my professional sphere, and participating in dedicated leadership development programs.

  • Community Engagement Expansion: I've significantly increased my involvement in the community by actively participating in volunteering activities and engaging with local organisations. This deepened community engagement has allowed me to contribute positively and gain valuable community-building and involvement skills.

These enhancements have fortified my application and overall candidacy. They have also better equipped me to excel in the Cornell MBA program and substantially impact my career. These experiences have made me a more competitive and well-rounded candidate, and I am eager to bring my enriched skills and insights to the class.

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