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Executive MBA in India Without GMAT in 2023

In the year 2023, Executive MBA programs have witnessed a surge in interest among professionals seeking to elevate their management proficiency and propel their careers forward. Yet, for many, the prospect of undertaking the GMAT or a similar standardized test as an MBA program prerequisite remains impractical. The encouraging news is that a number of prestigious business schools in India provide Executive MBA programs that do not necessitate GMAT scores. In this blog post, we will delve into Executive MBA offerings in India that waive the GMAT requirement and outline the application procedures for each of them.

Is GMAT required for Executive MBA in India?

It depends on the applicant's choice of the program. In 2023 there are many more Executive MBA programs in India one can choose from which do not require the GMAT score essentially for the admissions process.

The fifteen Executive MBA programs that do not require a mandatory GMAT submission in 2023 are:

  1. ISB PGPpro - No GMAT Scores Required

  2. ISB PGPMAX - No GMAT Scores Required

  3. IIMA GMP - No GMAT Scores Required

  4. IIMA SMP - No GMAT Scores Required

  5. IIMC GMP - No GMAT Scores Required

  6. UCLA PGPpro - No test Scores Required

  7. SDA Bocconi IEMB - Test score required, GMAT not mandatory

  8. IIM Indore PGPMX - Test score required, GMAT not mandatory

  9. IIM Kozhikode EPGP - Test score required, GMAT not mandatory

  10. HBS - SELPI - No GMAT Scores Required

  11. INSEAD ILPSE - No GMAT Scores Required

  12. IIT BOMBAY EXECUTIVE MBA - No GMAT Scores Required

  13. Wharton CTO - No GMAT Scores Required

  14. UCLA AMP - No GMAT Scores Required

  15. IIMB PGPEM - Test score required, GMAT not mandatory

Choosing an Executive MBA program in India without GMAT largely depends on the career stage that the applicant is at. The two broad categories that an applicant may fall into are moving towards mid-level or senior leadership roles or moving towards top management roles.

To determine your eligibility and discuss your profile, get in touch with an admission expert at GOALisB.

Here are the top programs that applicants can consider:

  1. ISB PGPpro: The ISB PGPpro offered by ISB at four locations across India, i.e. NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Hyderabad is an 18 months program that focuses on leadership and management skills for working professionals.

  2. IIM Calcutta - Senior Management Programme (SMP): This program is designed for senior managers with over ten years of work experience and focuses on strategic thinking, leadership, and decision-making skills.

  3. IIM Ahmedabad - Senior Management Programme (SMP): The Senior Management Programme by IIMA provides individuals with exceptional General Management perspectives and valuable thinking skills. The program integrates on-campus learning with immersive high-definition visual communication and interactive virtual classroom interactions.

  4. IIM Ahmedabad - General Management Programme (GMP): The program is designed for senior executives with a minimum of 10 years of work experience and focuses on leadership development and strategic management.

  5. IIM Bangalore PGPEM: The Post Graduate Program in Enterprise Management at IIM Bangalore is a two-year program that focuses on developing leadership skills, strategic thinking, and entrepreneurship.

  6. IIM Indore PGPMX: This program is designed for experienced professionals with a minimum of five years of work experience and focuses on leadership development, strategic thinking, and global business.

  7. SDA Boconni IEMB: The International Executive MBA offered by SDA Boconni in partnership with MISB Bocconi is a 20-month program that focuses on leadership development, global business, and entrepreneurship.

  8. UCLA PGPpro: The Executive MBA program offered by the University of California, Los Angeles is a two-year program that focuses on leadership development, strategic management, and innovation.

  9. IIM Kozhikode EPGP: The Executive Post Graduate Programme (EPGP) in Management is a remarkable two-year master's degree programme in management offered by IIM Kozhikode on an Interactive Learning (IL) platform.

For those looking to move towards top management (Director/ VP level) leadership roles, here are the top Executive MBA programs in India without GMAT to consider:

  1. ISB PGPMAX: The ISB PGPMAX is a fifteen month program that focuses on leadership, strategy, and global business for professionals with more than 10 years of work experience.

  2. HBS - SELPI (Senior Executive Leadership Program, India): This program is offered by Harvard Business School and is designed for senior executives with over 20 years of work experience.

  3. INSEAD ILPSE: The International Leadership Program for Senior Executives offered by INSEAD is a one-year program that focuses on leadership development, strategy, and global business.

  4. UCLA Accelerated Management Program: The program is designed for senior executives with over 10 years of work experience.

  5. Wharton CTO program: The Chief Technology Officer program offered by the Wharton School is a six-month program that focuses on leadership, innovation, and technology management.

  6. IIT BOMBAY-WASHU EXECUTIVE MBA: This program is a joint collaboration between IIT Bombay and the Olin Business School at Washington University and is designed for senior executives with over ten years of work experience.

Get in touch with our expert in Executive MBA admissions at GOALisB to discuss your career prospects, the program suitable and application assistance for the same.

Application Process for Executive MBA Programs in India without GMAT:

Application Process for ISB PGPpro 2024:

The ISB PGPPro Executive MBA is a highly sought-after programme meant for working professionals at ISB with a minimum of 5 years of work experience. It is an exclusive weekend executive MBA-equivalent programme designed to cater to mid-career professionals. The programme offers a range of benefits, including an international immersion, in-campus residency weeks, and four cohorts located in NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. With a programme duration of 18 months, the ISB PGPPro Executive MBA boasts a network of 12,500 ISB alumni.

The ISB PGPPro Executive MBA is an excellent option for mid-career professionals looking to expand their knowledge in strategy and leadership, with the option to choose either finance or marketing. Furthermore, the programme is an executive MBA in India without the need for a GMAT score.

The programme's duration spans 18 months, consisting of alternating weekend and online classes. Course offerings are available in Delhi (NCR), Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Mumbai, with campus visits at Mohali and Hyderabad separately (1-week classes) at both the campuses. The ISB PGPPro Executive MBA also includes an international week in an Asian country as part of the curriculum. We have also discussed how good is ISB PGPpro.

IIM Calcutta - Senior Management Programme (SMP):

The Senior Management Programme (SMP) offered by IIM Calcutta is designed for working managers at middle and senior levels, who hold a graduate or postgraduate degree with a minimum of 50% marks and have a work experience of at least ten years. Practicing senior managers who want to keep themselves updated on recent management trends can also benefit from this programme. The selection process will be conducted by IIM Calcutta. The programme fee is Rs. 8,20,000/- plus applicable taxes ( GST). IIM Calcutta also offers a full time one year Executive MBA which requires the GMAT score to be submitted for the admissions process.

Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad without GMAT - Senior Management Programme (SMP):

The SMP program offered by Indian Institute of Ahmedabad is for professionals who have a minimum of ten years of work experience. The duration for the IIM Ahmedabad SMP is one-year program. The application deadline for the program is March 19, 2023.

Executive MBA without GMAT from IIM Ahmedabad - General Management Programme:

Eligibility criteria for this program require working managers who are graduates with a minimum of five years of experience, ideally up to 10 years. The course is spread over one year, with online classes held at Jaro Education Centers and campus modules at IIM Ahmedabad. This is different from the Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad which is a full time residential one year MBA and requires the submission of the GMAT or GRE scores. The program fee is INR 6,90,000/- + GST*.

IIM Bangalore PGPEM:

The two-year weekend MBA programme is designed for senior working professionals across diverse sectors and industries who wish to enhance their management skills without interrupting their career. With cutting-edge curriculum, electives across programmes, and an independent project, participants get a chance to experience a student exchange programme as part of the Global Network for Advanced Management. The programme is flexible, allowing participants to take a break in the second year and resume when ready. They also become part of the IIMB alumni network and can benefit from scholarships.

To be eligible for the programme, candidates must have a minimum of 4 years of work experience after graduation and a bachelor's degree with a minimum of 50% marks. Test scores that can be submitted can be any one from the CAT, GMAT or GRE score, or IIMB Entrance Test. The candidates have to attend the classes at IIM Bangalore, in person, over the weekends. The current program fee is Rs. 20,11,000. There is a refundable caution deposit of Rs. 10,000/-. The online application process starts on August 12, 2022, and closes on different dates depending on the test chosen.

Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore on the other hand is a full time one year residential program which again requires the GMAT or the GRE score to be submitted for the application process.


IIM Indore offers a two-year PGPMX with classes on alternate weekends at its Powai, Mumbai campus which awards a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. The curriculum and rigour of the PGPMX are similar to those of the regular 2-year PGP, and distinguished faculty from IIM Indore and the industry are involved in teaching. Participants also have the opportunity to participate in an International Immersion Programme, attend the Indore Campus Module, and network with peers from diverse industries.

To be eligible for the programme, candidates must have a Bachelor's degree or equivalent with a minimum of 50% marks, as well as at least 5 years of full-time managerial/professional experience after their Bachelor's degree by the last date of submission of applications. The Programme Fee is INR 17,60,000/-. There is a alumni fee of Rs. 10,000/-. The selection process involves an Aptitude Test and Interview conducted by the Institute on specified dates, with some candidates receiving their interviews on the same day as the Aptitude Test, while others will receive interview invitations on other dates.

Five of Executive MBA from IIM programs are now ranked in the FT ranking 2023. This speaks volumes for the value that the IIM Executive MBA programs deliver for the graduates.

SDA Bocconi IEMB:

The program is geared towards executives who possess a minimum of 8 years of work experience or young entrepreneurs, with exceptions being made for exceptional profiles. The program is conducted through SDA Bocconi's Mumbai Campus. Applicants can take an online test crafted for professionals by SDA Bocconi or submit valid GMAT scores. The program fee is INR 18.60 Lakhs.


The UCLA Anderson School of Management offers the UCLA Post Graduate Program in Management for Professionals (UCLA PGP PRO), a one-year general management course meticulously crafted for working professionals keen on enriching their management prowess and propelling their careers.

This program caters to accomplished professionals boasting an evident career trajectory teeming with substantial responsibilities in either a corporate or entrepreneurial domain, and it mandates a minimum of seven years of work experience.

Although not required, experience in leading teams and managing projects, products, or people is preferred. The UCLA PGP PRO is tailored to attract high-caliber professionals. The program fee is USD 12,000.

IIM Kozhikode EPGP:

To be eligible for the EPGP in Management for Working Professionals program, applicants must possess a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent in any discipline with a minimum of 50% aggregate mark or equivalent CGPA. Additionally, they must have at least three years of managerial, entrepreneurial, or professional experience after successfully completing their graduation, as of the deadline for submitting the online application.

All eligible candidates will undergo a selection process consisting of an entrance test called EMAT, followed by a personal interview.

IIM Kozhikode also delivers a full time Executive MBA at IIM Kozhikode campus which requires the GMAT or other test scores to be submitted for the application.

Executive MBA without GMAT for top Management aspirants:


ISB PGPMAX 2023 - 24 Deadline: 17 December 2023

To apply to the ISB PGPMAX the applicants must have a bachelor's degree and at least 10 years of full-time work experience. The programme fee for the 2023-24 academic year is ₹41,63,000 plus taxes. The duration of the program is 15-months for experienced professionals with 10 to 25 years of work experience.

HBS - SELPI (Senior Executive Leadership Program, India):

The Harvard Business School has announced an in-person program designed for experienced senior executives who are general managers or functional leaders, with a focus on those assuming new responsibilities or driving new growth initiatives.


The INSEAD ILPSE program is a one-year part-time general management and leadership blended program. The program is specifically designed for experienced professionals with a minimum of 10 years of business experience, including significant time in management.

The program is offered in a new blended format, which combines live virtual classes and on-campus teaching. This format provides the convenience of a flexible learning journey while allowing participants to apply their learnings in real-time.

UCLA Accelerated Management Program:

The UCLA Accelerated Management Program runs from January to December 2023 and offers a comprehensive curriculum through 12 modules, delivered both online and in live online sessions.

Upon completion of the program, you will join a thriving global network of UCLA Anderson Executive Education alumni and earn the coveted UCLA AMP alumni status. The program is ideal for working professionals with at least 7 years of work experience in a corporate or entrepreneurial environment, with significant responsibilities and demonstrated career progression. An undergraduate degree with a strong academic track-record is preferred, and fluency in written and spoken English is required.

While experience in leading teams and managing projects, products, or people is preferred, it is not a requirement for application. To apply, simply complete the online application form and submit a resume, academic documents, and details for two professional references. Additionally, you will be asked to write an essay outlining your long-term (5-10 years) career aspirations and how the UCLA AMP will help you achieve them.

Shortlisted candidates may be invited to an interview, either in person or over the telephone, prior to acceptance into the program. The program fee is $7,000, and applications are only accepted online.

Wharton CTO program:

The Wharton Executive Education's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Program is a 9-month program designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to lead technological change in your organization and emerge as a confident and effective leader.

The program offers a unique blend of online and on-campus learning, including a two-day immersion experience on the University of Pennsylvania campus in Philadelphia, USA. The program fee of the Wharton CTO Program is US$20,000. The Wharton CTO Program features 18 weeks of core modules and 18 weeks of electives, providing a comprehensive curriculum to help you meet your specific learning goals. The program culminates in two days of invaluable on-campus connection and networking opportunities.

Whether you are looking to advance your career, drive technological innovation in your organization, or build a global network of like-minded professionals, the Wharton Executive Education's CTO Program is the perfect choice for you.


IIT Bombay and Washington University in St. Louis (WashU) have come together to offer an Executive MBA (EMBA) program that aims to enhance leadership skills and fast-track careers for participants. The EMBA degree features a two-week international residency. Upon completing the program, participants join the alumni networks of both IIT Bombay and WashU, with the top 20% of the class earning membership in the prestigious global Beta Gamma Sigma network. To be eligible, applicants must demonstrate a strong drive to succeed, the ability to adapt, learn and apply new knowledge in various situations, possess 7+ years of work experience with 5 years in a managerial position, hold a graduate degree with a strong academic track record, and be fluent in written and spoken English. The next deadline is 28th May 2023. The fee for the program is INR 42,00,000/-

Executive MBA in India placements

ISB PGPpro Executive MBA program continually helps students in the identification of their desired goals and also helps in their search for jobs. For company-supported candidates, no job search support is offered. There is no formal placement process in place for ISB PGPpro.

ISB PGP pro MBA candidates need to know that getting a job after MBA is not a hard task. Job opportunities after MBA in India are extensive, and it is the duty of the students to pick up the right job from the choices existing. Students may have a lot of questions in mind as regards the job opportunities later than MBA in India, such as job range, work nature, roles, skills necessary, and others. It is always imperative to evaluate what transferable skills you bring to the table.

ISB PGPPro Executive MBA programmes at top business schools are gaining ground amid recruiters, with placement numbers showing how businesses are all the time more keen to take on professionals with a good portion of work within their belt.

The average salary offered to graduates of executive MBA programmes has been more than INR 18 lakh per annum, with top salaries nearing around INR 90 lakh.

In case of MNC organisations, students are by and large recruited at the mid-management level at the same time as smaller organisations occasionally recruit students for senior roles.

The intensive one-year non residential programme has been created exclusively for professionals with strong track records and 5 plus years of work experience across an extensive range of industries.

Executive MBA Placements

Higher-ranking professionals who get enrolled for this course do not take a time off from work; in its place, they’re requisite to take get their company’s support for the break from work and also generate a letter concerning the same.

For this very reason, ISB does not make available placement support to the ISB PGPMAX students, seeing that it would not represent the course in the right light. Students are expected to take advantage of their network to watch out for the jobs that they may be keen on.

  1. The program attracts higher-ranking professionals from varied industries; as a result, a lot of learning can take place all the way through interactions, giving out experiences and discussions along with peers.

  2. You build strong associations for a lifetime.

  3. Those following an EMBA get an opportunity to bring to their place of work all the learning that ensues in the class. This benefits both the learner and their employers.

  4. You don’t have to take a time off from work, which denotes that you have a continuing income flow.

Get started with updating your resume and sharing with an ISB admission consultant at GOALisB for the best prospects for your profile. You can also whatsapp at +91 7719497187 or email us at for a discussion.


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